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Mobile device power bank that functions as a powerful LED lantern

Hitachi Maxell MPC-CLT6600 power bank LED light lantern

Power hungry gadgets demand a constant backup for juicing them up when you are out on adventure trips. And also there is a need for a good lighting solution to light up the dark. Keeping this in mind, Hitachi Maxell MPC-CLT6600 outdoor lighting solution that also functions as a power bank is one accessory you want to have in your backpack every time you go on a hiking trip. And it is no ordinary mobile device charging device as it has 6600 mAh capacity, enough ti charge 3 smartphones or 2 tablet devices before needing a recharge. Moreover it also functions as a lantern or LED light that can continuously work for a staggering 50 hours in LED/lantern mode.
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Knotch bluetooth smartwatch by Akira Deng

Knotch Bluetooth Writswatch

Smartwatches have become so common these days that the end-user is spoiled for choices when it comes to choosing the right one. There are smartwatches from major gadget manufacturers, concept smartwatches and smartwatches that are slated for release in the coming months. Amongst all this smartwatch frenzy, it is always refreshing to see a niche design, and that is what Knotch Bluetooth Writswatch by Akira Deng, Samson So is about. This award winning smartwatch pairs with Android or iOS mobile phone and synchronized up to the minute notifications that might be important to you.
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Apek MaxPad – World’s first Windows 8.1 Multitouch TV that doubles as desktop display

Apek MaxPad Windows 8 TV

World’s first multi-touch TV with Windows 8.1 operating system is here and it boasts-off a 100 degree wide angle camera for video conferencing in high resolution. Announced by Apek (Brazil-based company), the MaxPad Touch TV has multi-point touchscreen, is powered by 3.8Ghz Quadcore AMD chip and ATI Radeon HD7660 graphics accelerator further enhances its performance for video output in high definition. And all this high-end hardware is stuffed in a 10mm thick frame and the total weight of 75grams makes it a light-weight LED TV for portable use. Apex MaxPad can be used like a desktop and an inclined table attachment orients it in any direction at a maximum angle of 45 degrees.
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Amoeba 3D printed glasses let you pick content of interest

Amoeba 3d printed glasses

Every single day you get overloaded with web information that is very difficult to organize. Although, some data does get stored sub-consciously in your mind; but the amount of information we get fed with daily on our computers and smartphones is gargantuan. With the advent of wearable technology, it is only matter of time before we have devices that’ll help us document this big data. 3D printed glasses dubbed Amoeba is one bold stride in this direction. In its prototype stage for now, Amoeba is designed by students of Royal College of Art and Imperial College, led by Sanya Rai. The pair of glasses is equipped with sensor to monitor and analyze your bio-parameters to understand your interest of web content. Read More…

LazeeEye turns your smartphone into a 3D camera

Lazeeeye 3D camera for smartphone

Want to turn your smartphone into a 3D camera? Then you’ll have to do LazeeEye (Laser and Eye) some justice. A project up on Kickstarter morphs your smartphone into a 3D camera by using laser illuminator hardware and stereo vision processing app that makes your smartphone camera see like you would do in a real life situation. Let me explain, we see with two eyes and the image created is a 3D vision of the actual world but smartphone camera only has one lens to see from and therefore the image is a 2D interpretation of the real world. So, to counter this LazeeEye makes tricky use of laser illuminator to create a virtual second lens.
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Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor hacked using wood glue spoof

Samsung galaxy s5 fingerprint scanner hacked by SRLabs

While most of us thought Samsung would have learned from the glitches in the iPhone 5’s fingerprint scanner, researchers at the Security Research Labs in Germany have proven it otherwise by hacking past the Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor and sending money via the PayPal app. You might recall the hacking technique these guys at SRLabs used to hack the Apple’s iPhone 5’s fingerprint scanner, they have employed the same method of using a fingerprint spoof to breach the S5 fingerprint scanner. Read More…

Lix pen: Sleek 3D printing pen lets you create tangible 3D drawings

Lix 3D printing pen

For those who want to go beyond the canvas to show off their 3D painting and rendering skills 3D printing has the apt answer. 3D Doodler 3D printing pen took the world by the storm as it gives creative artists a chance to showcase their skills, but it has one real downside, it was too big to hold and carry around. So it is time to introduce Lix 3D printing pen developed by Anton Suvorov which is sleek and very easy to handle while rendering 3D drawings and a viable answer for what 3D Doodler lacked. Slated as the smallest 3D pen so far, Lix is all set to rock Kickstarter in a few weeks’ time.

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Interview: Robert Macauley, mind behind LifePrint printer for mobile devices

LifePrint photo printer for mobile devices

Robert Macauley with a photo printed by LifePrint

How about printing photos from your smartphone instantly, as and when you click them? The ability to get a quality photo print of your most cherished memory captured in the frame of time? Well, if all goes well for LifePrint WiFi photo printer for Android/iPhone & Instagram on Kickstarter, then this fact could be a normal happening for users worldwide. The ability of LifePrint to connect via Bluetooth extends the possibilities even further as it prints photos to your friend’s LifePrint printer anywhere in the world. All you have to do is send photos directly to LifePrint printer and it is all done.
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Meteor Vibrating Watch for visually impaired

Meteor Vibrating Watch for visually impaired

For people who are blind and deaf, Meteor Vibrating Watch by Alexandravision is the ideal solution to keep accurate track of time, as other normal watches simply don’t work for them. This quartz watch is specially designed keeping in mind the difficulty blind people might face when they are alone and want to check what time it is. The watch looks like a contoured remote with three push buttons that indicate hours, minutes and seconds. To keep things simple and non-confusing for the user, no other buttons or asymmetric patterns are indented into the watch and only a tiny screw on the back side for battery replacement is there. So how exactly does Meteor Vibrating Watch keep track of time?
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Orchestra: Retro-styled wooden casing for Jawbone Big Jambox

Orchestra wooden casing for Jawbone Big Jambox

Jeffery Stephenson from Mcalpin, Florida has a knack of making beautifully crafted wodden cases which was apparent from his earlier creations like Flightline and DuMont. Now he is again in the limelight with his perfectly hand-made casing for Jawbone Big Jambox that draws inspiration from 1961 Curtis Mathes stereo console. Dubbed as Orchestra, the mid-century decorative housing made from mahogany wood/American black walnut for Jawbone Big Jambox reminds us of the magical 60s and 70s era when televisions and radios were a big hit.
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