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Powerall jump starter is your power bank and flashlight all-in-one

Powerall jump starter and power bank_12

A modern day geek is always on the lookout for accessories that have multiple utility. Especially an outgoing geek with the thirst for adventure. One accessory that everyone needs to carry in their backpack when out on adventure or long hauling trips is the Powerall emergency jump starter for your vehicle. You can use the jump starter 20 times on one single charge which is enough to get you through. Apart from that it has multitude of uses apart from its jump starter function that will make your life hassle free.
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Sennheiser’s $55,000 Orpheus headphones have 8Hz to 100KHz frequency response


Sennheiser first set out with task of designing the finest pair headphones in the 1990s. After significant work, the headphone manufacturer arrived at the Orpheus HE90, a pair of headphones that sold for $16,000. Quite rightly, only 300 units of this headphone with dedicated tube amplifier enclosed in metal casing were made. Fast forward some 25 years, Sennheiser has launched the successor to HE90. Called the Orpheus, this is certainly based on the same working mechanism as the HE90, but tagged with a price tag of $55,000 – Orpheus is the ‘best headphone in the world’ yet. Read More…

1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V emulated into a life-size cardboard replica

Cardboard 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V Miles to Empty 2015

Cardboard art always catches one’s eye because of the intricate details the artist has to put in by sticking all the pieces together. Shannon Goff a teacher at the Penn State University School of Visual Arts and born in Detroit has created one such masterpiece, drawing inspiration from her grandfather’s love for cars and art. Making a cardboard replica of the 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V is no ordinary feat considering its huge size and difficult to emulate detailing. But in the end, Shannon managed to complete this gargantuan DIY project that she calls ‘Miles to Empty’.

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Apple expected to release 4-inch iPhone early next year


Apple has taken a paradigm shift with its smartphone design that was exemplified in the large screened iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. They made this change after the iPhone 5s and wanted to keep up with competition which demanded a slightly bigger screen design. Now Apple wants rewind back to the 4-inch screen design which was so popular with the users and create a separate leg of devices which will accompany the big screen devices. This revelation came courtesy AppleInsider who obtained research note by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has predicted that Apple may launch a 4-inch device which will be more like iPhone 5s in design.
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[Watch] Oukitel U7 Pro smartphone used as chopping board, comes out scratch-free

Oukitel U7 Pro phone chopping board

Motorola Droid Turbo 2 and Droid Maxx 2 both tout a shatterproof display. This claim has come as a challenge to many Chinese smartphone makers, who’ve come out openly, trying to explain how durable and scratch-resistant their phone screens are. Latest to testify is Chinese phone maker Oukitel. The company has released a video of their U7 Pro phone, which can be used as a chopping board. Chop vegetables on the Oukitel U7 Pro, like you would on a chopping board, and the phone will come out scratch free (nifty). Read More…

Things to consider when buying a gaming laptop

Buy gaming laptop

Buying that perfectly portable gaming PC can seem like a pipe dream, especially when most hardcore gamers opt for customized desktops so they can easily be upgraded to run the latest graphics. Modern laptops, however, are built to run games at 1080p resolution and higher without any limitations on the game’s performance. This makes it easier than ever to find the right gaming laptop, allowing you to take your favorite gaming experience with you, no matter where you end-up.
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Body posture correcting undershirt Percko funded on Kickstarter


We all know bad posture can lead to back pain, yet most of us cannot sit in correct posture for more than a couple of hours a day. Given the fact that we tend to sit for almost nine hours in a day, it’s really important to ensure we are sitting in a correct posture. To help us straighten posture, a new undershirt called Percko has just been funded on Kickstarter. Percko, which does not hinder with your normal routine, can be worn under regular clothing to work or for a bike ride. It stimulates the body to correct its posture all day without fail. Read More…

This fashionable leather belt charges your gadgets too!

ION Belt battery charger

Today’s power hungry gadgets force you to keep portable power packs well within reach as you may require them anytime. But carrying them can be a hassle unless you have big pockets. So why not keep a battery bank that fastens around your waist and you don’t have to bother carrying it around? This stylish leather belt is actually a power bank that holds 3000mAh of power to charge your gadgets anytime, anywhere. ION Belt is your next revolutionary accessory that provides you with an accessible and fast way to juice gadgets when they are running low on battery power.
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VRGO chair is handsfree motion controller for virtual reality


Before you strap on a virtual reality headset, you know everything about VR that there is, thanks to endless coverage about the pros and cons by the press. Question then is, are we really into the world of VR? Most likely we are there, and gadgets like the VRGO, scheduled to make a Kickstarter debut today, just amplifies the case. VRGO is one highly responsive motion controller for virtual reality. Designed as a chair, the easy to use VRGO lets you enter VR handsfree – you have the hands free to carry out other tasks (something not possible with other VR controllers). Read More…

Shockproof ZVE iPhone case with built-in cigarette lighter and bottle opener

ZVE multifunctional iPhone case with cigarette lighter-1

There is no limit to what you can do with your iPhone case. You can use it as a weapon to kill, or a stethoscope to save a life. You can even charge your phone with your case; and thanks to ZVE, you can now also light a cigarette with it. ZVE, famous for it iPhone cases and power banks has unveiled 84g shockproof iPhone case that features built-in  cigarette lighter, a bottle opener and also a tripod.  Interestingly, the case can also mount onto a bike handle. Read More…

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