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Your chance to get the uber’ cool Halo Needler gun

Halo Needler gun

Halo 5: Guardians just got released and the excitement for this latest FPS video game is high. This space opera takes places in the 26th century and features some of the most futuristic weapons you’ll ever see. One of them is the Needler rifle which is an anti-infantry weapon used by Elites, Grunts, Skirmishers, Drones, andJackals. Now, you can have that very weapon as NECA Toys has come-up with a life-size replica of the gun in limited edition of 3000 units. They have made the prop-replica of Halo Needler gun in collaboration with Microsoft and 343 Studios.
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Always wanted to answer e-mail without typing-in? Now you can with ‘Smart Reply’

Inbox for Gmail Smart Reply feature_1

Inbox for Gmail Smart Reply feature

Text messaging has evolved quite a lot with predictive text and emoji using iOS and Android’s AI for text forecast. I’m sure you are wondering how cool would it be to have some kind of predictive reply for your e-mails too. Google has been making major inroads in its complex algorithms for search and having a huge experience and data now gives them the leverage to introduce a new feature that will change the way you reply to emails. Google mail app will soon see a new feature dubbed “Smart Reply” that makes valid suggestions to mails that you receive.
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Body posture correcting undershirt Percko funded on Kickstarter


We all know bad posture can lead to back pain, yet most of us cannot sit in correct posture for more than a couple of hours a day. Given the fact that we tend to sit for almost nine hours in a day, it’s really important to ensure we are sitting in a correct posture. To help us straighten posture, a new undershirt called Percko has just been funded on Kickstarter. Percko, which does not hinder with your normal routine, can be worn under regular clothing to work or for a bike ride. It stimulates the body to correct its posture all day without fail. Read More…

VRGO chair is handsfree motion controller for virtual reality


Before you strap on a virtual reality headset, you know everything about VR that there is, thanks to endless coverage about the pros and cons by the press. Question then is, are we really into the world of VR? Most likely we are there, and gadgets like the VRGO, scheduled to make a Kickstarter debut today, just amplifies the case. VRGO is one highly responsive motion controller for virtual reality. Designed as a chair, the easy to use VRGO lets you enter VR handsfree – you have the hands free to carry out other tasks (something not possible with other VR controllers). Read More…

Google DoubleClick Ads land on billboards in London

google doubleclick ads billboard

Google DoubleClick web Ads have been serving web publishers for quite some time now. Ad campaigns are astoundingly accurate in serving ads that are to the liking of users and solve the end purpose of increasing sales for companies. It is a huge business and Google is managing it very well with its complex algorithms. Now they are taking the next step ahead with an experimental campaign that brings billboard DoubleClick web ads to multiple locations in UK. The basic idea is to show ads on the basis of weather, audience, travel information, local events and other factors that help in displaying the best suited ads.
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Smart lamp posts in Shanghai feature cameras, Wi-Fi and electric car chargers

Smart Lamp post Shanghai

Next time you’re in Shanghai, China; you’ll be able to get all useful information about road traffic, famous eateries and hang out places right from the interactive street lights on roads. 15 smart road lamp posts, each eight meters tall, have been installed on Shanghaian streets with more expected soon. Although, main purpose of the lamps will be to light up the streets, they are equipped with host of additional features.  The multipurpose lamps sport touchscreen display, surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi hotspot and charging stations for electric vehicles.   Read More…

Facebook-BSNL partnership brings free internet access to remote regions of India

Facebook breaking news app-1

Facebook is aiming to bring internet to every possible living person in this world, and in this quest is working at the very grass root level to make things happen. In their latest vision to bring free internet to the remote villages of India, Facebook has partnered with local telecom provider BSNL to sponsor 100 Wi-Fi hotspots in the Western and South regions of India to start with. This contract between Facebook and BSNL will run for 3 years and based on the success another 2 year extension is on the cards. This project also coincides perfectly with the Indian government’s ‘Digital India’ drive which is good news for Indian IT industry.
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6 tech-filled pumpkins for a geeky Halloween

Firebreathing pumpkin

Halloween is come around again. We like Halloween and jack-o-lantern. But, just in case, you are bored of the good ol’ jack-o-lantern sitting on your porch, start carving some tech-embedded pumpkins for tomorrow. If you’re thinking where to start, here are six inspirational pumpkins to begin with. Just be sure of preserving the pumpkins before you fit them with electronics or explosives. Hopefully, this time you’ll love your geeky jack-o-lantern. Read More…

3D printed hair is closest to the real thing

3D printed hair

Everything is getting 3D printed, so why not hair too? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have managed to 3D print synthetic hair using a very simple trick. That trick being the use of a hot glue gun that leaves behind strands of fiber when you pull gun away from the surface hot glue is applied to. Very basic, but a very useful idea and the researchers have managed to create artificial hair which can be used in troll dolls, bristles, brushes and much more.
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[Watch] GoPro drone captures smooth footage, of course with GoPro onboard

Almost all drones out there are tethered to GoPro for all kinds of aerial photography. What if the action camera company stuck up a GoPro to its own drone? The result would be as this video (above) beholds. GoPro is working on its own quadcopter, which may not be available before the first half of 2016, but would be a drone to look forward to. This two minute footage that has not been stabilized in post production shows just why. Read More…

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