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Stuntman Braun jumps over Snake River Canyon in steam-powered rocket

eddie braun snake river rocket bike jump knievel

Stuntmen are synonyms to daredevils. They tend to accomplish things that are otherwise nearly impossible. Case in point, a jump over a 1,400ft wide Snake River Canyon in Idaho by stuntman Eddie Braun. Braun achieved the feat by propelling himself in steam-powered rocket he calls the Evel Spirit. Read More…

Ken Block’s insane drifting in Gymkhana Nine: Raw Industrial Playground

Ken BLock Gymkhana Nine Raw Industrial Playground

After spilling his magic in the Gymkhana Eight, shot in Dubai UAE, Ken Block returns with the jaw-dropping Gymkhana Nine: Raw Industrial Playground. Returning back to the roots and putting more limelight on the all-new Ford Focus RS RX which is brimmed with power and useable control. The professional Rallycross driver pushes all the limits of millimeter perfect drifting in this video. Probably enough to set himself apart from the drifting professionals as you’ll see in some of the heart-stopping moments of the action.
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Mercedes Benz Vans will have drones on top to deliver packages in last mile

Mercedes benz vans delivery drones

Sprinter Vans manufacturing arm of German car maker Mercedes Benz has designed delivery vans that will board two drones on the roof. Mercedes Benz Vans has partnered with Silicon Valley-based drone maker Matternet, to envision a future where delivery drivers will fly drones to deliver packages in the last short distance – the driver will park the van in the neighborhood and deliver one package, while the two drones onboard the van will be guided to deliver another two packages. Read More…

Breeze drone is your personal aerial selfie stick that does a lot more

Yuneec Breeze selfie drone-2

There are hundreds of manufactures and as many or even more drones. While drones for now have been inclined at capturing the world around, the latest innovation from electric aviation company Yuneec called Breeze is a forward-thinking quadcopter that is made to take selfies. The compact drone is easy to fly (yes, ease of operation is in the core of the flying machine) and is meant to be controlled with a mobile device. The Breeze weighs under a pound and features a mobile camera onboard, capable of shooting videos in 4K. Read More…

Kick Stick propels you at 30mph on a skateboard [video]

Modes of personal transportation are going crazier by the day. If you wanted a car alternative to beat the traffic on the way to work, folks at Rise Robotics have developed the Kick Stick – a bionic oar that can help you skateboard at the speed of a car. The Kick Stick is a battery-powered robotic stick with a wheel at the base. It has a 2.75-horsepower motor, just above the wheel, which helps propel the skateboard at mindboggling 30 miles per hour. Read More…

Wilson X connected football is every quarterbacks dream ball


It’s not easy for the best in the world of football to throw a perfect pass. Each quarterback out there will affirm. With the new Wilson X connected football, throwing a perfect pass can be lot easier and more accurate. Designed with budding quarterbacks in mind, the new football measures distance, speed, velocity, spin rate and the throwing position to perfect each throw and help train more precisely. Read More…

HP Powerup Backpack boasts 22,400 mAh battery backup for your devices

HP Powerup Backpack

The hunger of power sucking gadgets is now going to die any time soon, as long as humanity decides to go off the grid completely. That is why there is an endless list of power banks, battery packs and modern day gadgets which keep your gadgets charged to the brim. In this opportune market HP has come-up with their own iteration of a power bank for laptops, smartphones or any other mobile device that you own. HP Powerup Backpack looks like any other normal backpack on first look, but what’s on the inside makes it special.
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Modobag – a motorized suitcase that can go at 8 mph

Modobag – a motorized suitcase-3

Fitting motors to suitcases is the new craze. There have been so many examples of motorized luggage we’ve seen. First, a suitcase cum electric scooter by He Liangchai, and then an intelligent Segway-styled rideable Olive suitcase. To enhance the skill and make zipping through the airport more fun and speedy, Kevin O’Donnell and team have developed their own version – Modobag, a rideable carry-on for everyone who wished they could ride the bag through the airport because walking with it was really hard. Read More…

Segway-styled rideable Olive suitcase is a smart travel companion

olive-robotic suitcase

If you have been following personal mobility transformation closely, you’ll know, smart suitcases you can tug along remotely or ride are pretty common of late – but they are still far from being intelligent. An Iran-based robotics company Ikap Robotics has just made that possible in the Olive robotic suitcase. Olive is a Segway-style, self-balancing luggage that lets you ride on two wheels using 3D accelerometers and gyroscopes. When you have just too much to walk from the entry gate to the boarding area, simple hop onto the Olive’s foot rest and let it ride you at walking pace to your destination. Read More…

Solar-powered Ferrari beer cooler spotted at F1 British Grand Prix

solar powered Ferrari beer cooler at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton was the biggest attraction on the track on race day at Silverstone – the Mercedes driver set a new record to become first driver in history to win three British Grand Prix in as many years. But the biggest attraction outside the track was a Ferrari. A group of beer and F1 fanatics had brought their solar-powered Ferrari-shaped beer cooler along to Silverstone to enjoy their refreshments in the best possible taste. Read More…

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