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‘ReMarkable Paper Tablet’ lets user enjoy experience of writing or sketching on a real paper  

remarkable-frontpageReMarkable – a Norwegian tech startup has rolled out a digital notebook ‘Paper Tablet’ featuring E-Ink display and allow user to do everything that can be done on a normal paper with a pen or pencil.  The main idea is to deliver an experience and ease that the reader or writer feels while using normal papers.  The tablet can only support PDF, eBooks, and Documents and allow user to create or edit documents stored in 8GB of internal storage. Read More…

Just Eat’s robot delivers a surprised woman her takeaway meal

Just Eat delivery robot

The complexion of food delivery to your doorsteps is changing gradually with the introduction of delivery robots. A few months ago we saw Domino’s pizza delivering robot make first appearance in Australia and New Zealand, and now it’s Greenwich in the news. Just Eat has delivered a takeaway meal to Greenwich resident Simone who ordered it from Turkish restaurant, Taksim Meze using the Just Eat app. The surprised woman was elated to see a droid on her doorstep, and describes it as something right out of a movie scene.
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LG could launch a line of smartwatches with its own payment system in 2017

LG smartwatch

According to a report on GSMinfo, LG could be on the way to launch a new line of smartwatches integrated with LG’s own payment system. This information comes through an application LG has submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office to safeguard WatchStyle, Watch Pro, Watch Force, and Watch Sole names, what could probably be names of LG’s forthcoming smartwatches. Read More…

Supremo Trump Changeover: Caviar’s gold-plated Donald Trump iPhone 7

Caviar Donald Trump gold plated iPhone 7_2

Caviar, the luxury Russian brand is an expert when it comes to draping iPhones in gold finish with a specific theme. They showed it with the gold-plated Apple Watch having Putin’s signature, and before that with the gold-plated iPhone for Kazakhstan. Now, they have come up with a gold-plated iPhone themed on American president John Donald Trump, and they like to call it the Supremo Trump Changeover.
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EsaVox by iXoost – Audio bliss delivered from Lamborghini Aventador engine exhaust

EsaVox by iXoost docking audio system

EsaVox by iXoost docking audio system

Matteo Panini’s collection of race car engine inspired docking stations for iPhone’s are the pinnacle of Apple accessories one can think of buying. Made from real car engines, Matteo likes to call them iXoost, and so far we have seen some eye-popping creations by him. iXoost Radical6 and the maiden iXoost docking station are one of his unique creations. Now, the Italian designer has come up with another iXoost docking station in collaboration with Lamborghini that will blow you away.
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iPhone 7 put to extreme tests – Did it survive them all?

Extreme iPhone 7 and 7 Plus tests

Just like every new Apple phone that debuts in the market, iPhone 7 too couldn’t escape from the extreme brutality people put it through. In a way it is good, since it gives the prospect buyers a good idea of the device’s strength and durability. iPhone 6 turned out to quite durable in the relentless tests it was put through by Youtubers around the globe. Their motive? Well, there is only one motive for all the extreme tests. That being raking up as many views as possible.
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Is Apple iPhone 8 coming with 3D photography camera?

Apple iPhone 8 camera 3D photography

Apple is always pitching unique features in its mobile devices, and for their next iteration the Cupertino giant is readying a complete redesign. Rumor already has it that the company is looking to join the big phablet trend for its iPhone 8 design. Now, another news has just arrived which reveals Apple’s plans to introduce a 3D photography camera being developed in partnership with LG Innotek. Apparently the company is also supplying Apple the iPhone 7 camera.
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Star Wars themed Android phones make debut in Japan

Star wars phone

Star Wars galaxy has come a long way since it was first introduced to us mortals. Back then in the galaxy far, far away there were no phones, but cometh the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story they could be a sight. Sharp is stepping up to please the Star Wars fraternity with two “Dark Side” and “Light Side” smartphones for Japanese Telecom giant SoftBank. Read More…

DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire Two drone for professional videographers

DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 drones

DJI is a pro when it comes to making drones, and they have proved their supremacy with offerings like the Phantom 4 and Inspire One. Just like every other product manufacturer DJI also wants to be the best at its game, so they keep coming up with better drones for the consumers. They want to capture the compact drone market with the latest Mavic drone, but their forte is the contemporary drone market where they are market leaders. Their latest launches are the Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire Two drones.

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Why over 95% phones sold in Japan are waterproof?


Why Japanese phones are waterproofJapan has been manufacturing and using waterproof phones, we can say, since the dawn of cellphones while it started trending in the western world not long ago. About 95 percent of cellphones sold in Japan are waterproof. It’s a sort of mandatory requisite in Japan for a cellphone to be waterproof or they stand no chance in the Japanese market at all. Why do you think LG didn’t launch it modular G5 phone in Japan? That’s because for modular units it’s almost impossible (so far) to be waterproof. Read More…

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