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Jawbone Mini Jambox, ultra-small wireless speaker for just about everywhere

Jawbone Mini Jambox portable wireless speaker

Jawbone the name that boosted popularity of portable wireless speakers with the Jambox in 2010, is now back to take on the market with a scaled down, i.e. in size, version of their portable speaker – the Mini Jambox. The Jawbone Mini Jambox keeps the peculiarity of loudness and spec of its predecessor in a body that is remarkably appealing and small enough to be carried around anywhere, without adding additional weight to the carry bag or pocket. Mini Jambox is a lighter and thinner portable wireless speaker, measuring only 24.5mm wide and weighing as little as 9 ounces, and it is made out of single aluminum frame that acts as an audio acoustic cavity to deliver incredible sound.

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Thodio iBox XC boombox kick starts a party anytime, anywhere

Thodio iBox XC boombox

My long search for that perfect blend of a boombox and audio system that is compatible with smartphones is about to end with Thodio’s latest offering. The iBox XC amp by Thodio is ideal for any party or casual listening of music as it exceeds the sound-box ratio expectations for that perfect blend of dynamic sound and design aesthetics. With the option to choose from a variety of material options like teak, zebrawood, oak and beech; this boombox is a killer when it comes to design and cool looks. It comes with the option of a 30 pin dock + remote and Bluetooth connectivity. The 6.5 inch coned coaxial Kevlar speakers fitted with softdome tweeters produce a very clear and thumping sound via the 2×100 watts rms audiophile quality Tripath TK2050 amplifier. The integrated rechargeable battery lasts for 12 hours on one charge.

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Palm-sized Elecom Compact Powered Speaker ASP-SMP100L

Elecom Compact Powered Speaker ASP-SMP100L

Portable speakers always come handy for travel routines as well as listening to music in your room. These Elecom Compact Powered Speakers that look more like a plastic gramophone are perfect for your smartphones, MP3 players or for simple listening of music using your computer. Elecom Compact Powered Speaker ASP-SMP100L are charged using the USB port of your PC/laptop and one full charge of 2-3 hours you can get around three hours of non-stop audio at full volume. The portable speakers come in three cool colors; pink, green, white and black carrying a price tag of $20.
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Airplane Speakers by Han Sung-Jae are worth $5,850 of nature’s inspiration

Airplane Speakers by Han Sung-Jae

Listening to music can be one the most relaxing activates that you can take up during your free time or even while working if music is your food for thought. And what better than an incredibly designed speaker to compliment the ear pleasing music which can be a spell bounding experience for the listener. South Korean artist Han Sung-Jae who is inspired by the idea of sound of planes, cutting through the air has come up with the eye pleasing Airplane Speakers having a brass speaker system which quite capably separate the low, mid and high tones for some great listening experience.
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Steam Amp Deux is a Steampunk amplifier with unmatched look

Steam Amp Deux

It has been quite a while since we had the sizzling Steampunk amplifier with boiler speaker and it isn’t a surprise that CopperSteam are at it again with the Steam Amp Deux which is a Steampunk amplifier project featuring 60-watt mono tube amplifiers. These mono tube amplifiers are based on the venerable Dynaco MKIII circuit and feature the octal driver circuit upgrade designed by Vacuum Tube Audio. The Steampunk look makes these amplifiers really classy with that vintage look draped in brass and copper but very minimalistically to preserve the original look.

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Ion Party Rocker portable speaker projects cool lights matching the beat

Life can be relentless at times and on this journey unknown you surely need to calm down the horses and party for a bit. To celebrate life, Ion has come up with a portable speaker system called Party Rocker that turns any moment of time into a party as it has a built-in lighting system. This all-in-one sound system is compatible with your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices and other instruments too. But the USP is its ability to project cool pattern changing lights onto walls and ceiling with the in-built lighting, changing your room or hall into a rocking club anytime you want. With the ability to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device like a smartphone or MP3 player; you can operate the speaker from anywhere in your home.
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Bowers & Wilkins Z2 speaker dock plays music wirelessly from Apple gadgets

Looking for a classy and high class audio delivering speaker dock for your Apple gadgets? Then you have come to the right place as Bowers & Wilkins has released Z2 speaker dock which has amazing sound. The elegantly designed speaker dock has wireless streaming capabilities with AirPlay from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or your Mac or desktop PC too sitting from any corner of your room. The high quality lossless audio files in most of the popular formats including MP3 can be played seamlessly with the Bowers & Wilkins Z2 speaker Dock. With the capability to sync effortlessly with favorite music apps like, Pandora and Mixcloud; Z2 can be your best buddy when it comes to enjoying high fidelity music.

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Earth Block Speakers match all interiors, sound awesome outdoors

There are so many compact speakers we’ve seen on the block but rarely a unit impresses us now. The charm of the Earth Block Speakers is slightly different though, it catches the eye on the very first glance of it. Made from raw material biomass of cedar wood and coffee beans, the Earth Block Speaker measures 16 cm wide × 8 cm high × and 7.5 cm deep and offers an amazing stereo sound. The compact speaker system boasts 2W maximum output from within its really exquisite wooden texture. Read More…

Palm-sized toilet speaker for gadgets that will never take your shit

Speaker type toilet (SD Card Player) EEA-YW0703 by Transport San

A toilet seat be a very good music player too, apparently it is evident from the newly launched Speaker type toilet (SD Card Player) EEA-YW0703 by Transport Sanyo capable of playing you digital audio content from gadgets, memory cards or anything else that plugs-in with a 3.5 mm jack. The cute little palm-sized toilet speaker delivers high power 3W music for around 2-3 hours of continuous playback on about 2 hours of full charge via the USB port that can be plugged into your PC. The SD card slot and controls for increasing/decreasing or scanning for tracks on board are located on the toilet cistern while the speaker is located inside the toilet bowl to make the sound richer and deep.
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Boombero Wireless Speaker plays audio from smartphone sans any Bluetooth or wired connection

You might think that it is just another wireless smartphone speaker that connects to your device via Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, but it isn’t. The Oregon Boombero Wireless Speaker uses Near Field Audio (NFA) technology to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone just by putting it on the speaker dock. The wireless speaker is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone3GS/3G, iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy series smartphones. Boombero features 2.5W center speakers that deliver quality audio for non-stop 18 hours powered by three AA batteries, indoors or while you are having a good time outdoors. Well, if you are willing to plug-in your device with Boombero using the 3.5 mm stereo jack then it can be used with any device compatible with 3.5 mm connection.

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