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Jackrabbot – Social droid that can move in crowded spaces without mowing people

jackrabbot 3
One thing that robots couldn’t do (so far) was to conveniently walk through crowded human spaces, which comes very naturally to humans. Since, we are better at learning from observing or through experiences. A team from Stanford University is working on enabling robots to move alongside humans without intimidating with them. The team claims to have developed a droid, named Jackrabbot, that can navigate down streets without running into people coming from opposite direction.

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Auris Surgical’s ARES is first robot bronchoscope approved by FDA

ARES bronchoscope robot

Robots are making their way into just about everything and next generation of robots are going to be surgical robots that will help ease pressure on doctors. Auris Surgical, a technology startup in the Silicon Valley is working on one such breakthrough surgical robot called the ARES (Auris Robotic Endoscopy System), which has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The remote controlled ARES robot was approved by FDA as a bronchoscope in May to view and treat lung conditions. Read More…

Superflex robotic suit learns wearer’s movement to kick in power when needed

superflex exoskeleton

Scientists around the world have been working on powered clothing that’ll make people’s lives easier. Exosuits or exoskeletons, if you may, are on the forefront of this future. Not really sure if hard metal suits can be categorized as clothing, but the way these exosuits are becoming lightweight and soft, they are steadily entering the spree to help those with limited mobility get back to normalcy. Following the heels of Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, a team of researchers at SRI International are working on Superflex – a soft exoskeleton that can learn how the wearer moves wearing it.

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Researchers develop magnetically controlled dime-sized robot

Dime-sized robot_1

Dynamic things come in small packages and that is true. The same has been evident in case of robotics which have taken huge leaps in terms of evolution. Recently we saw Harvard University’s RobotBee and bit before that tiny robots demonstrate real power by pulling a 3,900 pound car. Now it’s time for Ryan St. Pierre and Professor Sarah Bergbreiter from the University of Maryland to showcase their idea of nano robotics. Their original plan was to scale down an already miniscule robot like RHex, but it didn’t work that well due to locking of legs.
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FriWalk: New high-tech robotic mobility walker cum personal trainer

Friwalk robotic mobility walker

Under the EU’s ACANTO project researchers from six different European countries collaborated to take mobility walker concept to the next level. These researchers are working on development of the Friendly Robot Walker or FriWalk – a four wheeled walker equipped with technologies that will not only assist the elderly and disabled in walking, but also gather data about users overall health and even provide inputs like a personal trainer. Best part is that it will allow user’s friends or relatives to feed their own ideas for different physical activities via an accompanying FriTablet device. FriWalk has integrated cameras, sensors and contactless heart monitor for a completely unique walking experience. Read More…

Russia unveils high-tech humanoid military robot ‘Ivan the Terminator’

Russian Military robot

Although, AI experts suggest Russia is already well equipped with significant power to launch attack on other countries, a new high-tech entrant has fueled this assumption. Russia seems to have scared western nations as it has gone one step ahead in creating a humanoid robotic soldier, Ivan the Terminator, as replacement to humans in battlefield or in any situation that pose risk to humans. Russia is extensively working on artificial intelligence and considering its advancement in robotics, it is competing with US and China. People think such developments in military weaponry could lead to increase in threat of war. Read More…

Toyota buying Google’s Boston Dynamic – Creator of Big Dog and Atlas


As per reports, Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is in talks with Google regarding sale of Boston Dynamics, the creator of amazing new generation of robots including the Big Dog and the Atlas robot. Google seems to have got puzzled about what to do with a robotic company when it doesn’t actually relate to this field. Further, the search engine giant is not confident about commercial prospects of the company’s products. Read More…

Wheelchair controlled by facial expressions, eyes and voice commands is here

Wheelie facial recognition wheelchair-1

Wheelchairs have come a long way since they were maneuvered by hand. They are now moved with the brain or steered by a motor. Now, a team of researchers in Brazil is finalizing a prototype of a wheelchair that works using facial recognition. In addition to facial expressions, the wheelchair called Wheelie can also be controlled by head movement, speech and eyes. Developed by HOO.BOX, Wheelie wants to be a handsfree solution for anyone recovering from stroke, suffering with cerebral palsy or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Read More…

MIT researchers develop mind-controlled robotic fingers that respond like normal fingers

Robotic fingers by MIT team

Researchers at MIT have developed a hi-tech mind-controlled robotic hand that can be strapped around user’s wrist or to any other part of the arm. The hand consists of two fingers that are flexible enough move 180 degrees. User can also control it with hand gestures to perform certain functions. Each finger has four pitch servos and total setup uses 11 motors to serve as multi-purpose system that can perform a vast range of functions such as grabbing things (upto 1kg). The robotic hand’s palm opens against user’s own palm to assist in lifting a bucket, as a gripper, to hold a pen when your real fingers are busy or to work as a joystick to play games, and so on. Read More…

Georgia Tech develop self-driving car capable of drifting on dirt tracks

Self driving drifting car

Self-driving technology is being aggressively explored by automotive experts to one day eliminate manual driving completely. That dream is just in the infancy stages, although giants like Google and Tesla Motors are making impressive developments for the same. Autonomous cars are good, but don’t you think they are little boring? Always going by the book and not taking account for error by other motorists or unforeseen situations like bad weather conditions or a semi-truck losing control and hurling towards the self-driving car. In those situations an autonomous car would be more of a danger rather than safe commuter. To cover that situation, Georgia Tech have developed a technology which prepares autonomous vehicles for the rough rides as well.
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