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Jedi Putter trains golfers for an accurate putt with multisensory, real-time feedback

Jeff Fitlow

Over the years engineers have tried remodeling the physics of putter used in golf. There have been significant improvements, but the Jedi Putter, first multisensory, real-time tactile feedback training putter sets to make the game even more competitive. Designed for intermediate golfers to help them learn consistent putting strokes, the Jedi Putter is a brainchild of Ray Simar and his team of five engineers from the Rice University. Read More…

Rip Curl Search GPS surf watch tracks every wave you ride

Rip Curl Search GPS watch

Whenever you go out on a surf wave adventure on torrid waters, all you need is unstoppable thrill of riding the waves. But won’t it be great if you could track all the vital statistics of your surfboard adventure? Everything from the number of waves you have concurred to the top speed you’ve achieved during your session. Rip Curl Search GPS watch is the world’s first GPS surf watch which tracks every wave you rode, and the detailed pattern of the distance you traversed during each session. This helps you in getting a very detailed insight of your surfing sessions overtime to track progress and also get a fair idea of the locations where you have performed well.
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Bajaboard: The ultimate motorized skateboard and a cool personal mobility vehicle

Bajaboard motorized skateboard fro urban users

A fast skateboard, speedy personal mobility vehicle or a reckless toy that would create havoc in the block if the wrong hands? You decide yourself. But for me it is more of a personal mobility vehicle that takes the form of a skateboard high on drugs. BajaBoard motorized skateboard is slightly bigger than an average skateboard and you wouldn’t expect anyone to pull-off a heelflip or nosegrind on it just because of its size. Apart from that BajaBoard is everything you would imagine to have in a skateboard and perhaps even more. BajaBoard has 12kW of power in total with independent power for all the four wheels that can hurl you up to a top speed of 50km/h and the wireless controller makes it super easy to maneuver the skateboard on any kind or terrain.

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Mobile device power bank that functions as a powerful LED lantern

Hitachi Maxell MPC-CLT6600 power bank LED light lantern

Power hungry gadgets demand a constant backup for juicing them up when you are out on adventure trips. And also there is a need for a good lighting solution to light up the dark. Keeping this in mind, Hitachi Maxell MPC-CLT6600 outdoor lighting solution that also functions as a power bank is one accessory you want to have in your backpack every time you go on a hiking trip. And it is no ordinary mobile device charging device as it has 6600 mAh capacity, enough ti charge 3 smartphones or 2 tablet devices before needing a recharge. Moreover it also functions as a lantern or LED light that can continuously work for a staggering 50 hours in LED/lantern mode.
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X9 Follow Bluetooth-powered Golf trolley makes golfing fun and relaxing

X9 Follow Bluetooth-powered Golf trolley

We’ve seen some really innovative creations to facilitate golfers on the course. Yet, the X9 Follow – the first of its type Bluetooth-powered golf trolley makes a mark for itself. Designed and created by Stewart Golf, the X9 Follow is a compact and foldable trolley, which unfolds in one smooth movement. When unfolded for use, you simple have to open its front cover, connect the lightweight lithium-ion battery and put the cover on. X9 Follow comes with anti-rotation bungee cords, which are used to secure your bag with the trolley, so that when you are pushing it in the parking lots of pathways, your bag doesn’t tumble over.
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Adidas Brazuca fitted with cameras for a dizzying football view

Adidas Brazuca offical match ball Fifa Word Cup 2014

The official FIFA World Cup 2014 ball, Adidas Brazuca got a 360 degree makeover by the maker as it got fitted with cameras to capture the dizzying view as it gets kicked on the football field. Although this ball is just for filming documentaries and interviews, the original one is a work of art in itself. With almost two and a half years in the making, Adidas Brazuca has been tested by 600 players around the world, including Lionel Messi who was dedicatedly involved in its making. Therefore Adidas Brazuca is one of the most tested football in history and its name Brazuca, meaning a thing made in Brazil also appropriately fits in the theme of FIFA World Cup 2014 to be held in Brazil.

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Become invisible to surveillance cameras with the Justice Cap

Justice Caps

Freedom is everything, and while you walk on the streets your freedom could be impeached by surveillance cameras and face recognition cameras put in place by the authority. If you don’t want to reveal much about your identity, and lead a secretive life the only option left is to not leave the secure perimeters of your house. Or perhaps you could get yourself a Justice Cap. A cap that makes your face unidentifiable to surveillance cameras. More like a baseball hat, the Justice Cap has a set of LEDs on top that has anti-camera technology to white out your face whenever a camera is trying to recognize your face.
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Lawn mower + ATV + Electric generator = Raven MPV7100S

Raven MPV7100S vehicle

A lawn mower, ATV or a quick use generator? The Raven MPV7100S powered by a 4200CC gas engine is a lawn mower that morphs into an ATV to carry load or a generator whenever extra power is needed. MVP7100S has removable 46-inch mowing deck that can mow a field at speed of 6 miles per hour and a turning radius of 14 inches for easily taking tight corners. When the mowing deck is removed, the vehicle transforms into an ATV that can tow cargo of half a ton and touch top speed of 17 miles per hour.

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Cybathlon 2016 for parathletes will put on show exoskeletons, prosthetics and brain-control interfaces

Cybathlon 2016 Powered Leg Prosthetics Race

To give disabled athletes a chance to show-off their athletic skills, Switzerland will hold the world’s first Cybathlon, the championship for robot-assisted paratheletes in October 2016 that is going to be hosted by a coalition of Swiss robotics labs. This high-tech mecca of Olympics like games will have brain-controlled events where the athletes will have to beat each other in racing game controlled by brain alone using BCI (brain-computer interface). Another event would include electrical stimulation bike race where players with spinal cord injury will be pre-fitted with functional electrical stimulation devices so that they can pedal a cycling device around a circular course. Other events will have leg prosthetic race, exoskeleton powered race, powered wheelchair race and arm prosthetic race. In total the Cybathlon will have six events which are going to be attended by people from all over the globe.

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AluBOOYAH ski mountaineering bike with retractable skis

AluBOOYAH ski mountaineering bike

Boo Bicycles has come up with a mountaineering bike designed by Jacob Lapenna which took 6 months in the making. The AluBOOYAH ski mountaineering bike was a result of Jacob’s winter trip to 14,275 foot Torrey Peak in Clear Creek Colorado where he wanted to climb a 75 degree sloped ice track. So he decided to make a bicycle that would be fit for adventure trips that require you to carry significant amount of cargo. Moreover it would be an advantage if you have a bike that can carry all your hiking or trekking gear supplies for long grueling trips. To realize this dream Boo Bicycles joined hands with big comapines like Petzl, Darwin crampons, Quark Tools etc. to commission together a bike that is all ready to take on any kind of landscape.

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