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Caput Mundi loudspeakers are good looking and deliver amazing sound

Pave way for the range of Caput Mundi loudspeakers which are true testimony of what music really should sound like due to their ability to play dynamic range frequencies with utter clarity. The design aesthetics are light and dynamic, signature to Ino Piazza (famous architect planner and interior designer) who managed to incorporate innovative materials like CLAD58 and CORIAN which amplify the acoustic potential to produce clear sound like none other.
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SoundScene: Wireless wall-hanging speaker system with integrated Apple AirPlay

No matter how difficult it gets for any other gadget to sustain, iPhone accessories and other Apple gadgets and their accessories will never fade in tide. A worthy example to uphold this claim is the first wall-hanging picture frame enabled speakers that are integrated with AirPlay, now these could have been simple speakers, but for more reasons than one, these have AirPlay included to make them compatible with iMac, iTunes, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

Created by Imagine Acoustics based in Surrey, the nicely camouflaged SoundScene Model 1 speaker system, which has its own 12.5 watt amplifier, conceals itself every eminently behind the front of a picture frame that can house any picture upwards of A3 size. Each of the SoundScene speaker systems, which have digital signal sensing to automatically switch on or off, are made to order and are distributed through Armour Home in the UK. Each speaker, with option of art and frame costs £1,100 (approx. $1,500) and £1,300 (approx. $2000) with the choice of opting for standard artwork and frame.

Besides the AirPlay included SoundScene Model 1 speaker, Imagine Acoustics has also created a separate Sonos ZP90 wireless receiver enabled SoundScene Model 2 speaker system, which is apt for any Sonos multi-room system.

iXoost docking audio system for iPhone and iPod is orchestra of sound and metal

Have a look at this hand-built iPhone/iPod docking station and your eyes will surely pop-out from the sockets. Called as iXoost, this has to be one of the best combinations of elegant design, form factor, audio performance and the intuitiveness of the designer Micro Pecorari. The name itself is inspired from English pronunciation of the word ‘exhaust’ and being the brain child of Matteo Panini this iPhone/iPod is one that will completely blow your nuts out. Designed completely by craftsmen based in Modena gives the iXoost a unique feel and look which cannot be matched by any other docking station so far. Having a 140 W active subwoofer the music is amazing with acoustic details providing an unparalleled listening experience.
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8 Ball Audio Sideball replaces your speakers, iPod dock for good

Talented audio engineers and dedicated designers have immaculately designed the really impressive 8 Ball Audio Sideball audio-video furniture. For some reason if you have been looking for an alternative to replace your conventional TV stand and furniture, then 8 Ball Audio Sideball, with iPod slot on top is actually the piece of furniture worth drooling over. Measuring 120cm wide, 40cm deep and 30 cm high, the Sideball (with spacious top to accommodate your TV, and iPod integration) incorporates ultimate hi-fi quality speakers, emitting brilliant stereo separation for a full engaging sound quality that can well travel at a ramge of 39Hz ~ 20Khz.

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Aperion ARIS wireless speakers play digital audio from any device in crystal clear sound

Aperion Audio has revealed its latest wireless speaker for people who like to play their music sans any wire connections to the speakers from any corner of your home. Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems the Aperion ARIS wireless speaker is compatible with almost all the music playing devices including smartphones, tablet PC or laptop. Connected through a WiFi network or directly through an Ethernet cable, ARIS can deliver quality audio which will be food for your ears whether you are listening to music in the night time or simply playing it in low volume for your guests.
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