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Mix and style your wristwatch in style with 3D printed Tenvas IO watches

3D printed Tenvas IO watches

3D printed Tenvas IO watches

The smartwatches that we have seen so far have plethora of options to change the watch faces, but the same cannot be said about their evolutionary cousins, the good old mechanical wrist watches. Finally, we have a 3D printed wrist watches that has innumerable options when it comes to matching your style quotient to the look of a watch. Tenvas IO wrist watches make good use of 3D printing technology to facilitate customization which is well worth giving a try.
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Bulova launches world’s first pure 24-karat gold timepiece

Joseph Bulova Collection First Edition 24-Karat Gold Timepiece

Bulova Corporation, New York-based Watch Company has unveiled world’s first watch with a case made from 24-karat pure gold. Created by Bulova Accu•Swiss brand, the special edition watch is the first edition in the Joseph Bulova Collection made by the company. Representing the Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship, it is the first edition 24-Karat gold timepiece in the Joseph Bulova Collection and has been recognized by WatchPro, as the 2014 “Innovative Watch of the Year.” Crafted with a sporty look in Switzerland, the 24-karat gold special edition watch has been assembled in a unique capsule form. Light and durable grade-5 titanium components has been used to secure the case, bezel and the case back together.
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Interview : Maximilian Büsser, founder MB&F Swiss watches

Maximilian Büsser MB&F interview

They say, persistence and hard work always pays-off in the long run as long as you have the will to follow your dream. Maximilian Büsser, founder and CEO of MB&F is one living example of persistantly following your dream no matter how many hardships you face. Giving a new dimension to the watchmaking industry with his far-sighted vision of making exclusive horological machines, backed-up by intense belief in his abilities, makes Maximilian Busser one of the pioneering Swiss watchmakers. His unique timepieces a
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Elegant looking Asus ZenWatch up for grabs at $199 only

Asus ZenWatch smartwatch

Asus ZenWatch smartwatch based on custom Android Wear UI

The feature rich Asus ZenWatch (WI500Q) revealed at the IFA 2014 has finally gone on sale in the US for a price tag of $199. It is worth mentioning that this smartwatch is one of most good-looking smartwatch, if not the best in the market, alongside the Moto 360 smartwatch. Android Wear powered Asus Zenwatch produced in partnership with Google has a very elegantly designed rectangular display that is contoured quite well at the edges. The smartwatch sporting premium rose gold color layering and stitched-leather watchband gives the user option to choose from over 100 watch faces depending on mood.
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Metal band Moto 360 – Best looking smartwatch in town just got sexier

Moto 360 metal strap options

Moto 360 in light and dark stainless steel option

Moto 360 launched back in September for a price tag of $250 in limited edition gray leather with suede finish. And now for those who like to flaunt their stylish gadgets, the smartwatch comes in attractive stainless steel designed bands made from aircraft grade material. The Moto 360 in light or dark metal bands are available for $299 and they surely make this pretty smartwatch worth sporting. Along with these attractive metal band options for you Moto 360 smartwatch, the Moto 360 Gold Edition is going to be available in the coming months.
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Apple Watch Gold Edition rumored to cost $5000!

Gold edition Apple smartwatch

Apple Watch is all set to release in early 2015 and already the rumors about an 18-karat pink or yellow gold version are brewing up. The basic Apple Watch Sports version is going to cost around $349, but there is an Apple Watch Stainless Steel version that will cost $500. That is just a meagre amount when one considers the mind-numbing cost of pink or yellow gold version which is going to cost anywhere between $4000 to $5000 a-piece. The report comes from a French website iGen which got the news from an unnamed source.
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MB&F HM6 ‘Space Pirate’ is most ambitious and complex wristwatch

MB&F HM6 Space Pirate

When we talk of awe-inspiring timepieces, we don’t really go beyond Maximilian Büsser & Friends better known as MB&F. No matter how unusual MB&F watch collections may seem, they are incredibly comfortable on the wrist; exactly what makes the artistic watchmakers designs extraordinary. Latest in MB&F’s Horological Machine collection is the spaceship-inspired Horological Machine No.6 (HM6), nicknamed ‘Space Pirate’ – a watch with eye-grabbing corners and gentle curves. Featuring a durable aeronautic grade Ti-6Al-4V titanium case, the HM6 is the most ambitious and complex projects to date by MB&F. Read More…

HP’s MB Chronowing smartwatch will appeal to all fashion conscious consumers


The world of smartwatches is becoming crazier by the day, but with the objective to keep tech simple yet make it more vogue oriented, HP has teamed up with renowned fashion designer Michael Bastian to produce a new smartwatch dubbed MB Chronowing. The new wearable timepiece doesn’t feature cutting edge technology but is perfect accessory to appeal with all fashion conscious consumers.
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While Lenovo strikes Motorola deal, Moto 360 gold edition accidently pops-up on Amazon

Lenovo Motorola Moto 360 gold edition

Lenovo acquires Motorola

Lenovo, the largest PC maker company in the world has acquired Motorola for $2.91bn which is almost $10bn less than what Google paid for it. The deal that was announced almost a year ago is finally complete and Lenovo will pay $660m in cash and $750m in newly issued stock while the rest of the $1.5bn will be paid off in the next three years. Google will keep majority of the patents that Motorola have acquired and around 2000 patents will go to Lenovo, the reason why Google sold it for such a nominal amount.
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Cool steampunk watch that you’d want on your wrist right now!

Steampunk watch by John de Cristofaro

Steampunk watch by John de Cristofaro

Looking for a cool funk watch that no everyone else would like to have on their wrist? Well, have a look at this cyberpunk watch by John de Cristofaro, a Brooklyn-based freelance electrical engineer. Cristofaro calls it Chronode VFD: Wearable Electronics Steampunk VFD wristwatch which unfortunately is not for sale, but at-least you can have you’re your own if you have the technical know-how. The watch is built around the IVL2-7/5 VFD display tube and is powered by a AA battery that sits on the watch base circuit.
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