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Make a budget Terminator Arm from household items

Dustin McLean, the famous DIYer from the low budget Prop Shop is back again with a how to. This time he shows how one can make the popular Terminator arm for just $15 from daily household objects. If you want the hand to look fancier with an attractive stand, the budget extends to $30. Any which way it is quite cheap for what you get in the end.
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MasterCard wants you to take selife to make payments, it’s secure

MasterCard-facial-recognition-app for payments

Recently, American Psychiatric Association had classified taking of selfies as a mental disorder, but that doesn’t mean we stop clicking selfies and MasterCard doesn’t make it a secure way to make payments in the future. With mobile manufacturers, Apple, Samsung and even Google venturing into the mobile payment sector; long time player MasterCard has chosen to take to trend in a trendier manner, allowing users to make payments through their credit cards by ‘selfie verification.’ Read More…

Hydro Hammock is bathtub in a hammock for $1,200

Hydro hammock hot tub

If someone told me this before I saw it for myself, I would turn the person down believing it for a joke. But it’s here. It’s called the Hydro Hammock and it combines two most favorite things a ‘bathtub and a hammock’. The bathtub hammock is both durable and portable, and it is ready to sooth you in cold or warm water. Simply set up the hammock and have it’s built in LPG heater warms up the water for a relaxing or rejuvenating bath in middle of nowhere. Read More…

iPad Slim Tough Case G5 is every student’s ultimate friend

iPad Slim Tough Case G5 with armor plate folio cover

Carrying and using the iPad at school or college is not as safe as we believe. Therefore, it becomes primary to ensure the iPad has best in class protection. As a solution for all students, Sunrise Hitek has introduced Slim Tough Case G5 for the iPad, which comes with a specially designed armor plate folio cover to protect your iPad’s Retina Display. The cool Slim Tough Case is compatible with all versions of iPad 2 and upwards, the iPad Mini 2/3 and iPad Air and Air 2 models. Read More…

You’ll soon see high resolution photos in your Instagram feed

Instagram app HD photos

Instagram is finally going to show high resolution 1080×1080 size pictures, giving up the 640×640 resolution that it kind of got stuck with for so many years. Whatever the reason might be, but Instagram users had to beg for the needed upgrade since their big screen phones didn’t like what this Facebook owned app had to offer. According to TheVerge, Instagram is storing the pictures in 1080×1080 resolution and that is a clear sign of it rolling out the new feature anytime soon.
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Volkswagen is planning three-wheeled electric scooter for masses

Volks-roller Volkswagen three-wheeled electric scooter

Segway was a revolutionary entry in future of transportation. Somehow, Segway manufacturers failed to bring down prices for the two-wheeled personal transporter and it couldn’t reach the masses. To change that with a much competitively priced solution, Volkswagen is working on a Segway-style personal mobility device which could debut next year. The news was broken by Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn in an interview with Bild, a German Newspaper. Read More…

Things to know about the GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

Good news for adventure seekers and people who are always amidst the action, as GoPro has released its lightest and smallest action camera yet. This is GoPro Hero4 Session action camera that buries the traditional rectangular design aesthetics of the earlier models and adapts a cube design, much like the Polaroid Cube+ action camera. GoPro has concentrated on keeping the weight down to 2.3 ounces and form factor just 1.4 inches on each side.
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Chevrolet to introduce in-car Active Phone Cooling system in 2016 models

Active Phone Cooling system Chevrolet

We all understand a phone that isn’t heating up to bake pancakes, will be more efficient. It will perform a lot better and provide a better battery backup. However, there is very little you can do for your pricy gadget when it’s lying there on the car dash heating up most fiercely even when the AC is running at full strength. As a solution, Chevrolet is planning to launch an Active Phone Cooling solution – a personal air conditioner for your phone. The proposed Active Phone Cooling system will be introduced in the Cruze, Impala, Malibu and Volt models in 2016. Read More…

DIY: Cool Woodburning art that can be fatal if touched!

Woodburning Art by Backyard scientist

DIY on a weekend is a good way to get your creative brain bits charged, and today we have one that is simple but should be performed under extreme precaution. The Backyard Scientist has put up a DIY in Youtube that shows how you can create some cool artwork for your home or office using microwave oven transformer and a pile of neatly cut plywood.
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