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RoboBee – Harvard University’s perching bee robot derives inspiration from nature

RoboBee Perching Robot

Nature has been the core source of inspiration for sophisticated designs that we humans have invented. Flying has been one nature-inspired craving that has led to many new kind of advents for a long time now. Moritz Alexander Graule, who is currently a PhD student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed this tiny little flying robot while he was a Harvard University Microrobotics Lab. RoboBee, as he likes to call it, uses the phenomenon of perching to conserve energy. Just like a bee that weighs about 100mg, this small little robot perches to any surface using electrostatic energy.
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These human-like robots are so real you’re eyes will fail to distinguish


We live in a world where distinguishing reality from illusion is becoming difficult to comprehend. Thanks to robotics and technology advancements, creating artificial humans is inching closer to the ultimate goal of perfection. The robots we were accustomed to see till now are no more just a piece of metal with flashing LEDS waiting for their master’s next command. In fact, now robots have become more human-like, both in looks and behavior. The day isn’t far away when robots are going to overtake humans which is kind of scary. For now though, let’s leave that for the future and have a look at some of the most realistic looking humanoids seen so far.
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Table tennis champ takes on Ping Pong-playing Kuka robot [Video]

The Kuka robot fight against top-ranked Table Tennis Champion Timo Boll was hyped to be one of the biggest Man vs Machine battles that ever happened. However, it turns out this match of masters was more of a flash in the pan. The match was billed as a ‘fake competition’ between the Kuka pong robot developed by a German robotics company and Timo Boll – a former table-tennis star. Adam Clark Estes from Gizmodo even said this was to be one of the biggest matches in Ping-Pong history, further joking that table tennis would: “Fall prey to our new evil robot overlords.” A video trailer of the match, launched in February, helped stir up the initial hype for it.

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Ross becomes world’s first robotic lawyer hired by Baker & Hostetler

Robot lawyer IBM Ross

Robots are making their way into many walks of life which brings exciting new prospects for us. Human-beings have developed robots with the intelligence and smartness to perform complex tasks. We recently say Robot Kingdom – an amusement park run entirely by 200 robots and in another story a robotic card dealer named Min. Both these examples clearly show the prowess of modern day robots to go all solo when it comes to performing tasks. Now in another instance, Law firm Baker & Hostetler has shown faith in IBM’s Ross robot to take care of their bankruptcy practice.
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This hair washing robot by Simone Giertz will make for a good spanker

Simone Giertz hair washing robot

Simone Giertz is the robot queen of the internet with her creations reaping million of views on Youtube. She’s cute, intelligent and most of all funny. That makes her the ideal recipe for self-created celebrities. Her latest creation is a hair washing robot which is simple enough for you to make. Although she has not zeroed-in on the process to make this hair washing robot, but she has mentioned the things used for making it.
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Kiyouki Amano is back with ‘Arm Skirt’- Skirt with remote controlled robotic arms

Arm Skirt

Advanced robotics and electronics have begun to come handy with fashion accessories, and the most creative as well as creepy creations are obviously, reported from Japan. Kiyouki Amano has just unveiled the ‘Arm Skirt’ – a skirt with two robotic arms that can hold things like bottle of water or mobile for the user. The arms appear to crawl out smoothly from the skirt, which reminds us of the tentacles of Doctor Octopus which worked as eight additional incredibly powerful robotic arms.
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Puma BeatBot robot wants to create invincible runners like Usain Bolt

Puma Beatbot Robot

Usain Bolt is currently the fastest runner on the planet and Puma wants to turn every aspiring runner into a champion. That is a dream practically impossible, but at-least Puma is giving it a try. With able help from a team of MIT engineering graduates and advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, Puma has developed BeatBot, a robot which motivates racers to increase their pace. Obviously, to make it known to the world, Puma has roped in Usain Bolt as the man to promote this one of a kind robotic rig.
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Endurance’s 3D printable SelfieBot offers professional dynamic video recording, stills

3D printable DIY SelfieBot

We have found a number of methods to click selfies or record videos, but still, we want something more sophisticated, at least something better than ‘Selfie Arm’. Even selfie sticks are replaced by accessories, like FlexCam. So, a Russian-American start up ‘Endurance’ has developed 3D printable DIY SelfiBot that enables users to create professional video recording of them with a mobile device. It sounds good for users looking forward to Skype video conferencing, video logs, lecture recordings etc. Read More…

Samsung Otto – New ‘personal assistant robot’ looking to leapfrog Amazon Echo/Alexa

Samsung Otto personal assitant robot

Samsung wanted to point out some of their advance technologies, which it did very well at the Samsung Developer Conference 2016 held in San Francisco. The Korean tech giant is after robotics and IoT (Internet of things) from the past couple of years and at the SDC, company took the veil off its come out with ‘Otto’- personal assistant robot or say smart speaker prototype that can establish connectivity and control a number of IoT devices. Read More…

Robot Kingdom – Amusement park run entirely by 200 autonomous robots

robot kindom
Robotics has already begun to penetrate the human society. So far, they are very few in numbers, but guess what, they are sophisticated enough to take over an entire Japanese amusement park. A couple of days ago, world’s first pop-up drone café was demonstrated at a Dutch University. Now “Huis Ten Bosch”, a Dutch-theme amusement park in Nagasaki, Japan, is all set to become the smartest place on earth, run entirely by autonomous robots capable of cooking, serving, cleaning after guests have eaten, and communicate as well. Drone delivery services are already under trails, that’s a big reason to worry for employed human servants. Isn’t it? Read More…