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Wix Acquired DevianArt: Here’s What That Means

Wix users announced its $36 million-worth acquisition of DeviantArt in February this year.

By adding DeviantArt into its product arsenal, Wix hopes to expand its boundaries by offering its users a diverse range of tools which they will need to build and administer a fully functional website.

Here’s what the acquisition means for DevianArt.

DeviantArt’s Future With Wix

DevianArt is an online community of artists and designers. It has approximately 40 million registered users putting up some 325 million individual pieces of art work on the platform.

DeviantArt was founded in 2000. Since then, it has been capitalizing on receiving backing from companies like DivX, AutoDesk, and other interested third parties. So far, the company had received a whooping $13.5 million from the aforementioned companies, although the actual value was not stated at the time of its acquisition by Wix.

Wix stated that DeviantArt would continue to run its operation independently, although they would also use it to boost their business in a couple of ways. hopes to merge the functionality of DeviantArt’s website, particularly its web design tools, in a bid to help users expand their web presence. These tools are inclined toward design and e-commerce, among other features that are frequently needed by users to run a successful internet business, a need indicated by a number of Wix review writers.

The second thing that Wix said it would do is to expand the creative community and DeviantArt’s own repository in the Wix platform. This would give Wix users the freedom to use that creativity on their various site-building operations.

The Key To DeviantArt’s Success

Over its 16 years of existence, the site has managed to build a loyal community of creative designers who are highly engaged and always eager to produce stunning art pieces. The platform is full of talented individuals and is robust when it comes to artwork. 

DeviantArt was mainly successful because it was a platform established with the sole purpose of bringing out creativity in people. This passion could then be shared with the rest of the world. This passion and creativity merges well with the Wix platform in such a way that it can benefit the company and its users as a whole. However, with this combined effort to join the Wix community, the platform is set to take innovations to the next level. Wix also intends to make DeviantArt a better place for the creative community. The company wants to do this by developing apps for both desktop and mobile use.

The Financial Implications

DevianArt’s stock has been skyrocketing since this acquisition in February 2017. This Bull Run is mainly attributed to the company’s differentiated products and services, as well as the existence of a strong fundamental business model.

Following these updates, many analysts now believe that the company is poised to see an increased number of subscribers in both their free and paid services. Currently, the stock of the company is already displaying this expectation over both the near-term and long term future.

Chinese robot reporter publishes its first ever article, journalists feel insecure

Robot reporter

Of all things in this tech dominated era, robots are definitely taking huge leaps as far as AI is concerned. They look like humans, behave like humans and ultimately are going to take over the control from us humans. As weird as that might sound, it is the future of robotics which is already making our jaws drop in one way or the other. Apparently, yet another chapter to the applications of robotics in professional arena has been added.
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Blitab braille tablet for visually-impaired will soon be in your hands

Blitab braille tablet

Blitab Technology, an Austrian startup has been working for quite some time on its innovative tablet for the blind which is more of a modern braille. In fact it is the perfect combination of a tablet and braille which aims to make life easier for the visually impaired. After showing off their initial iteration of the Blitab quite a few months ago, the team at Blitab has come up with a better version.
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CES 2017: GoPro Karma drone to be re-launched in February

Go Pro Karma relaunch CES 2017

GoPro were expecting big things with its Karma drone, but instead things went South and the company had to recall the units. The reason? Well, the drone people had purchased was having loss of power issues and tumbling from the sky. In fact GoPro had to recall all the units and refund the buyers with the full purchase amount. That is a very news from the perspective of business as well as brand image.
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Faraday Future FF91 gives Tesla Motors some early jitters at CES 2017

Faraday Future FF91 electric car

Faraday Future has been in the news for its bold move to develop a new species of electric cars of the future. The American automotive technology company is a start-up which envisions a future dominated with powerful electric cars. We have already seen their developments, putting more emphasis on what they actually believe in. Now the company is out with a bang at CES 2017 with their powerful electric car capable of going from 0-60 in mere 2.39 seconds.
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Chrysler Portal: Semi-autonomous concept minivan to debut at CES 2017

Chrysler Portal Concept electric vehicle

Do you believe minivans carry the same old traditional aura of being boring and not so happening? Well, Fiat/Chrysler wants to change that image with its concept minivan which is all set to make a debut at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. To top it off the vehicle is all-electric and self-driving too. The company has named it ‘Portal’ going with the futuristic theme, and its overall design and look fully suggests that. The door of the minivan opens and closes like an elevator perfect for millennials.
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Is Apple finally going to Manufacture iPhones in India?

Apple iPhone in India

Apple, the Cupertino giant is planning to make iPhones for the Indian market, and ‘Bengaluru is being looked at seriously’ by them. A report of Thursday claims that top sources in the company confirmed, they are very serious about beginning assembly operations and thereafter full manufacturing iPhones in India by the end of next year.
A report in Times of India also claims – ‘Wistron’, a Taiwanese, original equipment manufacturer for Apple, is setting up a facility in Peenya, Bengaluru’s industrial hub to assemble or manufacture iPhones for the tech giant.
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Samsung CH711 Quantum Dot curved monitor to debut at CES 2017

Samsung CH711 Quantum Dot curved monitor_2

Electronics shows are a good place to reveal curved screen monitors, and CES is the best platform of them all. Samsung too is planning to showcase its next iteration of curved screen monitor tailor-made for desktop gamers. At CES 2017, Samsung CH711 Quantum Dot is going to make first appearance, and the South Korean electronics giant is confident of its success as a new age accessory. The lineup of monitors is going to put the user right inside the action while gaming or watching multimedia content.
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Raspberry Pi releases own Pixel OS for PC and Mac

raspberry oS
Raspberry Pi has announced introduction of its own, light-weight OS for Mac and PC– the Pixel. The OS is built on Debian and is light. That means, it can run on almost all old machines. Pixel OS includes a simple and clean desktop UI. The OS won’t ask the user to install it in order to access it. It can be downloaded, burn into disc, and can just run simply through a USB flash drive. It is as simple as a small tweak in PC’s BIOS. Mac users can do it by just pressing C key down while booting. The OS will offer the Chromium web browser and suite of productivity and coding tools that includes a lot of useful Linux apps except MineCraft or Woldfram Mathematica. Read More…

iPhone 8 could feature edge-to-edge curved display

 iPhone 8 curved display

Representational image.

This is still too early to talk about iPhone 8, the next iPhone that’s slated to roll out in September 2017. Irrespective of the release date, rumors are ripe – the latest having that the iPhone 8 will be released with an OLED edge-to-edge curved display supplied to the Cupertino tech company by Samsung. The latest report coming from Korean media suggests Apple has ordered all plastic OLEDs (not glass) from Samsung Display. Read More…