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Portable stove to relish your star-studded adventure with a tasty meal

Snow Peak BiPod Stove

Whether you are hiking, trekking or camping in the woods; it is always good to have a stove because nights can get really cold and eating cooked prawn that you just caught is good for your tummy. Carrying a stove is also a predicament for your storage, since your backpack can hold a limited amount of important accessories and you also don’t want to carry extra weight. Japanese company Snow Peak has come up with a light-weight and compact stove that fits easily in your backpack, and when the need arises it can be used without much fuzz. Read More…

High school students invent football helmet that reduces impact injuries by 70%

Football helmet by Oklahoma high shool student Ethan Blagg

Most of the parents are reluctant in sending their child to play American football simply because of the impact injuries to head that can be a health risk and also in extreme cases fatal at times. Ethan Blagg, who is a senior at Francis Tuttle, Oklahoma High School and a linebacker, got his fourth concussion after a head injury while playing football and was warned by his neurologist to give up the game because of further health issues that might affect his brain if any further injuries are sustained. This has hampered his daily routine and study since he is having vision problems and headaches every now and then. Read More…

Super dad makes beeping Easter Egg for visually-impaired daughter

Beeping Easter Egg

The most fun part about holidays during Easter is the Egg Hunt competition. To find and collect eggs hidden at various location around a neighborhood or house. While normal kids enjoy this traditional game to the fullest, the unfortunate blind ones cannot do the same. One dad set out to change this notion and developed beeping Easter eggs for his 10-year-old daughter, Rachel. Now that is one example of a super dad doing something really special for his super special child.
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Colorado veteran develops interlocking archery target that’ll save you lots of money

Matrix Targets archery targets that last longer

As an archery shooter you very well know that once the archery board is pinned with many targets down on the bull’s eye, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Even if the other part of the target is untouched, it has to be replaced since one part has gone bad. 55-year old Kevin Peterson from Montana who himself is an archery enthusiast wanted to get over this problem and came up with his unique idea of making an archery board more usable. Matrix Targets is what he designed to increase the usability of archery targets by three folds.
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Innovative survival suit provides 24 hours of protection in cold water

Stearns Thermashield 24+ Immersion Suit

Getting stuck in cold water without insulation and the right equipment can be fatal, and in most cases the reason is hypothermia. Although, you might have a good strategy to survive in cold water as explained by born survivor Bear Grills in his series Man vs. Wild, but achieving his stamina levels is quite difficult. Bugged by the number of fatalities in cold water due to hypothermia, Bob Duncan, Alaska Airline pilot and inventor came up with the idea of making a protection suit that helps you survive for almost 24 hours in worse conditions.
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Airbus Concept Plane to be equipped with interactive windows for engaging travel

Airbus Concept Plane

In the near future air travel could get much more interesting as Airbus has filed a new patent for interactive aircraft window that’ll revamp the aviation industry in a big way. The idea is to treat the flying guests with more details of the sights they are about to see in the state or city they are traveling to. For example if you are flying from U.S. to Paris, you’ll see all the details of important landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, and their visualization too.
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DJ put out my fire – Intuitive fire extinguisher makes it a literal possibility!

Fire extinguisher George Mason University students invention

Next time you see a DJ pumping up the bass, it could be in a forest putting out a fire! However crazy this statement might sound, but it is the low frequency sounds that could be the key to dozing colossal fires in forests or urban settings. A duo of engineering students at the George Mason University in Virginia have invented a fire extinguisher that uses bass to put out fires. Engineering seniors Viet Tran and Seth Robertson have got the preliminary patent for their application to make a device that uses low-frequency sound waves to annihilate out of control fires.
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Ambitious line of wearable drones for the future take limelight at SxSW!

Frog Design Wearable drones Flare

Frog Design reveals line of wearable drones for the future

Wearable Nixie Drone showcased at CES 2015 set the bar for futuristic wearable robots that more than meets the eye. And now a Frog Design, an ambitious new venture that eyes the future is embarking on a sci-fi ride that will leave most of us flabbergasted. Their primary focus is on wearable technology that can impact your lives in n number of ways. To be precise, they are working on wearable drones that assist you through chalk and cheese.
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Backpack with bear spray saves your life in worst case scenario

Back Attack Pack Backpack

Bear attacks account for a number of deaths in US and other regions of the world where these wild animals are found extensively. Obviously these animals are not responsible for any attack on humans, but it is our ignorance and encroachment into forests. Seeing the number of rising bear attacks, 57-year old former Marine, Billy Lucas who is also a well-known Hollywood stuntman has come up with a way to deter attacking bear(s) from inflicting injury or perhaps fatality to humans. Hence came the idea of inventing a backpack that has bear spray to put off the territorial beast in attack mode.
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Solar-powered plane takes flight in a non-stop journey across the globe

Solar Impulse 2 solar powered plane

The record breaking attempt to fly around in a solar-powered plane has begun with the Solar Impulse 2 plane taking off from Abu Dhabi, Emirate with Andre Borschberg at the controls of the single-seated plane; and the next destination is Muscat in Oman. Both Andre and Swiss pilot, Bertrand Piccard will share the flying duty in this grueling journey. This epic journey across the globe will go on for more than five months is going to traverse through continents. On the way this manned airplane will cross the Pacific and Atlantic oceans while taking pit-stops at various locations.
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