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Knotch bluetooth smartwatch by Akira Deng

Knotch Bluetooth Writswatch

Smartwatches have become so common these days that the end-user is spoiled for choices when it comes to choosing the right one. There are smartwatches from major gadget manufacturers, concept smartwatches and smartwatches that are slated for release in the coming months. Amongst all this smartwatch frenzy, it is always refreshing to see a niche design, and that is what Knotch Bluetooth Writswatch by Akira Deng, Samson So is about. This award winning smartwatch pairs with Android or iOS mobile phone and synchronized up to the minute notifications that might be important to you.
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Meteor Vibrating Watch for visually impaired

Meteor Vibrating Watch for visually impaired

For people who are blind and deaf, Meteor Vibrating Watch by Alexandravision is the ideal solution to keep accurate track of time, as other normal watches simply don’t work for them. This quartz watch is specially designed keeping in mind the difficulty blind people might face when they are alone and want to check what time it is. The watch looks like a contoured remote with three push buttons that indicate hours, minutes and seconds. To keep things simple and non-confusing for the user, no other buttons or asymmetric patterns are indented into the watch and only a tiny screw on the back side for battery replacement is there. So how exactly does Meteor Vibrating Watch keep track of time?
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Span Smartwatch concept portrays how smart a watch should be

Span Smartwatch

All the smartwatches around are trying desperately to get as tech savvy as they can but without much realization that ultimately a smartwatch as to be more of a wristwatch than a smartphone or a tablet. Perhaps Moto 360 smartwatch has so been the most practical smartwatch design that appeals to the eye, and also manages to strike the perfect balance between a wristwatch and notification updating gizmo. Hang-on, Box Clever’s Span smartwatch concept might just nullify that statement. Designed to maintain an apt balance between analog clock and digital notifier, this smartwatch is the brainchild of Bret Recor and Seth Murray.
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Starfleet Machine L’Epée 1839 by MB&F draws inspiration from Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine

MB&F Starfleet Machine clock BaselWorld

At Baselworld 2014 conceptual micro-engineering lab MB & has put on show a very unique timepiece designed by L’Epée, Switzerland’s only remaining specialised high-end clock manufacture founded in 1839. The desk clock, Starfleet Machine L’Epée 1839 takes inspiration from Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine is one of the most visually stunning desk clock designs that I have seen so far. It sits on top of a flat surface and looks nothing less than a well-designed futuristic looking timepiece from another world.
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Baselworld 2014: $55 million diamond studded Graff Hallucination watch

Graff Hallucination watch

At Baselworld 2014, a premium luxury watch and jewelry event from March 27 to April 3 in Basel, Switzerland, our first entrant on DamnGeeky is one of most expensive watches in the world so far. Graff Hallucination priced at a mind-numbing $55 million is a timepiece draped all over in multi-colored diamonds. The watch features a kaleidoscope and more than 110 carats of rare colored diamonds.
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Cryptic Snapwatch with flexible display looks like a plastic smartwatch

Snapwatch smartwatch

With the technology world going bizzark over smartwatch development, a very different kind of flexible smartwatch has managed to catch out eye. SnapWatch is a flexible smartwatch that has been designed is a very unique way of deciding the form factor first, and then deciding on the functionality. Based on a bistable electrochromic display from Sweden-based Acreo, this smartwatch is a slap band like wearable device which is still in the prototype version. The only thing that makes it different from other smartwatches is the flexible display that can be twisted or turned in any way, making sure that it fits your hand comfortably without the need for any buckles or fasteners. However the smartwatch doesn’t look that upbeat in terms of the competition that it has got from other smartwatches that we has seen thus far.
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LG G Watch sporting the all new Android Wear operating system

LG G Watch smartwatch with Android Gear OS

Android Wear, Android’s dedicated operating system for wearable devices like smartwatches just made headlines as it was released couple of days ago, and so did the Moto 360 smartwatch. LG G Watch is not that far behind as it becomes one of the first few devices to feature the smartwatch OS by Google that aims to be a game changer in the ever growing smartwatch market. Working in close quarters for the development of LG G smartwatch with Google, LG says that the watch will be compatible with a wide range of Android smartphones.

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Moto 360 smartwatch with latest Android Wear OS

Moto 360 smartwatch

Smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Qualcomm Toq have followed a very symmetrical rectangular design to identify them from the generic watches. But now Motorola is getting back to the basics with it smartwatch dubbed as Moto 360 that has a very watch-like, round design. Keeping abreast the latest technology employed in smartwatches, Moto 360 has an interface that provides notifications, and alerts form your smartphone seamlessly. Along with all the latest smartphone features it also has a voice recognition feature which lets you search for things by giving voice commands, send texts, set alarms and schedule appointments.

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Attach Blocks together to build your own customized smartwatch

Blocks modular smartwatch

If you are enticed to buy a smartwatch, there are a handful of exciting options you can choose from. But, there is one problem with all the smartwatches. None of the ones ready to ship let you have a say in how it is made or how it looks. Enter Blocks – a modular concept smartwatch, which lets you pick and choose blocks to create your own customized bracelet. Blocks, which is still in conceptual stage, allows you to customize your smartwatch with the screen and pre-configured apps. You can attach a GPS tracker, double battery, motion sensor, microphone, heart rate monitor and a clip on display and have a smartwatch with features you want ready to adorn your wrist. Read More…

MWC 2014: Creoir Ibis dual face concept smartwatch

Creoir Ibis smartwatch MWC 2014

We’ve seen so many smartwatches in the past and at the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2014, but none of them has an outstandingly fashionable design that would appeal to the most demanding customers. Creoir Ibis is set to change that, as this wearable jewelry kind of smartwatch looks to change the whole scenario. And it is a dual face smartwatch that is never heard of before as it has two different faces to show time and other notifications from the smartwatch. Debuting the Ibis at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, Creoir is showing how fashionable and trendy looking your smartwatch can be. The design for this conceptual smartwatch is inspired by a flying bird whose wings touch together when carrying a young one.
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