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Chinese movie theaters showing live audience text comments on the silver screen

live commenting on cinema movie screen by text message

Whenever you go into a cinema hall, the first thing on your mind is to switch-off or keep the phone in silent, so as to prevent any rolling eye-balls in your direction. Also you make it a point not to text or use any chatting apps; totally engulfing in the cinematic experience of your favorite movie. But, Chinese movie theaters are taking a detour from this usual routine and prompting its users to text while watching a movie. And those very texts are the user’s views on the movie or comments on anything dramatic in the movie.
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Amstel Pause – Free beer for doing absolutely nothing at all!

Amstel Pause free beer

Your life is busy all-right, with hundred things on your mind that weight you down heavily. Not even the time to relax for a bit and contemplate what’s really going on. Well, taking this factor into consideration, Amstel (beer brand) is using a clever advertising campaign to strengthen its brand name. For this they have put up a machine called Amstel Pause, on a street called Sofia in Bulgaria which lures-in passers-by to grab a free beer for simply doing nothing for a duration of three minutes. Yes, you heard it right, free beer for just taking a break from your busy lifestyle.
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Watch-out for Twitter powered Selena Gomez NEO Runaway fashion show

Adidas NEO Fashion Event Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, who is making great waves in the American acting and singing arena is now all set to rock the world with her latest fashion show powered by you. Yes, you heard it right, you will be the one to power up all the elements of this fashion show a.k.a NEO Runaway for her new collection with Adidas NEO. Everything from the hair and makeup to the styling and music chosen for this fashion show will be voted on Twitter, considering the amount of retweets and favorites on each idea. So, basically it’s the audience that will decide how the show goes forward, and that is downright cool.
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Sony to release a perfume bottle shaped selfie camera

perfume bottle shaped Cyber-shot camera

The craze of taking selfies has turned into an obsession all over the globe and we don’t think it is going to stop anytime soon. Taking advantage of this increasing addiction, Sony is about to release a Cyber-shot camera with a larger viewfinder and an equally large camera sensor too. However, that’s not it as the device is designed with an interesting theme, making it look like a luxurious perfume bottle. For the female enthusiasts, this is surely an icing on the cake.
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Auto-writing Japanese robot by Gakken

Automate writing robot by Gakken

Blokes from the Far East never seize to amaze us with their unique and useful creations that solve some inherent purpose. This time too, it is no different as Gakken and Maywa Denki as they have come up with an automated writing robot that captures our imagination. Dubbed as Automa-te, this auto writing hand is also known as Auto-Writing Machine which writes in Japanese. The machine works by having a combination of three plates that rotate and are caught by spring-loaded hand to draw the desired shape.
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Bill Gates makes his own machine for Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)


The Ice Bucket Challenge to donate for ALS Association has been all over Facebook and Twitter. Many celebrities including Satya Nadella, Phil Schiller and Mark Zuckerberg have poured buckets of ice water on their heads and then challenged another three people each to do the same. Mark Zuckerberg took the opportunity to challenge Bill Gates. Gates very eagerly agreed to Zuckerberg’s dare, willing to take a bucket of ice water over his head for a great cause. Read More…

China’s Samadhi will be offering people an imagined experience of death soon

Samadhi -- 4D Experience of Death

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to die? Samadhi – 4D Experience of Death can give you the answer. The death-themed game uses dramatic special effects and bring people closer to an imagined experience of death. Scheduled to open in Shanghai in September 2014, the project is all set to complete by the end of August. Developed by Huang Wei-ping and Ding Rui, the one-off game will invite participants to compete in a series of challenges in which they will have to avoid dying.
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Cloud Piano: Instrument plays music by reading movement of clouds

Piano by David Bowen

It is hard for us to draw any relation between clouds and a Piano. However, artist David Bowen has somehow found a connection between the musical instrument and one of the nature’s mesmerizing creations. He has created a smart robotic device that plays the keys on a Piano by reading the movements of clouds overhead. Christened Cloud Piano, the unique installation will be coming up for the artist’s solo exhibition at L’assaut de la Menuiserie in Saint-Etienne, France.
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Wind reactive ink changes clothing color when exposed to air


Lauren Bowker, a London-based alchemist have developed an ink that changes color on reaction with different elements in the air. Furthermore, the wind reactive ink has been embedded in to feathered garments to create a couture capsule collection. Entitled Air, the collection has been created by the artist and her Studio, THE UNSEEN which focusses on combining science with art to create Magick. This unique collection is designed for Swarovski and was displayed at London’s Fashion Week 2014.
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Watch online movie just by tapping beer bottle on your gadget

movie unlocker

Tap beer bottle and unlock online movies

How about tapping an empty beer bottle to your mobile device or laptop and in return getting to watch a cool movie? Does that sound realistically impossible? Then you ought to be surprised as Aleksandr Semenov, the CEO of Russian design studio Heads and Hands has come up with a unique way to unlock movies that otherwise cannot be viewed. Taking advantage of Bluetooth beacon technology dubbed as iBeacon in conjunction with Movie Unlocker app, the movie can be unlocked by bringing the Grolsch beer bottle near your Bluetooth enabled devices. People who drink Grolsch beer with the embedded beacon under the cap emits a Bluetooth signal and sends a request to the server to unlock the movie.

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