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iOS 9 overview: 11 most Integral features to know before upgrading

Important features of iOS 9

Apple has made some serious product launches this past week and it was at the Hey Siri event we learnt that new operating system for Apple’s mobile devices was rolling out on September 16. Living up to the expectation, Apple launched iOS 9 on schedule. iOS 9 runs on the same hardware as iOS 8, it is not visually very different and it also feels almost like iOS 8 – but still, there are host of difference, which you must know before upgrading. Read More…

Three Star Wars-themed Boeing Jets will fly you around the world

Star wars themed planes

If there is one thing Star Wars fans are really passionate about, it’s flying! To fly all aficionados in Dreamliners, All Nippon Airways (ANA), one of Japan’s largest airlines, has launched first of its three Star Wars-themed Boeing planes for international and domestic flying. ANA had first announced its Star Wars-themed planes back in April this year after having signed a five year promotion license contract with The Walt Disney (Japan) for the Star Wars brand. The Star War ANA Jets being launched in tie-up with December release of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ will soon be flying you around the world with a lot of other things to offer. Read More…

Four self-destructing devices paving way for secure, sustainable future

Self-destructing chip

Electronic waste – discarded TVs, cellphones, computers and peripherals etc – is the fastest growing waste around the globe. Most of the devices we use end up in landfills over time. Electronic waste contains various hazardous materials which can be really harmful to human health and environment if not disposed of correctly and carefully. Since, only a very insignificant percentage of global e-waste is recycled, we need a more viable option. Read More…

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus available for pre-order, 5 reasons you must order

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus available for pre-order

The new Apple phones – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were launched at the Hey Siri event last week (September 9. Come September 12, the biggest iPhone ‘S’ upgrades went up for pre-order. While we don’t have any information on the number of pre-orders made thus far, we learn that the new phones with 3D Touch display, improved Touch ID, tougher aluminum body, finest iSight cameras ever and the fastest A9 chips onboard, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are both doing wonders just days after Apple started accepting pre-orders. Read More…

Valravn – Record breaking rollercoaster coming to Cedar Point next summer

Valravn is the World's most thrilling rollercoaster coming to Cedar Point

Valravn is the World’s most thrilling rollercoaster coming to Cedar Point amusment park in 2016

If the existing rollercoasters in the world haven’t tested you to the extreme, this one will surely do that. The Valravn Dive Rollercoaster all set to make its debut in May 2016 is going to break all the records (10 to be precise) for rollercoaster rides for its sheer thrill level. This 18th ride by Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, well-known for its thrilling roller-coaster rides is going to be their best, by far.
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Ikea takes a dig at Apple Pencil, and other mocks to amuse

Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

In a mixed bag of announcements last week, Apple ditched former CEO Steve Job’s promises that the company would never release a stylus and went ahead with the lunch of Apple Pencil for its mammoth 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Debuting for a price as low as $99, the stylus-like Apple Pencil may be a welcome device for artists and designers, yet it hasn’t gone down too well with many others, who don’t believe the Pencil is actually the ground breaking device that Apple touts it to be. Read More…

AT&T reveals wirelessly connected wheelchair concept at CTIA 2015

Connected wheelchair proof of concept

At the recently concluded CTIA Super Mobility 2015, in Las Vegas, wireless network carrier AT&T in collaboration with Permobil unveiled a connected wheelchair proof of concept that wirelessly connects over AT&T’s Internet of Things (IoT) to increase user’s independence and freedom. AT&T has chosen Permobil as its collaborating partner because Permobil is one company that has been developing rehabilitation wheelchairs for people with disabilities for over 45 years. Read More…

Aye-Mac is world’s first Irn-Bru cooled custom computer

Irn-Bru cooled computer

Every computer, from the largest gaming rig to the smallest PC on your desk generates heat. Heat that can burn the innards of the system. We’ve seen fan and water cooled computers already; pushing that a stride further, enthusiastic modder John Lawson and his colleagues at PC Doctor (with shared passion for computers and Irn-Bru) have custom built a computer that is cooled by the country’s favorite orange beverage – the Irn-Bru – and it is called the ‘Aye-Mac.’   Read More…

Guy shows crazy drifting skills driving a bathub in Swiss mountains!

Hannes Roth bathtub drifting Bergrennen Reitnau

Drifting as a sport is the epitome of car control and skill that only a few can master. Be it performing doughnuts on street circuit or climbing uphill on a curvy road while drifting like a pro. Drifting is something that all want to perform but only a few can pull-off with style and panache. But drifting on a bathtub with a set of wheels is completely out of the league and something that you might not have witnessed so far in your lifetime.
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World’s largest arcade machine is three times an old school cabinet

Largest Arcade Machine

When everything is getting smaller and smaller, this man wants to bring big back. Jason Camberis, a network engineer from Chicago, USA, has created what is the world’s largest arcade machine and it’s officially recognized by Guinness World Records. Jason’s idea behind building this gigantic video game machine is to remind people of days when they were young and a lot shorter – when they struggled to reach to joysticks and buttons on an arcade machine, yet loved the whole experience of being in front of a video game. Read More…

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