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You throw away waste kitchen oil, and one bloke drives his car on it for free!

Kitchen Grease powered car by Nathaniel Poole

Self-sustainable living that is not dependent on depleting natural resources is the main agenda for far-sighted individuals and organizations. The same is true for vehicles that are now making a paradigm shift to zero-emission electric powertrains, fuel cells and hybrid engines. But rarely do we come across a vehicle powered by low-emission kitchen oil waste that is far cheaper than the rising cost of crude oil used for petrol and diesel. Meet Nathaniel Poole who has made a kitchen grease-powered Mitsubishi Delica that has some major changes on the inside as-well-as inside to accommodate all the extra oil that the bloke has to carry around to power the car.
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Guy shows crazy drifting skills driving a bathub in Swiss mountains!

Hannes Roth bathtub drifting Bergrennen Reitnau

Drifting as a sport is the epitome of car control and skill that only a few can master. Be it performing doughnuts on street circuit or climbing uphill on a curvy road while drifting like a pro. Drifting is something that all want to perform but only a few can pull-off with style and panache. But drifting on a bathtub with a set of wheels is completely out of the league and something that you might not have witnessed so far in your lifetime.
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Smartphone-connected cigarette pack stops you from smoking too much

Lowiee Cigarette pack

As a smoker you must have tried a dozen methods to get rid of this dangerous habit, but as you are reading it right now, chances are you haven’t succeeded much. Don’t worry, there is yet another method that may just be the last thing you did before quitting/lessening your smoking habits. Just like you, most of the smokers are pissed by their habit and are looking out for a way to give it a rest for life. A French start-up called Lowiee could just have the answer to your lingering problem that more often than not also affects your mental health.
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Revolutionary umbrella design that solves an age old problem!

Inside out umbrella for monsoons

Japanese are always at the fore-front of innovation when it comes to the little things in life. Small issues that we are all bugged by, but never pay attention to are all in the list of Japanese people to sort out. For example, when it is raining and you have to get in or out of your vehicle with an umbrella it is a big hassle. You have to get out of the car or first open your umbrella and vice versa in order to avoid the rain, but in doing that you get yourself wet. Same is the case when you have to get into the vehicle and close your umbrella. Now, that is something that we all have done, but not yet figured out how to get over.
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The Swarm: Multi-rotor super drone with a crazy dude riding it in flight!

The Swarm super drone

All the drones that we have seen so far have been interesting, but none compares to this gigantic manned vehicle which is driven by a swarm of quadcopters working in harmony. Created by a Brit who is a diehard aviation fanatic, this super drone is a combination of 54 polycarbonate drones fitted into a metal frame, capable of lifting a full-grown adult off the ground and in the air. Youtube user [Gas Turbine 101] has named his creation “The Swarm” inspired by the sound all these drones make together which is more like the buzzing of bees around a beehive.
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People in Seattle rode crazy Mad Max vehicles and you missed the chance!

mad max game promotional campaign by Uber_69

Uber is always on the lookout for niche ways to promote their services and their latest promotion idea just got viral. To take advantage of the release of Mad Max game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows PC platforms, Uber joined hands with Warner Bros. to give free rides to the residents of downtown Seattle in Mad Max themed vehicles. The timing was perfect as they showcased this promotion move at the PAX gaming convention.
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Furoshiki Shoes wrap around your feet for snugly comfort

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

Some people always rue the fact that no shoe fits them at all. Even if it fits them, after some time either the sole cracks from a particular point or the shoe cloth tears-apart due to the odd make of their feet. To get over this problem you need a wrapping shoe which encapsulates your feet; and rather than your feet fitting the shoe form-factor, it is the shoe that takes shape of your feet. These shoes do exactly that and use the age old technique called Furoshiki (cloth wrapping for transporting goods) to give the traditional shoe design a completely new style.
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Big Wind – Jet engine powered fire truck that’ll put out any fire in seconds!

Big Wind Fire Truck

You’ll go crazy if I tell you that the thing you see in the picture above is no weapon of mass destruction. In-fact it is exactly the opposite! This folks is a fire extinguishing truck that has the base of a World War ll Russian T34 tank and top as two MiG-21 fighter jet engines. Designed by a team of Hungarian engineers this beast is aptly named as the Big Wind. To operate this massive fire fighting machine one person steers it, other operates the jet engines/water jets and a fire chief issues orders from a distance of 15 feet.
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Some drone breaching your privacy? Shoot that son of a gun down!

Drone Munition_2

Drones have brought a whole slew of problems like privacy breach and much more dangerous issues like infiltration into highly restricted aerospace. Not only that, a man claims that he mounted GLOCK pistol to a drone and figured out a way to shoot rounds remotely and that too with accuracy. Now that is a major security concern along with other reports that clearly show the breach of privacy by people on their neighbors. To end any nuisance created by drones, Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc. has an answer.
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iPhone 6S is much stronger than its predecessor, Bendgate won’t be an issue

iPhone 6S bend test

No one will ever know how many iPhone 6 Plus devices got affected by the bendgate issue near the power button/volume rocker. Some reported it after an extensive inspection, while others didn’t think of it as much of a problem. Even though most of the industry experts said that the issue affected only a small amount of users, but still Apple was a bit rattled by the whole fiasco. Proof enough is the change in casing of the iPhone 6S which has aerospace grade 7000 series aluminum and a thicker anodized coating as compared to iPhone 6.
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