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Catterbox: World’s first speaking cat-collar sounds clunky

Catterbox cat collar

A team over at Temptations Lab and London ad agency adam&eveDDB is hailing its innovation called Catterbox as world’s first smart-collar for cats that can translate their mews into human voice. The lab came into existence in 2015 and dedicatedly worked for innovating something that helps humans have more fun with their pet cats. So, after one year they came up with a 3D printed collar with a speaker, microphone, bluetooth and WiFi. Read More…

Mobility Designed re-imagines mobility with its new M+D Crutches

Mobility Designed m+d crutches 5

Mobility Designed has redesigned crutches to make them more comfortable than ever before. Its new M+D Crutches say bye bye to traditional armpit supported crutches, which are very restrictive when it comes to movement for disabled or injured person barely able to stand with crutches stuck under armpit.
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TRON Legacy’s World + Iron Man’s Style = TRONman action figure

TRONman action figure

TRONman action figure

Superheroes are nothing but a manifestation of our own craving. The liking to become a hero that the city loves, and of course you need to have superpowers for that. These desires have been age old and starting with their representation in comics, the modern day superheroes rule the silver screen these days. So do their merchandise and the mini-figurines which are very popular. These action figures are found in virtually every kid’s closet and even on the desk of die-hard superhero loving geeks. Sam Kwok seems to be one of them, but he has given the superhero of today a new refreshing twist.
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Lego Imperial Star Destroyer having three level interior

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer

Original Star Wars movie’s opening scene showed the Imperial Star Destroyer make an intimidating entry and the fans love it. For that very reason this Star Destroyer named ISD Tyrant is so popular for so many years now. Imgur user [Doomhandle] looks like a fan of the Star Wars series and that is why he has created a 4feet long Tyrant Star Destroyer from Legos. The replica is so huge that he had to create it in three levels, and not to forget it is almost 70 pounds in weight.
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World’s only forensic jeweler identifies victims using a completely new technique

Forensic Jewellery Expert_3

Whenever a natural disaster or crime scene needs to be investigated, a forensic experts is called in to do the job. To identify the unrecognizable body of a person who has unfortunately succumb to the event, a forensic expert can literally dig the ashes and recreate what happened at the crime scene and help authorities get hold of the criminal. Now, a now kind of forensic method has come to the fore. 27-year old Maria Maclennan, a Scottish student has become the world’s first forensic jeweler who identifies victims from the jewelry they wear. This started as a part of her project at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design which involved identifying victims through their jewelry and helping police.
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How app monetization drives business success

Mobile App Monetization

Just as there are many kinds of mobile apps, there are many different motivations for creating a new app. For some, such as a hotel booking website or a bank, the app allows the company to provide its service to its customers quicker and more easily. For others, such as an e-shop, a mobile app drives an increase in business by targeting mobile customers. These companies don’t worry too much about monetizing their apps, as their apps exist to drive their core business.

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Playing Flappy Bird on e-cigarette will make you forget smoking

Flappy Bird on e-cigarette

Flappy Bird, the game we all loved to hate flooded internet with all the news couple of years ago. The game that made many lose their temper or even pass out (alright that was a bit too much) broke all records. A simple game that rocked the world, and that too on crap graphics and design. Now a guy has ported the freaky game onto an eVic-VTC Mini e-cigarette, and its freakin’ cool. Balázs Bánk demonstrate how he plays Flappy Bird on the tiny screen without much problem, and let’s admit, it gives the same anxiety as the original smartphone version.
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A glimpse of future at world’s first pop-up drone café

blue jay drone cafe

World’s first drone café will be serving drinks at “Dream and Dare” festival being celebrated to mark 60th anniversary of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE). In this café, autonomous drones will replace bartenders and serve under human command from April 22 to 24.

A team of 20 students from TUE worked for nine months on this project they call ‘’Blue Jay” According to the team, the purpose of this initiative is to showcase the potential capabilities including lifting and transportation of delicate objects, such as a glass of a cocktail. Read More…

World’s first automatic dog washing machine invented by Thai students

Dog washing machine

Did you ever wish there was a dog washing machine so that you don’t have to wrestle with your pet while giving it a good bath? Most dogs wouldn’t mind bathing, but most of them won’t just stay still. This need has inspired some Thai students and teachers to invent a dog-wash machine that’ll do all the washing by itself. The brightly colored machine is made of PVC pipes and has motorized brushes, running water and soap injector for a complete dog wash. Read More…

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