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Lego PC case mod with all buttons hidden tactically

Lego Mod PC case mod

We have a strong affinity for PC case mods, and in our back-to-back lineup of some incredible PC case mods is the Lego Mod v3 by [Aribarambo]. As the name suggests, this PC case mod is made from Lego bricks, and intended for daily use. It has all the buttons and switches placed very cleverly, some even disguised as pressable Lego bricks.

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Harley Davidson PC case mod breaks all hotness barriers

Micle Proud of Blood PC case mod

This has to be one of the most unbelievable PC case mod that we have seen thus far. The sweeping curves and the customary Harley Davidson legacy draped all over it, the PC case mod by Micle is simply out of this world. One look at it and you’ll want to own it no matter what. Such is the kind of exuberance it has. Micle likes to call it “Proud of Blood”, maybe inspired from Diablo, but it looks nothing like that. In-fact it looks like a Harley V2 engine in its prime, and replicated in this PC case to perfection. Everything on the outside looks like being carved to the last detail, be it the tank cover, spoiler or pipes. The PC case mod is the work of Micle co-founder and well-known domestic modder Wei Zheng.
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Your smartphone can detect a major earthquake, making tremors more predictable

Smartphone Earthquake Early Warning System

Natural disasters like Earthquakes can have a significant damage to life and property, as was demonstrated by the magnitude 9 earthquake that shook Tohoku-oki, Japan in 2011. Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) systems play a pivotal role in minimizing damage to life and property by issuing distress warning, so that one can get those few extra minutes to escape before damage is incurred. But not all countries or regions can afford these costly scientific-grade EEW’s, so scientists had to come up with an alternative. A study published on April 10 in the inaugural volume of AAAS journal Science Advances, led by scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) provides enough evidence that smartphones could be that alternative for providing earthquake early warning system.
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Solar-powered drone that facilitates internet to remote regions, takes maiden test flight

Quarkson SkyOrbiter solar-powered drone

Quarkson SkyOrbiter solar-powered drone

Social-networking giant Facebook has stringent plans to unify the world with its free internet access to remote areas via solar-powered drones. In another part of the globe, Quarkson, a Portuguese company has similar plans and they successfully tested their version of a solar-powered drone aimed at providing internet access to the far flung regions of the world. Dubbed as SkyOrbiter, this solar-powered drone will have a wingspan of 5 meters and is going to fly at a height of 100 meters above ground level to provide internet access.
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Breakthrough cancer detection technology detects mouth, throat cancer through breath

EPFL cancer detection Technology

Cancer is the third largest cause of deaths reported globally as late detection also reduces number of treatable victims drastically. However, a team of researchers led by Nico de Rooij in Neuchatel worked at SAMLAB in collaboration with EPFL to develop, perhaps, the quickest method available for detection of certain type of cancer cells. This device can detect cancer in mouth and throat only. Highly accurate micro-sensors are developed for this device, and they measure cancer signatures in breath. All a person will have to do is to breathe out into a mobile device to make the detection possible, that’s it. The team collaborated with the Swiss Nanoscience Institute at the University of Basel to test the device on real patients, who were either sick or had gone through a surgery for throat cancer. The results verified that the technology is accurate and the sensors were extremely efficient and effective. Read More…

You’ll dream of morphing into a superhero with this magic cotton fabric coating!

Coating Turns Cotton Into Superhero worthy fabric

Till date it has not been possible to make a universal fireproof, self-healing as well as waterproof fabric which has many practical uses. All that is set to change as Chinese researchers have invented a new material which protects cotton fabric from catching fire or getting wet. The research headed by Junqi Sun from Jilin University in Changchun, China ventured on combining super-hydrophobic material with fire-retardant compounds to create one single solution that would self-heal itself after use. This solution is created from a mixture of ethanol and silsesquioxane which tuned out to be good for both. Read More…

First Trading App for Apple Watch will keep you updated 24×7


April 24 is firmly marked on any tech fan’s calendar. The much-anticipated launch of Apple’s first and bold move into wearable technology has opened up a whole host of new opportunities for world’s most creative app developers to explore. Clinging on the opportunity, online trading platform, IG Markets has introduced the Trading App for the Apple Watch. Read More…

Hairwire sensor–embedded extension takes selfie by just stroking your hair

Hairwire by Katia Vega

We have seen gesture-controlled apps become a common affair for modern day smartphones. But have you ever heard of hair-controlled smartphone? If not, then be wary of a woman stroking her hair, it could be a gesture to control her smartphone to record the conversation! Straight out from a secret agent movie like gadget is the inspiration for this new wearable technology. Hairwire is developed by Katia Vega from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janerio, Brazil and is taglined as “The conscious use of unconscious auto-contact behaviors”.
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World’s first head transplant planned for ailing man shocks the internet!

Sergio Canavero head transplant on Valery Spiridonov

Russian doctor they call Dr. Frankenstein

Although it might sound like a fiction movie plot, set sometime in the future, but it is shockingly true! Yes, Russian surgeon Dr. Sergio Canavero who is popularly known as Dr Frankenstein, claims to have the right technique to perform head transplant surgery and turn it into a successful operation, unlike any other performed until now. Valery Spiridonov, a 30 year-old computer scientist suffering from an acute genetic condition known as Werdnig-Hoffman muscle wasting disease has volunteered for this operation. The surgery involves cutting-off the volunteer’s head and attaching it to a donor’s body who is brain-dead!
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Colorado veteran develops interlocking archery target that’ll save you lots of money

Matrix Targets archery targets that last longer

As an archery shooter you very well know that once the archery board is pinned with many targets down on the bull’s eye, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Even if the other part of the target is untouched, it has to be replaced since one part has gone bad. 55-year old Kevin Peterson from Montana who himself is an archery enthusiast wanted to get over this problem and came up with his unique idea of making an archery board more usable. Matrix Targets is what he designed to increase the usability of archery targets by three folds.
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