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Sherlock – GPS enabled anti-theft device ensures your bike’s never lost

Sherlock GPS anti theft device for bicycles

Bicycle security is every cyclist’s biggest concern. If you share the concern and what to beef up your anti-theft protection, Sherlock – a GPS enabled anti-theft device for bicycles is here to assist. Currently fetching backers on Indiegogo, Sherlock is a device designed to connect to a mobile app to allow you to know your bike in real-time and keep track of its location every time. The highly smart and compact device can be easily hidden inside the bike’s handlebar so that it’s hard for a thief to detect. Read More…

Expand iPhone 6s storage with SanDisk iXpand Memory Case

SanDisk iXpand Memory Case for iPhone 6s_1

Apple don’t provide the iPhone with expandable memory storage option and that’s their USP. Although the latest Apple phone, the 6s Plus do have ample memory space, but at certain point you are going to run out of it. The large app size, recording videos in UHD and HD photos are going to choke your phone’s inbuilt memory and you are going to be forced into deleting some data. To avoid that SanDisk has an iPhone 6/iPhone 6s case which provides added memory for the phone and also comes with an optional battery pack which fits into the case itself.
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Seek Thermal CompactPRO – Thermal imaging camera accessory for smartphones

Seek Thermal CompactPRO camera

Seeing thermal signatures in the dark has its own advantage, especially when you are searching for someone in pitch dark or maybe looking out for dangerous wild animal in the wild. Or perhaps seeking out the problem area in a commercial setting, like a gas leak. The advantages of thermal imaging are countless and it’s an exciting prospect to own a thermal imaging camera. But they don’t come cheap, do they? Seek Thermal imaging camera accessory for iOS and Android smartphones created quite a buzz last year and now it has become even better.
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KFC India’s 5-in-1 meal box with a built-in power bank to charge gadgets


Fast food joints such as KFC frequently come up with ways to lure customers. After the edible nail polish provided in Hot & Spicy and Original Chicken flavors, KFC India has come up with Watt a Box – a 5-in-1 meal box embedded with a power bank. Enjoying the flavors of the fried chicken and charging the phone simultaneously was never so easy. Watt a Box has been developed by KFC in collaboration with Mumbai-based digital agency, Blink Digital. Read More…

Women becomes first to be fitted with hearing aid that connects to smartphone

Internet-enabled hearing aid

Melbourne-based Aneta Gorelik was diagnosed with hearing loss due to nerve damage about 10 years ago. Since, the 30-year-old, mother of one, has been avoiding a hearing aid because of the stigma associated with it. Now, by adopting the internet-enabled Oticon Opn hearing aid, Aneta has become the first person in the world to be fitted with a hearing aid that connects to the smartphone and other gadgets over Bluetooth. In addition to connecting to mobile devices, doorbells or fire alarms, the nifty hearing aid can also double as headphones or Bluetooth earpiece. Read More…

SmartCane uses ultrasonic waves to help visually impaired navigate better

SmartCane Rohan Paul

There are endless technologies being built to benefit the visually impaired. Yet, in developing countries like India, a majority of visually impaired still use the age old white cane to navigate. While the white cane is still effective at detecting objects at the ground level, it fails as an assistive tool when it comes to detecting objects above the waist. As a solution, an Indian robotics researcher and inventor, Dr Rohan Paul has designed and developed the SmartCane – a battery operated walking cane which uses ultrasonic waves to detect objects and obstacles between knee and head height of the user. Read More…

ELWIN Fit – Most practical wireless earbuds designed for urban lifestyle

ELWIN Fit Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are good but one lingering problem that all existing earbuds have is the lack of battery life and the fit. ELWN Fit earbuds try to solve this problem with a unique design which gives new meaning to wireless earbuds. These earbuds are designed by industry’s leading earbud designers with the latest technology available. Best thing about ELWIN Fit is the number of options in which you wear these earbuds. As opposed to only 4-5 ear fit pieces that other earbud makers give, this one comes with 48 earbud comfort fit pieces with the ability to have 180 perfect fit options. That many options make sure the earbuds fit any ear size with comfort, be it the triple flange or half over-ear hooks. In particular during intense sports activity, these comfort pieces secure the earbuds in place and prevent them from falling off.
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Ever wanted to charge your Android phone with an iPhone? Zuo Charge makes it possible

Zuo Charge Midnight Cable S2

Have you ever thought of charging your Android device with iPhone or vice-versa? I bet you haven’t because it’s not possible. Therefore, Spanish firm Zuo Charge comes into picture with its interesting accessory. Midnight Black S2, as they call it, is a Micro-USB to lighting/Micro-USB connector which turns any compatible device into a power bank. Virtually turn any OTG-enabled device into a power bank for emergency charging.
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Volt lighter is made from recycled materials and it lights without fuel

VOLT Lighter

While most of us are busy polluting the environment and contributing to climate change, there are some tinkering with our trash to build products that could help change the world for good. Case in point the Volt lighter – a rechargeable lighter that does not use liquid fuel. Dubbed as the most eco-friendly lighter ever made, Volt is made from recycled products and unlike plastic lighters is made to last for a lifetime. Read More…

Best iPhone 6S/6S Plus accessories to grab this season


Every smartphone needs compatible accessories to realize its potential to the fullest. There are a lot of different options for iPhones on the market, so it’s quite difficult to choose those which are really effective. To make things a little bit easier for you, I conducted a survey among DesignContest professionals (those who use iPhones, of course) on the matter of the most useful accessories they use. Let’s go through what I’ve got for the latest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
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