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How about a gold-plated iPhone 6?

gold-plated iPhone 6 by Brikk

If you don’t want to stand in a long waiting line to put your hands on the much awaited Apple iPhone 6 when it finally gets launched, we have an interesting option for you. Pre-order a gold-plated version right now! Brikk, Los Angeles-based designer and manufacturers of couture products and accessories have put a luxurious line of gold, platinum, and diamond-encrusted versions of the iPhone 6 up for pre-order on its website. The Lux iPhones line will be offered in 14 high-end versions by the company with a price ranging from $4,495 to $8,795.
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£9,960,000 Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold cot embraces your baby in the lap of luxury

Suommo Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold Limited Edition crib

Do you think your baby is special? A gift from god that needs the best things in the world? Then you better have look at this golden crib that will make you think otherwise. Made from 24 carat gold, the Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold Limited Edition crib is the world’s most expensive cot to embrace your special child in the lap of luxury. This special cradle weighing 188kg has an eye-popping price tag of £9,960,000 that will make your heart go numb. The cot measures 96 cm x 114 cm x 66 cm in total and is delivered worldwide with international shipping insurance.
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Vertu for Bentley phone will have Android OS

Vertu for Bentley phone

Vertu for Bentley phone slated to be revealed soon

Bentley and Vertu, the two heavyweights of British brands have got into a five year partnership to make the Vertu for Bentley phone slated to be launched in October. Not only the Vertu for Bentley phone, but after that the duo will launch four more designs that will be centered around Bentley’s design cues and the obvious luxury lifestyle services. Since Vertu has made Android powered phones in the past, so it would be safe to say that this one is also going to be powered by Android OS. To make it an unmatchable experience for exclusive owners of this smartphone, exclusive Bentley experience and content will be consolidated via an app on the device.
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V8 Wet Rod Concept personal watercraft will hit the waters later this year

V8 Wet Rod Concept personal watercraft

Do you think yachts and other personal watercrafts that you have seen so far are cool? Then you probably need to have a look at this V8 Wet Rod Concept personal watercraft designed by renowned designer Kurt Strand for Strand Craft. As impressive as this personal watercraft looks, it has been designed with important feedback from professional watercraft riders. And it will come to you as a surprise that this amazing personal watercraft will be a reality next year.

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Boeing 787 transformed into a VIP Living Space for billionaires

Boeing 787 VIP Living Space

With a huge influx of millionaires from European countries and Middle East, Boeing and Airbus have been pushed into revamping the interiors of their 787s for the demanding customers. So much so that they have converted the interior space into something that even a luxury resort would be proud of. With a total of $280 million USD spend on this high class upgrade, Boeing 787 looks set to take to the skies in a grand way with the most elite customers on board.
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Valbray EL1 100 Years Of Leica Photography Edition titanium chronograph

EL1 100 Years Of Leica Photography Edition titanium chronograph

To commemorate 100 glorious years of Leica, Valbray partnered with the German optics company for making a limited edition timepiece that is reminiscent of its niche cameras. Limited to only 100 timepieces, the appropriately named EL1 “100 Years Of Leica Photography Edition titanium chronograph is as exclusive as it can get. The design of this watch is totally inspired by the Leica cameras and the unique feature of its dial is the completely moving diaphragm which reminds me of the intensity diaphragms of photography.
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Rolls Royce engine powered Aeroboat speedboat

Rolls Royce powered Aeroboat speed boat

Drawing inspiration from the Spitfire fighter plane, Yacht design studio Claydon Reeves has made Rolls Royce powered Aeroboat that is going to be revealed at the Salute to Style event in July. The high-performance speed boat is stamped with British class and exuberance all over it, specifically targeted for the elite buyers. This stylish speedboat is made from carbon fiber material to keep the overall weight low and dressed in Kevlar and lightwood veneer material for a very elegant look that suits the elite class.
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Etihad Airways offers hotel-style luxury residence in the sky

The Residence by Etihad

In an effort to lure private jet passengers back to commercial airlines, Etihad has developed a hotel-style apartment aboard the Airbus A380. Premium Airbus A380 offering was recently unveiled at a press conference in Abu Dhabi. Dubbed ‘The Residence by Etihad,’ the home in the sky features a living room, two separate bedrooms and ensuite shower room. Interestingly, Etihad will limit one residence per A380 aircraft, which will rest in the upper-deck cabin and will be available for single or double occupancy with its own butler. Read More…

Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by O.A.M.C. is toughest pair money can buy

Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by OAMC

Not that if I fear being shot in the feet someday, but I definitely love the kind of protection these only-of-its-kind Kevlar Radial Low Shoes offer. Developed by Over All Master Cloth (O.A.M.C.) in collaboration with well-known French shoemaker Atelier Heschung, the dress kicks are made from bullet-resistant material, Kevlar, which is used primarily in body armors and ballistic protection gear. The specially crafted Kevlar Radial Low Shoes feature lightweight Kevlar upper construction, and accents along the collar and the heel are made from supple calf leather. Read More…

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