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Track a football’s history with embedded microchip called gametag

gametag micro-chip football

Until now, a lengthy and expensive process is utilized to analyze collectable footballs, but in order to provide fans and football collectors an easier way to analyze footballs – Big Game USA and Prova Group have collaborated and developed smart chip to authenticate and track footballs. Dubbed gametag, the chip can be embedded into the football to track its life, history and authenticity. Read More…

Vector S: Garmin introduces single-sensing pedal-based power meter

Vector S power meter by Garmin

Garmin, producer of consumer and professional grade GPS receivers have announced their latest device which is a single-sensing pedal-based power meter. Named Vector S, the power meter measures forces on the left pedal to the estimated total power. Therefore, it will provide the cyclists with data such as power, pace and more so that the user can easily upgrade to a dual-sensing system. The affordable and flexible single-sensing system allow cyclists to start receiving the benefits of tracking power output from the word go. The upgrade pedal allow the users to add unique additional metrics without investing in a whole new system.
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Design studio Featuring-Featuring develops an autonomous boat

Autonomous Boat by Featuring-Featuring

We have come across plenty of autonomous cars and bikes in the recent past, so for a change, we thought let’s bring you something beyond road vehicles. Well, how about an autonomous boat? Featuring-Featuring, a design studio founded by Tom Gottelier in collaboration with Bobby Petersen have developed a one man self-driving boat. The small vessel is designed to transport one passenger comfortably in a predetermined path. The passenger boat is powered by a smartphone and managed by a propulsion system.
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Overade Plixi folding helmet folds origami-style into itself


If you’ve been searching for a good folding helmet, chances are you have come across the Morpher helmet with lightweight and folding credentials. However, to pose a serious completion to Morpher, Overade has developed the Plixi, a folding helmet which can really collapse down to a much smaller size. Read More…

Hook & Moor Boat Hook is a quick solution to your mooring woes

Hook & Moor boats hook

When we talk about cheeky inventions, the ones that I like the most are inherently created to solve an underlying problem that although seems very simple, but comes with no practical solution. One such problem is threading of mooring rope through a mooring ring in a jiffy without much hassle, and that too without loading, messenger or guide lines. Hook & Moor Boat Hook is an intuitive solution that does away with all your woes in one easy step as it threads a mooring rope through the mooring ring by just pulling or pushing. When its hook head is in locked position it acts as any other ordinary boat hook giving you more versatility of use.
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Vaavud launches world’s first handheld wind meter

Vaavud wind meter V 2.0

For people who are engaged into activities that requires precise information about the wind, we present to you the world’s first handheld wind meter that measures both wind speed and direction. Created by Vaavud, a Denmark-based start-up, this is firm’s second project after Vaavud wind meter which was well-acknowledged by the people. Now they are back with their new product in the form of Vaavud wind meter V 2.0 that can provide you with data regarding wind speeds and direction anywhere, anytime.
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Deska Board: A skateboard with detachable windsurfing sail for more thrust

Deska Board City Surf skateboard

Skateboards and skateboarding has been around for a long time now and it is one urban activity that sets the streets alive with talented skateboarders pushing the limits of creativity. Well, a new kind of skateboard is here that gives you the thrill of skateboarding and surfing all-in-one. Deska Board a.k.a City Surf by Csaba Tolgyesy from Budapest, Hungary is made from aluminum, carbon and carbon Kevlar composite which gives this skateboard lightweight credentials. The skateboard has a lever attached to it which gives rider the ability to apply brakes anytime.
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Arccos GPS stat-tracking system is easiest way to improve your golf

Arccos GPS stat-tracking system-1

Sal Syed and Ammad Faisal with research and development backing from Callaway Golf Co. (ELY:US) have devised Arccos, the first of its kind GPS stat-tracking system for golfers, that lets you know every aspect of your game – every shot, every distance, every round, every moment, right on your smartphone. Though, Arccos isn’t a lone technology aimed at improving the game of golf, there have been mobile applications and sensor-mounted gloves that help, but Arccos is certainly easiest way to help improve your game. It’s as simple as – pair, play, review and improve! Read More…

Helsinki Airport introduces real-time passenger tracking system

Helsinki airport passenger tracking system

Helsinki Airport has introduced an in-house tracking system that will monitor the real-time movements of passengers from their arrival at the car parking until the take-off. Using smartphones of the people to detect their exact location, the airport’s tracking system will be world’s first to track passengers to within feet. It is developed with an objective to observe the crowds and prevent bottlenecking at the two-terminal airport, which sees around 15 million passengers a year. However, the technology is facing a lot of criticism from privacy advocate groups and other agencies regarding passenger privacy concerns.
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Augmented reality brings more fun to rock climbing

Augmented reality wall climbing

Two researchers of Aalto University in Finland have added much more fun to the rock climbing wall by combining it with the augmented reality. Perttu Hämäläinen and his colleague Raine Kajastila have developed a system which uses a projector, a depth-sensing camera and a computer software to track the movement of rock climbers on a training wall. Besides tracking, the system offers new challenges, provide feedback and real-time suggestions also to the climber.
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