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Guy drives Tesla Model S for record-breaking 452.8 miles on a single charge!

Tesla Model S drives 452.8 miles on single charge

Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S P85D sedan has an EPA-certified rating of 253 miles per charge (407.164 km per charge) which is impressive in its own right for EV’s. Definitely you can surpass that number by employing fuel-efficient driving a.k.a hypermiling, but two blokes extended that figure by almost double and forced the Tesla Motors CEO to retweet their achievement. Bjørn Nyland, a programmer at the University of Oslo and his friend Morgan drove Tesla Model S P85D 452.8 miles (728.7 km) on a single charge which is a record of sorts.
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MIT researchers develop optically transparent 3D printed glass

MIT 3D printed glass

It’s only matter of time when everything we use will be 3D printed. In preparation for such a future, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have unveiled a method of 3D printing glass. MIT’s Mediated Matter Group, MIT Glass Lab, and MIT’s Mechanical Engineering Department have in collaboration developed world’s first fully functional method for optically transparent 3D printed glass. Read More…

James Dyson Award winning 3D prosthetic hand is an affordable prosthetic for all

James dyson award winner

25-year-old, James Dyson Award winner, Joel Gibbard has developed a low cost 3D printed robotic prosthetic limb which can be custom produced in under 40 hours. This prestigious Award has always been about innovation and creativity – and when a design student comes up with a viable, cost effective solution that can change more than a few lives for good; recognition is due. Undoubtedly, Open Bionics, as Gibbard’s 3D prosthetic hand is called, has been adjudged winner of the UK leg of the James Dyson Award. Read More…

Battlecade gaming console by Love Hulten fits inside a small briefcase

Battlecade portable gaming console

Retro gaming consoles and their DIY counterparts always attract attention for all the right reasons. Simply because arcade gaming will never lose its essence, come what may. Modders like Ben Heck always push the envelope of modding and things possible with DIY projects. Not far behind is Love Hulten who has come-up with some really cool PC mods in the past and now he is back with yet another creation.
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iOS 4.2.1 running on Apple Watch via a hack by teenager

Apple Watch running iOS 4.2.1

Couple of days back we saw iOS developer Hamza Sood come-up with a hack that allows the user to run custom watch faces on Apple Watch which was cool. Now a 14-year-old is stealing the limelight with an interesting hack. Billy Alice has managed to run iOS 4.2.1 on Apple Watch by installing a custom emulator. The nostalgic old-school iPhone homescreen unlocks to show the operating system running magically on the smartwatch instead of the customary watchOS 1.0.1.
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Jigsurf: 3D printed surfboard you can carry in a duffle bag

Jigsurf 3D printed surfboard

Riding the waves on your surfboard is fun and thrilling, but taking your surfboard from one place to the other is a big hassle. A normal surfboard measures anywhere between 5’7” to 9’4”, which makes it extremely bulky to transport. Seeing this predicament as a major speedbump in the ability of a surfer to commute easily, prompted Robotham to make a 3D printed surfboard that can be carried in your bag.
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World’s smallest smartphone charger is tailor-made for emergency situations

Nipper worlds smallest phone charger

Nipper is the world’s smallest phone charger

Having gadgets is one things but keeping them juiced is yet another. Many third-party accessories manufacturer have been toiling hard to come-up with portable battery backup solutions for times of desperate need. But all of them are either too bulky or don’t live-up to their claims. So, for situations where you need to charge your phone desperately a new invention has brought some light. A duo of design engineering students, Doug Stokes and Chris Tait from Brunel University London have invented the world’s smallest charger as a part of Makerversity’s Makeathon challenge.
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Finally, Apple Watch is hacked to display custom watch faces

Apple Watch hack display custom watch faces

Many of us believe Apple should have allowed customizable Apple Watch faces. That hasn’t happened, and third party developers have no option to create watch faces for the Apple Watch. Since, there is still time for an official update from the Cupertino giant – iOS developer Hamza Sood has taken the liberty to tinker with the Apple Watch and custom design watch faces, which are uploaded to the Apple Watch after some ‘haxx’. Sood tweeted video of his custom animation which provides new faces to the Apple Watch in multiple color options. Read More…

Humanoid strolling in the woods is scary and exciting at the same time

ATLAS humanoid robot by Boston Dynamics

Google invested quite a lot of money in acquiring Boston Dynamics and for good reason too. They are building some of the most advanced humanoid robots on the planet (Japanese are going to be so furious at this) which give us a glimpse of the future. ATLAS robot funded by DARPA has been under works for quite a while now and every time Boston Dynamics comes with an update, they startle the world. This time around though, the robotics giant has completely blown me off!
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Polyera’s Wove Band with bendable glass display wraps around the wrist

Polyera Wove Band

It’s 2015 and we still don’t have truly bendable displays amid us. Come 2016 we could have gadgets which don’t just curve but are flexible enough to bend, twist and even roll up like a yoga mat. All thanks to Chicago-based start-up called Polyera which has been developing slap-on bracelet-like Wove Band, which has a flexible display that can be wrapped around the wrist. Polyera has spent last 10 years trying to build this really useful display, which could change the way electronic devices are made today. Read More…

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