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Upcoming gadgets and gizmos that’ll rock your world

Parrot Disco Drone

The market is constantly flooded with new gadgets and gizmos that promise to make our life easy and get things done in a jiffy. We have seen smartphones, drones, personal robots and wearables which have totally changed the complexion of consumer oriented tech. For geeks who are constantly on the lookout for new technologies being implemented in product, here is a collection of the top anticipated gadgets.
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Level – Stylish eyeglasses double as activity tracker

Level Eyeglasses with Activity Tracking_1

Who says wearable glasses need to be bulky and ordinary looking? VOS Global in association with University of Southern California’s (USC) Center For Body Computing has developed a tech-savvy pair of glasses which monitor your fitness. Earlier known as Project Genisis, the final version of this eyewear dubbed Level distributes the weight of embedded hardware on both the temples equally. Sensors like Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyroscope or magnetometer are all fitted inside the thick temples of this stylish eyewear.
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GoPower Watch portable magnetic charging dock powers Apple Watch wirelessly

If you are sick of the Apple Watch dying on you when you’re out camping or in a location where charging the watch is not possible; you definitely need the cordless GoPower Watch, portable magnetic charging dock developed by Kanex. The 2-in-1 charging solution allows you to place the Apple Watch flat on it and charge it wirelessly, and a USB port on board lets you plug in an iPhone and charge it simultaneously. The GoPower Watch features 4,000 mAh battery which can juice up your Apple Watch six times on a single charge. Read More…

Android 7.0 Nougat is finally rolling out, starting with Google Nexus devices

Android 7.0 Nougat

For all Android users who had been anxiously waiting; Android 7.0 Nougat is finally rolling out. As usual, the rollout will start with Nexus devices and then move to the other smartphones. The new OS is loaded with a host of new and interesting features, each one of which will enhance the users experience and mobile phone’s performance. Before we touch upon some of the exciting new features of the OS, here are the smartphones that can expect the Nougat update first. Read More…

PadBot T1: Compact telepresence robot with charging dock

PodBot T1

Just like any other telepresence robot, PadBot T1 lets you be at two different places at the same time. The compact and independent telepresence robot is developed by Juppi Tech, and it’s presently seeking funds on Kickstarter to see light of the day. PadBot T1 uses as smartphone to let you video chat, remote control things and even keep a strong vigil by crawling around the house in your absence. The PadBot T1 can start and a click and you can chat with your pet or close a facet with it when you are away from home.    Read More…

Batman-themed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Injustice edition coming soon

Galaxy note-7-batman

Samsung seems pretty impressed with Injustice: Gods Among Us. After the launch of Batman-themed Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition, Samsung is all set to give the Galaxy Note 7 a similar superhero makeover. According to a few images leaked on Chinese website Weibo, Galaxy Note 7 Injustice edition can be seen sporting a Batman theme. There are golden accents in around the button and camera housing and a very attractive Batman logo at the back. Read More…

OmniCharge: Smart, pocket-sized power bank charges every possible device


If you haven’t used a power bank for extra juice on the smartphone, you’d probably be living in a different world. Having used a few external power sources I’ve realized it’s a little more than an ask for a power bank to charge a laptop. And yes, if there are any, they’re either too bulky or too big to tug along. Enter OmniCharge, an out for crowdfunding device that is pocket sized and good enough to charge any device under the sun. So, how is this possible? Claimed to be the world’s smallest power bank, OmniCharge comes with an AC/DC Power Outlet and a couple of USB Fast-Charging ports for powering nearly any device you possess. Read More…

Electric car completely destroys Ferrari in a drag race [video]

I don’t believe me saying this, but it’s so damn true – there is an electric supercar faster than a petrol powered LaFerrari (one of the fastest cars in the world). Along with all of us, this came as a surprise to British racing driver Archie Hamilton, who had heard about the Rimac Concept One by Croatian car manufacturer Rimac Automobili, but didn’t know how fast this world’s first electric supercar could go; at least not as fast as a Ferrari, common! Read More…

Intel unveils Project Alloy – all-in-one mixed reality headset

Project Alloy

When Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took to the stage at the Intel Developer Forum held in San Francisco, he had something new to release – the Project Alloy – an all-in-one virtual reality headset. Yes, Intel in entering the entertaining world of VR with its own headset that does not need to be attached to a phone or computer, remember Microsoft HoloLens?  Project Alloy is completely tetherless – it doesn’t need external sensors, processor or battery, powered by a 6th gen Intel Core processor, it comes with its own battery and processor. Read More…

Blue iPhone 7 Plus images leaked, its pretty darn real


We have never seen a blue iPhone, but we could see one when iPhone 7 Plus is launched? At least this is exactly what a leaked prototype of the new iPhone 7 Plus suggests. The leaked images reveal the blue iPhone 7 Plus screen turned on with a new iOS. The images were first published by Chinese Website iFeng and were posted on Twitter by @the_malignant – an account associated with sharing a few other rumors concerning the new iPhone. Read More…

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