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Sony’s single lens display module morphs ordinary glasses into HUD

Sony single lens display for wearable glasses

Looking at the inevitable possibility of wearable technology dominated future, Sony has announced the development of a compact and lightweight single-lens display module with OLED technology for enhanced image quality. The module will come handy with any normal eyewear that is capable of displaying high quality visual information. Which means that one can attach it to a pair of sunglasses, goggles, spectacles etc. and incorporate the functionality of a HUD.
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What’s on the ultimate man’s Christmas list?


Men, eh? Impossible at the best of times but a total nightmare when it comes to buying for at Christmas. What do you get for the males in your life, those curious species of the human race who find great entertainment in poring over football formations and belly button fluff? Here are a few suggestions of what might just be on the ultimate man’s wish list this Christmas.

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With Lymbit you won’t lose anything ever again

Lymbit tracker

In our busy schedule, we always somehow manage to forget one thing or the other once in a while. Be it our wallet in the closet, bag in a subway or even pets that like to explore more than needed. There have been a lot of tracking devices that help you locate the exact position in case an object is misplaced. And now, another one comes to the foray and it looks good. Lymbit is a sensor enabled device that you can hook onto things that are the most susceptible to getting misplaced or lost. For example your wallet or keys that often get misplaced in home and can’t be found in the rush of moment.
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Hands-on review: Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker bulb

oxilar light bulb speaker review

Olixar Light Bulb Speaker

We got this cool looking Bluetooth light bulb speaker from Accessories Lab for a review and we liked it on first look as we unboxed it. The packing looks robust, and secures the light bulb tightly to prevent any damage during shipping. Olixar Light Bulb Speaker (a.k.a Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker) is a very innovative product that not only sets the mood with soothing light in the room but also fills it with your favorite melodies to relax after a long day’s work. We used it over a two week period in our office to wirelessly play music from our mobile devices and laptops during work, and quite frankly enjoyed the whole experience.

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Fineck fitness tracking necklace monitors posture and neck movement

Fineck fitness necklace

A very large percent of the population suffers with neck pain and its associated problems. To help people rectify their posture to minimize pain and discomfort, Veari has introduced the Fineck – a fitness and activity tracking necklace. The Fineck is designed primarily to monitor and improve wearer’s posture to help the individual get rid of neck pain and other ailments stemming from the neck. Read More…

3-in-1 Smart Box is a multi-functional Bluetooth speaker from Brando

3-in-1 Smart Box by Brando

Brando workshop, manufacturer of functional, fun and unique consumer products for their customers have developed an innovative portable device that will serve you in three different ways. Called 3-in-1 Smart Box, the tiny multifunctional Bluetooth speaker can act as a camera remote shutter, Bluetooth anti-lost and Bluetooth speaker. Compatible with all Bluetooth supporting cellphones, you just have to pair the small keychain attachable device to your Android device (smartphones and tablets) and install the software app to activate all the functions and then use them with ease.
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Victoria’s Secret launches Incredible heart rate sensing bra

victorias-secret-incredible heart rate sensing bra

Seems like even Victoria’s Secret cannot keep out of the wearable technology bandwagon; even if it means sticking up one sensor to its apparel just for the sake of it. Adding to its line of sports bras for women with active lifestyle, the fashion house has launched the “Incredible” bra with a built in heart rate sensor that attaches to most clip-on heart rate monitors of leading brands. Read More…

Say goodbye to mouse with the Flow wireless controller

Flow wireless controller by Senic

Senic, Berlin-based innovative manufacturer of tangible interfaces have unveiled their first product which is a freely programmable, haptic control for smart devices. Called Flow, the wireless controller will free us from the need of a keyboard and a mouse which due to their design are unable to offer us the same ability and sensitivity as our hands. Flow is an intuitive and precise shortcut tool to our favorite actions. The creators of Flow has incorporated three technologies into the device to suit the needs of users. Hand gesture recognition, sensitive touch and precise haptics are the technologies offered by the tool which will allow users to work, play and create in the digital world in a perfect way.
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LG GizmoPal: A smart wearable band for children

GizmoPal band by LG

LG is launching a smart wearable for children that will offer easy communication between kids and with their parents. Known as GizmoPal, the wearable band was launched in the US on Verizon couple of days back, however it has already made its name in South Korea where it was launched earlier this year as KizOn. The device is designed to offer easy and simple two-way communication between you and your child. Developed for kids anywhere from pre to middle school, GizmoPal can make and receive phone calls using its Auto answer function and single button calling.
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Uno Noteband is the world’s first wearable with Spritz platform

Uno Noteband

Uno Noteband: world’s first Spritz wearable

Uno, a Seattle-based company is all set to launch a wearable wristband that is not like any other wristband on the market. Called Uno Noteband, it is the world’s first wearable that uses Spritz, a platform that makes reading experience more focused and efficient. The newly set up company is started by Mark Long, former Meteor Entertainment CEO and one of the biggest names in the video games business. According to him, taking smartphones from our pockets and bags consumes a lot of our precious time. That’s why he has created Uno Noteband which will keep you connected to the world and your attention will stay where it’s needed: here and now.

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