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DIY for ones who wonder how blind bats fly around with precision

Ultrasound BatGoggles

Ever imagined what bat life would be like? Being blind and only driven by ultrasonic sounds that reflect from objects to give precise idea about them. We as humans cannot inherent that type of sophisticated spatial awareness, but at-least we have technology by our side to mimic what we desire. Call it an insane, time-wasting idea or a good weekend DIY project that gives you an idea for developing something much more useful, the Ultrasound Arduino BatGoggles is a father-son endeavor which is niche. This simple weekend project by Alan Mann uses Arduino Nano and ultrasound module to give the user an idea about any obstacles right in front of the goggles.
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Sazae Radio: This seashell plays your favorite radio station loud and clear

Seashell Radio

Once in a lifetime we all have tried to listen to the sounds of ocean that come from a sea shell. In fact that is the noise from surrounding environment resonating within the cavity of shell. Now, Japanese radio station BayFM78 has created a seashell radio which does actually play music to your ears. Celebrating the 90 years of radio’s incorporation in Japan, the radio station hand-picked 100 sazae seashells (horned turban shells) and fitted them with equipment capable of playing radio. They call it the Sazae Radio and just like any modern day gadget this one can also be recharged using a normal USB cable.
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These James Bond inspired guns won’t let anyone suspect foul play

Bond inspired guns

Keeping weapon for safety is a priority for many people out there and the smaller the better. Best strategy is to go for a gun which is easily disguised and not a hassle to carry. For this very reason we decided to show you some of the best mini guns which will be your weapon in times of need. Some of these guns look inspired from Bond movies and why not, a bit of style does the trick into fooling your enemies. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest compact guns from around the globe which made the headlines and some of them are controversial too.
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This supercool Batman Gauntlet shoots blades and masks a knife

Batman Gauntlet DIY

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is just around the corner and no wonder Laser Gadgets is back with their take on it. Patrick Priebe the master DIYer has created this fully functional Batman Gauntlet which shoots blades, hides a knife and looks absolutely cool. The gauntlet has a spring loaded mechanism which works for both the batarang shooter and releasing the hidden knife. This DIY is all about understanding the complexities of weapons that work with spring loaded mechanism, so let’s read less and jump straight to Patrick’s video explaining everything about this Batman Gauntlet.
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You instantly want to own the Hellbat PC case mod

Hellbat computer case mod

This is one bad ass case mod that gives me the goosebumps. As a part of the MSI Batman v Superman challenge the Hellbat computer case is more than just impressive. I mean just look at this thing and you instantly want to own it. Designed by Random Design, the PC case mod is insane in every which way you consider. The look, hardware and of course the intimidating design which incorporates elements of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.
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How to make fire with a lemon and some nails

How to make fire from lemon DIY

Imagine you are lost in the wilderness with a cold night staring you straight in the face. You don’t have any source to make fire and unless you have Bear Grills like skills you are going to have a pretty hard time of it. Traditional methods of creating fire are only successful if you practice them over and over again. Like the one where you use the bushman technique to create friction inside two wooden sticks to create a spark of fire. That is too hard to accomplish and if you happen to carry a lemon, some copper clips, zinc nails, piece of wire and steel wool fire is what you’ll be making with ease. You can also use copper and zinc coins for the same.
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Make Selfie Arms for yourself if you don’t want to get noticed, WTF!

Selfie Arms_1

To every tourist destination you go, you see people posing with selfie sticks in their hand. Over a short period of time selfie sticks have become a popular accessory for people. But for some reason selfie sticks are banned in certain areas. This is the story of a shy geek named Mansoon who was embarrassed to use selfie stick in public. The solution he came with is cool and funny at the same time. He created Selfie Arms that perfectly blend with his real arms (am I exaggerating it a bit) and lets him take selfies.
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Make your own Batman Utility Belt for under $10

DIY Batman Utility Belt

No Batman costume is complete without the utility belt. Yes, that is true and with the cool mask, drape and cool attitude to carry it off, utility belt is a must have. Whether you want to make it for your next Dark Knight themed play or just to place it on your desk because you are a die-hard Batman fan, the DIY is bliss for you. DIY Prop Shop host Odin Abbott shows you how to make a cool looking Batman Utility Belt for under $10 in about an hour’s time.
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The Kunai Twister 2600 gun launches knife at breakneck speeds

Kunai Twister 2600 gun

Whenever Joerg Sprave makes something new, we are ready to pounce on it. And there is good reason for it. This master weapon maker is so good at it after all. His new creation is a rifled knife launcher which by the way is first of its kind and he has named it the ‘Kunai Twister 2600’. The weapon has a rail system which is powered by a battery drill for quickly rotating the knife and a slingshot mechanism pushes it forward in a spinning motion. Joerg admits that the DIY weapon is still in need for some improvements, and I’m sure he’ll get it sorted. Anyhow, watch the Kunai Twister 2600 in action below.
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