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Monohm Runcible – Smartphone that resembles a pocket watch

Monohm Runcible smartphone

These days if you go out to find a good smartphone, you’ll get a thousand options that will lure you. In this super crowded mobile device market there was a need for something that is out of the ordinary. This is Runcible, a Mozilla Firefox OS smartphone that is designed by Monohm (company based in Berkley, California), to look like a pocket watch. The minds behind this unique circular looking smartphone are Former Apple and Sony employees Aubery Anderson, Geroge Arriola and Jason Procter.
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Dole Wearable Banana – World’s first eatable wearable for Tokyo Marathon 2015

Wearable banana Tokoyo Marathon 2015

The world of wearable technology is dominated by gadgets that aim to make your life better, give you up-to-date information on your fitness regimes or simply provide notifications from your mobile devices. But nothing can be as surprising as an edible wearable! Dole, the sponsors of Japan’s largest city marathon every year since 2008, the Tokyo Marathon, has come-up with a wearable banana!
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Zyro DroneBall – A drone you can play outdoor games with

Zyro DroneBall

A project is up on Kickstarter that brings done play to the masses, and for reasons I’m wondering why! The Zyro DroneBall quadcopter is intended to be played like an outdoor sport where it acts as a prop. Much like a puck in hockey or shuttlecock in badminton, this drone can be maneuvered from side to side between players using a wand like device that redirects it in the intended direction. One can play games with up to four DroneBalls or initiate multiplayer games with other remote-enabled drones.
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Drone delivering flowers to lover – Valentine’s Day idea perhaps!

Flower Drone delivery

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air, literally! A Hong Kong based flower delivery start-up “Gift Flowers Hong Kong” has come up with a very unique way to spread love this Valentine’s Day. They are using DJI drones to deliver fresh flowers to your loved ones in Hong Kong to express affection in a very tech savvy way. AS you can see from the video clip below, the company shows how the drone delivers a bunch of roses to the intended location without hitch.
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How about a Corvette powered mobile bathroom?

Corvette powered mobile bathroom

Corvette powered mobile bathroom

You might have seen lots of weirdly modified Corvettes in your lifetime but I can guarantee you that they don’t stand a slightest chance in front of what we are showing you here today. Surfacing in Germany on eBay a few days back, the strange creation is a mobile bathroom which is powered by a 1965 C2 Corvette V8 engine. A sort of propelled bath, the show car was actually built back in the 70’s in America and was displayed at various exhibitions including the Canadian International Auto Show. After that it was shipped to Germany where it was seen on Essen Motor Show in the early 80’s before it was bought by some anonymous guy who added it to his top-class collection of vehicles.

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Henn-na: World’s first hotel staffed by robots to open soon in Japan

Henn-na is the world's first hotel staffed by robots

A very unique hotel is all set to open on July 17, 2015 at Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan. Named Henn-na Hotel which translates to Strange Hotel in English, it will be the world’s first hotel to be staffed by robots that will look like humans. During the first phase of the project, we will see the opening of a two-story hotel with 72 rooms in July this year. If the experiment comes out as a success, there are plans to open a similar robot-powered hotel with 72 rooms in 2016.
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Chinese inventor builds a petrol-powered robot horse

petrol-powered robot horse by Su Daocheng

Once in a while, there comes a Chinese guy that comes up with something unique and innovative to surprise and amaze us all. Today it is Su Daocheng, a retiree in his 60s who has invented a petrol-powered robot horse. A resident of Shiyan, a prefecture-level city in northwestern Hubei province, Su Daocheng have a huge fascination for machinery and contraptions. Known to build creative machines in the past also, the petrol-powered robot horse is the latest creation of the Chinese inventor. Capable of being driven on the road, the retiree was seen flaunting and showcasing the huge robotic horse through the streets of Shiyan.
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Hardcore – World’s first POV action movie inspired by FPS games coming soon!

harcore FPS movie by Ilya Naishuller

I’ve always been fascinated by FPS games like Battlefield, and always wondered how the game developers manage to bring such realism to the characters. Same is true for animated movies that bring CAD characters to life. Taking a detour from the conventional film-making techniques, Russian film-maker Ilya Naishuller came up with the idea of making a movie that is shot totally in first person view. Of-course he got the idea from Timur Bekmambetov who pushed him into such kind of project since Ilya directed a music video “Bad MotherF****r” back in 2013 that had more than 50 million views.
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Colin’s Heated Shoes will keep you warm but might set you on fire!

Colin Furze heated shoes

Gas-powered Heated Shoes

Colin Furze is out with his new invention that looks scary but is interesting in a funny way. Blokes, this time the crazy brit has come up with Heated Shoes for the winter season to keep col feet warm. I’m not sure about the safety aspect of these gas-powered heated slippers, but one thing is for sure, Colin is right up there on the craziness meter.
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Downtown Los Angles traffic sign hacked to display a thought-provoking message

Traffic sign board hack

Los Angles Traffic sign board hack

Whining all day about Facebook, Google+, Twitter and countless other apps on smartphone? Having sleep disorders and anxiety that won’t keep off of you? Then you seriously need to get into the habit of reading books and keeping yourself in a healthy state sans any insomnia nightmares. The popular Twitter hashtag #ReadAFuckingBook has been circulating since 2010 and it urges all smartphone fanatics to get into the habit of reading books to inculcate creativity and positive though process.
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