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Kingii smart wristband inflates to save you from drowning

Kingii inflatable wristband

Wearable technology is going to make all things we call bulky and mundane, more useful and effective. Case in point is Kingii – a smartish wrist wearable device which promises to revolutionize water safety. Kingii developed by Gridley California touts to be the world’s smallest inflatable which could show life jackets a way out of industry and make boating, sailing, surfing and even swimming a lot safer. Kingii fits on the wrist securely with a strap and when its hook is pulled along a buoyant orange-colored safety balloon is triggered which drags the wearer’s body to the water’s surface. Read More…

Olympus Air A01 clip-on camera turns smartphone into DSLR for just $299

Olympus Air A01

For anyone dissatisfied with his smartphone camera’s picture capturing ability, Olympus has introduced the Air A01 clip-on camera that attaches to a smartphone’s camera and using wireless connectivity, snaps better quality pictures using your dissatisfactory camera. The Olympus Air A01 comes with interchangeable lenses, which means by snapping the Air A01 to your smartphone camera, you can transform the later in to a professional DSLR. The immensely portable clip-on camera is really versatile, it can attach with your Android or iOS smartphone just about anywhere you want. Read More…

iPod nano and shuffle get colorful touchup, might launch in two weeks’ time

Apple iPod

When iPod Classic was released in 200 it revolutionized the portable music player industry. But in the last decade or so its popularity has been shadowed by all the fancy new mobile devices that do much more than just playing music. So much that Apple no longer considers it a priority in its scheme of things for the long run and therefore has also removed a direct link to the iPod product page from their official website. However the Silicon Valley giant has made it clear through an update to the iTunes 12.2 software that iPod still sits in the back of its mind.
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Get these Iron Man themed gadgets and you’re already a superhero!

Iron Man Gadgets

One superhero that has captured the imagination of many out there is surely Iron Man. This modern day, one man army against the evil is super cool and inspires many to follow suite. So it is pretty obvious that gadgets inspired by Iron Man are quite popular and in plenty out there. So, let’s check-out our choice collection of the best Iron Man themed gadgets that are too hard to resist and you’ll like for sure.
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Blitab braille tablet brings new ray of hope for visually-impaired people

Blitab braille tablet

Here we have the world’s first braille tablet that uses liquid-based technology to map out any kind of letters, graphics, geometric figures or other content that is important to the visually-impaired. This new kind of tablet comes from an Austria-based startup Blitab Technology that is looking to revolutionize the market with its innovative gadgets that are helpful and simple to use for blind people. At the end of the day it is all about developing products that appeal to the end-user and have practical utility. That is exactly what Blitab is working on.
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Apple to include Force Touch in new iPhones coming later this year


Samsung has released Galaxy S6 with a screen that can be viewed from the sides. To keep pace, Apple has reportedly started working on iPhones with a fresh feature dubbed Force Touch, which will sense intensity of touch on the screen to bring up a different function. Force Touch sensor would not allow the iPhone to detect pressure applied on the screen directly; instead it will detect the area of contact, where finger/thumb touches, to decide how large the pressure is. This means, the iPhone display will be able to tell a light tap from deep press, and will trigger a range of features by identifying the type of touch. Read More…

Bounce Imaging Explorer – Panoramic camera rearing for its commercial release next month

Bounce imaging explorer camera

Two years is what it took for the smartphone-controlled spherical ball to get into the manufacturing and commercial release stage. Yes, the Bounce Imaging team’s hard work has paid off and now they are all set to level-up the law enforcement field with the Explorer. And it is not surprising that team developing Explorer took a lot of time in finishing the product and making sure it had practical utility for law enforcement and disaster management situations. Although the gadget was initially seen as a first responder’s accessory, it soon caught the eye of government agencies and was urged forward for law enforcement use.
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Polaroid Cube+ action camera targeted towards urban adventure seekers

Polaroid Cube + action camera

Polaroid has added another action camera dubbed Polaroid Cube+ to their list of accessories aimed towards lifestyle adventure living. This WiFi-enabled camera is next iteration of the Polaroid Cube action cam that was missing wireless connectivity and Polaroid announced the cube camera at CE Week 2015. This 35mm square-shaped camera works with both Android and iOS devices which is good and necessary feature. The camera goes one-on-one with the GoPro line of action cameras as it can be attached to bike helmet, home appliances and anything else that you can think of.
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Elephone P9000 smartphone with 4GB RAM, deca-core processor launching in October

MediaTek Helio X20 based deca-core processor phone Elephone P9000

Octa-core smartphones with 2GB RAM have become all the rage off late. To make a market for itself, Elephone P9000 is scheduled to launch with a high-end deca-core processor. Yes, that’s correct, a deca core (10-core) processor. Stuffed in with a MediaTek deca-core Helio X20 chipset, the Elephone P9000 is rumored to make debut on 20 October for a $500 price tag. Read More…

Samsung unveils In-ear Fit earphones for enhanced comfort and sound quality

Samsung In-ear Fit earphones

Earphones have become an essential accessory for the new generation. Whether it’s about listening to music, connecting to friends or minimizing the background noise; earphones serve various purposes for different users. Smartphone manufacturers know this well that is why they are paying extra attention to offer high-quality earphones to their consumers along with the new handsets. To provide rich sound quality and unmatchable comfort to their consumers, Samsung has built new earphones for their Galaxy S6 smartphone. Dubbed In-ear Fit, the earphones fuses design of two types of earphones- canal-type earphones and open-type earphones to deliver enhanced comfort and rich sound quality.
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