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Geneva Motor Show 2015: EDAG showcases nature inspired Light Cocoon concept car

Light Cocoon concept car at Geneva Motor Show 2015

Light Cocoon concept car at Geneva Motor Show 2015

EDAG Engineering + Design AG, Fulda, Germany-based firm have debuted a futuristic concept car at the ongoing 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Called Light Cocoon concept, the 3D printed car is designed by taking inspiration from nature itself, precisely to be from a leaf of a plant. Also for the light weight construction engineers took cues from the design of bat wings. Thus, in spite of printing body panels of the car from a rigid composite material, the engineers at the firm created a lightweight car body structure with very few closed surfaces. In simple terms this means that the concept car only uses material in areas where it is absolutely necessary for functioning, safety and stiffness.

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FingerSynth – A bone conductive wearable that creates music on touch

FingerSynth wearable

We have seen quite a few strange instruments in the past that don’t have any practical use but still managed to excite us. FingerSynth wearable musical instrument is another one straight out from the realm of technological absurdness. Not that it is something worthless, but an amalgamation of wearable technology and audio. Developed by Gershon Dublon from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, FingerSynth is a half glove loaded with series if finger rings connected to a box that sits like a bracelet on the wrist.
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Solar-powered plane takes flight in a non-stop journey across the globe

Solar Impulse 2 solar powered plane

The record breaking attempt to fly around in a solar-powered plane has begun with the Solar Impulse 2 plane taking off from Abu Dhabi, Emirate with Andre Borschberg at the controls of the single-seated plane; and the next destination is Muscat in Oman. Both Andre and Swiss pilot, Bertrand Piccard will share the flying duty in this grueling journey. This epic journey across the globe will go on for more than five months is going to traverse through continents. On the way this manned airplane will cross the Pacific and Atlantic oceans while taking pit-stops at various locations.
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MWC 2015: Fujitsu shows-off iris recognition technology for smartphones

Fujitsu iris recognition infrared scanner for mobile devices

At Mobile World Congress 2015 Fujitsu has released an Iris Authentication System build into its prototype smartphone that recognizes the authorized user to unlock the phone. This new technology has been developed to end the reign of fingerprint scanning and authentication input in mobile devices. This method is full-proof and very hard to forge which gives user more control over the gadget. Not only unlocking of phone, but it can also be used to authenticate the user while using web forms or getting safe access into very secretive files.
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Diageo to showcase Johnnie Walker smart bottle at Mobile World Congress 2015

Johnnie Walker Blue Label smart bottle

Diageo, London-based multinational alcoholic beverages company have created a smart Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle. Indeed an intelligent bottle, which with the help of a smartphone can detect if its seal has been broken. The smart bottle will allow distributors to track their stock better and can send personalized messages to users who will be able to read the bottle’s sensor tags with their smartphones. Developed in collaboration with Thinfilm Electronics, a Norwegian printed electronics company, the printed sensor tags uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which will allow smart bottles to carry digital information that can be accessed via NFC-enabled smartphones.
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Raht Racer Trike = Electric Bike + Pedal-Powered Commuter + Fitness Machine = Awesomeness!

Raht Racer electric pedal powered vehicle

How about a pedal-powered electric trike that can go at the top speed of 70 mph? Have a look at this electric three-wheeler that has pedals for charging the electric motor and moving forward on the road. A pretty unique idea perhaps for a hybrid vehicle that incorporates the best of environmentally-friendly commuting and boosts fitness too!
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Teen invents $500 dialysis machine for her school science project

Anya Pogharian invents $500 dialysis machine

Anya Pogharian, a 17-year-old girl from Montreal, Canada have invented a low-cost dialysis machine that can completely transform the future of dialysis care. Inspired by volunteering at a hospital and seeing the effect of dialysis on patients, Anya build a new kind of dialysis machine for her high school science fair project. She developed the prototype using simple technology after studying and examining dialysis machine owner’s manuals over the internet. She was required to spend a minimum of 10 hours on the project, well she invested about 300 hours on her invention.
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Samsung’s 128GB Universal Flash Storage will make smartphones ultra-fast

Samsung Universal Flash Storage for mobile devices

Samsung has announced a new standard for the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) used in mobile devices which provides much higher speeds. To be precise, almost 2.7 times faster than the current high-end flash memory used in phones. You won’t believe but it has speeds that are comparable to a solid-state drive in a PC. And the icing on cake is its sequential speed that uses 50 percent less power than current generation mobile devices. Samsung call it UFS 2.0 which is going to be the most advanced JEDEC-compliant, next-generation flash memory storage specification in the world.
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Skin embracing wearable that generates electricity by muscle movement

triboelectric sensor

Wearables that are self-powered and make use of natural sources of energy are in demand, and for obvious reasons. Current age wearables require power sources that are lighter, thinner and flexible enough to fit inside the complex form-factor of wearable devices. Keeping that in mind, the National University of Singapore has developed a wearable device that is powered by muscle movement, and measures just the equivalent of a postage-stamp. It is capable of generating 90 volts of voltage just by gentle touch of a finger.
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Cloud Cast: Your personal cloud of mist to keep you cool

Cloud Cast by Carlo Ratti

As summers are approaching, it’s about time to start preparing for the hot season. Well, forget about cooling fans and air conditioners as Carlo Ratti have developed a new technology to keep you cool this summer. The Italian architect have invented “Cloud Cast”, a ground-breaking technology that uses motion tracking to cool you down with your personalized cloud of water vapors. As the ceiling–mounted installation senses that someone is walking beneath through its motion sensors, cloud of mist is generated that cools the air around it.
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