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3D printed Pokémon Go iPhone case lets you toss Pokéball dead straight

Pokémon Go iphone case-1

There isn’t much you can do when you’ve found a Pokémon than to battle it and catch it by flicking that Pokéball at it. Chances are you’re pretty good at ball flicking, but if you’re struggling, a Pokémon Go fan and industrial design student in Australia, Jon Cleaver has created an iPhone case to help you perfect the art of ball flicking. The creative case guides your finger to launch the Pokéball dead straight at the Pokémon ensuring you gain experience points every time in the first go itself. Read More…

Pen-like Thermos thermometer takes temperature with swipe across the forehead

Thermo thermometer

Thermometers that use noninvasive methods to take temperature can be found dime a dozen, but there are none like the Thremo released by health technology company Withings. The new thermometer simply needs to be scanned across the forehead to take temperature – it’s easy, quick and least uncomfortable. Thermo can take reading from up to a centimeter from the skin, so you can check your baby’s temperature even without touching her. Read More…

3D printed Pokedex phone case for the Pokemon Go addicts

Pokedex phone case

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, and you have already become a Pokemon Go addict, you surely know the power of this augmented reality game to drain your phone’s battery. The game requires you to have the phone data, its screen and GPS running at full force with processor constantly trying to keep live maps running, and camera doing all the image processing in the background. The power draining game has got people to carry their power banks along while playing, which is not at all cool with the cable dangling – as an alternative, a DIY-er has created a custom 3D printed Pokedex-shaped phone case for his a Samsung Galaxy S4. Read More…

A clip-on device that brings 3D audio to your headphones

3D audio labs 3D Sound Module-2

3D Audio Labs has plans to surprise the world with first smart 3D audio headphones soon. Before the Neoh (as they call their headphones) make r eal, the company has launched a clip-on tracker which can turn any regular headphone into a 3D headphone. Available for purchase, the $99 device fastens to a standard over-the-head headphones with a rubber band. It can connect to a smartphone/PC using Bluetooth and provides 18 hours of surround sound audio on a single charge. Read More…

Segway-styled rideable Olive suitcase is a smart travel companion

olive-robotic suitcase

If you have been following personal mobility transformation closely, you’ll know, smart suitcases you can tug along remotely or ride are pretty common of late – but they are still far from being intelligent. An Iran-based robotics company Ikap Robotics has just made that possible in the Olive robotic suitcase. Olive is a Segway-style, self-balancing luggage that lets you ride on two wheels using 3D accelerometers and gyroscopes. When you have just too much to walk from the entry gate to the boarding area, simple hop onto the Olive’s foot rest and let it ride you at walking pace to your destination. Read More…

3-in-1 Volant headphones pack earphones, headphones and Bluetooth into one device

3-in-1 Volant headphones

In the rapidly changing world of technology, gadgets with multiple use have become all the rage. We have seen a suitcase that doubles as a scooter and a smartwatch that can be used as a headset; multipurpose ability has gone three fold with 3-in-1 smart box from Brando. Now, to bring the goodness of three to a particular pair of headset, Volant Sound has brought Volant – its 3-in-1 headphones to Kickstarter. Billed as the world’s first 3-in-1 headphones, the Volant allows users to seamlessly switch between earphones, headphones and wireless listening in one simple step. Read More…

World’s first dog-friendly remote will never let your canine feel bored

Dog friendly TV remote control

PhD researcher at the Animal Computer Design at University of Central Lancashire, Illyena Hirsky-Douglas has collaborated with pet food brand Wagg to create the world’s first television remote for dogs. The dog-friendly television remote comes with extra-large buttons that are easy for the dogs to press with their paws. The color of the remote is specifically chosen as blue and yellow, since dogs are red and green color blind but have very receptive eyesight for blue and yellow. Read More…

LifeBEAM Vi headphones can coach you to fitness with AI

LifeBeam Vi earbuds

World of fitness trackers is still in its infancy. While there are endless fitness tracking devices out there, a smart coach that can entice you to push that extra bit for fitness is still not where it should be. You know we all need to be pushed for fitness, else we are too lazy. This is where wireless Vi headphones comes in. Developed by LifeBEAM, that considers picking data from the ear more accurate than from the wrist, Vi is a pair of biosensing earbuds bundled with logic artificial intelligence app, fitness tracking and coaching ability.   Read More…

Flower-infused lipsticks change color based on body temperature

Kailijumei Color-changing Lipsticks

All you beautiful lipstick lovers out there, it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite lipstick brands. As you’re guaranteed to fall head over heels in love with these real flower-infused lipsticks by Chinese beauty brand Kailijumei. These transparent lipsticks contain specks of gold flakes and small flowers, giving these beauty products a magical appeal. Read More…

Credit card-sized Pocket Tripod is one useful accessory for phones

Pocket Tripod

Clicking and uploading photos from your smartphone to platforms like Instagram or Facebook has become a common affair these days. Having a stable hand always give you an advantage while taking perspective shots, especially ones that need you to tilt the phone considerably. Carrying a DSLR and tripod is always a much better option, but there are times when you just have a phone and don’t want to miss an instinctive moment. A crisp photo or video that will attract views and strengthen your social-networking profile. So, how about an accessory that fits right inside your wallet, and turns into a tripod instantly?
Read More…

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