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Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch gets another teaser before IFA 2015

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch

As expected, Samsung gave another sneak peak of their new smartwatch that doesn’t require a smartphone to sync its major functions. Yes, I’m talking about the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch that looks the next competition for Moto 360 smartwatch that by far looks the most elegant smartwatch in town. Ahead of the IFA 2015 event in Berlin, Germany, Samsung is elevating the anticipation for their flagship wearable as they announced the Gear S2 smartwatch in Seoul, Korea.
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Evan Blass leaks Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL images and specs.

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL codenamed Talkman and Cityman

Microsoft is reading its flagship phones for the new generation, and Evan Blass (Eveleaks) as usual is one step ahead of everyone in leaking the images. Not only the images, but this time around Evan has full specifications of the two phones to be released by Microsoft. Codenamed as Cityman and Talkman, both these high-end smartphones will be targeted towards the urban users who demand great performance with excellent photo clicking capabilities. It is for sure that when released Talkman is eventually going to be Lumia 950 and Cityman will be 950XL.
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Portable LG Rolly Keyboard with tactile feedback is the upcoming hot accessory

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices is as good as a desktop keyboard

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices is as good as a desktop keyboard

The demand for mobile accessories is already on the high and it will only grow further owing to the increasing demand of mobile devices. Seeing this as a chance to cash-in, LG has introduced the world’s first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard which will be shown-off at the upcoming IFA 2015 even in Berlin, Germany. The LG Rolly Keyboard (KBB-700) folds along the four rows and takes the shape of a rectangular stick which can be carried easily in your pocket or bag.
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Obi Worldphone SF1 is one feature rich and affordable smartphone by John Sculley

Obi Worldphone SF1 smartphone

Not many of us know that three decades ago, John Sculley was Apple’s CEO, but under strange circumstances he was ousted from the company in 1993. And then the world forgot him. But after a series of founding successful companies and selling them off, John is back with his latest iteration for a world dominated by mobile devices. Obi Worldphone, his venture along with co-founder Robert Brunner is out with a new refreshing design for smartphone that comes with impressive hardware and is targeted towards young, mid-income section of the society.
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Furoshiki Shoes wrap around your feet for snugly comfort

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

Some people always rue the fact that no shoe fits them at all. Even if it fits them, after some time either the sole cracks from a particular point or the shoe cloth tears-apart due to the odd make of their feet. To get over this problem you need a wrapping shoe which encapsulates your feet; and rather than your feet fitting the shoe form-factor, it is the shoe that takes shape of your feet. These shoes do exactly that and use the age old technique called Furoshiki (cloth wrapping for transporting goods) to give the traditional shoe design a completely new style.
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Huawei Honor 7i phone has a single swivel camera and unique fingerprint sensor

Huawei Honor 7i phone

The demand for good front-facing cameras is rising due to the selfie craze and manufacturers have this demand in mind. Many smartphones already have impressive front cameras but Huawei has a different take on the rear and front-facing cameras. They have come-up with a smartphone that has one (instead of two different) swappable camera that solves all your photography cravings.

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Hybrid Power iPhone 6 Case packs more power, protection and sound

Hybrid Power iPhone 6 case

From my experience, iPhone 6 is practically the best phone you can lay your hands on. But it’s not all merry; the smartphone has poor battery life and is slightly slippery in the hand. As a solution to these problems, Live Work Play is working on a Hybrid Power Case for the iPhone 6. Touted as ‘the case Apple should have made’ – the Hybrid Power Case is meant to increase your phone’s battery performance, make the speakers sound better, and allows you to use iPhone 6 handsfree for Facetime or Skype, thanks to its built-in kickstand. Read More…

Gold-plated Apple Watch featuring President Putin’s signature, anyone?

Apple watch with Vladimir Putin

If Russian President Vladimir Putin is in the list of your favorite politicians, here is your chance to own an Apple Watch with Mr. President’s signature on it. Russian-Italian jewelry design brand Caviar Perna Penna has created this gold-plated Apple Watch featuring Putin’s signature. Slated to set you back Roubles 197,000 (approx. $3,000), the Putin Apple Watch along with the signature of three-term President, features Russian Skyline and the double headed eagle of Russia’s coat of arms. Putin Apple Watch is limited to 999 units. Read More…

World’s smallest smartphone charger is tailor-made for emergency situations

Nipper worlds smallest phone charger

Nipper is the world’s smallest phone charger

Having gadgets is one things but keeping them juiced is yet another. Many third-party accessories manufacturer have been toiling hard to come-up with portable battery backup solutions for times of desperate need. But all of them are either too bulky or don’t live-up to their claims. So, for situations where you need to charge your phone desperately a new invention has brought some light. A duo of design engineering students, Doug Stokes and Chris Tait from Brunel University London have invented the world’s smallest charger as a part of Makerversity’s Makeathon challenge.
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Blackberry Venice could be a 5.4-inch curved glass display phone

Blackberry Venice smartphone

Every leak that comes from Evan Blass (a.k.a @evleaks) turns out to be real and that makes him the most trusted leakster in the cloud. This time it is concrete evidence as Evan has tweeted with images that secret Blackberry Venice smartphone is confirmed for November release date in U.S. This Android 5.x phone has been in works for some time now and was hinted a month ago along with the Blackberry Prague phone. As you can see from the images it definitely runs on Android 5.x version since there are PlayStore and Google Keep apps.
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