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Timex Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch doesn’t require a smartphone!

Timex Ironman One GPS One smartwatch

So far, we have seen smartwatches coming from electronic companies that were in no way related to manufacturing to gadgets like watches before the advent of smartwatches. And now a well renowned watchmaker has stepped into this arena to stiffen the competition with its own interpretation of what a smartwatch should be. Thus far we have seen smartwatches that are dependent on your smartphone for functionality but Timex Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch is nothing like the ones you have seen around. It is an independent gadget that does not depend on your smartphone for any kind of notifications or updates. What’s more interesting, well, Timex has partnered with other telecom and smartwatch giants like AT&T and Qualcomm to make this smartwatch worth giving a try.
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Watch online movie just by tapping beer bottle on your gadget

movie unlocker

Tap beer bottle and unlock online movies

How about tapping an empty beer bottle to your mobile device or laptop and in return getting to watch a cool movie? Does that sound realistically impossible? Then you ought to be surprised as Aleksandr Semenov, the CEO of Russian design studio Heads and Hands has come up with a unique way to unlock movies that otherwise cannot be viewed. Taking advantage of Bluetooth beacon technology dubbed as iBeacon in conjunction with Movie Unlocker app, the movie can be unlocked by bringing the Grolsch beer bottle near your Bluetooth enabled devices. People who drink Grolsch beer with the embedded beacon under the cap emits a Bluetooth signal and sends a request to the server to unlock the movie.

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Art-Bot robotic arm made from bicycle parts cuts effortlessly through wood

Art Bot robotic arm made from recycled bicycle parts_2

Morgan Rauscher has been working on an 8-inch long robotic arm dubbed Art-Bot for almost a decade now, that can cut through hardwood with ease courtesy a chainsaw attached to the arm ending. Interestingly the robotic arm is made from bicycle parts to demonstrate how trash material can be used to create something worth adoring. The robotic arm is controlled with the help of arcade machine like buttons salvaged from arcade video game which gives one the feel of maneuvering around the robotic hand in a gaming like environment.
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Arccos GPS stat-tracking system is easiest way to improve your golf

Arccos GPS stat-tracking system-1

Sal Syed and Ammad Faisal with research and development backing from Callaway Golf Co. (ELY:US) have devised Arccos, the first of its kind GPS stat-tracking system for golfers, that lets you know every aspect of your game – every shot, every distance, every round, every moment, right on your smartphone. Though, Arccos isn’t a lone technology aimed at improving the game of golf, there have been mobile applications and sensor-mounted gloves that help, but Arccos is certainly easiest way to help improve your game. It’s as simple as – pair, play, review and improve! Read More…

Business Knife – Cardboard business card in the shape of a multitool

Business Knife business card in multitool shape

Got bored with the usual business cards that carry in your pocket? Business cards that haven’t had much of an evolution, other than the visual graphics element? Auckland based graphic designer Anthony Cole took the leap of faith to come up with a cardboard business card called Business Knife that is inspired by multitools that we use so often. In fact, it is a very creative design made from cardboard that shows different skill set of a person in a very unique manner. Each tool of the multitool is engraved with a skill that defines a person’s abilities making it creative and different than other business cards.
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Silent Power PC uses copper foam instead of fans for better cooling

Silent Power PC

German start-up Silent Power has created a compact desktop PC that uses an innovative cooling solution instead of conventional noisy electric fans. Packed with all the hardware components of the desktop computer in an unmatched compact size, the Silent Power PC uses a copper foam that with its enormously high surface area and high thermal conductivity provides outstanding cooling performance. The foam dissipates heat so efficiently that there is no requirement of cooling fans as he exterior temperature never rises above 50° C during a normal use.
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Polaris Slingshot three-wheel roadster infuses adrenalin shot of thrill on open roads

Polaris Slingshot trike

Polaris Slingshot three-wheel trike

Step over powerful sportscars and exotic sedans because Polaris Slingshot three-wheel roadster is here to rock the asphalt. This trike has a swapped front and rear-end, meaning that rather than having two wheels at the back it has two wheels at the front and one at the back. Polaris Slingshot is a two-seater vehicle like none before and it surely is all set to put the tarmac on burning fire. Designed to give riders the adrenaline shot of their life, this open roof roadster is powerhouse on stable body frame that lets you push the envelope of speed even on tight corners. Apparently Polaris, Minnesota-based ATV and snow-mobile maker revealed Slingshot this week in the United States and Canada to celebrate their 60 years of innovation.
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RollEvac military rescue monocycle concept by Sadok Sakly

RollEvac military rescue monocycle concept by Sadok Sakly

RollEvac military rescue monocycle suited to all kind of battle situations

Inspired from the rolling golden spider of the Sahara desert, one idealistic designer has envisioned the future of military rescue operation vehicle. Young Tunisian designer, Sadok Sakly has put forth his project for futuristic military medical monocycle called RollEvac which takes us to the future of transportation in critical situations.
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Clever Medkit: A smart and hi-tech first aid kit

Clever Medkit

It’s time to say goodbye to the old, boring and not so useful first aid kits. A Christchurch based company has developed a revolutionary hi-tech medical kit that is way ahead in every aspect than the conventional kits. Christened Clever Medkit, the intelligent workplace first aid kit is the creativity of local entrepreneurs Peter Montgomery and Peter Gillman. Shortlisted for the New Zealand Hi- Tech Awards, these easily recognizable wall-mounted kits features real time inventory tracking and provides the best possible assistance to the staff.

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