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Colin Furze’s tuk tuk loaded with weapons and a Honda CBR600 engine!

TUK600 Colin Furze tuk tuk with weapons

TUK600 Colin Furze tuk tuk with weapons!

Colin Furze, the crazy but intelligent geek is at it again with a whooping creation of his. With the release of Far Cry 4 yesterday, Colin also revealed his new creation which is an adaptation of the vehicle shown in the Ubisoft game. A weaponized tuk tuk that Colin made, since Ubisoft asked him to do so and agreed to bear all the expenses of the project. He bought a Bajaj tuk tuk (mobility three wheeler) from eBay and then modified it with upgrades that enhanced its performance. And yes he gave it a name too, the TUK600.
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Now that’s a great idea – A bike with ice wheels!

Going by the kind of things this guy makes, most of us may have dubbed him a lunatic just after his jet powered bike. You still know him as Colin Furze? Well here is a reason to change your mind – an ice wheels bike, anyone? No, it is not the bike of the future – if you have studied some science in your 6th grade, you will figure out just why. Well, this is basically bike created for a video to promote thermal shirts from Uniqlo, Japanese clothing company. Read More…

Simulate your own death with Samadhi – 4D Death Simulator

4d death simulator

Different people have different fantasies of death and life after death. The Samadhi – 4D Experience of Death Simulator in China is giving people an innovative way to experience both. It is basically a game which claims to satiate a person’s curiosity of death and after-death life without killing in the real sense. Set up in an unusual new theme park in Shenzhen, China, the 4D Death Simulator is a gloomy escape room (womb-like pod) which uses hot air and light projections to create a real-like experience of burning. Read More…

Aposematic Jacket wards-off attacker and records the scene in 360 degrees view

Aposematic Jacket

Aposematic Jacket has camera embedded into the fabric to record any attacks

When we talk about wearable technology the first thing that comes to mind is a sleek looking gizmo. This odd but futuristic looking men’s suit is something different however. Developed by Shinseungback Kimyonghun, this fashion crazy suit called Aposematic Jacket might not win you many ladies, but in the event of a sudden attack or attempt of theft, it will definitely come handy. They deem it as a wearable computer for self-defense since it is loaded with lenses that give off a warning signal and vocal message “I can record you”.
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Quadcopter shooting fireworks at human target is quite scary!

Quadcopter shooting fireworks

Quadcopter shooting fireworks onto a human target!

While others go preparing scary costumes for Halloween, you might consider doing something different. Probably, some fireworks shooting from a drone onto the crazily dressed people on the Halloween night. Or maybe, paintballs shooting from a BB gun planted on-board a quadcopter! The former is a reality, as a crazy bunch of geeks from Muskoka in Ontario, Canada took a drone, mounted fireworks on it and coupled it up with a mechanism that shoots them on to the target on will. The target being, human flesh protected by just a helmet, t-shirt and shorts. Now that is very much up high on that craziness meter folks!
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Dartz Prombron Black Shark armored vehicle will have anti-paparazzi shock device

Prombron Black Shark armored vehicle by Dartz

Latvian-based designer and manufacturer of high performance armored vehicles Dartz is releasing their new hi-tech vehicle, which the company is calling world first real SpyKar. The ultra-tech vehicle is designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their ancestors, the Russian Motorized Infantry. Named after a Russian attack helicopter, the armored car is called Prombron Black Shark and is based on Mercedes-Benz GL-Class full-size SUV. The SUV will be offered with an option of a bi-turbo V8 from the GL63 AMG or a bi-turbo V12 from the GL65 AMG which will deliver a maximum power of 1,500bhp. The remaining details and specification of the Prombron Black Shark will be revealed on October 19.
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Star Wars fans recreate shot for shot version of The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back Uncut by Star Wars fans

If you are a huge Star Wars fan and if The Empire Strikes Back is one of your favorite movies, then this story surely is for you. The 1980 classic by Irvin Kershner has been re-created by hundreds of Star Wars fans who have contributed their own reimagined scenes of the film to create The Empire Strikes Back Uncut in a full 2 hour long movie. The shot-for-shot remake of the Star Wars classic is created painstakingly by joining together more than 480 fan-made segments (each about 15 seconds long) which are picked from over 1,500 submissions. The movie was released on Star Wars YouTube channel and its official site on Friday. The project was directed by Casey Pugh who was responsible for the creation of the Star Wars Uncut project similar to this back in 2010.
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Most viral videos captured by drones around the world

Best footage captured by drones

What first started off as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) became so popular with people that they wanted to have one for themselves too. Originally used for secretive missions and unmanned surveillance in sensitive areas, drones have now captured the imagination of creative people like photographers and videographers who want to show the world what is possible with a remote-controlled contraption capable of capturing stunning footage.
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iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate issue finally solved, but what about #Hairgate?

Solve iPhone 6 bendgate

Bendgate issue has bugged iPhone 6 Plus users and Apple themselves as they had to take on the brunt of the internet. With competing brands like Samsung, HTC and even non related brands like KitKat looking to take advantage of this iPhone 6 Plus’s shortcoming; it’s becoming a constant headache for Apple to come up with the solution. As others have been busy making their versions of the Bendgate issue to get hits on their websites and pages, one bloke has taken the matters in his own hand to get rid of the issue, once and for all.
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Underboob Sweat Absorber: Because no one likes sweating there

Underboob breast sweat absorber

Working out or performing any athletic activity for long duration means a lot of sweating, especially under the armpits and boobs. Under the armpits almost everyone sweats, but sweating under the boobs is a problem that many face while working out and it can be embarrassing at times. Worry no more as Fashion first Aid is out with a solution to the problem of underboob sweating with their Underboob Breast Sweat Absorber. Sweating under the breasts can result in sweat marks on your clothing which is quite embarrassing when you are working out in a unisex gym or performing athletic activates in mixed company.
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