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Black and Decker PW1800WS high pressure washer for your car

Black and Decker PW1800WS high pressure washer

Your ride defines what your true personality is, and keeping it clean always helps you catch some eyeballs as you go zipping past the by-standers. Washing your four wheeler can be a tedious task, but not anymore as Black and Decker have come up with a high pressure washer that leaves no portion of your vehicle dirty. The Black and Decker PW1800WS high pressure washer cleans your automobile inside out, making it squeaky clean. The power saving and water saving credentials of this automobile washer make it worth every penny as your car washing woes will be long gone once you get this pressure washer.
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Nokia 130 Dual SIM phone takes us back to the pre-smartphone era

Nokia 130 dual SIM phone

Technology is good and gadgets are even better, but you can get bored with technology and just want to go back to the basics. If you are someone who thinks that smartphone needs to be simpler and cheaper, then Nokia has got a phone tailor-made for just for you. Microsoft has announced the Nokia 130 Dual SIM phone that carries a price tag of just €19 (USD $25.40), making it a semi-smartphone that serves all your basic needs of calling, entertainment and other activities.
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Android-powered smart motorcycle helmet with heads-up display

Android-powered helment with heads-up display

There have been few attempts at augmented reality helmets, and helmets with built-in heads-up display (HUD) for the future. This is probably the first time, helmets for motorcyclists have gotten so smart. Slated to be the first-of-its-kind smart motorcycle helmet, the Skully AR-1 is designed to run Google’s Android operating system and features a transparent heads-up display. The AR-1 helmet projects wide angle footage from a rearview camera and turn-based GPS navigation information right on to its visor. Read More…

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner – Invasive jewelry that harnesses body energy

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner attaches to wearer’s body

We have been so rigorous in our consumption of non-renewable sources of energy that now it is renewable and also some unexplored sources of energy that we want to harness. With the rising demand of eco-friendly sources of energy, one intuitive designer has her own vision of harnessing energy. Naomi Kizhner, an industrial designer has put forth her vision of invasive jewelry called Energy Addicts which makes your body as the source of energy. The vision is to make jewelry that is embedded into the surface of skin to harness the kinetic energy generated from the flow of blood in the veins.

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Farmer invents robot that delivers 25,000 volts to scare bears

Robot electrocutes bears

While we do not support hurting or killing of animals in any way, we can’t help but acquaint you with this rather crazy invention. Turkish farmer/inventor Mustafa Karasungur, 46, sick with bears and boars destroying his crops, has created a handmade robot that delivers bears, and other animals it senses approaching, with 25,000 volts of electric shock. The red-eyed, pale-faced robot-man built onto a wood platform with wheels, with tin hat, long beard, sunglasses and and a toy pistol in the right hand can be seen patrolling Karasungur’s Gölbaşı village in Erzurum province of Eastern Turkey. Read More…

LEO: The most intelligent fitness wearable

LEO fitness wearable

There are lots of fitness wearable devices to attract the customers on the market. However, most of them does not provide detailed health data besides heart rate monitor and calorie updates. Therefore, for those who want an intelligent health solution in form of a wearable device, an Ontario based company has launched the LEO fitness device. Monitoring your bio-signals, LEO gives you a deeper level of insight than any other fitness wearable available.
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Meta M1 smartwatch comes in a steampunkish design

Meta M1 smartwatch

Smartwatches are a big deal these days but back in time when no one knew much of these wristwatch like gadgets, MetaWatch were ruling the roost. But, it is one thing pioneering a technology, and another taking it forward for commercially demanding market. Since then many smartwatches like Pebble have completely changed the complexion of smartwatch evolution. MetaWatch has surfaced again into the picture with the all new Meta M1 smartwatch that looks like a steampunkish version of a smartwatch. Designed by Frank Nuovo, who was a chief designer at Nokia and Vertu, has both Android and iOS app compatibility which allows the user to change watch faces, music player control and the notification method.
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NASA reveals test flight video of its supersonic flying saucer

Rocket-powered flying Saucer NASA

NASA has unveiled first videos of its supersonic ‘flying saucer’ on its maiden test mission beyond Earth’s stratosphere to show everyone how awesome the test was, and to give us an insight into what flight test are all about. NASA Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) project launched a rocket-powered saucer-shaped test vehicle on June 28 from the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Missile Range Facility in Hawaii, to an altitude of about 120,000 feet, where it fired rockets to propel itself further into space to an altitude of 180,000 feet at four times the speed of sound. Read More…

Chirok aerial and amphibious drone unveiled in Russia

Chirok aerial and amphibious drone

Recently at the Innoprom technology exhibition in Yekaterinburg in Russia, Rostec Integrated Instrument-making Corporation (IIC) revealed 1:5-scale prototype of an aircraft dubbed Chirok (Teal). The interesting little aircraft is an unmanned aerial and amphibious vehicle, which can take off from any type of surface including water, soft soil, snow or marshy terrain. Read More…

Bluetooth-enabled child tracking device works with elders too

Bluetooth Device Prevents Child From Getting Lost

Only a few days back a friend and I were discussing possibilities of a tooth-embedded tracking device to keep track of kids. While, that idea is still raw, FDK Japan in collaboration with Fujitsu has developed an ultra-thin Bluetooth device which can be attached to clothes etc., to prevent children from getting lost. Exhibited at the Techno-Frontier 2014, from July 23 to 25, in Tokyo, the tracking device is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver to send periodical alerts of child’s whereabouts on parent’s smartphone. Read More…

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