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This fashionable leather belt charges your gadgets too!

ION Belt battery charger

Today’s power hungry gadgets force you to keep portable power packs well within reach as you may require them anytime. But carrying them can be a hassle unless you have big pockets. So why not keep a battery bank that fastens around your waist and you don’t have to bother carrying it around? This stylish leather belt is actually a power bank that holds 3000mAh of power to charge your gadgets anytime, anywhere. ION Belt is your next revolutionary accessory that provides you with an accessible and fast way to juice gadgets when they are running low on battery power.
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Shockproof ZVE iPhone case with built-in cigarette lighter and bottle opener

ZVE multifunctional iPhone case with cigarette lighter-1

There is no limit to what you can do with your iPhone case. You can use it as a weapon to kill, or a stethoscope to save a life. You can even charge your phone with your case; and thanks to ZVE, you can now also light a cigarette with it. ZVE, famous for it iPhone cases and power banks has unveiled 84g shockproof iPhone case that features built-in  cigarette lighter, a bottle opener and also a tripod.  Interestingly, the case can also mount onto a bike handle. Read More…

Surprise Surprise! Aladdin riding his Magic Carpet in streets of New York

Aladdin Magic Carpet

On Halloween day New Yorkers saw a sight that made many to believe how it was actually done. Aladdin riding his magic carpet, whizzing past the crowded streets of this busy city effortlessly. Now how cool is that! Obviously there had to be some trick that made this man fly inches off the ground on his magic carpet. Of course if you are not wondering that it actually is a magic carpet with Aladdin on board.
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Deaf and dumb Indian man builds his own two-seater aircraft from junk

Saji X Air-S homemade aircraft_1

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This idioms fits perfectly for 45-year old Saji Thomas who has made a fully-functional airplane from trash and recycled material. And mind you he is completely deaf and dumb from birth! That didn’t stop him from exploring his passion for creating model vehicles in his childhood, although the locals used to call him an idiot. The deep rooted passion carried on over the years and now he has come-up with his most complex creation thus far.
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MIT researchers create bio-skin that reacts to sweat, suggests future of self-ventilating clothes  

MIT BioLogic

Researchers at Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab, led by PhD student Lining Yao, are using ancient bacteria to create synthetic material called BioLogic, which moves, expands and contracts when it is exposed to moisture. The bacteria discovered some 1000 years back in Japan is called Bacillus Subtilis natto. While testing various microorganisms in the lab, Lining Yao discovered that natto bacteria expanded and contracted when exposed to moisture – this is when she was struck with the idea to try and use this bacterium to act like a machine instead of an unpredictable organism.   Read More…

6 tech-filled pumpkins for a geeky Halloween

Firebreathing pumpkin

Halloween is come around again. We like Halloween and jack-o-lantern. But, just in case, you are bored of the good ol’ jack-o-lantern sitting on your porch, start carving some tech-embedded pumpkins for tomorrow. If you’re thinking where to start, here are six inspirational pumpkins to begin with. Just be sure of preserving the pumpkins before you fit them with electronics or explosives. Hopefully, this time you’ll love your geeky jack-o-lantern. Read More…

Man invents gun case with fingerprint scanner to avert accidental shootings

Artimus gun case

When most of us do nothing more than lamenting about how so many kids are being accidentally shot; Wayne Jones from Idaho in U.S., has developed a gun case to keep weapon safe from kids, yet easily accessible to authorized user(s). Dubbed the Artimus, the lightweight gun case features an iPhone-style fingerprint scanner. Authorized gun users can scan and store their fingerprints, and retrieve the gun by scanning their prints on the scanner enabled case. Read More…

This smartphone-controlled racing game is going to be on every kid’s bucket list

Anki Overdrive_1

Toys and video games have always been a kid’s favorite pass time, especially cars. We all have played with small toy cars and ones that run on custom-made tracks, also not to forget the current times where playing racing games on mobile devices is very normal. One toymaker company has combined both these loves into something that everyone would want for this Christmas. Anki Overdrive is a smartphone-controlled set of racing cars that you can drive on customizable tracks, and is nothing like the track racing toys you have seen so far.
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Samsung unveils two ultra-thin, flexible batteries for wearable devices


At the annual InterBattery 2015 in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung unveiled two new durable, long-lasting flexible batteries that foretell the future of batteries for mobile and wearable electronics. InterBattery is a platform where OEMs showcase their new products and technologies. The two batteries called Stripe and Band would potentially enhance the battery life of current gadgets by as much as 50 percent, Samsung claims. Read More…

Crazy Colin’s functional Assassin’s Creed rope launcher and hidden knife

Colin makes functional Assassin’s Creed rope launcher and hidden knife

One of the most notorious and realistic weapons shown in video games of current era has to be the arm-mounted rope launcher and hidden knife. Today is the perfect day Colin Furze chose to show-off his fully-functional rope launcher and hidden blade developed in close quarters with Ubisoft. As today Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users and PC gamers will have to wait till November 19 to get their hands on this epic gaming title.
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