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Hydro Hammock is bathtub in a hammock for $1,200

Hydro hammock hot tub

If someone told me this before I saw it for myself, I would turn the person down believing it for a joke. But it’s here. It’s called the Hydro Hammock and it combines two most favorite things a ‘bathtub and a hammock’. The bathtub hammock is both durable and portable, and it is ready to sooth you in cold or warm water. Simply set up the hammock and have it’s built in LPG heater warms up the water for a relaxing or rejuvenating bath in middle of nowhere. Read More…

Things to know about the GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

Good news for adventure seekers and people who are always amidst the action, as GoPro has released its lightest and smallest action camera yet. This is GoPro Hero4 Session action camera that buries the traditional rectangular design aesthetics of the earlier models and adapts a cube design, much like the Polaroid Cube+ action camera. GoPro has concentrated on keeping the weight down to 2.3 ounces and form factor just 1.4 inches on each side.
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Kingii smart wristband inflates to save you from drowning

Kingii inflatable wristband

Wearable technology is going to make all things we call bulky and mundane, more useful and effective. Case in point is Kingii – a smartish wrist wearable device which promises to revolutionize water safety. Kingii developed by Gridley California touts to be the world’s smallest inflatable which could show life jackets a way out of industry and make boating, sailing, surfing and even swimming a lot safer. Kingii fits on the wrist securely with a strap and when its hook is pulled along a buoyant orange-colored safety balloon is triggered which drags the wearer’s body to the water’s surface. Read More…

Nike VR ad lets fans experience what it is like to be Neymar

There is no question about possibilities of Virtual Reality devices and what the technology in itself can help us achieve. While there are endless manufacturers working out various possibilities to promote their products, Nike has teamed with football sensation Brazilian international Neymar to let fans experience what it is like to be Neymar – dribbling, shooting and scoring goals like the Barcelona FC striker. Read More…

Polaroid Cube+ action camera targeted towards urban adventure seekers

Polaroid Cube + action camera

Polaroid has added another action camera dubbed Polaroid Cube+ to their list of accessories aimed towards lifestyle adventure living. This WiFi-enabled camera is next iteration of the Polaroid Cube action cam that was missing wireless connectivity and Polaroid announced the cube camera at CE Week 2015. This 35mm square-shaped camera works with both Android and iOS devices which is good and necessary feature. The camera goes one-on-one with the GoPro line of action cameras as it can be attached to bike helmet, home appliances and anything else that you can think of.
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AirWheel A3 electric commuter looks to take on Segway in a big way

Airwheel A3 personal commuting vehicle

Taking a detour from the trend of Segway-like personal mobility vehicles is this self-balancing scooter with a saddle that focuses on ergonomic riding comfort. In-fact it is somewhere between an electric unicycle and a Segway-like scooter, taking the best features from both these designs and putting it into one personal commuter. This is AirWheel A3 electric self-balancing scooter designed for urban commuting and portability.
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Smartphone-controlled Space Case 1 suitcase is ideal for geeky travelers

Space Case 1 suitcase

This suitcase is definitely made for the geeky section of the community who just can’t do away with their gadgets. Up on Kickstarter platform for funding, the project has already surpassed the funding goal by almost four times with 24 days more to go. The maker claims it to be the most advanced smart suitcase ideal for frequent travelers who like to carry a bunch of gadgets with them and looking for more than just a simple suitcase since it is smartphone-controlled with both iOS and Android phones.

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The futuristic, tough and beautiful O Six Hundred Kayak is ultra-lightweight

o six hundred kayak

When Inuit invented the kayak – as a hunter’s boat, the idea was to make it to measure for only one man’s size and weight. Ever since, basic design of the hunter’s boat hasn’t changed, it still remains heavy and quite uncomfortable to transport, while most of the other hunting gear has undergone transformation with modernization. To fill this void with a revolutionary kayak, the O Six Hundred kayak has been conceived by Ben Cooper and Andrew Simpson of The Balmain Boat Company.
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Sunburn strip indicates when you are soaking too much Sun!

Sunburn indicator by David Hazafy Queens University Belfast

Laying out in the sun is a good regime to soak Vitamin D, but too much of it carries the danger of developing sunburn, tanning and skin cancer! So how do you control the adverse effects of Sun bathing and know when to make a walk towards a shady area? Till now it was just a matter of judgment or the instructions on your suntan lotion that provide an idea of the amount of time to stay out in the sun, but now a new development gives you a very precise idea. Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have invented a plastic strip that changes its color when there is too much exposure to sunlight.
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Book that germinates into a tree – Mother Nature is so gonna love this!

Tree Book Tree

Book reading is a good habit, but on hind site we don’t realize how many trees are felled down each year to make millions of books that we read. Somehow the circle of Tree becomes paper and paper becomes a book is incomplete as we are not giving nature back enough. This very though provoked publishing company Pequeño Editor to make a children’s book (recommended for 8-12 year old child) that can be planted in the ground after reading. Eventually with time it becomes a jacaranda tree and completes the full circle of tree becomes paper, paper becomes book and book becomes a tree!
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