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Tennis racket hacked to play grunting sounds while hitting hard shots

Grunting Tennis Racket

Lawn tennis as a game is one of the most gripping in sports and player’s grunting at the swing of every powerful shot is one of its charming aspect. But grunting also uses up lot of your energy and if you want to have that signature grunt while playing just for fun, this DIY will interest you. Seiya Kobayashi wanted to bring the grunting of players like Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and Novan Djokovic to the tennis racket. So, he decided to make a custom tennis racket which emulated the grunt of tennis players.
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World champion skier narrowly misses a falling drone from the sky

World champion skier  Marcel Hirscher narrowly misses a falling drone from the sky

During the Alpine Skiing World Cup in Italy, drones again earned a bad name for themselves. The incident involved a camera drone falling inches away from four times defending overall champion Austrian skier Marcel Hirscher as he was on course for his second run. The drone was set up by broadcast crew and some malfunctioning in the equipment resulted in the bizarre incident.
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Does cricket need a high tech glow-in-the-dark ball?

Glow in the dark cricket ball by Nicholas Martino

The game of cricket has changed so much in the last decade or with ODI’s and T20’s have changed the pace of the game. The balls used in cricket have also changed with the age old red ball used in test cricket giving way for the white ball in limited overs cricket format of the game. And recently we saw the pink ball being used in third test at Adelaide in the Australia vs. New Zealand test series for better visibility during the dark hours of the day. Now sports enthusiast wants to bring high tech balls to the foray as he has developed glow-in-the-dark rechargeable cricket balls.
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This wingsuit stunt in the Russian mountains could have turned ugly

Ratmir Nagymyanov and Aleksey Drozdov wingsuit jump in Russian mountains

Wingsuit fliers always carry a quotient of danger whenever they take a leap of faith and hope to achieve what they plan on doing. There are many factors which can take a wingsuit flier off course and risk banging into mountains or skyscrapers. But that doesn’t stop daredevils from making their next base jump and do stunts that no one else has done before. We have already seen loads of daring wingsuit stunts in the past and this one here is right out of the mind-numbing category. Watch base jumpers Ratmir Nagymyanov and Aleksey Drozdov go through the ancient ruins on a Russian mountain in heart-stopping clip which is unbelievable.
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World’s first modular watercraft to ship in January 2016

Bomboard modular watercraft

Watercrafts are fun to drive and take full benefit of calm waters on a sunshine filled day. Although transportation can be an issue at times. BomBoard is the world’s first modular personal watercraft which solves this problem since it can be taken apart into four sections. So, this watercraft can be loaded into the boot of your car and taken to the nearest beach. Under the hood this machine packs a punch with 45 HP fuel injected motor (450cc) mated to a high performance jet pump. This makes BomBoard go at top speed of 45 mph.
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Smart Rope is the tech savvy skipping rope you always longed for

Smart Rope smartphone connected skipping rope

Jumping rope is the simplest and best tool for cardio workout that has been used by fitness enthusiasts from decades. With dedication and daily rope jumping regime you can shred all the fat near you center of gravity without the need to hit the gym. But the good old jumping rope has certain limitations when it comes to analyzing your daily jumping regime. Now is the time to give-up jumping with a rope the traditional way and get much more out of your rope jumping routine.
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Table Tennis Notebooks for boring times in the office

Table Tennis Notebooks

Got bored of writing on notebooks or even for that matter scribbing your Word documents? Then it’s high time you get these Table Tennis Notebooks by Suck UK. Bringing the nostalgic feeling of playing table tennis with a notebook or cardboard, these notebooks are a good time pass after a long grueling day’s work. Two of these notebooks are having a rubber surface with a table tennis bat imprinted on and one notebook has net printed onto it. All you need is a table and you are good to have an extended session of TT in your office or home.
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These 16 trendy accessories will keep cyclists safe on road

Shiva helmet

When you’re riding a cycle on street, you share the space with cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, pedestrians and other cyclists of course. When you see the danger on road, you can avoid it, or at least manage to keep yourself safe by reacting in time. The real problem is when you cannot see the danger, that’s when you need cycling gear that can keep you safe from most potential dangers on road. So, if you’re a daredevil rider, or a safety first kinda cyclists, here are sixteen trendy bike accessories to keep you safe while riding. Read More…

15 spectacular wingsuit stunts that will make your heart pop-out

15 daredevil wingsuit stunts

The sport of wingsuit flying has gripped adventure junkies in the last decade or so for its sheer adrenaline rush inducing capabilities. Your wingsuit and body function as one to create enough surface area to increase lift and virtually fly like a bird. Some daredevil souls have perfected the art of wingsuit flying to the extreme levels where nothing can stop them. In today’s compilation of death-defying adventure sports we take a look at some of the most dangerous stunts performed while using a wingsuit. Sit back and watch these hair-raising wingsuit flights that will bring heart in your mouth!
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