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Anicorn Series K452 watch replicates planetary moment to display time

Anicorn Series K452 watch_2

Hong Kong-based watch brand Anicorn takes inspiration from the astronomy for its timepieces and their latest iteration of a watch pays tribute to the Kepler-452b, an exoplanet discovered by NASA’s Kepler & K2 project. Anicorn Series K452 has hour, minute and second discs which overlap each other in a 3-layer surface to signify the orbital moment of planetary bodies. The watch has a very unique mechanism to check out current time, where the outside disc shows the hour and inner discs signify minutes and seconds. A reference point on top of the watch shows the time in a geeky way and does away with hour, second and minute hand.
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Google Lens: Interchangeable lens add-on increases Google Glass field of view

jibo_he_lens_for_google _glass

Google Glass might have been pulled down from the market primarily because it failed to impress many by its limited field of view, but that hasn’t stopped researchers at the Wichita State University Kansas, United States, to device ways in order to enhance Google Glass’ workplace applications. To give Glass’ limited field of view a valuable push, researchers Jibo He, Barbara Chaparro and graduation student Long Wang have developed Google Lens. Google Lens is basically an optical lens which can enhance camera view of Google Glass from 54.8 degrees horizontally and 42.5 degrees vertically a dramatic 109.8 degrees horizontally and 57.8 degrees vertically. Read More…

Mouse that looks and feels like your kitten’s paw

Cat Paw mouse

Who doesn’t love cuddling with cute pets? Especially, after long hours of work at the office. Although, some organizations allow you to bring pets along to work, most of us don’t have that privilege. A good enough reason to have a computer mouse that looks and feels like the paw of a young kitten or puppy. The oddly named Pnitty Mouse derives its name from ‘puni puni’, Japanese onomatopoeia for embracing something pleasingly squishy. From anywhere you see this mouse, it looks like a pudgy pet paw.
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Build your own tabletop pinball machine from cardboard with PinBox 3000

pinball 3000 kit

If you’re looking for a low-stress, easy to assembling project to keep your kid involved, or if you have an undying love for pinball; take home the PinBox 3000 kit developed by Cardboard Teck Instantute and rejoice. Ready to assemble PinBox 3000 kit is really playful way to build your own tabletop pinball machine and enjoy the wonderful game. Priced at $50, the core kit includes a base desktop cardboard pinball machine and swappable playfields.  The kit comprises 12 pre-cut sheets of cardboard, an instruction manual, some plastic pop rivets, marbles, rubber bands and a paper clip bent into makeshift hook to help you put everything together for a cool pinball system. Read More…

Eye-candy bikes spotted at Delhi Auto Expo 2016

Bikes at Auto Expo 2016_-7

The hottest automotive event of the Asian continent saw a lot of new stuff. Yes, Delhi Auto Expo is into its last day and as expected this event attracted people who wanted to see their dream machines. We saw the hottest cars at Auto Expo 2016 and now it is turn of the two wheelers to weave their magic. So, sit back and enjoy all the bikes that make headlines at the event, and mind you I’ll be listing the ones that attracted crowd without doubt. We’ll have cruise, sports, dirt bikes and trikes from bike manufacturers including TVS, Yamaha, Honda, Triumph, Indian Motorcycles and more.
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Elasco Panoramic racing simulator enthralls crowd at Delhi Auto Expo 2016

Elasco racing motion simulator at Auto Expo 2016_-3

At the Delhi Auto Expo 2016 International as well as local auto manufacturers showcased their vehicles. Along with the cars, bikes, buses and trucks the auto show had its share of technology with augmented reality headsets adding to the flair. At the Maruti Suzuki section I experienced motion racing simulator by Elasco, a Czech company that manufactures electronic components for industrial automation. The company sells motion platform devices and it was good to see them at the expo.
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Hottest cars showcased at Delhi Auto Expo 2016

Delhi Auto Expo 2016

At the ongoing Auto Expo 2016 in Delhi, India, major auto manufacturers showcased their production, prototype and concept cars/bikes at the show. This major automotive event for the Indian subcontinent provides a platform for automotive giants to show-off their technology and innovation in design. I got the chance to visit the show and it was a great experience being able to touch and feel the supercars, hybrids and sports cars that everyone dreams to own someday. The event flocked-in a huge number of people, primarily automotive enthusiasts and for the remaining two days of the event, even a greater number is expected to come in. If you missed out the action from Auto Expo 2016 here are the major cars and bikes at the event that turned eyeballs.
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Two mechanics build world’s fastest mobility scooter


Crazy inventor Colin Furze is certainly not an inspiration for many (thanks to all the bizarre and scary things he makes), but who knew his crazy record setting mobility scooter (that clocked 71.59 mph) would become an inspiration for the world’s fastest mobility scooter ever made. Drawing inspiration from Furze’s scooter, two mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine from Isle of Man built a vehicle that normally does 10 mph, into the fastest mobility scooter that broke into Guinness World Records clocking 173.16 km/h (107.6 mph). Read More…

Custom-build Batmobile Casket for ailing kid that’ll put you to tears

Batmobile Casket for Andrew Peck

Christmas last month was very festive and there was a lot of stuff that we came across since we are the geeky lot. There were DIY’s and other gadgets which make Christmas a lot more special. One of the things we always like to write about are gifts from loved ones to their kids. But why are we talking about Christmas right now? Because we missed this gift from a grandmother to her special grandson.
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Droneboarding is the new idea for a fun weekend in winters


Drones are already in the limelight with Drone Racing League getting all the attention worldwide. But ordinary people in your backyard are coming up with unique ideas to put drones to good use. A new example of that is ‘Droneboarding’ a leisure activity where a powerful drone pulls a kid on snowboard in a snow covered street. Hang on, that is cool folks. The video submitted by Valplushka shows how the thing works and to pull a kid riding a snowboard requires power. For this the user has made a special drone which has 10 minutes of flying time and under peak performance it should at-least go 5 minutes.
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