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Gatorade and Bryce Harper join hands to bring virtual reality experience to the fans

Gatorade Virtual Reality Experience

For those who are not good at baseball, but still want to experience the feeling of a baseball player on the pitch, Gatorade has come up with something amazing for you. The sports-themed beverage manufacturer has collaborated with Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper to release a 3-minute, 360-degree Virtual Reality Experience video. The VR will give fans the chance to see, feel and hear what Mr. Harper feels, hears and sees on the pitch while trying to hit the ball out of the park.
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Patso Dimitrov designs superhero-themed NBA signature shoes

superhero-themed NBA signature shoes

How can we relate NBA players to superheroes? Well, here is one thought! On one hand, superheroes use their extraordinary gifts and abilities to save the world whereas on the other hand NBA players use their passion, talent and superhuman capabilities on the field to win matches. Often praised for their inhuman abilities, it’s not hard for us to imagine NBA players as superheroes. Patso Dimitrov, Copenhagen-based graphic designer got the inspiration from this comparison and came up with a unique idea of designing superhero-themed NBA signature shoes.
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Make your own Star Wars themed Foosball table

Star Wars stormtrooper foosball table

Foosball game is a good pass time for stress busting and it lets all the frustration out of the system. But the foosball game never got a visual upgrade until now. Thanks to 3D printing, Youmagine designer [Excite] got the unique idea of turning boring foosball props into exciting Star Wars themed Storm troopers that looking strikingly cool.
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In a daredevil stunt paraglider lands on wingsuit flyer in mid-air [Photos]

Norwegian paraglider Bjoern Magne Bakke Bryn lands on wingsuit flyer Espen Fadnes in mid air

Real-life daredevils Espen Fadnes and Bjoern Magne Bakke Bryn of Norway are clearly the most extrovert adrenaline junkies who don’t fear to wing it. In a recent challenge – in what can be called ‘the most fascinating mid-air acts – paraglider Bryn landed on wingsuit flyer Fadnes as they soared past the Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, China. The flying enthusiasts took off from different locations before joining each other in mid-air. We don’t have much to tell you on the amazing feat, therefore we leave you with some spectacular pictures of the act below. Read More…

Daredevil jetpack riders set Guinness Word record for synchronized water flight

Jetpack Guinness World Record

New jetpack Guinness World Record

Jetpack give you wings, literally, don’t you think so? The most fascinating way to let loose and hit freedom, shooting into thin air like a kingfisher. Watching someone with a jetpack on gives such an adrenaline rush, just imagine doing it for yourself. Ok, enough of the melodrama talk, let’s concentrate on this Guinness World Record that took place in the city of Cavalaire sur mer located in South France.
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Altra IQ running shoe tracks your running routine, acts as real-time coach

Altra IQ running shoe

There are fitness wearables that collect and analyze your running data, now a shoe visions to do just that. Altra Running has come out with a new Altra IQ running shoe, which can collect data about the wearer’s running stride to make them better informed of their personal running habits. The Altra IQ is embedded with razor thin multi-sensor system, which is placed (very secretly) in the shoe’s midsole with a transmitter to track running exactly down to wearer’s technique. The shoe comes with iFit app, which receives the data from the shoe over Bluetooth and then offers real-time coaching in addition to aggregation and analysis of data. Read More…

Lexus Hoverboard is no more a concept, it is real and rideable (w/Video)

Lexus Hoverboard

The ultra-imaginative Lexus Hoverboard teaser which was too tech savvy to be real has finally been released and it still forces me to pinch myself hard. Such is the magic of superconductors and magnets cooled down by liquid nitrogen that it still seems like dream far-off to me. But Lexus Hoverboard is real and professional skateboarder Ross McGouran should feel like a god for riding it first-up. Equally lucky is Robb Holland, an American race drive and Jailopnik contributor who got the invite to ride this one of a kind Hoverboard.

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Stunt rider Robbie Maddison surfs ocean waves on a dirt bike

DC Shoes Pipe Dream stunt by Robbie Maddison

DC Shoes Pipe Dream stunt by Robbie Maddison is insane

There is a very fine line between what is impossible and what can only be dreamt. DC Shoes and Robbie “Maddo” Maddison surpassed both of these beliefs to create something that you have to see to believe. With 2 years in the making and Maddo rearing to perform his most dangerous stunt till date, this has to go down as one mind-blowing spectacle. Called as Pipe Dream, this stunt had the perfect setting in Tahiti where giant waves invite daring surfers to challenge their riding skills.

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World’s first wearable gym provides apt resistance during workout

Bionic Resistance Shorts for gymming

One thing every gymmer knows is that resistance plays a very important role in the extent to which your muscles can flex. This helps reduce the lactic acid in muscles and option to increase size even more. But how exactly do you bring-in resistance while working out? One way is to wear tight fitting clothes. That can only help slightly, you need something more professional.
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World’s first water resistant socks ensure you walk dry in rains

5 water socks - water resistant socks-2

We all wear socks, and at some point all of us have dealt with problems of wearing wet socks. Drenched socks can become smelly, can get heavy and even lead to itching in the foot. To provide a realistic alternative to wet socks, Jaspreet Singh, an Indian origin student in Detroit, US, has developed water resistant socks he calls the 5 Water Socks. The name 5 Water Socks may sound peculiar, but it draws inspiration from Punjab, Indian state that Singh’s family belongs to. Punjab means ‘Land of Five Rivers’. Read More…