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 Beyond Ink – A pen with built-in 16GB flash drive and 1,000 mAh battery

Beyond Ink 3

Traditional ballpoint pens are still doing their bit of share excellently. However, there is still a scope to utilize small space a standard ballpoint or ink pen offers. For instance, Cannon had included a projector in  a limited edition pen it had rolled a few years back. Beyond Ink – a multipurpose pen claims to make the job of a pen more efficient and multi-dimensional. The Beyond Ink includes a built-in 16GB USB flash drive that can be attached to standard ports of all devices. Read More…

Apple iPhone 8 rumored to have 5.8-inch curved screen minus the home button

Image Courtesy: HighSnobiety

Image Courtesy: HighSnobiety

Whenever a new version of Apple iPhone is on the cards, people anticipate it with eagerness. The hype over recently launched iPhone 7 models has begun to settle down, and just in time another news comes in regarding the next iteration of Apple iPhone models. Apple iPhone 8 (that’s what preassembly it will be called) is going to have a bezel-less curved screen design in a larger format, according to Barclays Research analysts Blayne Curtis, Christopher Hemmelgarn, Thomas O’Malley, and Jerry Zhang. This report comes based on the sources inside the Apple’s supply chain.
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Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle clicks and shares your pics on social media everytime you take a sip

Coca Cola Selfie BottleConnecting products or objects of daily use to social media or electronics in general is one of the fast growing trends right now. Fashion industry is the best example of how designers are trying to incorporate embedded electronics that can project your social life onto either E-dresses or E-sneakers. Now, for selfie obsessed geeks, Coca-Cola has connected its half-a-liter bottle to Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram etc. Read More…

Moka360 – World’s smallest 360°cam lets you go live at the click of a button


Currently, 360 Degree photographic equipments are in trend and some manufactures have rolled special 360 cams like Samsung Gear 360 and Ricoh THETA. Despite that the recorded videos or photos would require stitching before they could be played on phone or pc. In nutshell, these cams didn’t produce ready to serve content that could be played right away or live streamed. Moreover, it was’t meant for everyone so far due to complications of functions.  Read More…

World’s first Smart Wallet that automatically sorts bills and coins for you

Kin Studio Wallets 2
Kickstarter is one place where you would observe enormous variety of issues in daily life and creative solutions to them. The platform has combined community of solution oriented entrepreneurs at one place and the results are incredible. For instance, Studio KIN, has pondered over a trouble that might be trivial, but is regular. It’s about the hassle in managing coins in our pockets or wallets. It’s a daily fight to mess up pockets and bags to store change. Read More…

Toy Block – Xiaomi’s app controlled coding toy available for $73  

Xiaomi Toy BlockThe age of coding toys is here, which sounds wonderful as well as eerie. Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO, on Friday, announced the release date of the Toy Block – a coding toy or robotic toy that relies on LEGO pieces and can assemble into different forms. The Toy Block will go on sale for 499 yuan ($73) on China’s big Singles’ Day online sale on November 11. Read More…

Can the Google Pixel cut it against the heavyweights?

Google Pixel Smartphone

Apple and Samsung have dominated the smartphone universe for years, but now Google is trying to barge its way into the mix and upset the equilibrium with the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Will the computer and internet giant be able to shake up the established smartphone hierarchy? With Samsung having a nightmare with its exploding Note 7 range and Apple facing stick from scrapping the traditional headphone socket, now could be the perfect time for Google to capitalize. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the Pixel XL.

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Moto Mods Contest: Pitch your own idea and win funding opportunity

Moto Transform Your Phone

Motorola is struggling to roll-out a worthy competitor against ultra high-tech smartphones pouring down into electronic market. Currently, Motorola has its hopes invested in Moto Z and Moto Z Play. However, the company has also played a new card in an attempt to rejuvenate its productivity. Motorola has teamed up with Verizon and Indiegogo to organize a contest in which developers would be invited to create their own Moto Mods. Read More… rolls out BUTTONS – Wireless earbuds for Apple devices

BUTTONS Earbuds Model, an electronic accessory manufacturer, is known for its expensive products. But none of its products left lasting impression on consumers. The list of gadgets it has rolled out didn’t appear much impressive. But now, has released a new set of wireless earphones “BUTTONS” that looks company’s best bet so far. The “BUTTONS” are inspired by the shape of vinyl records and features magnetic discs that locks the earphones around user’s neck to prevent misplacement. It can be integrated into daily wardrobe while user take calls or plays music. Read More…

Apple bags patent for foldable iPhone that can fold in half

foldable iPhone patent
Electronic manufacturers are on a hunt to develop bendable gadgets, especially smartphones. Researchers have even developed a bendable battery. Sharp was in news recently for its bendable OLED display that was being associated with future generation of iPhones. Samsung had announced arrival of a 5-inch smartphone, which if folded would function as a 7-inch tablet. Most recent was a video in which Xiaomi’s bendable touch-screen was seen in action. Read More…