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Powerall jump starter is your power bank and flashlight all-in-one

Powerall jump starter and power bank_12

A modern day geek is always on the lookout for accessories that have multiple utility. Especially an outgoing geek with the thirst for adventure. One accessory that everyone needs to carry in their backpack when out on adventure or long hauling trips is the Powerall emergency jump starter for your vehicle. You can use the jump starter 20 times on one single charge which is enough to get you through. Apart from that it has multitude of uses apart from its jump starter function that will make your life hassle free.
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[Watch] Ninebot Mini – Xiaomi’s $315 self-balancing scooter


After Mi phones and smart wristbands, China’s Xiaomi is venturing into the future of personal transportation with Ninebot Mini – a self-balancing scooter or ‘hoverboard’ if you may. Announced by Xiaomi Chief Executive Officer Lei Jun at an event in Beijing; Ninebot Mini is developed in collaboration with Ninebot (a startup funded by Xiaomi). The self balancing scooter, being reckoned as a hoverboard (though it’s not a board and doesn’t hover) is not a typical Segway either. It does not have Segway-style handle to steer, instead a knee-high handle that allows rider to steer the Mini with leg movement to go left, right, forward or backward. Read More…

Table Tennis Notebooks for boring times in the office

Table Tennis Notebooks

Got bored of writing on notebooks or even for that matter scribbing your Word documents? Then it’s high time you get these Table Tennis Notebooks by Suck UK. Bringing the nostalgic feeling of playing table tennis with a notebook or cardboard, these notebooks are a good time pass after a long grueling day’s work. Two of these notebooks are having a rubber surface with a table tennis bat imprinted on and one notebook has net printed onto it. All you need is a table and you are good to have an extended session of TT in your office or home.
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These 16 trendy accessories will keep cyclists safe on road

Shiva helmet

When you’re riding a cycle on street, you share the space with cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, pedestrians and other cyclists of course. When you see the danger on road, you can avoid it, or at least manage to keep yourself safe by reacting in time. The real problem is when you cannot see the danger, that’s when you need cycling gear that can keep you safe from most potential dangers on road. So, if you’re a daredevil rider, or a safety first kinda cyclists, here are sixteen trendy bike accessories to keep you safe while riding. Read More…

15 spectacular wingsuit stunts that will make your heart pop-out

15 daredevil wingsuit stunts

The sport of wingsuit flying has gripped adventure junkies in the last decade or so for its sheer adrenaline rush inducing capabilities. Your wingsuit and body function as one to create enough surface area to increase lift and virtually fly like a bird. Some daredevil souls have perfected the art of wingsuit flying to the extreme levels where nothing can stop them. In today’s compilation of death-defying adventure sports we take a look at some of the most dangerous stunts performed while using a wingsuit. Sit back and watch these hair-raising wingsuit flights that will bring heart in your mouth!
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Underwater jetpack makes you glide effortlessly through water

x2 Sports Underwater Jet Pack_1

Jetpacks have always been the most exciting innovation of modern times, and there a good reason for it. They give us wings and perhaps the most exhilarating experience of flight that we otherwise can only long for. Now, yet another intuitive project seeks to let loose our adventure thirst, and make us fly underwater like an amphibious mammal. This is exactly what underwater divers would love to have in their hands. x2 Sports Underwater Jet Pack developed by the duo of brothers Simon and Chris Parke is up on Indiegogo for fund-raising, and promises to bring another dimension to watersports as-well-as underwater exploration.
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This waterproof selfie stick shoots underwater footage with your GoPro

Waterproof selfie stick for GoPro

Good news for GoPro users has just arrived in the form of a waterproof selfie stick that can be taken underwater without any worries. This selfie stick mount for the GoPro has an in-built 6,700 mAh battery which extends the shooting time to almost 12 hours in one go. Polar Pro, known for its action sports and outdoor accessories has launched the PowerGrip H2O on Kickstarter and it looks on its way to getting funded on the crowd-funding platform.
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POC cycling vest uses printable active lights to enhance rider visibility

POC Lightvest with Light Flex active light technology

With alarming number of cyclists taking to the roads, night safety of riders remains a prime concern. While projects such as Lumos Bicycle Helmet and LED Globe Gloves are proposing safety alternatives for cyclists – Swedish company POC’s team called POC Aid is teaming up with Light Flex Technology to deliver a more active approach to cyclists’ safety. POC wants to use Light Flex’s printed active light technology in its new cycling apparels – the technology currently being integrated in wearables for athletes and sportspersons. Read More…

Gatorade and Bryce Harper join hands to bring virtual reality experience to the fans

Gatorade Virtual Reality Experience

For those who are not good at baseball, but still want to experience the feeling of a baseball player on the pitch, Gatorade has come up with something amazing for you. The sports-themed beverage manufacturer has collaborated with Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper to release a 3-minute, 360-degree Virtual Reality Experience video. The VR will give fans the chance to see, feel and hear what Mr. Harper feels, hears and sees on the pitch while trying to hit the ball out of the park.
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