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Pele inaugurates first player-powered soccer field in Brazil

Pele inaugurates player-powered soccer field

Brazilian football legend Pele have inaugurated the first ever player-powered soccer field in Rio de Janeiro slum of Morro da Mineira. Using a new technology developed by British start-up Pavegen, the football pitch uses the energy generated by the player’s movement on the field to partly power up the floods lights. A total of 200 underground tiles were installed across the width and breadth of the field. The tiles will gather kinetic energy through the motion of the players and will feed that power to six 280-watt LED floodlights overhead. However, the tiles provide only 20 percent of electricity for the lights and the remaining comes from the solar panels set up at the facility.
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Chargeboard lets you skate and charge your smartphone too

Chargeboard by Bjorn van den Hout

What if your skateboard can serve as a charger for your smartphone? Well, we guess every skateboarder will love that. Designer Bjorn van den Hout have created a fully functional longboard that can charge your phone and act as a docking station for it at the same time. Christened Chargeboard, the skateboard was designed by the young Dutch student as a graduation project for the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

Chargeboard by Bjorn van den Hout

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DjBoard: Designer combines music and skateboard

DjBoard by Ruben Oya

What could be the possible outcome when somebody blends Skate and Music into one? Well, we guess it should be nothing less than pure awesomeness. Industrial Designer Ruben Oya have just done that by developing an impressive concept for urban mobility. DjBoard is a conceptual design project that combines longboard and a music mixing interface. The mobility project transportation design offers a double function product by merging together the culture of Dj mixing and the world of skateboard. The longboard comes with a touch-sensitive interface and two speakers that connects to a smartphone to create a music-mixing platform.
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Track a football’s history with embedded microchip called gametag

gametag micro-chip football

Until now, a lengthy and expensive process is utilized to analyze collectable footballs, but in order to provide fans and football collectors an easier way to analyze footballs – Big Game USA and Prova Group have collaborated and developed smart chip to authenticate and track footballs. Dubbed gametag, the chip can be embedded into the football to track its life, history and authenticity. Read More…

Overade Plixi folding helmet folds origami-style into itself


If you’ve been searching for a good folding helmet, chances are you have come across the Morpher helmet with lightweight and folding credentials. However, to pose a serious competition to Morpher, Overade has developed the Plixi, a folding helmet which can really collapse down to a much smaller size. Read More…

Deska Board: A skateboard with detachable windsurfing sail for more thrust

Deska Board City Surf skateboard

Skateboards and skateboarding has been around for a long time now and it is one urban activity that sets the streets alive with talented skateboarders pushing the limits of creativity. Well, a new kind of skateboard is here that gives you the thrill of skateboarding and surfing all-in-one. Deska Board a.k.a City Surf by Csaba Tolgyesy from Budapest, Hungary is made from aluminum, carbon and carbon Kevlar composite which gives this skateboard lightweight credentials. The skateboard has a lever attached to it which gives rider the ability to apply brakes anytime.
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Arccos GPS stat-tracking system is easiest way to improve your golf

Arccos GPS stat-tracking system-1

Sal Syed and Ammad Faisal with research and development backing from Callaway Golf Co. (ELY:US) have devised Arccos, the first of its kind GPS stat-tracking system for golfers, that lets you know every aspect of your game – every shot, every distance, every round, every moment, right on your smartphone. Though, Arccos isn’t a lone technology aimed at improving the game of golf, there have been mobile applications and sensor-mounted gloves that help, but Arccos is certainly easiest way to help improve your game. It’s as simple as – pair, play, review and improve! Read More…

Augmented reality brings more fun to rock climbing

Augmented reality wall climbing

Two researchers of Aalto University in Finland have added much more fun to the rock climbing wall by combining it with the augmented reality. Perttu Hämäläinen and his colleague Raine Kajastila have developed a system which uses a projector, a depth-sensing camera and a computer software to track the movement of rock climbers on a training wall. Besides tracking, the system offers new challenges, provide feedback and real-time suggestions also to the climber.
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Motus Motion Sleeve prevents ball pitcher injuries in baseball

Motus Pitcher sleeve for baseball pitchers

Motus Pitcher sleeve with embedded pint-sized sensors

Baseball is surely a fun game for fans and strikers, but is it that much fun for pitchers who have to pitch the ball? As a baseball fan you might love the fiery delivery from the pitcher, but every time they throw the ball, they are increasing the changes of inducing pitch-related injuries that require Tommy John surgery. To get over this a Florida-based company has come to the forte with an ingenious solution called Motus Pitcher Sleeve which is in its prototype stage. This wearable gadget has accelerometer and gyroscope sensors that track the elbow and arm movement while pitching, and most importantly keeps a track of the forces acting on ulnar collateral ligament.
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Forget jetpacks, Hoverboard is the next big thing in extreme watersports

Flyboard Hoverboard

You’ve got to see it to believe it. This is perhaps the coolest thing that I have seen in a long while at the watersports arena. The Flyboard hoverboard by Zapata is a watercraft that has a nozzle pumping out high pressure water jet from the back that propels the rider on board into the sky like a dolphin in water. The water is sucked by a huge 59 foot water hose like pipe which makes possible the smooth airborne ride that a skilled experts can achieve.
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