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Shopping just got easier: Robotic cart that obediently follows you in supermarket

Robotic Shopping cart by Omri Elmalech and Ohad Rusnak

It’s not an innovation from the house of Unarco Industries; rather it’s an undergraduate project by two enthusiastic students Omri Elmalech and Ohad Rusnak from electrical engineering faculty at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Cousins and childhood friends, Omri and Ohad have programmed and developed an autonomous tracking shopping cart, which uses real-time image processing, 3D kinect camera and an Arduino board to track an individual and follow him/her obediently around supermarket aisles, in airports or maybe even in libraries. Read More…

Hankook unveils transforming tires that adapt to any terrain

Transforming tires for all terrain

It has become increasingly fun to witness motor shows around the world. Most innovations set to change the face of driving are shown/displayed at various automobile exhibitions. Case in point, transforming tires by Hankook, which change with the terrain you’re driving in. Designed with the motive to present an innovative idea for future of driving, Hankook in collaboration with the Pforzheim University has developed futuristic concept tires – Boostrac, Alpike and Hyblade that were unveiled at the Essen Motor Show 2014 earlier this month. Read More…

GPS-enabled wallet that’ll ensure peace of mind

Royce Leather Freedom Wallet GPS Technology

Into the habit of forgetting your wallet? A habit that won’t die soon? Then you better consider buying the Royce Leather Italian Saffiano Freedom Wallet with GPS tracking technology exclusive to Macy’s. This GPS enabled wallet connects to your iOS or Android mobile devices to ensure the safety of your money. The wallet has a GPS range of 100 yards and when you activate it the GPS tracker pinpoints the exact location of the stolen wallet. To prevent identity theft there is RFID blocking technology by blocking waves from scanning devices.
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Bionic Bra automatically adjusts the support level according to breast movement

Bionic bra

Professor Julie Steele from the Biomechanics Research Laboratory, Professor Gordon Wallace and Dr Sheridan Gho at the Innovation Campus at the University of Wollongong have invented a Bionic Bra that will revolutionize this age old accessory for women. The bra is loaded with sensors and actuators that detect the movement of breasts and determines the amount of support and tightening to be provided for comfort at all times. It is made from a smart yarn that does all the sensing and sets the bra into action.
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Must have Android Apps in 2015 for every geek

Must have Android apps in 2015

Android mobile devices have dominated the market in the last few years, and owing to the endless list of Android apps the portfolio keeps getting bigger and stronger. To complement the thumping hardware that Android OS powered devices have, apps have increased the utility of smartphone and tablets by three folds. Let’s have a look at some of the must have apps for your Android powered smartphone or tablet in 2014 and the upcoming year 2015.
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White House drenched in digitized holiday decorations this Christmas

Bo obama dog

For the year’s holiday celebrations this Christmas season, the White House is all set to get a technology boast. As planned, the East Wing and outside décor will have robotic First Dogs that react to anyone passing by, crowdsourced tree lights and interactive greeting card for the First Family. Going with the tech savvy aesthetics of the current administration, officials are all set to petrify the residents with their initiative.
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Amazon Surprise! mobile app lets you send e-cards with Gift Cards

Amazon e-card

It is that time of the year, when you would be looking forward to send greeting cards to your near and dear ones. While, most of us have forgotten the significance of the personal touch that cards deliver, Amazon wishes to revive the trend with touch of technology. The e-commerce giant has rolled out a new mobile app dubbed Surprise! which allows users to send e-card to celebrate various occasions including Christmas, New Year and Birthdays to name a few. Read More…

Rocket powered portable toilet seat hurls high in the sky

Port a potty rocket powered portable toilet

Port-a-potty rocket powered portable toilet

We have seen strange things being launched into the open sky. But a portable toilet, well that would require some heavy thrust! Call it odd or meaningless, but members at the Michiana Rocketry club managed to launch portable toilet dubbed Port-a-potty under the project “Thrusting the Throne” into the sky. The launch took place at a filed at Three Oaks, Michigan and ones who were present saw it in all glory.
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You must give 3D printed crossguard lightsaber a try

Star wars force awakens lightsaber

Drawing inspiration from trailer of the upcoming Star Wars “Force Awakens” movie, French 3D printing shop FabShop has created an amazing 3D printed version of the new Star Wars lightsaber [pictured above]. If you want one of the new lightsaber from the movie, you can either wait until Disney begins to sell them, or you can head over to Thingiverse for piece-by-piece guidelines to build your own 3D printed lightsaber complete with the much debated crossguard. Read More…

Is Apple Pay the first truly mainstream mobile payment solution?

Is Apple Pay the First Truly Mainstream Mobile Payment Solution

Online payment services have gained a new entry with “Apply Pay.” More people are turning to the convenience of monetary transactions on the World Wide Web. Now people can use their iPhone 6 devices to buy products and services online. Is Apple Pay the first truly mainstream mobile payment solution?

Can you do anything using mobile devices?

People already text, talk and surf the World Wide Web using their mobile devices. They take “selfies” and make “Vine videos” using their “always-handy” smart phones. Now, the major Apple brand wants to empower them to complete monetary transactions using their cell phones also.

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