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How to make fire with a lemon and some nails

How to make fire from lemon DIY

Imagine you are lost in the wilderness with a cold night staring you straight in the face. You don’t have any source to make fire and unless you have Bear Grills like skills you are going to have a pretty hard time of it. Traditional methods of creating fire are only successful if you practice them over and over again. Like the one where you use the bushman technique to create friction inside two wooden sticks to create a spark of fire. That is too hard to accomplish and if you happen to carry a lemon, some copper clips, zinc nails, piece of wire and steel wool fire is what you’ll be making with ease. You can also use copper and zinc coins for the same.
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Company behind world’s first smart basketball files for Bankruptcy

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

Running low on cash, InfoMotion Sports Technologies – a Massachusetts-based Company behind the award winning 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball has filed for Bankruptcy protection. In the papers, filed with court, Company’s Chief Executive Michael Crowley has said, the company is looking for bankruptcy loan as an assistance to stock up inventory before holiday season. Read More…

British teenager bags home top prize of $25,000 in World Drone Prix Dubai

World Drone Prix 2016

World Drone Prix just commenced in Dubai and 15-year-old Luke Bannister, a British teenager bagged home the top prize of $250,000. Taking drone racing as a sport to the next level, the event featured 32 teams from 19 countries who fought it out in a two day contest in the drone racing track at Sky Dive Dubai. The drone racing revved up on Friday and Saturday, giving the people of Dubai a unique experience of what could be the biggest event of the future. Of course we saw the Drone Racing League make headlines couple of months ago and this event has also managed to capture attention of drone enthusiasts. The event had a total prize money of $1 million and that overshadows other such drone racing events fair and square.
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Batmobile suitcase complete with machine guns is all your kid ever wanted

Batmobile suitcase-1

Your batman friendly kid finally has a way to carry his favorite goodies. A Hong Kong-based manufacturer has come up with a super cute, super attractive batmobile-inspired suitcase your kid is not going be without after this. Based on the Batmobile to be featured in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie, the batsuitcase (as they call it) is immensely detailed and looks if it’s been stolen out off the movie itself. Read More…

YodelUP smart on-glove wearable for snow sport junkies

YodelUP smartwatch_2

For geeks who like to hit the snow-covered mountains in their winter sports gear, being connected to friends is a major priority. Obviously, for such people wearing a smartwatch or taking out their smartphone while in the middle of a run down on the slopes with the skies on is not a wise option. That is why a project is up on Kickstarter to make it ultra-easy to stay connected with friends and family without even taking out their phone. YodelUP on-glove smartphone connected wearable acts like your wrist-mounted walkie-talkie to communicate or control your music player while enjoying a good weekend trip to the ski mountains.
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Bazooka like drone catcher shoots multiple ammos to neutralize perpetrators

SkyWall 100 drone catcher

Drones are everywhere these days, even places they are not meant to be or restricted by the authorities. There are strict laws in some states regarding where you can fly a drone, but if we saw from the perspective of authorities, keeping a watch on all rouge drones can be a real hassle. And when a drone in unauthorized area is detected the next task is to shut it down or bring it to a safe location. Adding to the list of drone catching equipment that we have seen in the last few months is this bazooka styled drone annihilator. OpenWorks Engineering have developed SkyWall 100 man portable drone defense system to keep highly sensitive areas secure from drones. The weapon can fire multiple shots, making it easy for one operator to disengage drones hovering in a single area.
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McDonald’s Happy Meal box turns into a VR headset, yes it does

McDonalds Happy Goggles VR headset_3

After gulping down your Happy Meal at McDonald’s’ you would not even bother about the box in which it came. That is about to change for people in Sweden coming Saturday and the consecutive one (March 5 and March 12) between 11AM and 3PM. As a part of promotion, the campaign is all about giving away 3,500 Happy Goggles at 14 restaurants to kids. The virtual reality viewer goggles will be more like the Google Cardboard VR headset, simple and easy to use. You just have to remove the lens pack, tear the box around perforated edges, put it together and slide you phone inside it to enjoy VR content.
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Finally it’s here – Ken Block’s Gymkhana Eight: Ultimate Exotic Playground; Dubai

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Eight Ultimate Exotic Playground Dubai

We have waited for more than a year to see drifting King Ken Block in action for his next episode of Gymkhana. That moment has arrived as Gymkhana 8 is here and Ken spilled his magic in the exuberant city of Dubai. Ken Block’s Gymkhana Eight: Ultimate Exotic Playground; Dubai is what the performance is called. Bringing together the inch (or should I now say centimeter) close drifting action, Ken managed to whiz past the pavement/walls/cars/airplane by paper thin distance. Clearly he is the god, now you have to accept that after watching closely his drifting moves.
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Sentry Drone rescues lost hikers by sniffing their heat signature

Sentry Drone for search and Rescue Operations

Drone can be a real asset in search and rescue operations along with looking for lost hikers in the woods. So far we only have seen a few such type of UAV’s tested for search of lost adventurers. One is the machine-learning software for drones to identify and follow man-made trails developed by University of Zurich, Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and NCCR Robotics. The other is a rugged drone developed by Flyability SA to aid rescue team of the Zermatt Glacier in Swiss Alps. A Canadian startup has also joined the bandwagon with Sentry Drone which is capable of searching lost hikers autonomously.

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Titanic II to set sail from China to Dubai in 2018

Blue Star Line Titanic 2

Blue Star Line Titanic 2

The ill-fated RMS Titanic sank more than ten decades ago in 1912 and the memories of that tragic event still remain fresh in our mind. The doomed ocean liner will never return to make another voyage, but an exact replica is all set to take to the waters in 2018. Scheduled for launch this year, the probable date for this ship’s journey from Jiangsu-China-Dubai is pushed ahead to 2018. Known as Titanic II, the replica of original Titanic ship is being built by Blue Star Line owned by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer. From the outside as well as inside this ocean liner will bear striking resemblance to the unfortunate ship which became a part of history for all the wrong reasons.
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