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Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle exudes style with performance

Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle


This strange looking motorcycle design is in-fact quite interesting. It runs on electric power, is made in Austria by Johammer and is not a concept bike that will have slim chances of seeing the production lines. Seen first at the Linz Motorcycle Show in February, the Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle has a very unique way to display speed, fuel, driving conditions and other elements. The two round rear view mirror have this integrated high-resolution 2.4 inch color display system which eliminates the need for any physical dash in the bike. It has hub-center steering and double wishbone styled front suspension mechanism which gives the bike premium stability on high speeds.
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Thales Business Class Seat is the most comfortable and high-tech airlines seat yet

Thales Business Class Seat

At Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014 in Hamburg Thales, the world renowned in-flight Entertainment & Connectivity, revealed the innovative immersive Business Class Seat, designed in collaboration with BMW Design Works and B/E Aerospace. This awe-inspiring business class seat is the finalist for Premium Class & VIP category at 2014 Crystal Cabin Awards which is a pioneering event for acknowledging aviation innovations. The high-end business seat boats-off a things like touchpad controls, ultra-high definition (UHD) display screen, Eye Tracking, Passenger Control Display and virtual Landscape Panel.
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iXoost Radical6 iPhone and iPad docking station designed like an aircraft engine

iXoost Radical6 iPhone iPad docking station

It’s been a long time since designer Micro Pecorari came out with the amazing iXoost iPhone/iPad dock. But there was always a gut feel that Micro would better on his own hand-made docking station. Now we present to you iXoost Radical6, an audio dock for iPhone and iPad that draws its design inspiration from aeronautics design right from the radial engine to the flaps. The docking station has been designed in collaboration with Avirex, the iconic military apparel brand founded by Jeff Clyman in 1975. iXoost Radical6 can be machined to your preference from alloy of aluminum in velvet, satin or raw effect while the exhaust manifold can also be crafted in polished or chromed look. While the sound is of top notch quality with iXoost’s patented technology and the large tweeters and subwoofers induced in the dock design.
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Baselworld 2014: $55 million diamond studded Graff Hallucination watch

Graff Hallucination watch

At Baselworld 2014, a premium luxury watch and jewelry event from March 27 to April 3 in Basel, Switzerland, our first entrant on DamnGeeky is one of most expensive watches in the world so far. Graff Hallucination priced at a mind-numbing $55 million is a timepiece draped all over in multi-colored diamonds. The watch features a kaleidoscope and more than 110 carats of rare colored diamonds.
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$75,000 Supercraft is sleekly designed high performance hovercraft

Mercier Jones Supercraft hovercraft

Chicago-based Mercier Jones has designed a two-seated hovercraft christened Supercraft that has style and luxury written all over it. Perfect blend of a marine vehicle that has a very compact form factor with sleek design inspired from the aerospace industry standards and supercars like Bugatti Veyron or Maserati Gran Turismo; the Supercraft has carbon fiber seats inspired from Formula-1 cars, making it a water/land craft worth riding. The open cockpit, front grills and side decks like a boat give it a very distinguished look that make the conventional hovercrafts look outdated in design as well as size. The thrust ports on the side give the hovercraft an extra boost of speed as it can reach a top speed of 128 km/h on land and 64 km/h on water.

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Balolo Wooden Cover PlayStation 4 sets your gaming console apart from the rest

Balolo Wooden Cover PlayStation 4

Want a classy wooden cover for your PlayStation 4, then you are in luck as Balolo has come up with a very sleek Wooden Cover PlayStation 4. The world’s first ever genuine wood cover that is just .7mm thin and embraces all the details of your favorite gaming console. Crafted to perfection in Germany, the covers are made from the finest wood that will give a very unique look to your PlayStation 4 while you are engrossed playing your favorite gaming titles.
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Diamond Armor: $3.2 million bulletproof suit studded with diamonds

Diamond Armor suit

Swiss company Suitart has developed a high class Diamond Armor suit that will make you skip a heartbeat when you hear the price. This bulletproof ballistic suit will cost you a mind-boggling $3.2 million and for valid reason too. It has 880 black diamonds, repels bullets, has waterproofing technology and has an air-conditioning cooling system. With a perfect infusion of luxury, technology and art this one of its kind suit is tailor made for implacable style with the protection of the highest quality bulletproof clothing.
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£2,600 Reinast toothbrush exudes style and high-end personal hygiene

Reinast toothbrush

A perfect combination between medical function and aesthetic beauty that symbolizes passing trends, the Reinast toothbrush is the result of German precision for making things flawlessly. The ergonomic design of Reinast toothbrush manufactured from solid titanium of the highest quality signifies its design exquisiteness. The toothbrush has a replaceable head that fits inside an anti-bacterial casing which means that it is completely hygienic to use and when you feel the need to replace it you have to simply swap the old toothbrush head with a new one. In effect the patented anti-bacterial protective layer protects your teeth from bacterial attacks for complete hygiene and this medical technology is state-of –the-art.
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Atelier iPhone 5s cases draped in luxury quotient

Atelier iPhone 5s case

Looking for an iPhone 5s case with style and luxury credentials? Then you have come to the right place as we have for you the Atelier luxury cases for iPhone 5s that are robust and have a style statement all around them, be it the make, the kind of material used or the unique look they lend to your smartphone. Atelier cases have been designed in such a way that they absorb maximum impact in event of an accidental fall and the three different collections in alligator & Stainless Steel, Carbon & Steel and Alligator skin & Clous de Paris serve to every demanding iPhone users need. Completely handmade in Paris the Atelier iPhone 5s cases are made from precious materials such as diamonds, gold, sapphire crystal, alligator leather, lacquer and 316L stainless steel. Using technique that is reminiscent to the highest quality watchmaking, Atelier iPhone cases are in a league of their own catering to the elite class.
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CES 2014: $4.5 million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster with Monster’s dynamic audio system

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster by Monster CES 2014

Lamborghini Veneno is one sexy car that is a dream for millions out there but only a few have the money to buy it. And when a Lamborghini Veneno gets even sexier than ever it is kind of a car lover’s ultimate fantasy. Sant’ Agata-based company Monster has joined hands with Lamborghini to come up with a special edition Monster version of Lamborghini Veneno Roadster having a high end music system powered by Monster. The audio system that alone costs around $50,000 is in a class of its own with dynamic sound and clarity courtesy Pure Monster Sound tuned by Head Monster Noel Lee and the latest technologies in sonic innovation for an immersive listening experience. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is currently on display at CES 2014 and is turning eyeballs as everyone wants to get inside this exclusive supercar to have a feel of it.

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