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OmniCharge: Smart, pocket-sized power bank charges every possible device


If you haven’t used a power bank for extra juice on the smartphone, you’d probably be living in a different world. Having used a few external power sources I’ve realized it’s a little more than an ask for a power bank to charge a laptop. And yes, if there are any, they’re either too bulky or too big to tug along. Enter OmniCharge, an out for crowdfunding device that is pocket sized and good enough to charge any device under the sun. So, how is this possible? Claimed to be the world’s smallest power bank, OmniCharge comes with an AC/DC Power Outlet and a couple of USB Fast-Charging ports for powering nearly any device you possess. Read More…

Logitech Create keyboard turns 9.7-inch iPad Pro into lightest laptop yet


9.7-inch iPad Pro, as Apple claims, has all the makings of a good laptop that until there is a keyboard. Many iterations of keyboards including Apple’s smart keyboard for iPad Pro have hit shelves, but none have been as impressive as the Logitech Create 9.7, which is ideally the most effective keyboard for the Pro. Tailor made for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the smart keyboard works with iPad’s smart connector. The keyboard instantly works as it is hooked to the smart connector – no pairing or charging required. Read More…

Keep LDR alive: HB ring lets you feel your partner’s heartbeat

HB ring by the touch

In a long distance relationship, you miss the feel of being next to each other. All you can do is Skype and FaceTime, but that’s just not there when it comes to intimacy. Enter HB Ring by The Touch – first of its kind ring that lets you feel the heartbeat of your partner. Simply download an app, connect the ring and pair with the loved one to feel their heartbeat in real-time. Read More…

Striker VR demos functional prototype of Arena Infinity VR gun

Arena Infinity haptic VR gun

Virtual reality has come a long way from VR headsets with stuffed in smartphones. Striker VR is one company that is making this transformation, and the change is evident in form of Arena Infinity haptic VR gun that was first revealed in April. Striker VR demoed the working prototype of the gun. Arena Infinity gun simulates fire modes and haptic effects of a range of real life weapons that players can experience in virtual reality. To make the haptic feedback possible, the wireless gun features linear actuator with haptics on-board.   Read More…

HP Powerup Backpack boasts 22,400 mAh battery backup for your devices

HP Powerup Backpack

The hunger of power sucking gadgets is now going to die any time soon, as long as humanity decides to go off the grid completely. That is why there is an endless list of power banks, battery packs and modern day gadgets which keep your gadgets charged to the brim. In this opportune market HP has come-up with their own iteration of a power bank for laptops, smartphones or any other mobile device that you own. HP Powerup Backpack looks like any other normal backpack on first look, but what’s on the inside makes it special.
Read More…

Xiaomi launches Mi VR Play headset, going out to beta testers for 15 cents

Xiaomi mi-vr-play

After creating a buzz with competitively priced smartphones, Chinese tech company Xiaomi is venturing into other fields. Recently, Xiaomi launched its first laptop after having debuted a foldable cycle and a Segway-styled self-balancing scooter. With the idea to broaden its product line, Xiaomi announced the Mi VR Play recently. Not anywhere close to the Oculus Rift to say, Mi VR Play is an entry level virtual reality headset and is designed to create a new budget niche for VR headsets. Read More…

Marvel and DC Comics-themed business suits coming your way soon

Marvel and DC Comics themed formal suits

Visiting doesn’t reveal anything more than the fact that we could soon have Marvel and DC Comics-themed formal suits in the market. The yet to launch business wear for men (at least that’s what the pictures on the site suggest) is slated to feature suits and ties with designs, logos and other patterns from Marvel and DC comics franchise. Read More…

Cronzy pen scans any color in the world to let you write in it

Cronzy pen

Click pens with interchangeable spring-loaded ink cartridges were the best we could have when we were growing up. These pens would let you use few different colors for doodling or writing. Come 2016 and we are in for a pen that would let you scan any color in the nature to use it for sketching, writing or even scribbling when you’ve got nothing to do at work. Dubbed the Cronzy, this is a pen seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Read More…

Smart umbrella connects to your phone, alerts if you forget it behind

Jonas smart umbrella

We’ve seen a few smart umbrellas in our time, it turns out, Jonas by Fantastik is by far the smartest of them. This smartphone controlled umbrella is priced at 10,778 yen (about US$105) and runs via an app. Jonas connects to a smartphone through an app over Bluetooth, and lets you receive an alert as and when you’ve left the umbrella behind. Additionally, the umbrella also vibrates in case you’ve left your phone unattended somewhere. Read More…

DroneMonSpy lets you fly your smartphone to find all Pokemon around


If touring the city to find all Pokemon there are is getting tiring for you, a company called Atellani has developed DroneMonSpy that will let you fly your smartphone in the sky to find them all. DroneMonSpy is first universal smartphone adaptor, designed especially for DJI Phantom drone, which lets you mount your smartphone with Pokemon Go app launched on it. Read More…

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