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Gatorade and Bryce Harper join hands to bring virtual reality experience to the fans

Gatorade Virtual Reality Experience

For those who are not good at baseball, but still want to experience the feeling of a baseball player on the pitch, Gatorade has come up with something amazing for you. The sports-themed beverage manufacturer has collaborated with Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper to release a 3-minute, 360-degree Virtual Reality Experience video. The VR will give fans the chance to see, feel and hear what Mr. Harper feels, hears and sees on the pitch while trying to hit the ball out of the park.
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OpenROV Trident mini submarine is aquatic drone for underwater exploration

OpenROV Trident mini submarine

In times when drones are stealing all the limelight, how about an aquatic submarine that is way cooler than any quadcopter out there? After all underwater life is much more fascinating than on land and there is more to explore than we can even think of. Last year we saw the OpenROV tele-robotic submarine successfully pitch to the underwater explorers and it was only time before another improved version captured our eye. OpenROV Trident pitched as an easy to operate underwater drone with an on-board HD camera (1080 resolution @ 30fps) now gives you one more reason to be awe-inspired by the magnificence of underwater life.
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Patso Dimitrov designs superhero-themed NBA signature shoes

superhero-themed NBA signature shoes

How can we relate NBA players to superheroes? Well, here is one thought! On one hand, superheroes use their extraordinary gifts and abilities to save the world whereas on the other hand NBA players use their passion, talent and superhuman capabilities on the field to win matches. Often praised for their inhuman abilities, it’s not hard for us to imagine NBA players as superheroes. Patso Dimitrov, Copenhagen-based graphic designer got the inspiration from this comparison and came up with a unique idea of designing superhero-themed NBA signature shoes.
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Valravn – Record breaking rollercoaster coming to Cedar Point next summer

Valravn is the World's most thrilling rollercoaster coming to Cedar Point

Valravn is the World’s most thrilling rollercoaster coming to Cedar Point amusment park in 2016

If the existing rollercoasters in the world haven’t tested you to the extreme, this one will surely do that. The Valravn Dive Rollercoaster all set to make its debut in May 2016 is going to break all the records (10 to be precise) for rollercoaster rides for its sheer thrill level. This 18th ride by Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, well-known for its thrilling roller-coaster rides is going to be their best, by far.
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Disney introduces irresistible Star Wars Millennium Falcon quadcopter and X-Wing drone

Disney introduces irresistible Millennium Falcon quadcopter and X-Wing drone by Air Hogs

As a part of the promotion for the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens movie, Disney reveled a set of remote controlled flying toys during live streaming event (Forced Friday) at the ongoing Fans Expo in Dallas. These flying warships created by Air Hogs caught everyone by surprise and it would be safe to say that they are going to be on your wish list soon.
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Jigsurf: 3D printed surfboard you can carry in a duffle bag

Jigsurf 3D printed surfboard

Riding the waves on your surfboard is fun and thrilling, but taking your surfboard from one place to the other is a big hassle. A normal surfboard measures anywhere between 5’7” to 9’4”, which makes it extremely bulky to transport. Seeing this predicament as a major speedbump in the ability of a surfer to commute easily, prompted Robotham to make a 3D printed surfboard that can be carried in your bag.
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Some drone breaching your privacy? Shoot that son of a gun down!

Drone Munition_2

Drones have brought a whole slew of problems like privacy breach and much more dangerous issues like infiltration into highly restricted aerospace. Not only that, a man claims that he mounted GLOCK pistol to a drone and figured out a way to shoot rounds remotely and that too with accuracy. Now that is a major security concern along with other reports that clearly show the breach of privacy by people on their neighbors. To end any nuisance created by drones, Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc. has an answer.
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Humanoid strolling in the woods is scary and exciting at the same time

ATLAS humanoid robot by Boston Dynamics

Google invested quite a lot of money in acquiring Boston Dynamics and for good reason too. They are building some of the most advanced humanoid robots on the planet (Japanese are going to be so furious at this) which give us a glimpse of the future. ATLAS robot funded by DARPA has been under works for quite a while now and every time Boston Dynamics comes with an update, they startle the world. This time around though, the robotics giant has completely blown me off!
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Volkswagen making a self-driving baby stroller, but is it safe?

Self-driving stroller with automatic braking system

Self-driving baby stroller with automatic braking system

Baby strollers have always been a popular way to commute little ones in style. And for that very reason Volkswagen is developing an automated stroller that makes sure your kid is not in harm’s way. This stroller came into existence as a result of an idea sharing drill by the Automotive giant. When asked about products they could improve other than cars; one suggestion came as a stroller that could automatically brake.
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Mount GoPro to this snorkeling mask and document any underwater adventure in POV

GoPro Underwater Mask

Scuba diving adventures are always mesmerizing as you go on appreciating the underwater life. Keeping this in mind Thanko launched a waterproof swimming goggles with in-built waterproof HD camera that shoot first-person-view videos in high quality. Now the Japanese manufacturer of cheeky gadgets is back with a similar kind of scuba diving goggles, but with one major difference.
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