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Etihad Airways offers hotel-style luxury residence in the sky

The Residence by Etihad

In an effort to lure private jet passengers back to commercial airlines, Etihad has developed a hotel-style apartment aboard the Airbus A380. Premium Airbus A380 offering was recently unveiled at a press conference in Abu Dhabi. Dubbed ‘The Residence by Etihad,’ the home in the sky features a living room, two separate bedrooms and ensuite shower room. Interestingly, Etihad will limit one residence per A380 aircraft, which will rest in the upper-deck cabin and will be available for single or double occupancy with its own butler. Read More…

Norway’s Stad Maritime tunnel – The world’s first tunnel way for large ships

Stad maritime tunnel for ships

By the early half of next decade we could be seeing ships hurling down through one side of a tunnel and out the other side. Norway is all set to have the world’s first tunnel for large ships to take on the treacherous section (known for high winds and heavy seas) of the southwestern coast as the government has announced a 10 year transportation plan for the same. Aptly called as the Stad Maritime Tunnel, named on the peninsula of Norway, the 1.7 kilometers long tunnel will make its way into the piece of peninsula’s mountainside, linking together the two fjords. With the estimated cost of 1.6 billion kroner, this intuitive project is a 10 year transportation plan and construction will begin in 2018.

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i-Pen reveals vital information from map as you point to any city location

Don’t you get confused whenever you are on a never before visited tourist location and all you have is a map with the references of places? Surely you do and that is why this i-Pen electronic pen coupled with the Ya era Coin Guide provides you with a voice guide on each and every location specified in the city map of Asakusa. All you have to do is select the language with i-Pen (Japanese, Chinese or English) from the top left hand side if the map and then point the pen towards the specific location, main facilities, roads or landmarks about which information is needed. This new service is targeted towards tourists visiting Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree on foot as tourist walks are the main attraction of the city and as a newbie to this city you might not be able to find a personal guide at all times.
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Hop automatic moving suitcase follows you wherever you go

What would be the next step in evolution of a suitcase? A self-driven one which follows its user at the airport so that one has to never ever bother about lost luggage. Rodrigo Garcia has invented prototype version of a suitcase called Hop that follows its user wherever he/she goes. The design is intuitive and it also made to final leg of James Dyson Award purely because of its application in the various situations like if you have lost your suitcase and if it happens to be the Hop, you will find it in no time. Boosted with three build-in sensors which triangulate position of the user’s mobile phone which is sending signals via an app, Hop suitcase automatically starts to follow the user. Movement of the suitcase is actuated by a microcontroller which provides input for the caterpillar system having compressed air.
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PortaKeg keeps your beer ice chilled in any environment and can be taken anywhere

Want to enjoy cold draft beer anywhere anytime without the need to carry a clumsy dolly for moving your kegs around? Especially when you want to enjoy your weekends camping or partying in your farmhouse? Well then PortaKeg – Portable Draft Beer System is here to help you out as it is more convenient to move around and far less expensive than other options available. Team of Albert, Todd, Mark and Ray are determined to bring mobile cold beer to the masses as they look to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo for pushing PortaKeg into production. PortaKeg is made from rugged and lightweight plastic powered by a small carbon dioxide tank for dispensing beer anytime, anywhere.
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Pelican backpack collection with hard-side casing is perfect for adventurous expeditions

Want to go on adventure trips and expeditions with the fear that your backpack is not going to be good enough to take on the rough weather conditions? Well, worry no more because Pelican backpacks are here to take your supplies through rough adventure trips. The new collection of ProGear division backpacks include four models having hard-side Pelican cases embedded into the bodywork for more protection. Pelican deems this range of backpacks as the burliest ever backpacks built and one of them is the U100 Urban Elite Laptop Backpack that has solid poly case built which is waterproof for 30 minutes of underwater submerging.
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Cabiro Cable Car in Swiss Alps is world’s first double-decker ropeway system

The breathtaking view of Swiss Alps attracts people from across the globe for sheer natural scenic spectacle that is unmatchable. So what better to have bird’s eye of the seamless Alps and cherish those moments for the rest of your life. Keeping in mind this very aspect a new kind of open-air cable car ride has been developed for the not so faint hearted adventure seeking people who like to feel the wind in their hair at breath-taking heights. And for those who like to be in the confined safety of glass walls a lower deck is also there so that you can enjoy the very same mind-boggling sight of nature.
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Sports car-inspired boat is luxuriously ‘Tender’ and amphibious

Sports cars aren’t alone trendsetters on road, they can also be design inspirations for many on waters, well it sounds confusing, but it’s true! This is what NZ Tenders claims with respect to the GT Tender amphibious boat they have conceived in collaboration with New Zealand based Vaudrey Miller Yachts. The former states that exteriors of the bespoke 8.5 meter amphibious boat, details to which have been released by the naval architect of the tender, Georgi Yankov of GY Boat Design, is inspired by a sports car (though no one car in particular).
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Another Guinness: Submarine converted into world’s first and only deep sea bar

It’s not easy to venture into domains no man has previously experienced, but will, determination and the zeal to make it happen has often compelled us to break the shackles of limitation and to venture beyond bounds. This is exactly what talented individuals from Jump Studios in collaboration with carpenter and engineer, Nicholas Alexander have done, by building a submarine into the first and only deep sea bar in the world.

Designed in commemoration of Guinness’ 250 year anniversary, the entire concept required mandatory attention towards proper ventilation, fire and seepage safety. The creators kept eye on each aspect, and very eminently examined the submarine at Sweden’s Stockholm Archipelago, pre-fabricated the interiors and assembled the different useful components in sub-zero temperatures, prior to finally submersing the vessel into the Baltic Sea.

The interiors of the sub, transformed into a deep sea bar, have meticulously done in rubber discs covered glass reinforced plastic material. The bar thus has a very bubbly aroma, which is filled with LED lights, while some holes left to work as beverage holders.

Via: Inhabitat