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Jetson jet-propelled surfboard allows you to do more surfing

Jetson jet-propelled surfboard

Besides traditional boards, we have featured various types of modern and hi-tech surfboards here in the past that have brought smile to the faces of enthusiastic surfers. From carbon fiber made surfboards to the electric ones, these sports toys have always amazed us with their design and functionality. Now, again to the delight of surfing fans, we are bringing to you a contemporary surfboard. Jetson is a jet-propelled surfboard that is specifically designed so that users can catch more waves and do more surfing. The engine provides enough boost to the surfer when paddling or when to catch the wave.
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Shape-shifting surfboard customizes to your riding style

Airbag Shapeshifting surfboard

Surfboard that can be customized to riding styles

Can you imagine a shape-shifting surfboard that can adapt to any of conditions and styles of riding the waves? Oakley Future Sport Project surely aims to bring such of surfboards to your locker room. Teaming up with pro surfer Jack Robinson, Airbag Labs has developed a shape shifting surfboard which is made from conductive aerographene material (with aerographene nanotubes) makes it ultra-lightweight. This material is responsible for the shape shifting feature which can be configured by passing short bursts of electric current. To do this the user has to simply touch the display of the surfboard and configure the changes like nose, rails and tail.
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Modern expandable suitcase from Fugu Luggage for a happy journey

Modern expandable suitcase from Fugu Luggage

To revolutionize the luggage industry, Israel-based Fugu Luggage has come with an innovative suitcase that will answer all your luggage carrying woes for a trip. The industrial design company has given a major facelift to the traditional suitcase, both in its design and technology to create a modern lifestyle product. Named after Fugu, Japanese word for pufferfish, the contemporary suitcase can expand from carry-on to check-in size courtesy of its inflatable side walls. It comes with size and dimensions that comply with airline size limitation for baggage. It can then be expanded from maximum regulation sized carry-on size to the maximum regulation sized check-in.
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Rescue Me Balloon – SOS signal device that maximizes your chances of survival dramatically

Rescue Me Balloon SOS signal device

An adventure seeker is always prepared for the worse when hiking, trekking or venturing into uncharted waters. Of most things, it is paramount to carry emergency signaling device for desperate situations, when it is the question of life and death. Taking the next step forward in developing emergency signaling equipment, Rescue Me Balloon looks to replace flare gun as the last option to attract attention of rescue team. So what makes Rescue Me Balloon different from other SOS signal equipment available in the market?
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Motionize makes iPhone your personal kayaking coach on water

Motionize for kayakers

When all sports are getting some kind of technology to make it more exciting, how could Kayaking remain behind? Enter Motionize, a three part system which provides advanced tracking and coaching assist to kayakers of all skill levels. The system comprises a waterproof case and cradle that works as the Kayak’s dashboard with iPhone inside for its screen, comes with two activity trackers that are embedded to the paddles, and an app to track all the data. Read More…

First Ascent drone retracts into the shape of a water bottle

Backcountry Drones  First Ascent drone

Backcountry Drones First Ascent drone folds into itself

Drones have been ruling the roost when it comes to surveillance and taking never before seen footage. The design however has been the priority for drone manufactures as a lightweight frame always has an advantage. Backcountry Drones have developed a drone tailor-made for adventure seekers who like to keep the weight of their backpack down and want to have a flying machine that can take-off from their palm and land on ground without the need of a landing gear. Although the Backcountry Drones First Ascent drone may not be as compact as the Nixie drone but it surely is good enough to make it through the production lines.
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LifeBEAM Hat is your waterproof fitness tracker suited for any conditions

LifeBEAM Hat

Taking wearable technology into new realms is this Biometric Hat by Israeli biometric developer LifeBEAM which is your fitness tracker, cadence analyzer, heart-rate monitor and calorie counter all-in-one. You can wear this smart headwear which is available for pre-order and soon will be available by sports retailers in more than 30 countries. No need to sport any wristbands and fancy fitness trackers since your cap is now going to do all the analysis as you sweat it out.
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UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 submersible costs a heart-pounding €1,000,000!

UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 submersible

UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 submersible

UBoat Worx have released yet another two person submersible dubbed as HP Sport Sub 2 after the successful Super Yacht Sub 3 submarine release. The streamlined designed sports submersible can be loaded onto your super yacht courtesy its ultra-low height of 1.36 meters and a total weight of 2,200 kg. The submersible is powered by six thrusters that are placed very tactically for superior maneuverability and control. The user-friendly control via the MANTA controller can be piloted by anyone, making it a very easy to drive submersible.
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Ken Block takes his Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX to dizzying snow mountains with Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss

Ken Block RaptorTRAX Shredfest at Baldface with Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss

Ken Block, the king of drifting has never seized to amaze motorsport fans with his unbelievable moves on any kind of surface. The legend is back with his Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX to take on the snowy landscapes of Baldface Lodge in Nelson, British Columbia. His accomplices, well two Monster Energy snowboarding legend athletes Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss. The task was not that easy as the deep snow of Baldface Lodge could have been too difficult for a monster like Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX. That is why Ken and his Hoonigan Racing crew began modifying the suspension, chassis and drivetrain. Changes were also made to the roll cage, engine and the gearing system.

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Cardboard Surfboard glides on ocean water without any damage

Cardboard Surfboard

Normally a surfboard would be made from strong, robust material that is capable of taking on the wrath of nature. But, if I told you that a surfboard made out of cardboard and paper could be strong enough to bear the brunt, then you’ll think I’m insane. In fact, I’m not, as Ernest Packing Solutions working in association with blokes over at Signal Snowboards have come up with a honeycomb like cardboard design for a surfboard that can take on any kind of ocean waves and after a grueling session of riding the waves, sit in your living room.
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