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Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by O.A.M.C. is toughest pair money can buy

Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by OAMC

Not that if I fear being shot in the feet someday, but I definitely love the kind of protection these only-of-its-kind Kevlar Radial Low Shoes offer. Developed by Over All Master Cloth (O.A.M.C.) in collaboration with well-known French shoemaker Atelier Heschung, the dress kicks are made from bullet-resistant material, Kevlar, which is used primarily in body armors and ballistic protection gear. The specially crafted Kevlar Radial Low Shoes feature lightweight Kevlar upper construction, and accents along the collar and the heel are made from supple calf leather. Read More…

Rubens’ Tube Pyro is one geeky flame audio visualizer

Flysikshow Rubens’ Tube Pyro Board flame audio visualizer

Think that your music player’s visualizing is cool? Then have a look at this audio visualizer that throws out flames in patterns, colors and shapes depending on the music. Rubens’ Tube Pyro Board is one cool upgrade to the original Rubens tube by creative geeks from Denmark over at [Flysikshow], as they modded it with 2500 holes to fine tune details of the visualizer. By attaching two speakers to the sides of this pyro board and a steel box at the top, these guys managed to come up with a beat visualizer that is fit to be displayed at some cool rave party on the beach.
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Business card that doubles up as a ring size measurement tool

Marrying Ring-Stick Business Card designed by Jung von Matt Alster

Plan on getting married to your spouse but don’t know their ring size to pop up the surprise on a cool summer evening? Just like they show you in television series and movies, as the charming hero hides the wedding ring inside the wine glass for a pleasant surprise to his future spouse. But for that, first you need to what size the ring will be. Marrying, a German ring manufacturer has collaborated with Jung von Matt/Alster to manufacture Ring Stick Business Card that helps you in taking your lady’s ring finger measurement for the inevitable surprise.
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Vending machine that tweets whatever unhealthy you eat

Tweeting vending machine by Nottinghack

How would it feel if everytime you use a vending machine to get a snack or sweet, a tweet about your purchase is relayed back to your followers? That is what a bunch of UK-based group of artists called Nottingham Hackspace have managed to do. They have hacked a vending machine bought from eBay with Arduino controller and somehow connected the cash payment system with a small little reader which has RFID chip. Once the payment is authenticated the information is send over to Nottingham Hackspace server named Holly and it tweets your name along with the purchase you have made.
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A drone that is a graffiti artist

graffiti drone by KATSU

KATSU the famous artist, graphics designer, vandal and hacker based in New York is once again in the news with his latest interpretation of what drones can be used for other than package delivery, in restaurants or rescue missions. His new project is all about attaching a spray can to a quadcopter and put its graffiti skills to the test. So why choose a drone to paint walls with random art? Well, there is a very good reason. Painting the walls of canvas with quadcopter means that the artist can get access to high walls that otherwise would be impossible to reach.
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Become invisible to surveillance cameras with the Justice Cap

Justice Caps

Freedom is everything, and while you walk on the streets your freedom could be impeached by surveillance cameras and face recognition cameras put in place by the authority. If you don’t want to reveal much about your identity, and lead a secretive life the only option left is to not leave the secure perimeters of your house. Or perhaps you could get yourself a Justice Cap. A cap that makes your face unidentifiable to surveillance cameras. More like a baseball hat, the Justice Cap has a set of LEDs on top that has anti-camera technology to white out your face whenever a camera is trying to recognize your face.
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3D printed skull saves a woman’s life in Netherlands

3D printed skull

In an unbelievable turn of events, medical science and cutting edge manufacturing technology joined hands to save a young woman’s life. 22 year old woman (name not disclosed) from Netherlands was suffering from a chronic bone disorder that resulted in her skull getting thick by 1.5cm to 5cm, thereby causing painful headaches and problems with eyesight. So the best solution though out by neurosurgeons at the University Medical Centre Utrecht was to replace her top part of the skull with a 3D printed implant that provided her relief from the ongoing suffering.
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Creepy looking animatronic dancing robot fit for a psychotic horror movie

Animatronic dancing robot

If you happen to be in New York anytime till April 19 then don’t pay a visit to the David Art Gallery. The reason being this ugly faced dancing animatronic robotic doll that looks like some devil from hell. Created by 33 year old artist Jordan Wolfson with help from his friends at Spectral Motion, this sculptural woman robot scares the daylight out of you with its gaze alone that follows in any direction you move courtesy the facial recognition technology. And the body parts aren’t that clean either as grime is rubbed all across its smooth contoured body and as you go from neck up it is the most hideous creation that you would have ever seen. The face so ugly that it reminds me of the filthy creature portrayed in Jeepers Creepers movie and the pole driven right inside its body also doesn’t comfort your mind either.
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Entrepreneuring Kiwi making a helicopter turbine-powered motorcycle

Helicopter turbine powered motorcycle

Chris Minnee from New Zealand is making a helicopter turbine-powered motorcycle for one simple reason; he is motorcycle enthusiast for the last 45 years and own Rotor Craft, a Hamilton Airport-based helicopter maintenance business. This is his first ever venture of building a turbine bike from ground-up fabrication and also one of the most powerful motorcycle in the world considering the fact that it is propelled forward by a helicopter turbine.

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Robotics and tattoo in perfect harmony to produce rhythmic music

Reading my body robot that scans tattoo to produce music

Robots and tattoos might be far apart from each other in terms of their inherent definition but that doesn’t mean they can’t work in harmony to produce some really good music. Russian artist Dmitry Mozorov has used his ingenious brain bits to come up with a robotic gadget that scans tattoos and produces music from what it can interpret. The robotic device has a railing with hand holders and two black line sensors for moving the device using stepper motor and Arduino controller. The 3-dimensional Wii remote controller with OSC protocol further actuates the movement for smooth transition on the arm.
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