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Daredevil pilots pull off unbelievable barnstorming stunt through a hangar!

Barnstorming stunt thorough a hangar

Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones fly simultaneously through a hangar

Talking about aircraft stunts, barnstorming is the pinnacle of stunt pilot’s skill to perform synchronized moves. However two aerobatic pilots decided to stretch the yardstick by taking barnstorming to another level altogether. Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones performed one of the most heart-stopping stunts you’ll ever see. These Red Bull Matadors pilots flew their individual Xtreme Air Sbach XA41 aircrafts through a hangar in North Whales at break-neck speeds of 300 km/h.
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US teen builds laser-based automatic baseball umpire to become better pitcher

Laser baseball umpire

There is an endless debate on use of robot umpires to replace or assist on-field umpires to call ‘ball or strike’ in baseball. That however has not stopped a 13-year-old Virginia-based soon-to-be eighth grader from developing an automatic umpire to help him and other young baseball players to become better pitchers. There are thousands of kids across the United States who play baseball at some level; unlike most of them content with the present facilities, Nick Anglin built himself a laser-equipped umpire called Strikey Sensors that indicates a ball or strike. Read More…

Nike VR ad lets fans experience what it is like to be Neymar

There is no question about possibilities of Virtual Reality devices and what the technology in itself can help us achieve. While there are endless manufacturers working out various possibilities to promote their products, Nike has teamed with football sensation Brazilian international Neymar to let fans experience what it is like to be Neymar – dribbling, shooting and scoring goals like the Barcelona FC striker. Read More…

The futuristic, tough and beautiful O Six Hundred Kayak is ultra-lightweight

o six hundred kayak

When Inuit invented the kayak – as a hunter’s boat, the idea was to make it to measure for only one man’s size and weight. Ever since, basic design of the hunter’s boat hasn’t changed, it still remains heavy and quite uncomfortable to transport, while most of the other hunting gear has undergone transformation with modernization. To fill this void with a revolutionary kayak, the O Six Hundred kayak has been conceived by Ben Cooper and Andrew Simpson of The Balmain Boat Company.
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High school students invent football helmet that reduces impact injuries by 70%

Football helmet by Oklahoma high shool student Ethan Blagg

Most of the parents are reluctant in sending their child to play American football simply because of the impact injuries to head that can be a health risk and also in extreme cases fatal at times. Ethan Blagg, who is a senior at Francis Tuttle, Oklahoma High School and a linebacker, got his fourth concussion after a head injury while playing football and was warned by his neurologist to give up the game because of further health issues that might affect his brain if any further injuries are sustained. This has hampered his daily routine and study since he is having vision problems and headaches every now and then. Read More…

Dole Wearable Banana – World’s first eatable wearable for Tokyo Marathon 2015

Wearable banana Tokoyo Marathon 2015

The world of wearable technology is dominated by gadgets that aim to make your life better, give you up-to-date information on your fitness regimes or simply provide notifications from your mobile devices. But nothing can be as surprising as an edible wearable! Dole, the sponsors of Japan’s largest city marathon every year since 2008, the Tokyo Marathon, has come-up with a wearable banana!
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Zyro DroneBall – A drone you can play outdoor games with

Zyro DroneBall

A project is up on Kickstarter that brings done play to the masses, and for reasons I’m wondering why! The Zyro DroneBall quadcopter is intended to be played like an outdoor sport where it acts as a prop. Much like a puck in hockey or shuttlecock in badminton, this drone can be maneuvered from side to side between players using a wand like device that redirects it in the intended direction. One can play games with up to four DroneBalls or initiate multiplayer games with other remote-enabled drones.
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Garmin Approach S5 GPS golf watch brings golf course details to your wrist

Garmin Approach S5 GPS golf watch

Garmin has revealed a lightweight and slim form factor watch that comes as a handy accessory to have for golfers. Garmin Approach S5 GPS golf watch comes with a high-resolution color display and preloaded maps for over 38,000 international golf courses with the option for Touch Targeting and Manual Pin Positioning. This enables precise data tracking and via the Garmin Connect app compatible with iOS and Android devices, one can easily share and compare their rounds.
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Nike designs micro-diamond encrusted boots for Cristiano Ronaldo

Nike creates Mercurial CR7 Rare Gold boots for Cristiano Ronaldo

Nike designs Mercurial CR7 Rare Gold boots for Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s star player and one of the best players of his generation grabbed his third Ballon d’Or few days ago ahead of the likes of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. Thus, to celebrate the win, Nike who sponsor Ronaldo have unveiled a new pair of boots which are specially designed for the Portuguese star. Named Mercurial CR7 Rare Gold, the special boots comes in golden shade color with CR7 logo on the heel encrusted with micro-diamonds. These one of a kind cleats with a luxurious touch by Nike weren’t just for the show, Ronaldo actually wore them last weekend against Getafe and netted the ball twice during the match.
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CES 2015: Sensoria Fitness Socks will improve your running technique

Sensoria Fitness Socks at CES 2015

Do you remember Sensoria Fitness Socks by Hardware maker, Heapsylon that tracks our workout capacity? Yes, the same one that can measure workout benchmarks, including computable attributes like speed, calories and distance covered alongside providing real-time feedback and related tips on your running technique. Well, the smart sock that first appeared in 2013 as a crowd-funding campaign is back again and making its presence feel at the ongoing CES 2015. The company has now completed the smart sock’s development process and will ship the wearable in late 2015.
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