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Strange Facts – $349 Apple Watch costs just $83.70 to manufacture!

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition

The starting version of Apple’s smartwatch, the Apple Watch Sport 38mm (A1553) that you bought for $349, just costs $83.70 for Apple to manufacture! Before you say the “F” word, consider that Apple Watch has some issues too. This fact is unearthed by IHS Technology who added that Apple Watch has the lowest hardware cost to retail price ratio which is a bit harsh on the end-costumers. The estimated hardware to MSRP ratio for Apple products is in the range of 29 to 38 percent, that is quite surprising and also an eye opener about the final quality of product that you pay for.
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Shoe That Grows – Footwear which adapts to a growing child’s feet

Shoe That Grows

The world we live in is strange and cruel at times. We get irritated when we don’t get our favorite brand of limited edition shoes, while on the other end there are people that can’t afford to buy a pair of shoes owing to their misfortune. Kenton Lee, a 30-year old entrepreneur who worked with an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya found out that more than 70% of kids don’t have shoes to wear, and even if they have a pair, the shoes become hard to fit after a few years of use due to growth. The telling blow was one instance where Kenton saw a small child cut her shoes from the front to accommodate for the growing fingers. This prompted the humanitarian to invent a pair of shoes that adjust to the foot size and expands or contracts if needed.
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Take out your frustration on this Strong Enter Key!

Village Vanguard Strong Enter Key

Being a blogger sometimes can be really frustrating when you just can’t seem to hit the right rhythm. And most of the times, this frustration is taken out on the good old Enter key. You hit the key really hard to satisfy your guts and tend to get some mental satisfaction. Japanese company Village Vanguard has their own version of releasing this frustration, not on the key on your keyboard, but a colossal Enter key that when hit with force won’t get damaged. Plus, it will be a good way to release your tension.
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World’s first head transplant planned for ailing man shocks the internet!

Sergio Canavero head transplant on Valery Spiridonov

Russian doctor they call Dr. Frankenstein

Although it might sound like a fiction movie plot, set sometime in the future, but it is shockingly true! Yes, Russian surgeon Dr. Sergio Canavero who is popularly known as Dr Frankenstein, claims to have the right technique to perform head transplant surgery and turn it into a successful operation, unlike any other performed until now. Valery Spiridonov, a 30 year-old computer scientist suffering from an acute genetic condition known as Werdnig-Hoffman muscle wasting disease has volunteered for this operation. The surgery involves cutting-off the volunteer’s head and attaching it to a donor’s body who is brain-dead!
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Just when you thought Bendgate was over, Samsung S6 Edge gets caught!

Samsung S6 Edge bendgate

Bendgate, what is that? Just when you thought that Bendgate got erased completely off your mind, a new revelation by SquareTrade has livened things up. And ironically it is Samsung that it seems has got caught in the middle of the saga for their flagship device Samsung S6 Edge. Now, this quite embarrassing for Samsung who have been taking Apple to the brink of awkwardness by making fun of the iPhone 6 Plus bendgate issue!
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Silly DIY – Cardboard Treadmill is a disgrace to fitness regime

DIY cardboard treadmill

Amidst all the DIY’s that we have seen till date, this one puts all of them to shame. Or should I say, stacks itself right up there in the oddly stupid category! I was intrigued when I first saw the headline “World’s first recycled cardboard” flash on my screen. But later on when I saw the video it turned out to be really funny and annoying. Undoubtedly, 10 on 10 for effort put in to making this DIY, but sadly it serves no practical purpose.
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Audi’s Disappearing Billboards – Apparition like visual effect created by water vapors

Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron Quattro Disappearing billboards

Audi always finds itself amidst niche advertising campaigns and proactive development of future automotive technologies. A few months ago we saw the Audi RS7 become a canvas for the Castrol’s 3D projection mapping at SEMA Show, and now recently they embarked on an ad campaign for the hybrid-electric Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron Quattro. They formed alliance with German advertising firm Thjnk to make disappearing billboards that are reminiscent of the Audi class. The ads were placed in different areas of big cities and those who watched it just could not imagine their eyes.
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Apple Drone looks cool, but is it for real?

Apple Drone Concept by Eric Huismann

If one has to go by what can be seen in the above photo, Apple could be on the brink of creating one of the coolest quadcopter out there. But don’t let your eyes fool you, as this is just an iteration of what an Apple Drone would like, if there was ever one! Created by graphics designer Eric Huismann, this concept Apple Drone looks like the real thing. With smooth flowing design and hallmark white and black colors accentuated by the shiny look, Apple Drone promises non-stop quadcopter fun for demanding users.
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Monohm Runcible – Smartphone that resembles a pocket watch

Monohm Runcible smartphone

These days if you go out to find a good smartphone, you’ll get a thousand options that will lure you. In this super crowded mobile device market there was a need for something that is out of the ordinary. This is Runcible, a Mozilla Firefox OS smartphone that is designed by Monohm (company based in Berkley, California), to look like a pocket watch. The minds behind this unique circular looking smartphone are Former Apple and Sony employees Aubery Anderson, Geroge Arriola and Jason Procter.
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Dole Wearable Banana – World’s first eatable wearable for Tokyo Marathon 2015

Wearable banana Tokoyo Marathon 2015

The world of wearable technology is dominated by gadgets that aim to make your life better, give you up-to-date information on your fitness regimes or simply provide notifications from your mobile devices. But nothing can be as surprising as an edible wearable! Dole, the sponsors of Japan’s largest city marathon every year since 2008, the Tokyo Marathon, has come-up with a wearable banana!
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