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Wilson X connected football is every quarterbacks dream ball


It’s not easy for the best in the world of football to throw a perfect pass. Each quarterback out there will affirm. With the new Wilson X connected football, throwing a perfect pass can be lot easier and more accurate. Designed with budding quarterbacks in mind, the new football measures distance, speed, velocity, spin rate and the throwing position to perfect each throw and help train more precisely. Read More…

Eye-tracking technology reveals superhuman reflexes of Formula-1 drivers

Formula-1 reation time

It was an utterly disappointing weekend for Team Force India in Austria, as they couldn’t even manage to finish the race with both their cars. It was particularly heart-breaking for Nico Hulkenberg who had a great qualifying run, finishing 2nd on the gird, but couldn’t manage to capitalize and had to retire in the latter stages of the GP. However, the German race driver had an interesting day leading up to the race weekend. Nico and Team Force India agreed to spare some time with eye-tracking experts Tobii Tech, just to learn how quick Formula-1 drivers are when it comes to reaction times.
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STEPDive combines possibility of snorkeling and scuba diving in one system

STEPDive snorkel system-1

Resting somewhere between snorkeling and scuba, the STEPDive by Austria-based start-up SnorkelDive Innovations, is an innovative new dive snorkel system for families and kids. Designed for beginners, who want to start diving, the STEPDive combines the possibility of snorkeling and diving in one system. The revolutionary snorkel comes with a floating buoy attached to a hose, which allows the user to dive up to 5 meters deep (as far as the hose allows). Since the buoy can be tethered to multiple users, one can go diving/snorkeling, as you may like, with friends, family or even kids.

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Samsung Galaxy Surfboard displays coach’s instruction and tweets in real-time


Surfing is a cool sport, not only because you’re in the middle of the cool waters in scorching sun, also because it’s a sport to instill individual discipline and sense of judgment. With the newly prototyped surfboard by Samsung, the aspect of individuality associated with surfing may be in jeopardy. The Galaxy Surfboard (as it is called) is designed by Samsung in collaboration with design studio Leo Burnett. Read More…

Johnny Weir to get world’s first Twitter-powered brooch at Derby

Twittered powered brooch 3

Designers are pretty excited with emerging trend of experimenting with smartclothing or smart fashion accessories. Special attention is being paid toward establishing connection of social media profiles with these accessories. For instance, we had recently posted about Bojian Han’s SoSole sneakers that talk and IBM Watson developed a ‘Cognitive Dress’, both of which can download data from Twitter profile and manifest user’s personality or mood through a particular color code. Now, we have a Twitter-powered brooch to add to the list.
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Puma BeatBot robot wants to create invincible runners like Usain Bolt

Puma Beatbot Robot

Usain Bolt is currently the fastest runner on the planet and Puma wants to turn every aspiring runner into a champion. That is a dream practically impossible, but at-least Puma is giving it a try. With able help from a team of MIT engineering graduates and advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, Puma has developed BeatBot, a robot which motivates racers to increase their pace. Obviously, to make it known to the world, Puma has roped in Usain Bolt as the man to promote this one of a kind robotic rig.
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Company behind world’s first smart basketball files for Bankruptcy

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

Running low on cash, InfoMotion Sports Technologies – a Massachusetts-based Company behind the award winning 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball has filed for Bankruptcy protection. In the papers, filed with court, Company’s Chief Executive Michael Crowley has said, the company is looking for bankruptcy loan as an assistance to stock up inventory before holiday season. Read More…

British teenager bags home top prize of $25,000 in World Drone Prix Dubai

World Drone Prix 2016

World Drone Prix just commenced in Dubai and 15-year-old Luke Bannister, a British teenager bagged home the top prize of $250,000. Taking drone racing as a sport to the next level, the event featured 32 teams from 19 countries who fought it out in a two day contest in the drone racing track at Sky Dive Dubai. The drone racing revved up on Friday and Saturday, giving the people of Dubai a unique experience of what could be the biggest event of the future. Of course we saw the Drone Racing League make headlines couple of months ago and this event has also managed to capture attention of drone enthusiasts. The event had a total prize money of $1 million and that overshadows other such drone racing events fair and square.
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YodelUP smart on-glove wearable for snow sport junkies

YodelUP smartwatch_2

For geeks who like to hit the snow-covered mountains in their winter sports gear, being connected to friends is a major priority. Obviously, for such people wearing a smartwatch or taking out their smartphone while in the middle of a run down on the slopes with the skies on is not a wise option. That is why a project is up on Kickstarter to make it ultra-easy to stay connected with friends and family without even taking out their phone. YodelUP on-glove smartphone connected wearable acts like your wrist-mounted walkie-talkie to communicate or control your music player while enjoying a good weekend trip to the ski mountains.
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Globe creates world’s first skateboard with built-in Bluetooth speaker


Whether it’s a pair of skating shoes or a pair of earphones for skating; designers attempt to make them really comfortable and cushy. Still, when you attempt an ollie, there’s a fair chance the earphones fall off. To let you enjoy your favorite tacks to the fullest while skateboarding, Australian footwear and skateboard designer Globe International in collaboration with Boombotix has created a pair of skateboards with built-in speakers. Giving riders freedom from earphones, the skateboards – GLB-GSB Blazer 26″ and GLB-GSB Pinner Complete 41.25″ create an ultimate soundtrack for your ride. Read More…