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Just in Case you want to record voice calls on your iPhone

Just in Case iPhone case_3

Ever felt the need to record calls on your phone? For any reason, be it problem with your spouse or someone threatening you over the phone? There are any number of reasons for which you might want to record a call so, you’d say phone recording software is a good option but it has a large set of limitations and impracticality. That is the reason why an Israel-based firm has developed an iPhone case which has independent call recording features. With Just in Case JIC case you can stop and resume call recording feature anytime you want. The accessory can be important for journalists, undercover agents, spies and other people with such intentions.
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This bike water bottle collects vapors from humid air and makes it drinkable

Fontus solar powered water bottle filter

As a biker you are constantly in need of hydration and water is the best source to go for. But what happens when you have been pedaling for miles and there is no water in your sipper or anyplace nearby? To get over this problem Austrian startup Fontus has developed a water bottle that extracts water vapors from the air and then filters it to give you one less worry while on your adventure. The solar-powered water bottle has a hydrophobic surface which sucks any traces of water particles from the air and then filters it at the rate of 0.5 liters per hour.
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Montar Air Qi Car Mount comes with Qi wireless charging option

WinnerGear Montar Air Qi Car Mount

Going hand-free while driving is always advised and the most distracting thing can be your phone. For that you have car mounts but not all of them can solve your purpose. A new age car mount that you can opt for your car should have wireless charging option because it is all about convenience. Finding charging wires while driving is the last thing you want, and for that very reason you should go for Montar Air Qi Car Mount that works with all Qi charging phones measuring 6” or less.
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3D printed Apple Watch charging station replicates a Classic Macintosh PC

Mac 3d printed Apple Watch charging station_10

The classic Macintosh is one computer a lot of us will remember for a long for its nostalgic memories connected to Apple. Fast forward to 2015 and Apple Watch is the new trend in what we call as wearable technology. Combining these two seems a bit too much to ask for, but Erich Styger is here to make that a living reality. He has created a 3D printed Apple Watch stand that looks exactly like the classic Macintosh computer, and for a nerd it is nothing less than bliss. Taking design inspiration from an existing model of Mac PC styled Apple Watch stand on Thingiverse, Erich 3D printed the charging case with appropriate slot to put the Apple Watch sideways.
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Leica X-U waterproof camera won’t choke on your scuba diving adventure

Leica X-U waterproof camera

Leica cameras don’t come cheap and you definitely don’t want to take your chances with them near a pool or lake. That however has changed as Leica X-U comes with waterproof, dustproof and shatterproof credentials. Basically, this new Leica camera breaks the notion of being a luxury product that is designed for the elite photography lovers and one’s who love to own a Leica. With this rugged camera sophisticated photographers can take their photography adventure to a whole new level. The price is also not that high when considered it is a Leica, and comes with a price tag of $2950 USD. That is quite affordable considering that it is a waterproof and is not effected by the elements since it is winterized too.
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Smartphone-connected lunchbox keeps track of what you eat

Prepad Pack lunchbox

In today’s tech savvy time you would expect your lunchbox to be high tech too, but we never thought of that did we? Prepd Pack breaks that jinx, and gives your age old lunchbox that hasn’t changed much, a new twist. This smartphone-connected lunchbox counts the amount of calories you are gobbling up and also helps you plan and prepare meals to go with your calorie conscious lifestyle. The best thing about this lunchbox are its modular translucent containers which are leak-proof and come in different configurations.
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Sherman’s a cute little robot table clock by MB&F

Sherman Robot table clock MB&F-1

Robots aren’t generally meant to sit on your desk. But then, when has MB&F engineered something that can be related to all things cliché. Known for his timepieces that look so much out of this world, MB&F has combined with Switzerland’s most specialized high-end clock manufacturer L’Epée 1839, to develop Sherman, a cute little mechanical robot that tells you time with utmost precision. Employing L’Epée 1839 in-line eight-day movement for its mechanical functioning, Sherman can display absolutely correct time for over a week before requiring rewinding. Read More…

Frodo strap-on camera lets you shoot, edit and share videos on the fly

NexGear Frodo Cam

Undoubtedly GoPro has action camera market captured like no other cam. But that does not mean another camera alternative cannot give the GoPro a run for its money. To present a claim, India-based NexGear has developed Frodo,  the world’s most intelligent adventure camera which makes capturing, editing and sharing videos real easy and quick. The strap on camera has a super fast boot-to-shoot time of 0.7 seconds, and it can be strapped onto anything from a wrist to bike handle and from forehead to a tree. Frodo cam is ready to capture the unexpected with just a press of a button and can record up to an hour-and-a-half of HD video on a single full charge. Read More…

Camera stabilizer harness means non-stop videography sans any fatigue

Camera Stabilizer harness

For those into amateur filmmaking and video shooting, camera stabilizer is an accessory that takes a lot of load off the mind by stabilizing the shots. But carrying a camera stabilizer for a long time results in fatigue of arms which consequently results in not the kind of videography you would want to do. For such times you need a harness to stabilizer your accessory and focus on the task at hand. This camera stabilizer harness for the body ensures long duration of shooting without getting tired or waving around the camera stabilizer itself for a very long time.
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True Wearables develops Oxxiom, first fully disposable, wireless pulse oximeter

OXXIOM pulse oximeter-2

Doctors and medics require monitoring your oxygen blood levels and cardiorespiratory status to keep you safe from fatal conditions such as heart attack, anemia or COPD.  While pulse oximetry is an easy, non-invasive monitoring system that keeps track of oxygen saturation, pulse rate and perfusion index (PI); True Wearables, a medical device start-up in California has developed Oxxiom – world’s first wireless, and completely disposable pulse oximeter. Read More…

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