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Ferrari Keychain made from salvaged Ferrari 2000 Formula 1 piston

Ferrari Piston Keychain

Discommon Goods, like the name suggests, has some rare products in its kitty and latest from the house is a unique $450 keychain up for sale. What makes it so costly for a keychain is that it is a miniature replica of a 2000 Ferrari Formula 1 piston rod assembly that the maker salvaged from a blown engine. Also, it is made from the same salvaged assembly. Read More…

Smartphone-controlled Heated Jacket from Sinapsi Technologies

heated jacket 2

Italy-based company, Sinapsi, has taken its smartphone-controlled Heated Jacket to crowdfunding site Kickstater in hope to get backers to fund its €50,000 goal. The jacket features heat-generating panes powered by a removable 8,000 mAh battery pack that can offer heating up to 10 degree Celsius. In a single charge, it can operate for about 10 hours to keep you warm in coldest of conditions. Read More…

TA+TOO detachable bicycle saddle prevents thefts and vandalism

REmovable Bicycle Saddle

The number of people opting bicycle as their primary means of commuting in city and its outskirts is certainly on the rise owing to environmental concerns. So, that will directly affect the number of bicycles and their accessories. The prime ones are going to be related to the safety of your bicycle as thefts are going to be a common happening. Keeping this in mind, Selle Royal has a very different take on safety with their patented system saddle. TA+TOO theft-proof bike saddle has a removable top that goes with you when you park your bike, therefore no thief will think of laying hands on your bike.
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Samsung patent suggests smartwatch with projectable virtual user-interface and display

samsung patent smartwatch

Although, most of the blogosphere thinks it’s too futuristic to be nearing production, Samsung’s new patent has still created quite a buzz in industry as well as in the blogosphere. Smartwatch makers are working hard to overcome limitations posed by tiny space for user-interface and SkinTrack is on good example of how to overcome it. On the same lines, Samsung has applied for a patent showing illustration of how it would solve this problem in a sci-fi way: using projection technology to project user-interface onto forearm, on wrists, along the length of the arm, and even on large surfaces like doors and walls for larger projection. Read More…

Unreal Selfie stick with fans and beauty lights will make you forget the rest

Unreal Selfie Stick

Who’s better at putting together geeky pranks and gobbling down millions of views? Thinkmodo that would be. The pioneers in putting together viral video campaigns for brands is back with another one of its creation. To promote the new season of drama-reality show Unreal, they have created two high tech selfie sticks that you’ll want instantly after reading this. Just like any other selfie stick, this one also connects to your phone via Bluetooth, but the comparison ends there.
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MIT Media Lab develops programmable 3D printed hair for variety of applications

3dprinted hair
3D printing has paved way for new innovations, which were limited to sci-fi movies only. Recently, MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group showcased their 3D-printed innovation at the CHI 2016 for human-man computer interaction in San Joes. The Lab developed soft plastic hair that mimics real hair in nature. The artificial hair, developed under Project Cilllia, can be programmed to perform defined functions. It means advent of finger swipe sensors and passive actuators for many applications. The development has opened up new possibilities for personal fabrication, 3D printing and most importantly human-computer interaction. Read More…

Bike Mine alarm scares bicycle thieves with 150 dB explosion


Almost a half of active cyclists have their bikes stolen at some point in time. Startling but true! Generally police departments have other sensitive issues to deal with, so once gone, only 2.5 percent of stolen bikes are recovered. Irrespective of lack of infrastructure, bike parking facilities and police commitment, the problem of bike theft is not trivial. Bike hacker Yannick Read based out of London understands this and has therefore developed a deafening alarm in Bike Mine. When thieves attempt to move your bike, Bike Mine detonates a 150 decibel blast sound leaving behind smoke and sparks. Read More…

Inupathy 3D printed dog collar tells you how your dog feels or thinks

Inupathy dog collar 2
A Japanese manufacturer has put a speaking dog collar “Inupathy” on Indiegogo for crowdfunding. The collar is suggested as the world’s first “mental visualizer” for dogs. The purpose is to allow users read what a dog is trying to say when its barking, looking at something, lying on floor idle, or jumping about to garner owner’s attention. Read More…

Flens boosts iPhone flashlight by 10 times, turns it into a focused beam

Flens phone flash booster_1

Your phone’s flashlight comes handy for many purposes. Searching for a key in the dark corners of a room, lighting-up pathway in the night or navigating your way through the house during a power cut. But do we need an improvement to the existing flashlight that comes with a phone? The makers of Flens think so, and there is a good enough reason for it. This accessory boosts smartphone LED flash up to 10 times and converts it into a focused beam which goes further. Now I’m starting to believe that I do need this accessory for time when phone flashlight is just too scattered for the task at hand.
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