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Best heart rate monitoring fitness wearables and smartwatches

Adidas Micoach Fit Smart Personal fitness trackers and smartwatches have come a long way in helping you lead a healthy life. Whether your fitness goals are modest or you’re planning an overall health transformation, fitness wearables are best way to understand if exercise regime you’re following is actually contributing to the new you. These devices and their dedicated apps give you a wholesome insight on your sleep, walk, run, calorie consumption, blood pressure and most importantly the heart rate. As more and more wrist-based heart rate monitors are hitting the market, it’s important to know the best heart rate monitoring fitness wearables and smartwatches you can buy. Read More…

Best looking smartwatches you can go for this holiday season

The next trending gadgets of this century are definitely going to be wearables and currently the hot accessory in trend is smartwatch. This modern day gadget solves many purposes at the same time. Keeping tab of time, learning about notifications from smartphone without even taking it out of your pocket or being on track of your fitness regime targets. There are plenty of smartwatches out for purchase and if you are very choosy about looks, this guide will be your decision maker. Have a peak at these amazing smartwatches that are eye candy and at the same time loaded with features that make your life simpler.
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Propeller clock is the coolest gizmo you can make or buy today

DIY propeller clock

Propeller clocks look so cool and although you need a lot of battery power to keep up with time, it’s well worth the expense. Making one seems quite a brainy task but actually it is quite easy to make if you spend some time on the instructables for one. You need a set of LED’s simple microcontroller and spinning motor to give the illusion of an analog or digital clock. The LED’s are switched on and off with time delay to match the speed of rotating motor which is synchronized in such a way that it creates hologram of clock display.
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Improved LG Watch Urbane 2 smartwatch comes with cellular 4G connectivity option

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition released

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition released

LG has just announced its next version of the Watch Urbane smartwatch which is set to be released this spring season. The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition is the first ever Android Wear powered wearable to have cellular connectivity feature. The smartwatch offers people who don’t want to pair their smartphone, a way to have a standalone device that can take-up calls. And it gives you the freedom to have 3G or 4G connectivity right on your wrist with a nano-SIM that is not carrier locked.
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$1,800 TAG Heuer smartwatch coming on November 9


In the early half of this year during BaselWorld 2015 TAG Heuer revealed their undercover smartwatch project in collaboration with Intel that was going to be released in the holiday season. The plans are on track as TAG Heuer has made another revelation that confirms the release date. Swiss watchmaker has confirmed that on November 9 at the LVMH building in New York, CEO Jean-Claude Biver will release this swanky Android smartwatch to the world.
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Pebble Time Round, thinnest and lightest smartwatch in exclusive rose gold finish

Thinnest and lightest smartwatch

Suddenly good old Pebble Time seems history – enter newest member in the family – Pebble Time Round. Tailor made e-paper display smartwatch for anyone who loves all things round. Measuring just 7.5mm thick and weighing as light as 28 grams, the newly launched Pebble Time Round touts to be the thinnest and lightest smartwatch in the world – take that Apple Watch! The new smartwatch features an all metal design, voice control, two-size dials in variety of band sizes, special-edition rose gold finish and host of other new real smartwatch features. Read More…

MB&F’s exclusive Melchior Only Watch 2015 will go to charity auction

MB&F Melchior Only Watch 2015

As a premium watchmaker MB&F has created its own niche with timepieces that are unmatchable. Another one in the portfolio is this 10th anniversary desk clock that takes shape of a robotic figure. Melchior Only Watch 2015 crafted in collaboration with L’Epée 1839 features a mechanism that has jumping hours, sweeping minutes, double retrograde seconds and has a power reserve of 40 days courtesy the five mainspring barrels. It is worth highlighting that the clock is made from 146 new components (from the 480 total components) that L’Epée has to specially develop like the bulging glass dome or the stainless steel winding key that resembles a Gatling gun.

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Apple Watch Hermès brings new fashion statement to the forte

Hermès Apple Watch

Apple is definitely trying hard to lure in the fashion conscious section of the society to buy its smartwatch, but that effort till now has not yielded the result they were expecting. In another bold move Apple have collaborated with French luxury brand Hermès to come-up with an Apple Watch that has luxury and exclusivity stamped all over it. This new collection will come in stainless steel Apple Watch embraced by finely crafted leather band in three different styles. The watch is going to have a unique Double Tour wrap that goes around your wrist twice, Cuff leather band and the conventional single tour band.
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Devon Star Wars watch brings galactic time-keeping to your wrist

Devon Star Wars Watch

Anticipation for the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie is rising high and we have already seen cool toy including a drone and quadcopter being released a week back at “Force Friday” live streaming event. It doesn’t come as a surprise that even more gadgets/merchandize are being revealed that Stat Wars fans will love like anything. Devon Works was approached by Disney and Lucasfilm to make a Star Wars watch that conveyed the spirit of galactic battles. Hence came into existence the Star Wars watch which took almost 2 years to conceptualize and bring to the real world with assistance from U.S. aerospace industry experts.
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IFA 2015: Samsung Gear S2 makes an impressive first appearance

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch at IFA 2015

Samsung has finally took the drapes off Gear S2 smartwatch at IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany, and it does look like a flagship killer. Unlike the Gear S smartwatch released last year, this one is more of the sporty kind, and one everyone would want to wear on their wrist. On the inside too this wearable is made for the kill with its functionality and user-friendly operation. This smartwatch has been building up for the IFA event and Samsung did tease some of the details in the last few days. The Tizen OS powered watch has an edge above the Android Wear powered smartwatches and dare I say that it is by far the best looking wearable in town.
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