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Cloud Piano: Instrument plays music by reading movement of clouds

Piano by David Bowen

It is hard for us to draw any relation between clouds and a Piano. However, artist David Bowen has somehow found a connection between the musical instrument and one of the nature’s mesmerizing creations. He has created a smart robotic device that plays the keys on a Piano by reading the movements of clouds overhead. Christened Cloud Piano, the unique installation will be coming up for the artist’s solo exhibition at L’assaut de la Menuiserie in Saint-Etienne, France.
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Wind reactive ink changes clothing color when exposed to air


Lauren Bowker, a London-based alchemist have developed an ink that changes color on reaction with different elements in the air. Furthermore, the wind reactive ink has been embedded in to feathered garments to create a couture capsule collection. Entitled Air, the collection has been created by the artist and her Studio, THE UNSEEN which focusses on combining science with art to create Magick. This unique collection is designed for Swarovski and was displayed at London’s Fashion Week 2014.
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Watch online movie just by tapping beer bottle on your gadget

movie unlocker

Tap beer bottle and unlock online movies

How about tapping an empty beer bottle to your mobile device or laptop and in return getting to watch a cool movie? Does that sound realistically impossible? Then you ought to be surprised as Aleksandr Semenov, the CEO of Russian design studio Heads and Hands has come up with a unique way to unlock movies that otherwise cannot be viewed. Taking advantage of Bluetooth beacon technology dubbed as iBeacon in conjunction with Movie Unlocker app, the movie can be unlocked by bringing the Grolsch beer bottle near your Bluetooth enabled devices. People who drink Grolsch beer with the embedded beacon under the cap emits a Bluetooth signal and sends a request to the server to unlock the movie.

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Business Knife – Cardboard business card in the shape of a multitool

Business Knife business card in multitool shape

Got bored with the usual business cards that carry in your pocket? Business cards that haven’t had much of an evolution, other than the visual graphics element? Auckland based graphic designer Anthony Cole took the leap of faith to come up with a cardboard business card called Business Knife that is inspired by multitools that we use so often. In fact, it is a very creative design made from cardboard that shows different skill set of a person in a very unique manner. Each tool of the multitool is engraved with a skill that defines a person’s abilities making it creative and different than other business cards.
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13 year old creates DIY Google glasses for himself

DIY google glass

Google glasses have generated a lot of interest in people all around the world. However, not everyone can afford these $1500 glasses and most of us have to settle just by dreaming about them. But not Clay Haight, a 13 year old boy who has created his own version of the Google glasses. At the age of 8, his fascination towards constructing electronic objects and DIY projects started after he was presented a book by his grandfather which explained about everyday appliances.
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How about a 3D printed Apple iWatch?

iPod watch strap

If your patience is running out in the wait of eagerly awaited Apple iWatch, then this might bring a smile to your face. Today,we have brought to you a 3D printed version of the iWatch (of course it’s fake) that surely will give you something to cheer about. Stewart Davies, a product design graduate from University of Edinburgh has created a 3D printed iPod watch strap for the Apple’s 6th generation of the iPod Nano. Both of these products can combine to become a cool iWatch, at least something to fool your friends.

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Czech adventurers on a 900km journey in a plastic bottles boat

Plastic bottles boat

In an attempt to bring much needed awareness to the increasing plastic pollution in Europe, two young adventurers have created a plastic bottles boat. Honza Kára, a 22-year-old student and Jakub Bures, a 21-year-old mechanic are in the middle of their unusual journey these days as they are peddling their way almost a thousand kilometers from their hometown Nymburk down the River Elbe to the great port of Hamburg on the North Sea. The 10-metre long boat is made out of 5000 plastic bottles was launched officially on July 12, 2014 at Elbe river in Nymburk.

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Monsoon buster: Sardines boots fold into themselves for easy portability [W/video]

Sardines boots by Estel Alcaraz

Monsoons are here and I don’t like this part of the year much, owing to one simple reason that it creates so much mess. One thing that gets utterly messy in the rainy season is your pair of shoes or any other footwear that you are wearing. For this very reason in the wars of 17th century the wellington boots were invented. But they are very cumbersome to carry and are ages behind in terms of portability and looks. That is why Estel Alcaraz from Barcelona has come up with Sardines rain boots, a new avatar of wellington boots that weigh just 800 grams and can be folded to one fourth of their original size.

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Turn plastic bottles into strong ropes in a jiffy [W/video]

Plastic bottle rope

In a world dominated by packed food and drinks, plastic bottles contribute as a major source of non-recyclable litter that is destroying our planet by the minute. One intuitive DIYer from Russia has something on his mind to curb that, and put the discarded plastic bottles to good use. He has made a small little device that turns plastic bottle trash into strong ropes that can be put to any number of uses. It can be used as a fishing line, rope to hang clothes on, as a bicycle handlebar wrap, cable clamps and much more.
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Koolernaut cools down your beer and displays current temperature

Koolernaut beer cooler

Do you like your beer chilled and just at the right kind of temperature to enjoy? But when you drink it, either it is too chilled or not cold enough to enjoy taste of the malt? Then you need to get yourself a Koolernaut. This casing for your beer not only keeps it chilling cold but also shows the current temperature on the digital display. So if your beer is not cold enough you can wait for the ice puck filled with freezable non-toxic gel to cool it down.
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