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3-in-1 Smart Box is a multi-functional Bluetooth speaker from Brando

3-in-1 Smart Box by Brando

Brando workshop, manufacturer of functional, fun and unique consumer products for their customers have developed an innovative portable device that will serve you in three different ways. Called 3-in-1 Smart Box, the tiny multifunctional Bluetooth speaker can act as a camera remote shutter, Bluetooth anti-lost and Bluetooth speaker. Compatible with all Bluetooth supporting cellphones, you just have to pair the small keychain attachable device to your Android device (smartphones and tablets) and install the software app to activate all the functions and then use them with ease.
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Amazon Echo: Voice controlled speaker with brains that’ll put Siri to shame!

Amazon Echo bluetooth speaker

For years Amazon has been innovating in the product and services market not only by giving a platform for ecommerce but also by developing intuitive products of their own. This time around Amazon has created a product that I have to say has impressed me beyond imagination, simply because of its functionality and the way in which it could make our lives interesting. Amazon Echo is a Siri, Google Now or Cortana like personal assistant shoved inside a speaker of cylindrical form factor to solve any quires that you shoot its way.
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Wireless Vivo home audio speaker system has a unique triangular design

Wireless Vivo home audio system

Wireless Vivo home audio system

It’s been a very long time since we saw an impressively designed audio system that has other functionality as well. Have a look at this triangular-shaped audio system dubbed as Vivo which doubles as an intercom too. Designed by Quirky user Kansas, this audio system has detachable WiFi speakers and a touchscreen hub for a very intuitive interface for the end user. The audio system can be toggled between normal single-unit mode and Hi-Fi mode which is great for home audio.
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OM Audio launches world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker

OM audio’s OMOne levitating speaker

Image Credit: Engadget

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the market today, but I can assure you neither of them can be as cool as the OM/One floating speakers. The Bluetooth speakers are developed by OM Audio which have already produced some smart audio accessories such as the Inearpeace earphones and Mantra speakers in the past. OM/One levitating speaker floats and spins in mid-air bringing your favorite music to you. The levitation surely looks like a cool stunt, but according to the company besides providing a delightful sight it also helps the sound to travel better and allow the speaker to consume less power.
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Take EcoStone Bluetooth speaker into your swimming pool without any worries

Waterproof EcoStone Bluetooth speaker

Waterproof bluetooth speaker that floats too!

Music is bliss for people like me and wherever I go my music goes with me. Whether I’m driving, working in the office or at home having some peace of mind. But what about times when one has to go swimming or take a relaxing bathtub session? Surely the music should go there too. Grace Digital wants you to take the music to the swimming pool and in fact float with you as have a relaxing time in the water. EcoStone Bluetooth speaker by Grace Digital’s outdoor accessories division Ecoxgear is completely waterproof and floats in water too!
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Fire powered Bluetooth speaker gives new meaning to candle light dinner

Fire powered Pelty bluetooth speaker

Of all the Bluetooth speakers that we have seen so far, some have been classy and some simply designed to deliver superb audio quality. So it comes as no surprise that we have come across a Bluetooth speaker that not only sounds good, but also doesn’t rely on electrical sources to power it up when the juice is finished. Yes, a Bluetooth speaker that is powered by fire and needs no other power source to keep running. Pelty is a Bluetooth speaker powered by fire which means that it can run on the heat source of a candle and play as long as the candle lasts!
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AeroBull iPod/iPhone dock speaker for dog lovers

Jarre Technologies AeroBull iPod iPhone dock speaker and subwoofer

If you are looking for an iPhone/iPod dock and also happen to be a pet lover, particularly dogs, then you are in luck. AeroBull iPod/iPhone dock speaker and subwoofer by Jarre technologies is shaped like a bulldog which gives it a very niche look when it is lying in your living room. Designed very meticulously in a wide array of attractive colors makes it an ideal accessory to show-off in home or office space. The amazing color choice in which AeroBull comes include red, matte black, chrome, gold or white.
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Lego-inspired BrickS: A vibrant wireless speaker system for smartphones

Lego-inspired BrickS

Lego has been a part of our lives in a multitude of meaningful ways; be it a enthusiast’s drive for a grand DIY project, or a parent’s endeavor to gift his child something fun and ‘useful’. And, now with the ‘Lego Movie’ in top box office gear, we have come across the BrickS, a block shaped speaker mechanism that is clearly inspired by those vivacious plastic bricks. Based on a technology devised by Near Field Audio, the working scope of the contrivance is pretty unique in itself; you just have to place your smartphone over the brick without any wire, dedicated app or even Bluetooth connection. And the glorious result is – the active speaker automatically amplifies the music emanating from the phone, and that too by conveniently eschewing the paraphernalia of cords and connections.

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Bose releases SoundLink III Bluetooth Speaker with better audio and battery life

Bose's SoundLink III

When it comes to realm of audio speakers, Bose holds its own in terms of brand name and quality. And now the exalted company has unleashed the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III, which as the name suggests, is the third iteration of the Soundlink models. As expected, the wireless speaker boasts of better audio capability with both improved sound and volume. On the less obvious level, the SoundLink III exhibits a refined form factor, along with substantially enhanced battery life.

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CES 2014: Bem Wireless Speaker Band, a boombox on your wrist

Bem Wireless Speaker Band CES 2014

A speaker on your wrist is what this watch is all about. Shaped like a wristwatch the Bem Wireless Speaker Band connects via Bluetooth to your devices and there you have a personal boombox on your wrist that is ready to get any party started. Added functionality includes initiating or answering calls through its built-in microphone. Speaker Band is very comfortable to wear and comes in a plethora of colors like green, pink, white, black or gray. This watch speaker in a way breaks the jinx of smartwatches that we are so accustomed to see these days especially at CES 2014 and shows how a watch can be more than just smart, it can be a speaker.
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