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Endurance’s 3D printable SelfieBot offers professional dynamic video recording, stills

3D printable DIY SelfieBot

We have found a number of methods to click selfies or record videos, but still, we want something more sophisticated, at least something better than ‘Selfie Arm’. Even selfie sticks are replaced by accessories, like FlexCam. So, a Russian-American start up ‘Endurance’ has developed 3D printable DIY SelfiBot that enables users to create professional video recording of them with a mobile device. It sounds good for users looking forward to Skype video conferencing, video logs, lecture recordings etc. Read More…

This card can fix or modify into anything you want


All of us buy things and by the law of probability some of them are destined to break or get damaged. As that happens, we either discard them or find some way to temporarily fix them. Peter Marigold has found a very ingenious solution to this problem in the form of a bioplastic which can be molded in any way, and it sticks to any kind of material. The pocket-sized card dubbed FORMcard melts in hot water and you can apply it anywhere you want to get the intended result.
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Google MODE bands mean easy swapping for Android Wear watches

MODE bands for Android Wear Smartwatches

Apple Watch might not be as impressive in hardware specs as some of the other options available in Android Wear smartwatches, but one thing where it excels is the swappable bands. Android watches have not been that successful with swappable bands and Google wants to change it. For Android Wear they have released MODE, snap-and-swap watch bands which give you the freedom to display your style.
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Jiffy – World’s smallest hand cranked phone charger with Quick Charge 2.0

jifffy portable hand cranked charger
What modern homo-sapiens seeks in life most; juice for their smart devices? After food, water and oxygen, man would do anything to keep his gadgets running. Well, there is this portable hand cranked USB charger called Jiffy that’ll set you absolutely free from the bondage of wall sockets or chemical batteries for additional charge storage. It’s completely eco-friendly as it doesn’t require any chemical process to generate energy. Read More…

Logi BASE – First charging stand for iPad Pro with Smart Connectivity

Logi BASE for ipad pro

We already have wireless charging docks for iPhone, but now Logitech has just released its new Logi BASE Charging Stand with Smart Connector for iPad Pro. It’s the first Apple certified accessory for iPad Pro. It can charge both 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro along with providing a perfect viewing angle. You don’t need to drag a charger with you while you move to other rooms. Read More…

MiClimate- World’s first wearable air conditioner for bikers

MiClimate 2

In 2009, US Navy had created a device called the Personal Wearable Climate (PWC). PWC was engineered to provide soldiers wearable air conditioning serving to protect them from cold or heat during their long missions in isolated and harsh environments. Now, we have MiClimate, a device derived from the PWC, for crowdfunding campaign. Although, anyone engaged in outdoor activities can use it, but it’s mainly intended to provide heating or cooling service to motorcyclists who do not enjoy protection from external environmental conditions that an enclosed car/vehicle offers. Read More…

Shock Clock electroshocks you to wake up in the morning

Shock Clock wearable

One common problem that we all face in the morning is getting out of the bed. In that dozed phase, nothing seems more important than nestling in the cozy comfort and losing yourself into sleep again. You can have alarms to wake yourself up in the morning, but you also have the option to shut it down or hit the snooze button. Nobody, but you can stop yourself from ignoring the alarm. That however could change with the Shock Clock by Pavlok Shock Clock, currently up on Indiegogo for funding.
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King of all power banks is here – 120,600mAh monster for extended adventure trips

Anker Powerhouse_2

We live in a world dominated by power hungry gadgets that need frequent charging. To satisfy that lust, versatile power banks do a good job. With time the size and capacity of your average battery bank is improving and that is good news. While we are talking about charging your gadgets on the go, this heavyweight power bank stands out in the crowd. Anker PowerHouse is an abundant resource for your devices like smartphone, laptop, lamp or even a mini-fridge. As the name suggests, this power bank has a mind-blowing capacity of 120,600mAh which is enough to charge your phone 40 times or laptop 15 times over.
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LG Rolly Keyboard 2 is a hot accessory on my wish list this year

LG Rolly Keyboard 2

Last year LG came-up with a catchy rollable keyboard and riding on success of that cool accessory, LG has released the next version. Rolly Keyboard 2 has been announced by LG with a few changes that will please the proponents of this peripheral, including me. Instead of rolling into a square like the first version, Rolly 2 will roll into a pentagon because it has 5 rows of keys instead of the 4 in earlier version. The new key management means you have special characters and line spacing similar to that in a laptop keyboard.
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GoPro teases 360-degree shooting camera rig dubbed Omini

CES GoPro Booth 2016

GoPro has just announced its virtual reality camera rig dubbed Omini which houses 6 Hero4 Black cameras on each side to capture 360 degree footage in one go. The company has already shown their 360-degree shooting capabilities with the Odyssey rig which has 16 Hero4 Black cameras and costs a massive $15,000. Now with the Omini, GoPro wants to bring affordable 360-degree shooting to the consumers. Dare I say affordable as the rig plus cameras is going to cost anywhere in the region of $2,500 – $3,000 which is also a steep price tag. Although GoPro hasn’t yet officially revealed the price tag we are soon going to have that detail once they showcase it at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas from April 18-21.
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