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Domino’s Robotic Unit – Autonomous pizza delivery robot debuts in Australia and New Zealand

Dominos Robotic Unit for pizza delivery_1

We all love pizzas don’t we? And normally we like them delivered at our home. For all of you like me there is good news as Domino’s has created the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle. Today Domino’s has launched DRU, Domino’s Robotic Unit developed in collaboration with Australian technology startup Marathon Targets which debuted in Queensland and Brisbane Australia as well as Wellington New Zealand for testing to deliver fresh pizza to the lucky ones. The three-foot tall self-driving robotic unit is capable of carrying pizza 20 km from its location to a customer. Read More…

SCAMP robot flies like a drone, climb vertical walls like a spider


Robots are going to outpace humans in almost all departments. They are already more reliable, more intelligent and better at sports. Enter SCAMP, and now they’ll be better at flying and climbing skyscrapers too. Stanford Climbing and Aerial Maneuvering Platform or SCAMP is part drone part wall climbing robot, which can fly in the air with help of its quadrotors, land on vertical walls and then climbs them with ease using its spiny feet. Read More…

Tiny robots pull a 3,900 pound car to demonstrate the power of teamwork

Car pulling robots

Nature itself is the inspiration for majority of the technological innovations we have seen in long time. Yet another wonder of nature’s teamwork and applied strength are ants who can pull things 100 times their own weight. Taking inspiration from these nature’s robot-like workhorses, group of researchers at the Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory Stanford University have created μTug robots which are capable of pulling objects much heavier than themselves.
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DJI Phantom 4 is your intelligent robot off the ground

DJI Phantom 4 drone

Good news for drone flying enthusiast is just in as DJI has announced its new camera-equipped drone. DJI Phantom 4 has some major improvement on the Phantom 4 drone which was released six months ago at a price tag of $799. It looks much better and has a stronger shell made from magnesium core. The drone goes at a top speed of 44 mph in sports mode which is great for taking some breath-taking shots and even better, the maximum range has been doubled to 3.1 miles (5km). Thanks to the 5350 mAh battery the drone can fly for 28 minutes on one charge and with smart usage you can increase that time to 30 minutes easily.
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Botvac Connected robotic vacuum cleaner can now be controlled with smartwatch

Botvac Connected robotic vacuum cleaner controlled with smartwatch_2

Of all the things you can do with your Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatch, add one more to the list. The wearable can control a vacuum cleaner too. Yes, the Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi enabled robotic vacuum cleaner released last fall has got an app update which allows it to be controlled with your Apple Watch or any smartwatch running Android Wear OS. Of course the robotic vacuum cleaner can already be controlled with your Android or iOS devices.
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Rolling BB-8 robot with hand-cranked Lego base could be yours one day

Rolling Lego BB-8

We all love Star Wars BB-8 droid don’t we? The Sphero toy gave us a reason to enjoy weekends drooling over the cute little thing and the fun just never ends. Now, two geeky boys give us a reason to want another BB-8 that is going to be so cool. Mark Smiley and James Garrett have made a BB-8 which rolls in its position with a rolling Lego base made from Lego components of a standard set. The mechanism is hand-cranked which makes the BB-8’body roll in one direction. Its head stay in position thanks to the magnets on the inside and outside of its body.
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Students develop autonomous garbage collecting robot assisted by a drone

ROAR project robot garbage disposal assisted by drone

35 college students from three universities: Chalmers University of Technology, Mälardalen University, Penn State University in the US have joined hands to create a robot which automatically collects garbage and disposes it off by emptying refuse bins. With collaborative assistance from Volvo Group and waste recycling company Renova, they have managed to outfit this robot with a drone on the roof of a refuse truck which scans the area in finding bins and then doing the required. This project is dubbed as ROAR, Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling.
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How Atlas Robot reacts after being brutally tortured

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot humanoid

Alphabet owned Boston Dynamics has been very robust in development of its robotic machines of the future. Not only do they seen to be going in the right direction, the robotics giant has so far developed a fleet of robots which are superior in their own rights. One of them is the Atlas humanoid robot which is by far the most advanced humanoid you’ll ever get to see. Over the last couple of years this humanoid has undergone nifty improvements and now thanks to the team at Boston Dynamics, it can lift heavy loads like a laborer and also pick itself up after being pushed down in a mob. Much like the company’s Spot Robotic dog who balanced itself after being kicked brutally.
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Third robotic arm transforms musician into a superhuman drummer

Gil Weinberg with Tyler White playing drums with a robotic arm

Being a drummer is not easy and it takes a toll on your hands and fingers. All the famous drummers have however defied the odds and played all their life like super humans. Their only wish, having an extra arm so that they could bamboozle the world. For one drummer that wish has come true as researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a wearable robotic limb which functions as third arm for a drummer. This intelligent robotic arm attaches to drummer’s shoulder and it automatically switches from playing ride cymbal to the snare depending on what the drummer is playing.
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Brain-controlled prosthetic hand with individual finger movement

Mind-controlled prosthetic arm

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory physicians and biomedical engineers have developed a modular prosthetic limb which can be controlled with mind. Not only the hand but fingers can also be mind-controlled by the user. This brain-machine interface controls the real-time moment of individual prosthetic fingers. Using high-density electrocorticography (ECoG) array, the brain response is recorded and translated into the motor movement of fingers. The prosthetic has been developed for people who have lost their arms to disease or injury.
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