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BBC’s pocket-sized computer Micro:bit wants kids to learn programming

BBC Micro bit

Since it was first displayed in March, students and tech fanatics have been anxiously waiting for the BBC Micro:bit to make to the fore. Final design of Micro:bit, the pocket-sized computer set has been revealed and it’s going out to millions of 11-12-year-old students in UK for free. The device is a tiny programmable microcontroller board with ARM processor on house, which has been designed primarily as an education device to help children learn how to program computers by the time they leave school. Read More…

MasterCard wants you to take selife to make payments, it’s secure

MasterCard-facial-recognition-app for payments

Recently, American Psychiatric Association had classified taking of selfies as a mental disorder, but that doesn’t mean we stop clicking selfies and MasterCard doesn’t make it a secure way to make payments in the future. With mobile manufacturers, Apple, Samsung and even Google venturing into the mobile payment sector; long time player MasterCard has chosen to take to trend in a trendier manner, allowing users to make payments through their credit cards by ‘selfie verification.’ Read More…

You’ll soon see high resolution photos in your Instagram feed

Instagram app HD photos

Instagram is finally going to show high resolution 1080×1080 size pictures, giving up the 640×640 resolution that it kind of got stuck with for so many years. Whatever the reason might be, but Instagram users had to beg for the needed upgrade since their big screen phones didn’t like what this Facebook owned app had to offer. According to TheVerge, Instagram is storing the pictures in 1080×1080 resolution and that is a clear sign of it rolling out the new feature anytime soon.
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Fluid-based micro implant promises to restore vision ceased by Glaucoma

Miniature pump regulates internal ocular pressure

Researchers at Fraunhofer University have given us enough reasons in the past to believe technology has the ability to put things right. In a recent development, researchers at the University are working on an implantable micro-fuild pump which would effectively be placed in the eye to treat ocular pressure and restore vision. There are various eye ailments which create elevate or reduce pressure in the eye and lead to diminishing vision, in intense cases even leading to blindness. There have been no real solutions for such problems that include Gluacoma and Phthisis bulbi. Read More…

Apple Music hits initial roadblocks, here’s an insight

Apple Music glitches

Apple Music has got off from its infancy stage and is steadily settling down. But are the subscribers liking it? Well, there are mixed reactions from the users who have tried out the service which will come for free in the first three months. There white spots and then there are the black spots for this music service looking to compete with Spotify. Since, there are people who have reported more bads than the goods in this Apple music streaming service, for today we’ll drill out all the loopholes in Apple Music.
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Batman Vs. Superman movie should feature this intimaidating 3D printed Batsuit

Arkham Origins Batsuit by Julian Checkley

Anything that has to do with Batman sells like hot cakes. Whether it is a Batmobile or Batsuit, DIYers have shown us the possibilities of creating merchandize related to this Gotham superhero. Another one that has come to light is a 3D printed Batsuit that seems to be inspired by the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight Origins video game which shows our superhero in a funky armored suit in a graphics intensive setting.
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Researchers develop device that uses smartphone to detect pregnancy

Pregnancy test with smartphone

Detecting pregnancy could very well be done with your smartphone in the future if we believe what is going on in Hanover Centre for Optical Technologies (HOT), University of Hanover, Germany. The researchers at this university have developed a prototype sensor for smartphone that is capable of detecting first signs of pregnancy and even diabetes. The fiber optic sensor in conjunction with a compatible app is going to monitor various body fluids like blood, urine, saliva or sweat and also analyze breath.
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Nike VR ad lets fans experience what it is like to be Neymar

There is no question about possibilities of Virtual Reality devices and what the technology in itself can help us achieve. While there are endless manufacturers working out various possibilities to promote their products, Nike has teamed with football sensation Brazilian international Neymar to let fans experience what it is like to be Neymar – dribbling, shooting and scoring goals like the Barcelona FC striker. Read More…

Galactic Dimension: Jumbo-sized pinball machine for pure arcade fun

Pinball Machine Galactic Dimension by Niklas Roy

You say Pinball and the feeling of nostalgia is all that oozes in one’s mind. That arcade music keeps ringing in my head and the metal ball bouncing against all the props placed. Niklas Roy, a die-hard pinball fan and DIY project maker has brought those sweet memories back, but in a jumbo design. This is Galactic Dimension, a supersized pinball machine designed by him for Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany; and it more than meets the eye. Everything about this machine is colossal as it invites pinball lovers to try their hand on a 3×6 meter machine inspired by the cosmic vastness and UFOs.
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Apple Music has arrived and it’s impressive, here’s all that you need to know

Apple Music service

Apple Music service was announced at WWDC 2015 for all the iOS devices and it was promised for an early arrival. That promise has been served as Apple launched the service along with Connect, Beats 1 Radio and Apple Music Radio service to beef-up the music streaming arena for Apple Music. This service will stream 24 hours of non-stop music that you like and comes with the unique way to connect with your favorite artists. Apple claims that the service will begin with over 30 million songs, going one-on-one with services such as Spotify.
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