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Cardboard Surfboard glides on ocean water without any damage

Cardboard Surfboard

Normally a surfboard would be made from strong, robust material that is capable of taking on the wrath of nature. But, if I told you that a surfboard made out of cardboard and paper could be strong enough to bear the brunt, then you’ll think I’m insane. In fact, I’m not, as Ernest Packing Solutions working in association with blokes over at Signal Snowboards have come up with a honeycomb like cardboard design for a surfboard that can take on any kind of ocean waves and after a grueling session of riding the waves, sit in your living room.
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Underboob Sweat Absorber: Because no one likes sweating there

Underboob breast sweat absorber

Working out or performing any athletic activity for long duration means a lot of sweating, especially under the armpits and boobs. Under the armpits almost everyone sweats, but sweating under the boobs is a problem that many face while working out and it can be embarrassing at times. Worry no more as Fashion first Aid is out with a solution to the problem of underboob sweating with their Underboob Breast Sweat Absorber. Sweating under the breasts can result in sweat marks on your clothing which is quite embarrassing when you are working out in a unisex gym or performing athletic activates in mixed company.
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Nixie – A wearable quadcopter on your wrist !

Drone Nixie Flyable & Wearable Camera quadcopter

Quadcopters and drones have captured our imagination, giving birth to new perspectives in which one can shoot videos and click aerial pictures. On the other end of the rope wearable technology is also going great guns with innovators coming up with some really cool stuff. But, I got to admit it, this project by team Nixie in the Intel Make it Wearable Challenge is simply awesome. Envisioned by Christoph Kohstall and his team, the Nixie – Flyable & Wearable Camera is a new way to amalgamate wearable technology and quadcopters. This surreal quadcopter equipped with a camera sits on your wrist like a wristband and when the moment arrives you can set it free to capture the action.
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GPS-enabled TomTom Golfer watch provides vital course data to enhance your game

TomTom Golfer watch

Garmin is a name that has transformed the game of Golf with touch of technology – and to take this unification of golf and technology further, TomTom has unveiled the TomTom Golfer, a GPS enabled wristwatch which promises to provide a golfer with game-enhancing data, right on the wrist. Embedded with GPS, the TomTom Golfer watch provides the player with data about hazard locations, layup points and pin distances among other statistics. Read More…

EnerFusion Solar Power-Dok charges your gadgets while outdoors

EnerFusion Solar Power-Dok picnic table

The race for developing self-sustainable eco-friendly gadgets, and the methods to power-up these gadgets has led to many good ideas. In the same league is this Solar Power-Dok picnic table/workstation by EnerFusion made in partnership with Sprint Corporation. The table has an umbrella like contraption on top which holds the solar panels and is located in Lansing City Market, downtown Lansing, Michigan. There is one 100 watt solar panel and three 45 watt solar panels that generate a total power of 235 watt to power-up your gadgets like smartphone, tablet, portable MP3 player etc. out in the sun while you enjoy a cold chilled beer while spending time with pals.
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Swedish company creates an electric powered wakeboard

electric powered wakeboard by Radinn

Surfing is the one of the favorite time pass of people living near the sea. However, those who love to surfboard but unfortunately are located far away from the ocean, the electric powered wakeboard is just for you. Created by Swedish company Radinn, the electric surfboard can be used in lakes and rivers too. The board is constructed from lightweight carbon fiber and weighs29 kg (64 lbs.). Equipped with lightweight lithium batteries, the electric wakeboard is compact enough to carry and fit in the back of a car or boat.
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Airbus partners with aerospace firm Aerion to develop a supersonic business jet

Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet

Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet

Supersonic business jets are coming one step closer to become a reality in the future. Leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus have partnered with Aerion Corporation, an American aerospace firm for the development of a supersonic business jet. Both these companies have come to an agreement for developing technologies that will make supersonic business travel a possibility. Dubbed Aerion AS2, the world’s fastest global business jet will come with a top speed of Mach 1.6 and international range too. The firms will try to build and certify the world’s first supersonic business jet by 2021.
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Ultra high temperature ceramics use may lead to hypersonic air travel soon

Hypersonic speed aircrafts

Hypersonic speed aircrafts doesn’t look that far away with scientists working on technologies for a faster air travel. UK researchers are developing prototype technologies that could see new types of aircrafts travelling at hypersonic speeds. Flying five times faster than the speed of sound, these aircrafts will cut the long travel times to very short ones. The hypersonic speeds will provide enough power to the plane that it will leave the atmosphere of earth and after flying through space, it will re-emerge as approaching near its destination. However, creating a material that can withstand high temperatures is the main challenge in making hypersonic travel a reality. Currently, Ultra high temperature ceramics are the only materials that can withstand such high pressure and temperature.
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Intel teams up with Oregon State University students to create a smart helmet

Smart helmet by Oregon State University & Intel

Intel have partnered with students at Oregon State University to create a smart safety helmet for cyclists. Referred as black box helmet, the built-in sensors record data and happenings during the crash. It is connected to a smartphone and comes equipped with accelerometers, above-the-ear speakers, a microphone, an LED headlamp and a 3.7V, 2600mAh lithium-ion battery to offer information to the rider. In case of an accident, it can make emergency calls on the behalf of the cyclist and can also assist the medical authorities by providing them the recorded data.
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AvaTech SP1 smart device alerts about avalanche prone areas

AvaTech SP1

AvaTech SP1 Smartprobe

There are very few gadgets to alert mountain hikers, skiers and snowboarders from the danger of avalanches. Well, a smart tool has been developed for the safety of these adventure seekers. Christened the AvaTech SP1, the device measure snowpack structure, slope angle and aspect and geo-tag it all within seconds. Mounted on the top of a probe, the tool provides a crowd-sourced snowpack database to alert people about the danger zones. The robust SP1 comes with a collapsible 150cm probe that folds easily in your backpack. It is equipped with Bluetooth so that the user can wirelessly send snowpack data to his smartphone via the Snowpro app and to AvaTech’s database also.
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