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Russian engineer modifies a family car into this monster Batmobile

Monster Batmobile

As geeks, we are accustomed to see out of the ordinary Batmobiles crafted by creative people all by themselves. This one is one ideal for the elite club of “I Want Those Wheels” and perhaps a ride Batman would want to ride himself. Perfect mixture of a monster truck and intimidating looking Batman’s ride, it is the work of Igor Sukhorukov, a Russian engineer from Biysk. Build from an old Nissan Maxima, the family car got an unrecognizable makeover having big monster wheels and the look of a mean machine that means business. Interestingly, Igor has got all the paperwork to make this road legal and is free to drive it around on Russian roads, surprising people passing by.
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Man makes incredible life-size AT-ST in his backyard, still doesn’t want publicity

Star Wars themed accessories and DIY replicas of its characters are always welcomed by the fans, and that is why there are plenty of them in the market. But there is none like this life-size All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) from ‘Return of the Jedi’. The anonymous creator doesn’t wish to be identified, but provided some information about it to a curious neighbor Mr. Kernish. Read More…

iPhone SE frozen in ice and dropped from 100 feet height

Apple iPhone SE ice block test

Gadgets, especially smartphones have to go through a lot these days when we talk about pushing the envelope of crash testing. Youtube users are going bonkers and creating videos that show them going through hell and amazingly some even survive what would seem like a lost cause. Apple have just released the iPhone SE and no wonder it also has to go through the painful ordeal of all the cray tests we humans can think of. This time around it is about freezing the phone overnight and then dropping it from a height of 100 feet to see its break-even point. Does the iPhone SE survive this herculean ice block test? Well, watch in the video that follows and see what happens.
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Sazae Radio: This seashell plays your favorite radio station loud and clear

Seashell Radio

Once in a lifetime we all have tried to listen to the sounds of ocean that come from a sea shell. In fact that is the noise from surrounding environment resonating within the cavity of shell. Now, Japanese radio station BayFM78 has created a seashell radio which does actually play music to your ears. Celebrating the 90 years of radio’s incorporation in Japan, the radio station hand-picked 100 sazae seashells (horned turban shells) and fitted them with equipment capable of playing radio. They call it the Sazae Radio and just like any modern day gadget this one can also be recharged using a normal USB cable.
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Crazy Cart is back again with another Ken Block tribute (troll) video

Crazy Cart vs Ken Block

Ken Block is the undisputed king of drifting and time and again he has shown the kind of talent he possesses. That being said, Guys over at Crazy Cart have given us good reason to appreciate their drifting skills but in a completely different set of wheels. A modified shopping cart pushed to the limit with unreal drifting that would make Ken put up an eyebrow.
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Hydraulic press is the reason why we love crushing everything!

Hydraulic Press crushing everything

We love doing weird things and more so watching someone else do them. After all everyone loves a light moment and instances which we have never experienced before. From taking the iPhone to its limit to watching daredevils with wingsuit perform death defying stunts. But I’m sure you like seeing things getting crushed and totaled down to nothing more than rubble. Getting viral on Youtube these days is the Hydraulic Press Channel which is showcasing videos of a hydraulic press reducing every damn thing out there to paper thin unrecognizable trash. Damn I’m feeling creepy watching this, you too have a look.
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This supercool Batman Gauntlet shoots blades and masks a knife

Batman Gauntlet DIY

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is just around the corner and no wonder Laser Gadgets is back with their take on it. Patrick Priebe the master DIYer has created this fully functional Batman Gauntlet which shoots blades, hides a knife and looks absolutely cool. The gauntlet has a spring loaded mechanism which works for both the batarang shooter and releasing the hidden knife. This DIY is all about understanding the complexities of weapons that work with spring loaded mechanism, so let’s read less and jump straight to Patrick’s video explaining everything about this Batman Gauntlet.
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Lunchbox hack: Bento Watch hides Japanese delicacy inside the dial

Bento Watch

A watch with mouth-watering food inside it and a set of chopsticks to enjoy the delicacy. You got to be kidding me dude. This is Bento Watch designed by Kyoto-based Takii Seeds who wanted to pitch their brand in a unique way. Not a watch brand, but an agriculture product brand marketed in a completely different way. So basically this is a publicity stunt and sadly you won’t get this watch on your wrist any time soon.
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Planet Licker – Your licking skills will be tested in this surprising game

Planet Licker Game

We have seen augmented reality applications, virtual reality stuff and games that capture our imagination. But this one makes you go into drooling mode like crazy. Planet Licker game is all about licking the controller to direct the game character towards the similar colored planet while avoiding obstacles. Wait, did I just say lick? Yes, the player has to lick the gamepad having three ice pops to simulate button presses. The more precise your lick is, the closer will you get towards winning the game. And not to forget that quick licks will make the planet vanish in a jiffy, resulting in a higher score.
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