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Hover Camera – Foldable autonomous drone tracks and follow you to record visuals

Hover Camera

We have already shared with you autonomous drone bar and drone delivery service. But now a Beijing startup Zero Zero Robotics has released demo version of a hover camera that can follow a person autonomously and record high-resolution images and videos. Innovators prefer to call it a flying camera than calling it a drone because it’s only purpose is to track the person and click aerial photographs and record aerial videos. Four propellers are completely enclosed in durable, but lightweight carbon frame which makes it safer to fly. You see, drones with exposed propellers are considered risky to fly over habitation or places with high pedestrian movement. Read More…

A glimpse of future at world’s first pop-up drone café

blue jay drone cafe

World’s first drone café will be serving drinks at “Dream and Dare” festival being celebrated to mark 60th anniversary of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE). In this café, autonomous drones will replace bartenders and serve under human command from April 22 to 24.

A team of 20 students from TUE worked for nine months on this project they call ‘’Blue Jay” According to the team, the purpose of this initiative is to showcase the potential capabilities including lifting and transportation of delicate objects, such as a glass of a cocktail. Read More…

Eelume’s slithering robot-snake is ready for seabed inspections and repairs

eelume snake robot 3

Human advances toward sophisticated slave robots are getting closer to what used to be limited to sci-fi movies, for instance the snake machine in ‘Terminator Salvation 2009’ – kind of an underwater weapon. A company is testing a similar robot these days. A Norwegian company, Eelume, in partnership with Statoil and Kongsberg Maritime, has fastened their research to put their new robotic snake into production. It can propel itself under water to swim like an actual serpent. It has a clamp like mouth and glowing red eyes. The video is really creepy, like evil machines swarming around, waiting to tear apart your body into pieces with their scary mechanical mouths. Read More…

Robotic Monk sets you on the divine path of spiritualism

Monk Robot

Technology and spiritual aesthetics in perfect synch, what better can you ask for from life? Longquan Buddhist Temple on the outskirts of Beijing has created a robotic monk that demonstrates how spiritualism and tech dominated life amalgamates. Master Xianfan from the temple calls this cute little monk Xian’er and it looks like a cartoon character. But don’t you underestimate its intellect. Xian’er is a mere 60-cm tall and with a shaved head, yellow robed clothing and tablet in its hand, the thing looks adorable. The project is a collaboration between a technology company and AI experts from China’s top universities.
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Jia Jia – An eerily realistic, interactive robot that claims itself a “Robot Goddess”

Jia jia chinese robot

We had seen a Hong Kong man spending $50,000 on his homemade humanoid robot that looked like real Scarlett Johansson until it made those creepy, slow robotic movements. Now, Chen Xiaoping from the University of Science and Technology of China unveiled what’s being claimed a humanoid robot with most realistic appearance and ability to display micro-expressions in Hefei on Friday. She is called Jia Jia by its creator, and Jia suggests submissive gesture by addressing its maker as ‘My Lord’. Read More…

Sharp’s RoboHon interactive robot is also a smartphone – Price $1,800

Sharp Robohon interactive Robot

Sharp has been in the process of building a smart robot that is blessed with cuteness overload. Now the company has announced that it is taking pre-orders for RoboHon, in Japan of course for starters. That is good news but with a twist. RoboHon is going to burn a hole in your pocket as it is priced at 198,000 Yen (approx. $1,800) which is hard to swallow. And if you remember, this robot also doubles as your smartphone for taking calls.
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Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 transforms into Soundwave Decepticon in 30 steps

Mi pad 2

Although, the fourth film in the Transformer series “The Age of Extinction” over did that transforming stuff, there is still craze for autobots. We have seen replicas, sculptures, and some slow transforming toys so far. But now, Xiaomi and Hasbro have collaborated to develop a tablet that can actually transform into a small Decepticon. Read More…

Man builds Mark I: A $50,000 life-size Scarlett Johansson robot

scarlett johnson bot 6

In 2015, robotics have really surprised the world after some companies/inventors came up their complex machines that showed ability to respond in equally complex forms, including detailed facial expressions and body language. However, this Hong Kong man called Ricky Ma, a 42-years-old graphic designer, has stunned the world with his homemade humanoid robot that looks like Scarlett Johansson. He spent $50,000 (£35,000) and one-and-half year in his balcony, working on his robot which he has named ‘Mark 1.’  Read More…

Codeybot educational robot teaches coding to kids in fun way

Codeybot Educational Robot

“Equip your child with the fundamentals they need to thrive in the age of robotics” that is what MakeBlock believe, and to turn ideas into reality they have developed Codeybot. This educational robot teaches kids about the basics of programming using interactive features which appeal to a child’s brain. Codeybot robot turns code-learning process into something which is quite easy to comprehend and most of all, fun. The app controlled robot is capable of dancing, moving like a pet, playing music or shooting lasers in battle mode against another Codeybot. It moves on wheels and is balanced by the gyro sensors which help it stay upright.
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Amphibious drone lives underwater and takes aerial flight when needed


The longing for developing underwater drones is fast emerging as the new trend. To keep up with this craving, researchers at John Hopkins University have developed a drone which is good both in and out of water. In-fact it likes water more than land as it is capable of staying underwater for months in its base station and when needed take flight from there. Dubbed CRACUNS (Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System) this waterproof drone can be attached to a submarine for missions that require underwater and aerial surveillance.
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