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Fitbit Charge 2 is all that you wish in a fitness and health tracker

Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracking market is loaded with all kind of devices that promise you the pinnacle of fitness tracking. Only a few are honestly useful, and Fitbit is one of them. For people who swear by the fitness tracker’s capability to track vital body functions there is some good news. The latest Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker is now available for purchase, and it is worth every penny. The fitness wristband comes with a smart display which shows all that you crave to see in a jiffy. To top it off, the fitness tracker looks better than ever and promises engaging fitness regimes to give it a personal touch.
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Turn your iPhone into a DSLR camera with Pictar

Miggo Pictar iPhone accessory_1

No matter how good the smartphone cameras get, you’ll never be able to get the feel of a real camera buttons. That is all set to change with the Miggo Pictar accessory for iPhone. This camera-like housing for your phone has a shutter release button, zoom ring, cold shoe mount, dials for tweaking the camera shooting settings and much more. The software of this accessory communicates with your iPhone to lend a camera like functionality which you can actually feel while taking photos.
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Extremely cut-resistant zip tie-style OttoLock for your bike

OttoLock for bike

Bikes are prone to theft; cyclists realize the fact but move out with their bikes without an appropriate lock because most of the bike locks out there are either too bulky or difficult to use. Offering a lightweight and easy to use, secure solution, Otto DesignWorks has launched a Kickstarter campaign for OttoLock, a cut-resistant zip tie like lock for bikes and more. OttoLock measures 18mm wide and features multiple layers of high-temper stainless steel with highly durable plastic coating. A layer of Kevlar in the lock makes it too good for bolt cutters and other tools to breach through. Read More…

SanDisk reveals world’s 1TB SD card prototype, no release date yet

SanDisk 1TB SD card

Growing trend for high-resolution, 4K and 8K, photography and videography has created an unparalleled demand for high capacity SD cards that can support this exponentially growing content on phones and cameras. As a solution, Western Digital has announced a prototype SanDisk 1TB SDXC card at Photokina 2016 (world’s finest trade show for photographers) in Cologne, Germany. Read More…

Grovemade unveils wooden iPhone 7 case with secret wallet


Grovemade, a Portland-based company, has been at the heart of designing exemplary wooden accessories for the iPhone. Recently with the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the manufacture has designed a range of classy wooden iPhone 7/7 Plus cases. The entire collection is designed at the company’s Portland woodshop where each case is handcrafted to maintain Grovemade’s exclusivity. In addition to regular bumper cases, the collection includes wallet cases, which are lightweight and designed to minimize consumer’s everyday carry. The collection of wooden iPhone 7 cases includes – Read More…

Smart urinal 2.0 cleans your manhood with soapy water

urinal 2.0

Public restrooms are not the most hygienic; we therefore wash our hands after taking a leak every time. Yes, we’re extra sure of our hands, but what wrong has the little Bob dangling between the legs done – after all he’s been the most exposed. A new tech urinal being designed for public restroom is made to meet the requirement. Developed by Spanish team led by biochemist Eduard Gevorkyan, Urinal 2.0 as it is called, will spray soapy water on your manhood for three seconds and then dry it instantly, so that John is as clean as your hands. Read More…

Wireless Apple AirPods will force you to switch to iPhone

Apple AirPods

Apple event in San Francisco had some major revelations including the iPhone 7 line-up, Apple Watch 2 and also the AirPods. The latter being their most innovative product for a long time now. Apple AirPods are wireless earpods which cover-up Apple’s decision to finally get rid of the 3.5 mm jack. Although, Apple claims it takes courage to make a bold decision like this, only time will tell if it has any implication on the future of 3.5 mm headphone jack which has become industry standard for mobile devices. Coming on to the AirPods, Apple has broken the jinx of wireless earpods not being that appealing to the crown in terms of their use.
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Megaverse anti-gravity case lets you stick iPhone wherever you want

Megaverse iPhone case

Smartphone cases come with all sorts of capabilities now. Latest is one that can stick to most walls and flat surfaces. I often have to place the phone on the countertop while cooking, a case that lets me stick the phone on the wall was long time due. Developed by Mega Tiny Corporation, the Megaverse iPhone case, as it is called, features nano suction to adhere to the walls and it does stick well, you can be assured of your smartphone’s safety. And even if the surface is not appropriate, the case is tough enough to take little knocks here and there and keep the phone secure.

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Monitor your health from the waist with the Welt – Samsung’s fitness belt

samsung welt smart belt

If you’re sick of your increasing waistline, Samsung has a way in the Welt to let you monitor your fitness and gauge your slimming waist simultaneously. Welt is a fashionable smart belt that doubles as a fitness tracker. Welt tracks your waist size, food intake and your everyday activity and provides data on how many steps you’ve taken and how many hours you have spent ideally. Read More…

Jabra outs high-performance wireless earbuds with heart rate monitor

Jabra Elite Sport hear rate monitoring earbuds

Wireless earbuds and earphones have changed the face of audio entertainment for good. Now, earbuds such as Samsung Gear IconX and the recently launched Elite Sport by Jabra are putting equal focus on audio and fitness. Designed with a near accurate heart rate monitor within, Jabra Elite Sport features an intelligent voice coach that helps you train better and enjoy music simultaneously. The waterproof earbuds promise three hours of playback and come with a carrying case that doubles as a charger to enhance playtime to nine hours. Read More…

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