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Researchers develop ultra-sensitive UV light sensor for improved fire detection

ultra-sensitive UV light sensor for improved fire detection

Detecting smoke is crucial in saving lives and property during the early stages of a fire outbreak. However, the currently used photo-electric smoke sensors can only detect larger smoke particles found in dense smoke and fails to sense small particles of smoke from rapidly burning fires. Looking into the situation, researchers at the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute have developed a method. Manipulating zinc oxide, they have produced nanowires from a new material to develop a ultra-violet light detector. The ultra-sensitive UV light sensor is 10000x more sensitive to UV light than the traditional smoke detectors.
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Lenovo’s pre-loaded Superfish vulnerability finally has a fix!

Lenovo Superfish bug fix

Microsoft and McAfee release Superfish vulnerability fix

It is quite embarrassing for a top computer selling company to be alleged with shipping of brand new laptops that carry a potentially dangerous adware/malware. That is exactly what Lenovo is going through as the preloaded software called Superfish has become its worst nemesis. Lenovo preloaded the software to supplement the shopping experience on the web of its users, but little did they know that it is going to be a tool that hackers can use to hijack vital information via SSL spoofing.
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$850-million solar energy plant to power Apple’s new headquarters

Apple Headquarters California

Apple has left behind giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and many more in its green quest for which they had promised a shift to pure renewable energy sources for powering their data centers and office buildings. After last month’s $2 billion investment in massive 70-megwatt solar-powered global data command center in neighborhood of Arizona, now Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced establishment of $850-million solar farm with 130-megawatt capacity to power its stores and facilities located in California.
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FlexPV wheel offers electric power to your bicycle or skateboard

FlexPV electric wheel by Flexbot

Flexbot, the China-based team which in 2013 developed the world’s first smartphone controlled drone called Flexbot is back again with their newest gadget. Called FlexPV, the innovative product is a small electric wheel that can offer some additional power to your bike or skateboard. Propelled by a durable hub motor, it simply works as an add-on contraption and transforms your bicycle, skateboard or even your sofa into an electric one within a matter of minutes. The battery powered wheel can be controlled by a remote or through a smartphone app.
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Scrabble Twist: Handheld version of the popular word game

Scrabble Twist by Hasbro

In this world full of technology, setting up your Scrabble gameboard in a public place seems a little outdated. Well, to make it stand proudly with the hi-tech gadgets of today, Hasbro, an American multinational toy and board game company have given a little twist to the word game. Using modern technology and a bit innovation, Hasbro have developed a new digital and portable version of the game. Called Scrabble Twist, the handheld game is a much more fast-paced version of the original and is best suited for get-togethers and for the younger generation.
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How about magnetic sensors embedded in your skin?

imperceptible magnetic sensor

Magnetic sensor that gives you added perception of directional sense

We humans have become so advanced in technology that it is only time before we can mimic all living things in robotics form. But what we lack is certain things that only some animal species have. For example, the ability to sense magnetic fields which helps them in getting a sense of direction during long migrating stints. Sharks, birds and insects can orient themselves in the right direction by sensing the magnetic fields of earth which gives them accurate perception of altitude and direction. Experts call it magnetoception as it gives a unique sense of perception governed by magnetic field.
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World’s first remotely controlled airport goes into testing phase

Remote Tower Center Örnsköldsvik airport

Remote Tower Center Örnsköldsvik airport

If we have to go by what Örnsköldsvik airport in the north-east of Sweden has got itself, it is a possibility that all airports in the next decade will be remotely controlled. Swedish aerospace, defense and security company Saab has developed The Remote Tower System which controls air traffic at the airport from central Sundvall which is 100km away. Saab has done this in collaboration with Sweden’s air navigation service provider LFV.
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Semi-transparent Honda CB500 motorcycle replica is meticulously 3D printed

3D printed Honda CB500 motorcycle replica

3D printed Honda CB500 motorcycle replica

Making large 3D printed objects has become a possibility with new age 3D printers, but making a life-sized motorcycle with a normal sized desktop 3D printer is something worth appreciating. Jonathan Brand, a Canadian born artist based in new York and Connecticut has completed his ambitious project of making a life-sized replica of 1972 Honda CB500 motorcycle.
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Alpine unveils Vision Gran Turismo concept for GT6 racing game

Renault’s Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Joining the league of major carmakers in developing virtual and downloadable assets for the GT6 racing game franchise, Renault’s Alpine has unveiled the latest concept for the Vision Gran Turismo Concept. Inspired by the single seater barchettas of the past, the alpine vision GT concept fuses advanced engineering with heritage racing style of the brand. The exterior of the car features clean and sleek lines with the front section inspired by the A110 while the rear end reminiscent of the A210 and A220 features vertical fins. The roll cage of the concept car is integrated with carbon monocoque whereas the design of the rims is open to reveal the impressive brake callipers, painted in orange or blue.
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