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Powerall jump starter is your power bank and flashlight all-in-one

Powerall jump starter and power bank_12

A modern day geek is always on the lookout for accessories that have multiple utility. Especially an outgoing geek with the thirst for adventure. One accessory that everyone needs to carry in their backpack when out on adventure or long hauling trips is the Powerall emergency jump starter for your vehicle. You can use the jump starter 20 times on one single charge which is enough to get you through. Apart from that it has multitude of uses apart from its jump starter function that will make your life hassle free.
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Body posture correcting undershirt Percko funded on Kickstarter


We all know bad posture can lead to back pain, yet most of us cannot sit in correct posture for more than a couple of hours a day. Given the fact that we tend to sit for almost nine hours in a day, it’s really important to ensure we are sitting in a correct posture. To help us straighten posture, a new undershirt called Percko has just been funded on Kickstarter. Percko, which does not hinder with your normal routine, can be worn under regular clothing to work or for a bike ride. It stimulates the body to correct its posture all day without fail. Read More…

This fashionable leather belt charges your gadgets too!

ION Belt battery charger

Today’s power hungry gadgets force you to keep portable power packs well within reach as you may require them anytime. But carrying them can be a hassle unless you have big pockets. So why not keep a battery bank that fastens around your waist and you don’t have to bother carrying it around? This stylish leather belt is actually a power bank that holds 3000mAh of power to charge your gadgets anytime, anywhere. ION Belt is your next revolutionary accessory that provides you with an accessible and fast way to juice gadgets when they are running low on battery power.
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Shockproof ZVE iPhone case with built-in cigarette lighter and bottle opener

ZVE multifunctional iPhone case with cigarette lighter-1

There is no limit to what you can do with your iPhone case. You can use it as a weapon to kill, or a stethoscope to save a life. You can even charge your phone with your case; and thanks to ZVE, you can now also light a cigarette with it. ZVE, famous for it iPhone cases and power banks has unveiled 84g shockproof iPhone case that features built-in  cigarette lighter, a bottle opener and also a tripod.  Interestingly, the case can also mount onto a bike handle. Read More…

EdgeGear Shift changes the way you wear smartwatch and fitness trackers

EdgeGear Shift wearable accessory

Smartwatches have revamped the way manner in which a traditional watch works, adding functionality that many would have though as impossible a decade ago. Now that the good old smartwatches have become a normal accessory to own, a duo of fitness enthusiasts want to reinvent the watch band too. Normally our smartwatches/fitness trackers would sit bang on the wrist but they have come-up with a design which places the dial just below the forefinger and above the thumb, what the makers believe is the ‘Sweet Spot’. This keeps the display area right in line of sight and saves you from moving the wrist to check notifications or time.
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Gest lets you do away with keyboard to gesture-control your computer

Gest wearable

Don’t we all just hate using mouse and keyboard, especially when your daily job requires to use one. It would be such a relief if we would just magically do away with all this hardware and hope wearable technology comes to our rescue. Apotact Labs Gest is a wearable which satisfies your craving with a gesture-controlled device for controlling any kind of task on your computer or mobile devices. You can type without any keyboard required or control the elements of screen by specific gestures. A good example of that would be toggling the picture saturation while working on Photoshop.
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Man invents gun case with fingerprint scanner to avert accidental shootings

Artimus gun case

When most of us do nothing more than lamenting about how so many kids are being accidentally shot; Wayne Jones from Idaho in U.S., has developed a gun case to keep weapon safe from kids, yet easily accessible to authorized user(s). Dubbed the Artimus, the lightweight gun case features an iPhone-style fingerprint scanner. Authorized gun users can scan and store their fingerprints, and retrieve the gun by scanning their prints on the scanner enabled case. Read More…

This smartphone-controlled racing game is going to be on every kid’s bucket list

Anki Overdrive_1

Toys and video games have always been a kid’s favorite pass time, especially cars. We all have played with small toy cars and ones that run on custom-made tracks, also not to forget the current times where playing racing games on mobile devices is very normal. One toymaker company has combined both these loves into something that everyone would want for this Christmas. Anki Overdrive is a smartphone-controlled set of racing cars that you can drive on customizable tracks, and is nothing like the track racing toys you have seen so far.
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Backpack that’ll save your life in case of building fire


Living in high rise buildings carries its own risks, such as a raging fire. In such situations every second counts and before you can plan an escape sequence, the next thing you know is you are stuck inside your room with no option but to jump from the window. That can be very scary and a desperate situation which has been seen in many high rise fires. People jump from their window and sadly most of the times it leads to fatalities. To be prepared for such situations Morris Shahbazi has come up with SkySaver Backpack which makes your escape from a multi-story building easy.
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Table Tennis Notebooks for boring times in the office

Table Tennis Notebooks

Got bored of writing on notebooks or even for that matter scribbing your Word documents? Then it’s high time you get these Table Tennis Notebooks by Suck UK. Bringing the nostalgic feeling of playing table tennis with a notebook or cardboard, these notebooks are a good time pass after a long grueling day’s work. Two of these notebooks are having a rubber surface with a table tennis bat imprinted on and one notebook has net printed onto it. All you need is a table and you are good to have an extended session of TT in your office or home.
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