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Intel teams up with Oregon State University students to create a smart helmet

Smart helmet by Oregon State University & Intel

Intel have partnered with students at Oregon State University to create a smart safety helmet for cyclists. Referred as black box helmet, the built-in sensors record data and happenings during the crash. It is connected to a smartphone and comes equipped with accelerometers, above-the-ear speakers, a microphone, an LED headlamp and a 3.7V, 2600mAh lithium-ion battery to offer information to the rider. In case of an accident, it can make emergency calls on the behalf of the cyclist and can also assist the medical authorities by providing them the recorded data.
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AvaTech SP1 smart device alerts about avalanche prone areas

AvaTech SP1

AvaTech SP1 Smartprobe

There are very few gadgets to alert mountain hikers, skiers and snowboarders from the danger of avalanches. Well, a smart tool has been developed for the safety of these adventure seekers. Christened the AvaTech SP1, the device measure snowpack structure, slope angle and aspect and geo-tag it all within seconds. Mounted on the top of a probe, the tool provides a crowd-sourced snowpack database to alert people about the danger zones. The robust SP1 comes with a collapsible 150cm probe that folds easily in your backpack. It is equipped with Bluetooth so that the user can wirelessly send snowpack data to his smartphone via the Snowpro app and to AvaTech’s database also.
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Kormaran convertible speedboat can switch between six modes

Kormaran convertible speedboat

Kormaran convertible speedboat

Kormaran is a luxury boat concept that just like in sci-fi movies, can transform into various configurations in the blink of an eye. The convertible speedboat can switch between six modes and can be used as a monohull, catamaran, trimaran and a high speed and fuel-efficient flightmode. Besides that it can be transformed into bathing mode that offers a luxury sunbathing platform. A Nightmode is also available. The idea for this incredible concept was born back in 2007 whereas the company was founded in Salzburg in 2010. The first prototype was completed in 2012 and now the company has unveiled their new advanced prototype.

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Pele inaugurates first player-powered soccer field in Brazil

Pele inaugurates player-powered soccer field

Brazilian football legend Pele have inaugurated the first ever player-powered soccer field in Rio de Janeiro slum of Morro da Mineira. Using a new technology developed by British start-up Pavegen, the football pitch uses the energy generated by the player’s movement on the field to partly power up the floods lights. A total of 200 underground tiles were installed across the width and breadth of the field. The tiles will gather kinetic energy through the motion of the players and will feed that power to six 280-watt LED floodlights overhead. However, the tiles provide only 20 percent of electricity for the lights and the remaining comes from the solar panels set up at the facility.
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Chargeboard lets you skate and charge your smartphone too

Chargeboard by Bjorn van den Hout

What if your skateboard can serve as a charger for your smartphone? Well, we guess every skateboarder will love that. Designer Bjorn van den Hout have created a fully functional longboard that can charge your phone and act as a docking station for it at the same time. Christened Chargeboard, the skateboard was designed by the young Dutch student as a graduation project for the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

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DjBoard: Designer combines music and skateboard

DjBoard by Ruben Oya

What could be the possible outcome when somebody blends Skate and Music into one? Well, we guess it should be nothing less than pure awesomeness. Industrial Designer Ruben Oya have just done that by developing an impressive concept for urban mobility. DjBoard is a conceptual design project that combines longboard and a music mixing interface. The mobility project transportation design offers a double function product by merging together the culture of Dj mixing and the world of skateboard. The longboard comes with a touch-sensitive interface and two speakers that connects to a smartphone to create a music-mixing platform.
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Leggage laptop case offers foot massage during long distance travels

Leggage laptop case

Foot massaging laptop case

Leggage is a unique laptop case that along with carrying your stuff to your destination will also serve as massager for you. Offering an innovative solution to provide comfort to the travelers during long distance flights, the one of a kind laptop case comes with a relaxing massage exterior surface. The sleek and eye-catching laptop case has been under development for more than two years and now is available to the market. Long distance travel can result in poor blood circulation due to lack of motion. Leggage massage exterior surface helps in increasing blood circulation and help you relax in comfort.
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Track a football’s history with embedded microchip called gametag

gametag micro-chip football

Until now, a lengthy and expensive process is utilized to analyze collectable footballs, but in order to provide fans and football collectors an easier way to analyze footballs – Big Game USA and Prova Group have collaborated and developed smart chip to authenticate and track footballs. Dubbed gametag, the chip can be embedded into the football to track its life, history and authenticity. Read More…

Vector S: Garmin introduces single-sensing pedal-based power meter

Vector S power meter by Garmin

Garmin, producer of consumer and professional grade GPS receivers have announced their latest device which is a single-sensing pedal-based power meter. Named Vector S, the power meter measures forces on the left pedal to the estimated total power. Therefore, it will provide the cyclists with data such as power, pace and more so that the user can easily upgrade to a dual-sensing system. The affordable and flexible single-sensing system allow cyclists to start receiving the benefits of tracking power output from the word go. The upgrade pedal allow the users to add unique additional metrics without investing in a whole new system.
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Design studio Featuring-Featuring develops an autonomous boat

Autonomous Boat by Featuring-Featuring

We have come across plenty of autonomous cars and bikes in the recent past, so for a change, we thought let’s bring you something beyond road vehicles. Well, how about an autonomous boat? Featuring-Featuring, a design studio founded by Tom Gottelier in collaboration with Bobby Petersen have developed a one man self-driving boat. The small vessel is designed to transport one passenger comfortably in a predetermined path. The passenger boat is powered by a smartphone and managed by a propulsion system.
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