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Wireless Ring Mouse is tailor-made for giving PowerPoint presentations

Wireless ring mouse

Sanwa Direct (a Japanese online retailer) has come-up with a wireless ring mouse that doubles as a laser pointer too. Compatible with Windows and Mac, this ring like mouse pointer is perfect for making presentations or operating your system wirelessly from a distance while watching a movie for instance. The mouse is tailor-made for use with PowerPoint or any other presentation applications. Other than that, you can use this wireless mouse for normal PC operation too.
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Lume Cube: External flash light for smartphones and GoPro cameras

Lume Cube Flash light for iPhone, Android and GoPro

Though most smartphones come with built-in LED flash units, capturing photographs in the dark often demands an external light source. So, if you have been looking for something that can serve as a portable lighting tool for low-light and night time photography, Lume Cube is just for you. This high-power external light source for your smartphone measures 1.5 inches and comes encased in water resistant silicone shell. Compatible with iPhone, Android and GoPro and any basic camera, Lume Cube external light source features three LEDs that can generate up to 1500 lumens.
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Motorola Keylink: Phone and key finder for the absent minded generation!

Motorola Keylink phone and key finder

Phone and key finder for just $25

Now you’ll never have lost keys or phone again as Motorola Keylink is here to do all the remembering bit for you, especially when you are the absent minded type. This attractive looking key fob by Motorola makes sure you never have to go through the grueling drill of finding your lost phone or car keys again.
Motorola Keylink pairs-up with your Android or iOS phone with the help of Motorola Connect app and whenever the phone is near the key fob it remains unlocked since the Motorola Keylink is added to the list of trusted devices.
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Flic Button – A shortcut to all your smart functions

Flic Button 6

A team of Swedish entrepreneurs and engineers has developed a shortcut for everything that is electronic. They call it Flic. It does resemble a button, but is an incredible concept that suits for a urban lifestyle. You can consider it a button like device that could be used to connect to your phone, home automation systems, music systems supporting wireless connectivity. Read More…

Ditto – The $29 no nonsense wearable gadget is here

Ditto wearable gadget for mobile devices

Ditto relays notifications from your mobile device(s) in the simplest way possible

As we are heading into a technology dominated world, where we are the slaves of our smartphones and other gadgets, it is important to reclaim our life. Going by the same notion is this minimalistic wearable by Simple Matters called Ditto which is on a mission to free humanity from the shackles of mobile device domination. This wearable gadget is the simplest of all the wearable gadgets that you’d encounter these days because is an anti-gadget device. A gadget that is made to give you only important notifications, and that too without any buttons, screen or irritating sounds.
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Teenager creates bike wheel powered battery charger for mobile devices

Spinning Power UF mobile device charger

Harnessing energy that is all around us is paramount in developing systems that can be powered for long duration using natural energy sources. Yet another example of energy harnessing system is this bike-wheel powered charger device. Christened as Spinning Power UF, the device attaches to your bike’s wheel and the spinning motion powers it up to consequently charge mobile devices like smartphone.
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Xmetrics activity tracker fine tunes your swimming technique in real time

Xmetrics activity tracker

Xmetrics is your swimming coach in real time

Whether you are a pro swimmer or a casual swimmer, it is always good to know about your performance. A coach always comes in handy, but now every swimmer can have the luxury of affording a coach as and when you feel like swimming. The next thing is to have a wearable gadget that can analyze your swimming performance real time. Xmetrics is that very gadget which gives performance feedback in real time by relaying the number of strokes, lap time, quality of turn, swimming technique etc. The gadget attaches to the back of your swimming goggles and with the compatible earphones gives up-to-date feedback on all you swimming analysis and bio-mechanical data.
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Battery Jacket for iPhone 6 provides added 3200mAh power reserve

Battery Jacket for iPhone 6 Battery Jacket for iPhone 6

Battery Jacket for iPhone 6

So you’ve just got yourself the all new Apple iPhone 6 and looking for some cool accessories that’ll make it even more fun to use. Thanko Inc. Japan is up for the challenge and come up with a Battery Jacket for iPhone 6 that provides you added 3200mAh of power reserve in case you run of battery in the middle of nowhere. The battery jacket doubles-up as a case protector for the iPhone 6 and facilitates in hassle free charging of your phone which can be a real hassle with portable battery banks.
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Rescue Me Balloon – SOS signal device that maximizes your chances of survival dramatically

Rescue Me Balloon SOS signal device

An adventure seeker is always prepared for the worse when hiking, trekking or venturing into uncharted waters. Of most things, it is paramount to carry emergency signaling device for desperate situations, when it is the question of life and death. Taking the next step forward in developing emergency signaling equipment, Rescue Me Balloon looks to replace flare gun as the last option to attract attention of rescue team. So what makes Rescue Me Balloon different from other SOS signal equipment available in the market?
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Thanko Mobile Battery with Handy Mist keeps you moisturized

Thanko Mobile Battery with Handy Mist

Winters are almost here and the dry chilling wave is setting into the atmosphere. It makes everything go dry – the flora, the air we breathe and our skin too! Carrying around a moisturizer is a good idea but in this tech savvy world why carry two accessories when one can do the trick. Have a look at this portable battery charger that also doubles as a moisturizer or should I say mist throwing object which keeps dryness at bay. Thanko Mobile Battery with Handy Mist is a cheeky product that acts as a reserve for your mobile devices in case their battery runs out and also as a moisturizer for drying skin.
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