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World’s Most Advanced Plane is a light sports amphibious aircraft

World’s Most Advanced Plane

When everyone is completely after flying cars, a Minnesota-based startup is designing an advance plane, which is out of comic books. The world’s Most Advanced Plane (MVP) is designed as a light sports amphibious aircraft that flies at 104-knots. According to the maker’s the aircraft will be available as a fast build kit (ELSA) and as a full experimental kit (E-AB) in about three years’ time. Read More…

How about a wearable chair?

Chairless Chair by Noonee

Noonee, a Zurich-based startup has developed a chair that doesn’t come anywhere close to a looking like a chair but can come to your aid whenever needed. Dubbed The Chairless Chair, it can be worn like an exoskeleton and can assist you like a chair anywhere. The device offers full mobility and is specifically created for production line workers who are required to stand for a major part of their work schedule. The wearable chair is designed to make the work process comfortable and reduce the risk of exposure to muscle related disorders.
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Now you can build a Lego brick drone at home

Lego drone kit

How about building your own drone with Lego bricks? You can actually do that now. Lego Brick Drone project by GenCode Systems, Inc. gives you an opportunity to build a DIY drone kit at home with your friends and family, thus adding lot of fun and education to the experience. Easy to fly and simple to maintain, the drone mostly uses bricks for construction except electronics, hardware and motor mounts for safety. Once glued together and fitted with all the relevant rotors and control mechanisms, the lightweight Lego drone is powerful enough to lift a GoPro action camera.
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Sony to release a perfume bottle shaped selfie camera

perfume bottle shaped Cyber-shot camera

The craze of taking selfies has turned into an obsession all over the globe and we don’t think it is going to stop anytime soon. Taking advantage of this increasing addiction, Sony is about to release a Cyber-shot camera with a larger viewfinder and an equally large camera sensor too. However, that’s not it as the device is designed with an interesting theme, making it look like a luxurious perfume bottle. For the female enthusiasts, this is surely an icing on the cake.
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Designer turns Maybach Exelero into a brutal zombie fighting machine

zombie fighting Maybach Exelero by Khaled Alkayed

If you think that the Zombie survival machine designed from 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport which we showed you few months back is not good enough for surviving a zombie apocalypse, we have got another war machine for you. Jordan-based 3D designer Khaled Alkayed have developed an incredible apocalyptic war machine concept based on $8 Million Maybach Exelero. The highly modified super car looks nothing less than a war machine that we usually see in sci-fi movies designed to hunt zombies down.

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Big Red Lady Harley Davidson by Ueli Anliker


We’ve seen some really mean machines transformed into beautiful entities. Harley Davidson motorbikes are the finest example. There have been more pimped Harley’s than any other motorcycle. Ueli Anliker Swiss DIYer – famous for his taste for red and gold, has given Harley Davidson V-Rod a red and golden cover making it entirely unrecognizable. Now, would you call that cool? If you ask us – we are still guessing! Read More…

Confederate Motors launches X132 Hellcat Speedster for US$65,000

X132 Hellcat Speedster by Confederate Motors

Confederate Motors, American manufacturer of street motorcycles have introduced the new X132 Hellcat Speedster. With fresh look and unique style, the design of the new model is based on well-appreciated X132 Hellcat which was released back in 2012. The new high performance limited edition motorcycle is the first bike that has been framed by Pierre Terblanche who is company’s new Head of Design. Before joining Confederate Motors, he was serving at Ducati as Design Director.
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China’s Samadhi will be offering people an imagined experience of death soon

Samadhi -- 4D Experience of Death

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to die? Samadhi – 4D Experience of Death can give you the answer. The death-themed game uses dramatic special effects and bring people closer to an imagined experience of death. Scheduled to open in Shanghai in September 2014, the project is all set to complete by the end of August. Developed by Huang Wei-ping and Ding Rui, the one-off game will invite participants to compete in a series of challenges in which they will have to avoid dying.
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Doppleganger Ace Bike has adjustable ride height for your growing kid

Doppleganger Ace Bike

When you buy a bicycle for your kid, more often than not it becomes useless after couple of years, since the child grows physically. Then again you have to get a bicycle which suits your little ones height. But this won’t be a problem anymore with the Doppleganger Ace Bike that would be a perfect gift for your kid aged 1 year or more, and weighing less than 25 kg. This adjustable bicycle can be toggled to a saddle height of 28cm, 35cm or 41cm. Likewise the handle can be adjusted to a height of anywhere between 44cm to 47cm.

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OM Audio launches world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker

OM audio’s OMOne levitating speaker

Image Credit: Engadget

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the market today, but I can assure you neither of them can be as cool as the OM/One floating speakers. The Bluetooth speakers are developed by OM Audio which have already produced some smart audio accessories such as the Inearpeace earphones and Mantra speakers in the past. OM/One levitating speaker floats and spins in mid-air bringing your favorite music to you. The levitation surely looks like a cool stunt, but according to the company besides providing a delightful sight it also helps the sound to travel better and allow the speaker to consume less power.
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