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Endurance’s 3D printable SelfieBot offers professional dynamic video recording, stills

3D printable DIY SelfieBot

We have found a number of methods to click selfies or record videos, but still, we want something more sophisticated, at least something better than ‘Selfie Arm’. Even selfie sticks are replaced by accessories, like FlexCam. So, a Russian-American start up ‘Endurance’ has developed 3D printable DIY SelfiBot that enables users to create professional video recording of them with a mobile device. It sounds good for users looking forward to Skype video conferencing, video logs, lecture recordings etc. Read More…

Cognac Watch – Swiss wristwatch with drop of alcohol from the oldest Cognac bottle

Cognac Watch 4

We have a range of unique wristwatches made from niche interesting materials, but we didn’t have a watch with alcohol drop. Claude Greisler, Armin Strom’s chief horologist, came up with the idea of pouring a drop into an expensive wristwatch. He named it Cognac Watch – a Swiss watch containing drop of Cognac, which is believed to be 252 years old at the time of its purchase. The bottle was found between 1880 and 1890 and bought by Wealth Solutions at Bonham’s auction in New York City, USA, on 30 April 2014. Read More…

Glassouse – Affordable assistive device lets disabled use mouse with head movements

assistive glassouse device 4
The Glassouse, an affordable bluetooth mouse that can enable disabled people to use a mouse with computers or other devices is trying to gather support from people on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. It’s worn like glasses, but is actually without any lenses. The glasses can detect head movements to match them with the direction in which user wishes to scroll the cursor. The cursor can follow head movements in any direction including upward and downward directions. Read More…

Apple iPhone 7 details remain clouded by series of unending rumors

apple i phone 7 rumors

Apple rumor mill is always at work, with ever ending speculation of upcoming devices. One reason is Apple’s way to surprise people, especially with every iPhone upgrade. Every time Apple rolled out a new iPhone, it offered latest and most advanced of what is practical currently technology. Apple is done with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus craze, and now it’s time for iPhone 7. Market of rumors is again hot with latest leaks, especially those that came with first leaked images of iPhone 7. Read More…

Poker gadgets you’d bet money on right away

Wireless Poker Controller

Poker has to be the most popular gambling card game and it works on players luck and not to forget the luck factor. Right from the time of inception of this card game, huge chunks of people have been drawn into the lure for betting and winning money in this fortune turning game. But, winning only comes to a few lucky ones, while others have lost everything they had in a poker hand instantly. Such is the extent to which this card game is popular around the world. We as geeks are more engrossed with gadgets and gizmos, so why not have some poker-inspired gadgets that you will want to have right now. Let’s have a look at some of the best poker gadgets and accessories to own.

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Catterbox: World’s first speaking cat-collar sounds clunky

Catterbox cat collar

A team over at Temptations Lab and London ad agency adam&eveDDB is hailing its innovation called Catterbox as world’s first smart-collar for cats that can translate their mews into human voice. The lab came into existence in 2015 and dedicatedly worked for innovating something that helps humans have more fun with their pet cats. So, after one year they came up with a 3D printed collar with a speaker, microphone, bluetooth and WiFi. Read More…

This card can fix or modify into anything you want


All of us buy things and by the law of probability some of them are destined to break or get damaged. As that happens, we either discard them or find some way to temporarily fix them. Peter Marigold has found a very ingenious solution to this problem in the form of a bioplastic which can be molded in any way, and it sticks to any kind of material. The pocket-sized card dubbed FORMcard melts in hot water and you can apply it anywhere you want to get the intended result.
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4 tips for choosing the right Android phone

Buy Android Phone

With so many Android devices on the market, you might have a hard time deciding which one to buy. New models can cost hundreds of dollars, so you understandably don’t want to waste money on a device that isn’t right for you. Before you buy your next smartphone, follow these four tips to help you choose an option that you’ll love.
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Google MODE bands mean easy swapping for Android Wear watches

MODE bands for Android Wear Smartwatches

Apple Watch might not be as impressive in hardware specs as some of the other options available in Android Wear smartwatches, but one thing where it excels is the swappable bands. Android watches have not been that successful with swappable bands and Google wants to change it. For Android Wear they have released MODE, snap-and-swap watch bands which give you the freedom to display your style.
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