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Ripchair off-road wheelchair packs a four-stroke engine

Ripchair off-road wheelchair

Wheelchairs with tank treads or track chairs are a common site, but here is the Ripchair – the Land Rover of the track chair industry. Built originally for the Discovery Channel show, Howe and Howe Technologies, the Ripchair has been redesigned by brother’s Michael and Geoffrey after popular demand to help mobility-challenged people to access terrains that are otherwise inaccessible. Combining power, durability and freedom of mobility in one, the extreme off-road wheelchair is easy to control and ride. Read More…

Veeso brings world’s first face tracking VR headset to the fore

Veeso Face tracking vr headset-1

You can do a lot of things in virtual reality, except for looking someone in the eye to interact. Facial motion tracking can be the next big thing in VR and a company called Veeso is trying to tap into the market ahead of the others. In the process, Veeso has launched a Kickstarter campaign for world’s first virtual reality headset that tracks face movement. To make face-to-face interaction in a social VR environment, Veeso has integrated a pair of head-mounted infrared cameras in their VR headset, which tracks eyes and mouth movement and emotions and transfers it to the virtual world. Read More…

Microsoft’s ATL believes gesture control is the future of VR

Gesture control future of Virtual Reality

You hold up your wallet and the door opens, the lights come on as you step into the room, your computer unlocks at your approach and locks when you nip to the loo where you flush, wash and dry without having to touch anything.  Gesture control is already with us, isn’t it?  Well not quite, because those actions I’ve just described are single sensor responses. When you have a machine that recognises and responds to a sequence of gestures, that can in effect read a gesture language and respond appropriately, then you are talking about a sensing and computing device that has an ‘intelligence.’

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Behold the first F1-style road legal car made from graphene

graphene car BAC Mono

A Liverpool based company Briggs Automotive Company has developed what is billed as the world’s first car with a body made of graphene. The car named BAC Mono was recently unveiled in the National Graphene Institute in Manchester at Europe’s biggest science festivals, the Science in the City festival. The car has been made to show the future of graphene as new manufacturing material, largely because of its strength, which is 200 times stronger than steel. Read More…

Snapchat files patent for Augmented Reality advertising

Snapchat object recognition patent

Augmented reality has become the next big thing after immense popularity of the AR mobile game Pokemon. To keep their prospective open in a similar direction, Snapchat has pushed in a patent for a new advertisement product, which would work on the principle of AR. The patent informs this would use image recognition to pick real world objects from a photograph and then serve ads or filters based on it. First filed in January 2015, the new patent was filed with United States Patent and Trademark office last week. Read More…

3D printed Pokedex phone case for the Pokemon Go addicts

Pokedex phone case

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, and you have already become a Pokemon Go addict, you surely know the power of this augmented reality game to drain your phone’s battery. The game requires you to have the phone data, its screen and GPS running at full force with processor constantly trying to keep live maps running, and camera doing all the image processing in the background. The power draining game has got people to carry their power banks along while playing, which is not at all cool with the cable dangling – as an alternative, a DIY-er has created a custom 3D printed Pokedex-shaped phone case for his a Samsung Galaxy S4. Read More…

Apple’s imaging tech research lab in France paves way for improved iPhone camera

Apple imaging technology research center

iPhone already has one of the finest cameras on a smartphone. That said, Apple believes, there is still scope for a lot of improvement on the camera front. For which, Apple is establishing a new research center in Grenoble, France, where the tech giant is expected to focus on improving imaging technology to deliver better cameras on future iPhones and other devices. Read More…

Teen invents tongue-controlled mouse for the physically challenged

Tongue Interface Communication Device TiC

People with disability have a tough time completing even the most basic tasks, making life an everyday struggle. In today’s time where surfing the internet can be attributed as a very major task, a teen has brought ray of hope for the unfortunate physically challenged. 17-year old Emma Mogus from Oakville has created a mouthguard-like device which acts as a mouse for desktop/laptop input. She calls it a Tongue-Interface-Communication (TiC) device, and it has five buttons which correspond to five different mouse inputs. Interestingly, the mouthguard works like a regular mouse with a bit of computer programming.
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