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OvRcharge wireless charger levitates your smartphone in mid-air

OvRcharge levitating wireless charger

Wireless chargers have been around for quite some time now, and there’s nothing special when a new one rises over the horizon. But things are different when a wireless charger levitates you phone in the air. Now, that’s a cool wireless charger to own, don’t you think so? But, there is a downside to the OvRcharge wireless charger too. That being, it charges your phone very slowly while in levitating mode. If you are ready to bear with that hassle, you’ll have a cool looking phone that levitates in mid-air. And mind you, the base can even levitate a light-weight tablet.
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Hands-on with MiFone L58 smartest budget smartwatch with fitness tracker

mifone smartwatch and fitness tracker 6

If price and looks are two things you want in a smartwatch, the MiFone L58 that we are going to review here is tailor made for you. Smartwatches with basic fitness tracking features are found a dime a dozen these days; there is an influx of budget smartwatches on e-commerce sites. With its attractive price tag and a magnificent design (good to give most high-end watches a run for their money), the MiFone L58 is one of the finest in the league. Despite the name, which may sound so much Xiaomish, this is an independent Chinese brand and has no connection with Xiaomi. Read More…

Blincam: Japan-made camera clicks photos with a blink

Blimcam camera clicks with blink

How many times have you failed to capture your cat’s backflip or a beautiful female you’ve just walked past on the pedestrian, simply because you lost all the time in getting the mobile phone out of the pocket? To save you time and awkward fumbling for the phone, a Japanese company has developed Blincam – a camera designed to capture photos by blinking or winking. Designed for prompt mobile photography, Blincam can let you click photos that you would have otherwise missed when the phone was not handy. Read More…

Xiaomi launches Mi Notebook Air, its first ultraportable laptop

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Chinese brand Xiaomi is one company you can vouch for delivering high-end devices on a budget. After the phones, drones and hoverboards, Xiaomi has launched Mi Notebook Air – a MacBook Air competitor at a launch event in Beijing. It’s not just the name but the specification that make it a close competitor for the MacBook Air, especially when you’re taking about similar features for as little as $750. Read More…

Veeso brings world’s first face tracking VR headset to the fore

Veeso Face tracking vr headset-1

You can do a lot of things in virtual reality, except for looking someone in the eye to interact. Facial motion tracking can be the next big thing in VR and a company called Veeso is trying to tap into the market ahead of the others. In the process, Veeso has launched a Kickstarter campaign for world’s first virtual reality headset that tracks face movement. To make face-to-face interaction in a social VR environment, Veeso has integrated a pair of head-mounted infrared cameras in their VR headset, which tracks eyes and mouth movement and emotions and transfers it to the virtual world. Read More…

iPhone 7 to release on September 16, here’s what to expect


Finally, there is a release date for the much-awaited Apple iPhone 7 – it is Friday, September 16. This is when the new iPhone is set to hit shelves. The information comes via reputed Apple leaker Evan Blass. Nothing is officially known through Apple yet. According to a tweet by Blass iPhone 2016 release is scheduled for the week of September 12. Initially, there was confusion whether a week of September 12 was the release date or the date of Apple’s launch event, which was later clarified by Blass through a tweet. Read More…

Teenager develops world’s fastest consumer drone

Teal Drone

The world’s fastest drone is just around the corner, and no it’s not a DJI drone. 18-year-old George Matus, who has always been fascinated by flying things is one step closer to releasing his production version of an intelligent drone. He has launched Teal, a drone for beginners which is claimed to be smarter than any drone currently available in the market. And it is twice as fast as the DJI Phantom 4 drone. Teal has a top speed of 85 mph, and it can be deemed as the sportscar of drone world. Just like any other drone, it has standard functions like barrel-rolling, flipping, camera stabilization and recording in 4K quality.
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3D printed Pokémon Go iPhone case lets you toss Pokéball dead straight

Pokémon Go iphone case-1

There isn’t much you can do when you’ve found a Pokémon than to battle it and catch it by flicking that Pokéball at it. Chances are you’re pretty good at ball flicking, but if you’re struggling, a Pokémon Go fan and industrial design student in Australia, Jon Cleaver has created an iPhone case to help you perfect the art of ball flicking. The creative case guides your finger to launch the Pokéball dead straight at the Pokémon ensuring you gain experience points every time in the first go itself. Read More…

Pen-like Thermos thermometer takes temperature with swipe across the forehead

Thermo thermometer

Thermometers that use noninvasive methods to take temperature can be found dime a dozen, but there are none like the Thremo released by health technology company Withings. The new thermometer simply needs to be scanned across the forehead to take temperature – it’s easy, quick and least uncomfortable. Thermo can take reading from up to a centimeter from the skin, so you can check your baby’s temperature even without touching her. Read More…

Golf cart Jetpack will let golfers fly across the course

Golf cart jetpack-3

Pro golfer Bubba Watson is known for stretching the boundaries of golf. Not just by making records on the course, but by ideating transportation ways for golfers. After the Golf Cart Hovercraft, Bubba launched in collaboration with Oakley, two-time Masters Champion has teamed with Oakley and Martin Aircraft (makers of Martin Jetpack) to develop the world’s first Golf Cart Jetpack. The new jetpack will enable golfers to literally fly over the golf course after each shot they play. Read More…

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