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Black and Decker PW1800WS high pressure washer for your car

Black and Decker PW1800WS high pressure washer

Your ride defines what your true personality is, and keeping it clean always helps you catch some eyeballs as you go zipping past the by-standers. Washing your four wheeler can be a tedious task, but not anymore as Black and Decker have come up with a high pressure washer that leaves no portion of your vehicle dirty. The Black and Decker PW1800WS high pressure washer cleans your automobile inside out, making it squeaky clean. The power saving and water saving credentials of this automobile washer make it worth every penny as your car washing woes will be long gone once you get this pressure washer.
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Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner – Invasive jewelry that harnesses body energy

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner attaches to wearer’s body

We have been so rigorous in our consumption of non-renewable sources of energy that now it is renewable and also some unexplored sources of energy that we want to harness. With the rising demand of eco-friendly sources of energy, one intuitive designer has her own vision of harnessing energy. Naomi Kizhner, an industrial designer has put forth her vision of invasive jewelry called Energy Addicts which makes your body as the source of energy. The vision is to make jewelry that is embedded into the surface of skin to harness the kinetic energy generated from the flow of blood in the veins.

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Bluetooth-enabled child tracking device works with elders too

Bluetooth Device Prevents Child From Getting Lost

Only a few days back a friend and I were discussing possibilities of a tooth-embedded tracking device to keep track of kids. While, that idea is still raw, FDK Japan in collaboration with Fujitsu has developed an ultra-thin Bluetooth device which can be attached to clothes etc., to prevent children from getting lost. Exhibited at the Techno-Frontier 2014, from July 23 to 25, in Tokyo, the tracking device is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver to send periodical alerts of child’s whereabouts on parent’s smartphone. Read More…

Petalite Flux is the world’s fastest external phone charger

Petalite flux battery charger

Charging smartphones consumes lot of our important time. Sometimes during busy schedules we don’t get enough time to charge our devices and have to run the whole day on low battery. As a result we have to avoid lots of important calls and messages. To solve this serious issue, Leigh Purnell, an Aston University graduate have created the world’s fastest external phone charger. Freeing you from the hassle of charging phone for long hours plugged into the socket wall, the smart pocket size device can achieve full charge in just 15 minutes. Dubbed Petalite Flux battery, the power-bank can be used as an external battery source and connected to the phone when it is in desperate need of charging.
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Solar-powered wristband for cyclists glows to indicate direction

Intelligent-blinker_EPFL wristband

Safety on roads is a concern for cyclists, especially in the dark and in bad weather when visibility is very low. There are fancy safety gears for everyday cyclists, such as the  LED glow gloves, but there is certainly scope for more. To fill the slot, five PhD students from Electronics Laboratory (ELab) at EPFL have designed and developed a solar-powered wristband which glows when cyclist extends his/her arm to indicate a turn. Read More…

Texting and driving at breakneck-speed just got safer with Navdy HUD

Navdy HUD for cars

Texting and driving is not advised at any point in time even if you have the best reflexes in this world. But when technology is by your side anything is possible. Breaking the jinx of this age old notion, Navdy HUD is here to release you from the shackles of mobile devices that instinctively force you to take your eyes off the road to check for any incoming notification. Touted as the solution to keep you updated with all the notifications from your smartphone or tablet without even taking your eyes away from the windscreen, this HUD gizmo is one that you would want to have.
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Arccos GPS stat-tracking system is easiest way to improve your golf

Arccos GPS stat-tracking system-1

Sal Syed and Ammad Faisal with research and development backing from Callaway Golf Co. (ELY:US) have devised Arccos, the first of its kind GPS stat-tracking system for golfers, that lets you know every aspect of your game – every shot, every distance, every round, every moment, right on your smartphone. Though, Arccos isn’t a lone technology aimed at improving the game of golf, there have been mobile applications and sensor-mounted gloves that help, but Arccos is certainly easiest way to help improve your game. It’s as simple as – pair, play, review and improve! Read More…

Belkin Lego Builder case for iPad mini/iPad mini Retina

Belkin Lego Builder case for iPad mini

Of all the iPad cases that we have seen so far, none incorporates the fun element to it. That is why Belkin decided to come up with an iPad mini Retina case that can be used as a base for building your Lego structures. The case is made from polycarbonate material and allows you to orient your iPad mini Retina in any direction for ergonomic viewing. The inside part of this case is made from suede material which protects the screen from damage and the base itself is the Official Lego base to which you can add Lego bricks for creativity.

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Aukey unveils high speed quad-port car charger

Aukey quad-port USB charger

Aukey, worldwide provider of electronic solutions and accessories have unveiled a cutting edge car charger with four USB ports. Designed to deliver fastest possible charge speeds for car owners, the Aukey Multi Port USB Car Charger Power Adapter with AIPower Tech is smart solution for people who don’t get sufficient time to juice up their devices and who are always on the run. According to the company, the device delivers fastest charging possible than any other USB car charger that is available on the market right now. The ultra-compact charger uses innovative AIPower Technology to offer high speed charging.
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Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 5/5S case for uninterrupted underwater shooting

Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 5 5S case

You can do practically everything you want with your iPhone 5s but you surely can’t take it to the waters. Well, I’m about to break that notion of yours as you can take iPhone 5/5S underwater to take some breathtaking shots. This liberty comes courtesy the Catalyst Waterproof iPhone case that encapsulates your Apple mobile device in its grasp, shielding it from the elements without inducing any damage to the internal hardware or screen. The case for iPhone is tailored specifically to be used in moist environments like near a beach, during rainy season or for underwater adventure.

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