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Take out your frustration on this Strong Enter Key!

Village Vanguard Strong Enter Key

Being a blogger sometimes can be really frustrating when you just can’t seem to hit the right rhythm. And most of the times, this frustration is taken out on the good old Enter key. You hit the key really hard to satisfy your guts and tend to get some mental satisfaction. Japanese company Village Vanguard has their own version of releasing this frustration, not on the key on your keyboard, but a colossal Enter key that when hit with force won’t get damaged. Plus, it will be a good way to release your tension.
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Panasonic HX-A1 action camcorder records in pitch dark conditions

Panasonic HX-A1 action camera

Panasonic HX-A1 action camera

The rage for action cameras is ever growing in this adventure crazy world, where every moment is a special one, and needs to be captured preemptively. Joining the bandwagon of exponentially growing action camera market is Panasonic HX-A1 wearable POV action camcorder that is compact and light-weight. It is light-weight weighing in at just 45 grams and made from durable, robust structure that protects from dust and water. This makes it ideal for extreme outdoor activities like rafting, skiing or snowboarding.
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Dirt cheap Actionproof Bumper case for Apple Watch is bliss

Actionproof Bumper case for Apple Watch

Apple Watch is up for pre-order now, and your elite smartwatch is going to go through chalk and cheese once you sport in on your wrist. Just like your smartphone or tablet, a smartwatch also needs protection form wear and tear so that it’s outer skeletal is not damaged. Hence comes the need for a bumper case, and Actionproof is the first in its league to understand that prerequisite. Slated as the first ever bumper case for a smartwatch, the Actionproof Bumper Case for eye-candy Apple Watch will provide premium protection to your wearable.
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April Fools’ Day – Gadgets and innovations that hoaxed the internet

April Fools' Day – Gadgets and innovations that hoaxed the internetApril Fools’ Day just passed by and we are glad that gadget manufacturers didn’t get the better of us. This day serves as a perfect occasion for major electronics manufacturers and other popular brands to come-up with their version of a parody that is aimed at fooling the masses. This April Fools’ Day we had our guard high which shielded us from falling for any such hoaxes. Perhaps, this is the ideal time to share some of the most convincing and hilarious April Fools’ Day gadgets and innovations that caught internet experts in the web.

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Machine washable Solar Shirt charges your mobile devices on the go

Solar Shirt by Pauline Van Dongen

Wearable Solar Shirt fitted with 120 solar cells

There’s no doubting that wearable technology, and smart clothing in particular are the destined trends of the near future. With demanding consumers looking for embedded electronics in their everyday clothing that can make life seamless, development of such wearable devices is very much in demand. Fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen has come up with Solar Shirt as a part of her Wearable Solar Collection that juices-up your gadgets on the go. Now, that is a good use of the abundant natural source of energy, literally converting yourself into a charging station for your smartphone, tablets or MP3 players.
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Smartphone-tablet storage vault: Store all your mobile devices in safety

Smartphone-tablet storage vault

As a geek you can’t stop yourself from buying all the latest mobile devices on offer these days. Combine that with all the gadgets that other members of your family have, and you’ve got a real problem of neatly storing all of them. Not to forget that tablets, phablets and smartphones come in a plethora of size options making things even more difficult for a geek in possession of many mobile devices. Sanwa seems to have realized this problem and hence come with a solution dubbed “Smartphone-tablet storage vault”.
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Necklace that lets you battle obesity finally developed in US

WearSens necklace

Have you been tracking your food and water intake? Are you dissatisfied with the journals you’re using? Here is an alternative wearable option for you in WearSens necklace, which uses a specially created algorithm and a smartphone app to help you battle nutrition and dietary problems such as diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. This smart necklace is developed by a team of UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences researchers. Dubbed WearSens, the necklace is designed to monitor food and liquid intake, so the information gathered can be used to improve dietary habits of the wearer. Head below for a video demonstration. Read More…

Backpack with bear spray saves your life in worst case scenario

Back Attack Pack Backpack

Bear attacks account for a number of deaths in US and other regions of the world where these wild animals are found extensively. Obviously these animals are not responsible for any attack on humans, but it is our ignorance and encroachment into forests. Seeing the number of rising bear attacks, 57-year old former Marine, Billy Lucas who is also a well-known Hollywood stuntman has come up with a way to deter attacking bear(s) from inflicting injury or perhaps fatality to humans. Hence came the idea of inventing a backpack that has bear spray to put off the territorial beast in attack mode.
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LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive: External hard drive tailor-made for your new MacBook

LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive

In a world dominated by mobile devices, external hard disks with fast transfer rates are one of the peripheral devices that are still in great demand. LaCie, a high-end subsidiary of Seagate Technology has released the industry’s first ever external hard disk with reversible USB 3.1 type-C interconnection which is perfect for modern computer, Latest Apple MacBook to be specific. LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive has a USB-C port which has same connectors on both the sides that are compatible with standard USB 3.0 (Type-A) or USB 2.0 ports.
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3D printed Apple Watch bands add a touch of flamboyance to your smartwatch

3D printed Apple Watch bands

After much waiting, the Apple Watch has been finally released to the world and it is no wonder that people are going to try it out. Third-party manufacturers are also looking to cash-in the rage with quality accessories that make Apple Watch even more lucrative. 3D Systems, a pioneer in 3D printing material has collaborated with FreshFiber to create very refreshing 3D printed Apple Watch bands that make your smartwatch look a lot more trendy.
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