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Ferrari Theme Park coming to North America

Ferrari theme park

Good news for Ferrari fans has just come in as Bloomberg has hinted that the automaker has plans to make a theme park in North America. This is not the first time that Ferrari has ventured out of its automotive domain and licensed theme parks with the brand name. In 2012 they opened their first ever theme park in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi and another one is under construction in PortAventura Resort, Spain. Yet another one is being announced in mainland China’s primary city, and it is going to be built in partnership with Beijing Automotive Group, a Chinese state-run automaker.
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Some tips and essential gadget survival guide

Survival guide with gadgets

It’s 2016 and yet life is still full of first world problems that you just can’t help but let bother you. However, fortunately for you we’ve produced a life hack guide that may just make things that little bit easier for you. Unlike any other list of smart tips and things you didn’t know before, this one obviously includes gadgets because we like things geeky.

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Raven’s 12V wearable heated sleeping bag liner cum gadget charger

Heated Sleeping Bag Liner27
Utah-based startup Raven is offering wearable heated sleeping bag liners for outdoor activities like camping or trekking in cold regions. It promises keeping you warm in any sort of cold conditions and would eliminate uncomfortable feet and bodies while you are out there, having fun at your camping trip. Read More…

King of all power banks is here – 120,600mAh monster for extended adventure trips

Anker Powerhouse_2

We live in a world dominated by power hungry gadgets that need frequent charging. To satisfy that lust, versatile power banks do a good job. With time the size and capacity of your average battery bank is improving and that is good news. While we are talking about charging your gadgets on the go, this heavyweight power bank stands out in the crowd. Anker PowerHouse is an abundant resource for your devices like smartphone, laptop, lamp or even a mini-fridge. As the name suggests, this power bank has a mind-blowing capacity of 120,600mAh which is enough to charge your phone 40 times or laptop 15 times over.
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Hoverboard getting too dangerous? Time to convert it into a HoverSeat

HoverCart hoverboard attachment for safe personal commuting

Hoverboards have become a bit of scare crow in the last few months owing to numerous reports of these personal commuters setting on fire. So, the best way to stay safe is to stay away from a Hoverboard for good. That is how most of the people perceive the situation. But guys over at BoatsToGo have a different idea to safely ride a hovercraft while adding to its utility. This is HoverSeat personal commuter which is more like a go-kart minus the steering wheel. The Florida-based firm has come up with the idea of attaching a set of rear wheels to the Hoverboard with chassis support for it to carry the weight of a full grown human in a sitting position.
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Rollercoaster and VR headset create a thrilling ride into the future

New Revolution Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

To get the ultimate adrenaline rush one inevitably turns to a rollercoaster ride, and more often than not we all come home satisfied. Taking your average rollercoaster to the next level is the New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster at the Dare Devil Dive in North America by Six Flags Magic Mountain. The rollercoaster in collaboration with Samsung Gear VR and Oculus allows the rider to enter a completely different virtual world which perfectly syncs with the movement on course. The scene is set in the near future where you are a trained soldier riding a fighter aircraft as co-pilot, taking on the invading alien force putting Earth in harm’s way. Basically you are a new recruit in ‘The Patriots’ an elite fighter squadron.
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Every bicycle rider should get this Reflective Bag & Backpack

Bookman Reflective Bag & Backpack_1

Bicycle riders are the most vulnerable when it comes to road accidents, especially in the dark hours. This can be attributed to poor visibility of the rider, lack of attention of other motorists or both. Along with the other bicycle accessories that help you keep safe on road, this backpack will ensure you are visible from a considerable distance. Reflective Bag & Backpack by Bookman developed in collaboration with Notabag is made from highly visible polyester material for urban commuters who like to use bike as their mode of transportation.
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How to make fire with a lemon and some nails

How to make fire from lemon DIY

Imagine you are lost in the wilderness with a cold night staring you straight in the face. You don’t have any source to make fire and unless you have Bear Grills like skills you are going to have a pretty hard time of it. Traditional methods of creating fire are only successful if you practice them over and over again. Like the one where you use the bushman technique to create friction inside two wooden sticks to create a spark of fire. That is too hard to accomplish and if you happen to carry a lemon, some copper clips, zinc nails, piece of wire and steel wool fire is what you’ll be making with ease. You can also use copper and zinc coins for the same.
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Company behind world’s first smart basketball files for Bankruptcy

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

Running low on cash, InfoMotion Sports Technologies – a Massachusetts-based Company behind the award winning 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball has filed for Bankruptcy protection. In the papers, filed with court, Company’s Chief Executive Michael Crowley has said, the company is looking for bankruptcy loan as an assistance to stock up inventory before holiday season. Read More…

British teenager bags home top prize of $25,000 in World Drone Prix Dubai

World Drone Prix 2016

World Drone Prix just commenced in Dubai and 15-year-old Luke Bannister, a British teenager bagged home the top prize of $250,000. Taking drone racing as a sport to the next level, the event featured 32 teams from 19 countries who fought it out in a two day contest in the drone racing track at Sky Dive Dubai. The drone racing revved up on Friday and Saturday, giving the people of Dubai a unique experience of what could be the biggest event of the future. Of course we saw the Drone Racing League make headlines couple of months ago and this event has also managed to capture attention of drone enthusiasts. The event had a total prize money of $1 million and that overshadows other such drone racing events fair and square.
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