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$50 Elsewhere glass turns 2D video on iPhone into immersive 3D


Virtual reality has the potential to change gaming and entertainment forever; the only problem, VR is still pretty expensive. A new eyewear called Elsewhere wants to change that at a very nominal cost. Developed by husband and wife duo of Wendellen and Aza Raskin, Elsewhere glasses comes with a iOS app and turns any 2D video in your camera roll into an immersive 3D virtual reality footage. Read More…

Extremely cut-resistant zip tie-style OttoLock for your bike

OttoLock for bike

Bikes are prone to theft; cyclists realize the fact but move out with their bikes without an appropriate lock because most of the bike locks out there are either too bulky or difficult to use. Offering a lightweight and easy to use, secure solution, Otto DesignWorks has launched a Kickstarter campaign for OttoLock, a cut-resistant zip tie like lock for bikes and more. OttoLock measures 18mm wide and features multiple layers of high-temper stainless steel with highly durable plastic coating. A layer of Kevlar in the lock makes it too good for bolt cutters and other tools to breach through. Read More…

Off the Grid jacket has enough pockets for all your gadgets, even your laptops!

SCOTTeVEST Off The Grid jacket

Having all the fancy gadgets like smartphone, tablets and sleek laptops is a common affair these days. Carrying them around is another predicament that we all face in a tech dominated world. Laptops are one solution to keep all your gizmos in one place, and also carry them around with ease. ScotteVest, however, wants to make that even more manageable with their line of clothing. Their latest innovation is a jacket that is carefully designed to accommodate all your daily use gadgets, even a laptop. Yes, you heard it right, you can fit your laptop in this jacket, and that too without any discomfort. They call it ‘Off the Grid’ jacket, and for good reason too.
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Flybrix: DIY Lego drone which makes you better at electronics

Flybrix Drone

Sure you can buy all the fancy drones out in the market these days, but where is the fun in that. It would be more exciting to build your own drone, and fly it high. Flybrix wants you to do with its Lego drone kit which can be assembled from scratch. The biggest advantage of making this drone is that you won’t have to bear the huge repair costs in case you break the drone. All it takes is around half-an-hour to assemble the Lego drone, and soar it in the sky. Moreover, it enhances your DIY abilities too, when it comes to electronics.
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GoPro Hero5 Black and Session with voice control and cloud connectivity

GoPro HERO5_Black

It was a long time coming, and the GoPro Hero5 Black is finally announced. Alongside, GoPro has announced another action camera, this one called the Hero5 Session. Let’s discuss the two separately. First the much anticipated Hero5 Black. The next league in action cameras, this comes with a built-in GPS and takes voice commands; yes you can talk your GoPro to taking pictures and doing a whole lot of other things. Further, it supports a 2-inch touchscreen, and its 12MP camera can film in 4K at 30fps. There is also support for electronic image stabilization, and 1080p shooting at 120 frames per second. Read More…

SanDisk reveals world’s 1TB SD card prototype, no release date yet

SanDisk 1TB SD card

Growing trend for high-resolution, 4K and 8K, photography and videography has created an unparalleled demand for high capacity SD cards that can support this exponentially growing content on phones and cameras. As a solution, Western Digital has announced a prototype SanDisk 1TB SDXC card at Photokina 2016 (world’s finest trade show for photographers) in Cologne, Germany. Read More…

Nikon’s VR-ready action camera shoots 360-degrees in 4K, arrives next month

Nikon keymission 360

When we talk about action cameras, we do not include Nikon in the same breath as the GoPro or the Ricoh. To bridge this gap, back at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, Nikon had unveiled the KeyMission 360 – a consumer focused 3D action camera with very scanty details. Nikon now has more to divulge. The amazing KeyMission 360, Nikon reveals, can film in 360-degrees in 4K ultra high-definition resolution. The entry level VR camera features NFC, Wi-Fi and has a completely waterproof design. It comes with a pair of 20-megapixel (1/2.3-inch) sensors and touts of features like electronic image stabilization, swappable battery and effective in-camera footage stitching option. Read More…

How to make an impression with gift

Best Tech Gifts

The question of what to give a man on his birthday is more serious than Hamlet’s “To be or not to be?.” Cheer up! Unleash your imagination not only when choosing a present, but also in the organization of celebrations. Men are waiting for their birthday and love receiving gifts as much as women do. In order not to be mistaken with choice, you must take into account all the nuances: man’s age, occupation, hobbies, lifestyle, social status.

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World’s first weight-reducing backpack features race car like suspension

Keep Pursuing Zero-G backpack-2

Travelling with a backpack packed in with a laptop, tablet and other accessories is such a norm these days. While the finest and lightest of bags out there only end up adding more weight (whatever little it may be), Keep Pursuing (KP) has developed what is billed as the world’s first weight-reducing backpack – yes, a backpack that is designed to make 20 pounds feel like 10. Read More…

What do we expect from the rumored Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung galaxy-s8

Apple’s recent event in San Francisco really stepped up the game in the smartphone market and so it’s going to be interesting to see how its main rival, Samsung, is going to counteract the iPhone 7’s impressive new features. It’s been less than a year since the Samsung Galaxy S7 was released, and many have suggested that it could be the smartphone of 2016 thanks to its super-fast Exynos chip, beautifully detailed screen and the welcome return of the micro SD card slot. Read More…

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