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Meta M1 smartwatch comes in a steampunkish design

Meta M1 smartwatch

Smartwatches are a big deal these days but back in time when no one knew much of these wristwatch like gadgets, MetaWatch were ruling the roost. But, it is one thing pioneering a technology, and another taking it forward for commercially demanding market. Since then many smartwatches like Pebble have completely changed the complexion of smartwatch evolution. MetaWatch has surfaced again into the picture with the all new Meta M1 smartwatch that looks like a steampunkish version of a smartwatch. Designed by Frank Nuovo, who was a chief designer at Nokia and Vertu, has both Android and iOS app compatibility which allows the user to change watch faces, music player control and the notification method.
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New Cookoo Smartwatch looks stylish and promises longer battery life

Cookoo Smartwatch

Remember the innovative Cookoo Smart watch which made its debut at the CES last year? Guess what, the smart timepiece is back with a new next generation model. Designed by Hauser and manufactured by ConnecteDevice Ltd., the smartwatch sports a new stylish look, a wider feature set and can last up to months without any charge up. Available for a price of $150, the new model comes in two graceful variations: The Urban Explorer Line with a flexible nylon band and the Sporty Chic collection featuring a silicone band.
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Timex Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch doesn’t require a smartphone!

Timex Ironman One GPS One smartwatch

So far, we have seen smartwatches coming from electronic companies that were in no way related to manufacturing to gadgets like watches before the advent of smartwatches. And now a well renowned watchmaker has stepped into this arena to stiffen the competition with its own interpretation of what a smartwatch should be. Thus far we have seen smartwatches that are dependent on your smartphone for functionality but Timex Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch is nothing like the ones you have seen around. It is an independent gadget that does not depend on your smartphone for any kind of notifications or updates. What’s more interesting, well, Timex has partnered with other telecom and smartwatch giants like AT&T and Qualcomm to make this smartwatch worth giving a try.
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Cosmic Pro wristwatch assures good health, wealth and prosperity

cosmic pro watch

One accepted fact about planets and time is that each has a direct and indirect effect of our daily lives. Planets and time have an effect on our behavior, health, wealth and success. To limit the ill-effects of planets in our lives, NextGenMart, a smart watch making company like none other, has developed the Cosmic Pro wristwatch, which is embedded with nine hand-picked jewels placed within a round golden dial. The Super Energy Cosmic Pro wristwatch is a rare timepiece that brings aura of nine planets into your lives to deliver peace, prosperity, health and wealth. Read More…

Wood Watch displays time in simple yet different way

Grovemade Wood Watch

Wristwatches are one of the most liked accessories that show our overall personality and flair. For this very reason there have been quite a number of ways in which one can opt to see time since centuries now. From the exquisite mechanical watches to the ones that are uber futuristic. But nothing can be compared to a watch made from natural components like wood. Grovemade, a Portland-based company collaborated with designer Stefan Andren to craft a watch that looks very sober and shows time in its unique way. Wood Watch is made from premium America hardwood and shows time through small little holes that are engraved into the watch face.
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Apple iWatch expected to come in three size models from 1.6 to 1.8 inches

Apple iWatch

About a month ago, we told you about rumors that were going around about the Apple iWatch. Again, this much awaited gadget is in the limelight with some newspapers and Apple analysts giving out latest speculations about the watch. According to reports, Apple is working on three iWatch models ranging from 1.6 to 1.8 inches to be launched this fall. It is assumed that the iWatch will be coming in a 1.6-inch variant and two1.8-inch variants. One of the larger models will come with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass display protection.
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Ritot is the world’s first projection smartwatch for uber’ geeks

Ritot world's first projection smartwatch

Normal watches are so mainstream and you have been wearing them for ages. It’s time to wrap a projection watch on your wrist that projects the current time, notification from your smartphone and more on the back of your hand. Yes Ritot is a revolutionary smartwatch that has projection technology which works well in the night time as well as day time. You can choose from more than 20 projection colors to suit your mood and attire. The waterproof smartwatch automatically displays a notification and then disappears in 10 seconds. The notifications can be anything from your Twitter network to incoming calls on the smartphone.
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FiDELYS Smartwatch comes with futuristic iris recognition system

FiDELYS Smartwatch

Sometimes its too frustrating and a tedious job for our brain to remember all the complicated and uncountable number of different passwords for our computers, accounts and phones. Not anymore, as the newly developed FiDELYS Smartwatch is here to help us with this problem. An innovative step in the field of the wearable technology, the FiDELYS is the world’s first iris recognition enabled smartwatch. Equipped with a built in camera at the base of the screen to capture an image of the user’s eye, the smartwatch uses its iris recognition capability to unlock one’s devices, secure websites and services also. And the best part is that one does not have to sign in again and again unless the magnetic seal on the watch’s clasp remains intact.

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Hotblack watch shows real time football scores of FIFA World Cup 2014

Hotblack Smartwatch Soccer World Cup goal display

FIFA fever is high and people around the globe are eagerly tracking the progress of their favorite teams during this World cup in Brazil. Probably high time to come up with a smartwatch that shows real time scores of your favorite team and their opponents. London-based Richard Hoptroff has been thinking along the same lines therefore he has made an analog smartwatch dubbed Hotblack watch which shows real time scores of ongoing matches in FIFA 2014 football world cup in Brazil.
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