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Thought Google Glass was amazing, check out the Hattrickwear

Omar Isaac Hattrickwear augmented reality hat

Why do you think smartphones are getting lighter by the day? Probably so that one day you could slot one into the long brim of a hat to create your own heads-up display without adding weight on your head. Such is an idea conceived by Omar Isaac. He has introduced the Hattrickwear, an augmented reality hat, which has an extension to slot a mobile device. This allows the user to interact with the device’s screen and camera using pair of prism that reflect the screen into view. Read More…

Mi Band: A fitness monitor and sleep tracker for just $13

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi, one of the China’s biggest electronics companies have unveiled its first wearable gadget, a fitness tracking wrist band that monitors one’s fitness and also acts as a sleep tracker. Dubbed Mi Band, the best feature of the fitness band is that it comes with an affordable price of just $13. The tracking device is packed with smart and impressive features primarily focusing on health issues and sleeping routines. Apart from that, the Mi Band act as an alarm clock and can connect wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
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Estar Takee – World’s first holographic smartphone from China ‘with love’

Estar Takee holographic smartphone

Remember the Amazon Fire Phone that we acquainted you with just a month earlier? Then you need to have a look at this smartphone by a manufacturer from China which is the world’s first holographic image producing phone. Takee smartphone by Estar claims to be the only smartphone in the market that can produce stereoscopic 3D holographic images in accordance with the user’s eye movement. It has four front-facing cameras that produce the 3D holographic image and then you can interact with them for various actions like pinch to zoom or wave of the hand to shift to the next slide.

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How about a 3D printed Apple iWatch?

iPod watch strap

If your patience is running out in the wait of eagerly awaited Apple iWatch, then this might bring a smile to your face. Today,we have brought to you a 3D printed version of the iWatch (of course it’s fake) that surely will give you something to cheer about. Stewart Davies, a product design graduate from University of Edinburgh has created a 3D printed iPod watch strap for the Apple’s 6th generation of the iPod Nano. Both of these products can combine to become a cool iWatch, at least something to fool your friends.

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Innovative bike multi-tool with leather case from Brooks England

Brooks England bike multi-tool with leather case

Being a cyclist, one thing that you genuinely need in your bag is a bike multi-tool. The small toolkit has ability to solve all potential problems, as long as your legs are working. The bike multi-tool can help with on-the-go adjustments, and when you have something like the Brooks England’s bike multi-tool with leather case on you, you are sorted even when miles away from civilization. Dubbed the Toolkit MT21 (Ochre), the life-saving multi-toolkit features seven allen keys, four spoke wrenches, three screw drives and three torx wrenches along with additional tools like a bottle opener, knife and chain tool. Read More…

Bot-So social robot can be controlled via twitter

Bot-So social robot by Edifixio India

How about a robot that you can control via twitter? Blending robotics with social media, Engineers at the Kolkata based IT Company Edifixio India has created a social robot that can interact with people through twitter. Christened “Bot-So”, the social robot can be stationed for remote home surveillance. A tweet from your phone will trigger the Bot-So to keep an eye on your home when you are away and can survey a particular space when a motion detector is triggered.
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Wood Watch displays time in simple yet different way

Grovemade Wood Watch

Wristwatches are one of the most liked accessories that show our overall personality and flair. For this very reason there have been quite a number of ways in which one can opt to see time since centuries now. From the exquisite mechanical watches to the ones that are uber futuristic. But nothing can be compared to a watch made from natural components like wood. Grovemade, a Portland-based company collaborated with designer Stefan Andren to craft a watch that looks very sober and shows time in its unique way. Wood Watch is made from premium America hardwood and shows time through small little holes that are engraved into the watch face.
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goTenna lets you send text messages even without cell signal

goTenna- text without signal

Going on a hiking trip and fear that you will get lost and lose any chance of communication in the dense forest? Yes, it happens quite often as many adventure seekers get lost in the woods simply because they are unable to communicate with each other due to lack of cell phone signal and no internet. goTenna is an innovative device that can come to your rescue in such situation and help you to communicate with your friends and send text messages even without a Wi-Fi or cell signal.

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InkCase Plus for Android smartphone saves loads of battery power

InkCase Plus e ink diplay for Android smartphones

Mobile devices like smartphones are a battery drainer and there is no denying this fact. The high quality LCD/OLED displays suck the life out of your battery and account for almost 50% of usage out of all the total power consumed. InkCase Plus by Oaxis is a second companion screen for your Android phone that saves three folds on your smartphone’s battery, and how it does it is quite simple. It has an E-ink display in the back side which display’s text information like SMS messages, whatsapp notifications or social networking updates. Not only that, the surrogate display can display images and everything else, but in monochrome display.

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BloomSky to provide users with real-time weather data in San Francisco

BloomSky weather station

BloomSky, a San Francisco based startup has developed the world’s first smart weather station which will provide the users with the real-time weather data of their location. Dubbed BloomSky, the service is a combination of personal hardware and a mobile network that gives consumers access to the weather data through a network of mobile-enabled devices. Also the weather station allow the users to share the weather data and sky images through crowdsourcing.
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