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Nokia N1 tablet PC unveiled, looks more like a polished iPad mini version

Nokia N1 tablet PC

Today Nokia has revealed its Android 5.0 Lollipop powered tablet, the Nokia N1 which looks strikingly close to the Apple iPad mini. The one-piece aluminum tablet PC will be launched in China by Q1 of 2015 for an expected price of $249 and then later-on in Russia and select European countries. It will be powered by a 64-bit Intel Atom processor clocked at 2.3GHz and have PowerVR G6430 GPU for added processing power.
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Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7: Wild in the Streets of Los Angeles, brace yourself for unbelievable action!

Ken Block Gymkhana Seven: Wild in the Streets Los Angeles

Ken Block Gymkhana Seven: Wild in the Streets Los Angeles

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7: Wild in the Streets of Los Angeles is finally here, and the king of drifting has managed to bamboozle us all. Spraying his magic on the streets of Los Angeles and then up to the outskirts of the city, Ken definitely pushed the all-wheel drive 1965 Ford Mustang notchback to its limit. The powerful muscle car specially modified for the Gymkhana 7 managed to pull-off some unbelievable moves courtesy Ken Block’s niche skills to maneuver cars like a yoyo.
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Rocket-powered bicycle shatters land speed record

Rocket powered bike Thermo Engineering Swiss Rockeman

Rocket powered bicycle breaks speed record at the Circuit Paul Ricard located at Le Castellet in South of France

The land speed record for a rocket-powered bicycle has been broken by François Gissy from France at the Circuit Paul Ricard located at Le Castellet in South of France. Thrusting at a speed of 333 km/h in just 4.8 seconds for a distance of 250 meters, he has now officially broken the Guinness World Record in the peroxide-powered rocket bike having three thrusters. The bicycle has the thrusters fastened to the frame of this ordinary looking bicycle that is a bit elongated to accommodate the boosters.
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Teenager creates bike wheel powered battery charger for mobile devices

Spinning Power UF mobile device charger

Harnessing energy that is all around us is paramount in developing systems that can be powered for long duration using natural energy sources. Yet another example of energy harnessing system is this bike-wheel powered charger device. Christened as Spinning Power UF, the device attaches to your bike’s wheel and the spinning motion powers it up to consequently charge mobile devices like smartphone.
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Strix Knight – A Meticulously built geeky PC case mod

Strix Knight 14

Making a custom PC case mod is one hell of an obsession for geeks. A Chinese modder, Han Yu, built a whole mod from scratch. At first glance it looks like an autobot thing, but on a closer look you’ll figure out it’s the owl, the Strix owl. That’s why the modder calls ‘Strix Knight’ mod. When we went through the whole process, we were amazed at the meticulousness employed in constructing each and every part of the system except the electronic components and coolers. Each part was designed, cut into shapes, painted, and then finally merged a steel frame, which is constructed from the scratch as well. Read More…

Samsung Project Beyond: Gear VR headset for Virtual reality travel to anywhere in the world

Samsung Project Beyond virtual reality environment

Samsung Project Beyond 360 degree camera

At the 2014 Developers Conference, Samsung has revealed its 360 camera module christened Project Beyond Camera that captures the scene in 3D. Thereafter, any user with the Gear VR headset can watch that place in amazing detail, just as if he/she is present there in reality. Although at this point in time the 3D camera is able to capture the detailed stereoscopic scene from just one standing point and when later on some user sees the scene using Gear VR headset they have to stand still and look around and up or down.
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Samsung 78” Curved UHD TV with rare Ottchil carving on the back side

Samsung 78” Curved UHD TV with Ottchil carving

It is very rare to see a perfect fusion of art and modern day electronics into one rare piece of artistic wonder. Samsung Electronics has teamed up with Christie’s to auction a one-off 78” Curved UHD TV sporting a gold lacquer-painted back at the Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction beginning on November 20. The artistic Ottchil carving, a Korean lacquer painting technique dating back to the Neolithic Era was engraved on the UHD TV’s back by Korean artist Sung Yong Hong. The artist specializes in this ancient technique and going with the theme “Memory of TV”, Sung engraved iconic scenes of television’s history on the rear face of the UHD TV.
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Battery Jacket for iPhone 6 provides added 3200mAh power reserve

Battery Jacket for iPhone 6 Battery Jacket for iPhone 6

Battery Jacket for iPhone 6

So you’ve just got yourself the all new Apple iPhone 6 and looking for some cool accessories that’ll make it even more fun to use. Thanko Inc. Japan is up for the challenge and come up with a Battery Jacket for iPhone 6 that provides you added 3200mAh of power reserve in case you run of battery in the middle of nowhere. The battery jacket doubles-up as a case protector for the iPhone 6 and facilitates in hassle free charging of your phone which can be a real hassle with portable battery banks.
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LG’s bendable smartphone could be unveiled at CES 2015

LG bendable phone

LG bendable phone

It has been a year since LG launched its curved screen phone, the G Flex. Since then a lot a happened in the curved screen market with the agonizing Bendgate issue haunting Apple. Now taking some positive cues from the whole fiasco, LG has got plans for launching a bendable phone in the early part of 2015, most probably at the CES. This comes as a refreshing news for the smartphone market which is going to be followed by rollable and folding phones!
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Man installs NFC chip inside body to store Bitcoin wealth!

Bitcoin installed inside body

Bitcoin installed inside body of Martijn Wismeijer

Being rich has its own perks, but it can have security issues too as you try and safeguard your wealth. One way to do it is by storing it in digital format using services like Bitcoin. The question is, what are the chances someone won’t hack into your digital wealth? Well, the answer is nobody knows, since hackers are always one step ahead of the rest. Insecure by this thought, a Dutch entrepreneur Martijn Wismeijer decided to install a NFC (Near Field Communication) chip under his skin in the hands to store Bitcoin digital currency information.
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