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Kormaran convertible speedboat can switch between six modes

Kormaran convertible speedboat

Kormaran convertible speedboat

Kormaran is a luxury boat concept that just like in sci-fi movies, can transform into various configurations in the blink of an eye. The convertible speedboat can switch between six modes and can be used as a monohull, catamaran, trimaran and a high speed and fuel-efficient flightmode. Besides that it can be transformed into bathing mode that offers a luxury sunbathing platform. A Nightmode is also available. The idea for this incredible concept was born back in 2007 whereas the company was founded in Salzburg in 2010. The first prototype was completed in 2012 and now the company has unveiled their new advanced prototype.

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Trend Coaster lets you surf the trending internet wave, literally!

Trend Coaster Yahoo Japan

We are all acquainted with the term riding the internet wave, essentially used when you surf the internet for long durations, virtually riding a wave of information. Taking cues from this, in Japan people are now able to surf the internet literally on a roller coaster ride with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset providing all the visual elements. Yahoo being the search engine giant in Japan, is used for this roller coaster ride, as one gets on-board a roller-coaster simulator which provides all the physical input just like a racing simulator. As you go on the ride you’ll see all the relevant pictures, quotes, tweets etc. to make the ride visually appealing.
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3D printed communication device invented by teenager works by analyzing breaths

Talk ACC device by Arsh Shah Dilbagi

The absence of communication has a major effect on the lives of people suffering from developmental disabilities like Parkinson, Down syndrome, Locked-in syndrome, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), speech impairments like Dysarthria etc. This was the inspiration behind the ACC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) gadget invented by Arsh Shah Dilbagi aka Robo, a 16-year-old student from DAV Public School, Panipat, India. Dubbed as Talk, this innovative gadget is developed using 3D printing technology and also got him a place in the top 15 Google Science Fair 2014 global finalists. The winner will get a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands, a visit to Virgin Galactic Spaceport and $50,000 in scholarship funding.
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Google to acquire Lift Labs, the maker of Liftware Spoon

Liftware Spoon Lift Labs Google acquisition

Google has been on a spree of acquiring technology start-ups that are either linked to intelligence systems or automation industry. Now, they have plans to acquire San Francisco-based Lift Labs, the company behind the Liftware Spoon which stabilizes hand of people suffering from Parkinson. This take-over is planned for Wednesday as Google will announce the integration of Lift Labs into the Google Life Sciences division which is a part of Google X project. It is not clear how much Google will slash out to make this deal but it is certain that the meeting will take place in Mountain View Headquarters where Google’s top breed and Lift labs founder along with their hand-picked employees will be present.
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Forget Me Not Kid alarm alerts parents when child is left in the car

Forget Me Not Kid alarm system

Beverly Marketing Management, a San Jose, California-based startup have designed a child monitoring system that will alert parents when they accidentally leave their child in the car. Called the Forget Me Not Kid alarm system, it has been created in response to over 500 toddler deaths from hot cars. BMM started working on the design since May 2014 and are now planning to put a functional prototype into production within next 30 days. Till now, the project has been self-funded by the company which included the building of the website, submitting the patent and creation of the electronic design. Now it is seeking funds through a Kickstarter campaign for manufacturing and production cost for about 1000 units.
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4MM Jetpack enhances running capabilities for a super-humanly sprint

Running Jetpack by Jason Kerestes and DARPA

If you thought that jetpacks can just propel you into the sky for a seamless flight, then you got to have a look at this. A wearable jetpack called 4MM that is developed by Jason Kerestes in close association with Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) for enhanced running capabilities. This jetpack is called 4MM because it denotes 4 Minute Mile goal which signifies achieving a distance of four miles running in just 4 minutes. The prototype of this jetpack is being tested and refined by Jason to enhance the capabilities of a soldier in the battlefield or perhaps to make a commercially available jetpack that turns you into a superhuman.
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Voke nicotine inhaler gets medical approval in UK

Voke nicotine inhaler

For those who want to quit smoking, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco named Nicoventures have developed a nicotine inhaler device. Dubbed Voke, the device looks similar to an e-cigarette and is the first product of its kind to be approved by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). However, the Voke inhaler is different from an e-cigarette as it is non-electronic and does not use batteries. Unlike an e-cigarette, it is activated simply by inhaling of the user to deliver nicotine. Voke involves no heat or combustion and therefore produces no ash or smoke. E-Cigarettes attracts younger generation but the Voke nicotine inhaler is developed to encourage smokers who want to reduce, replace or stop smoking.
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SideSwipe will let you control your phone with in-air hand gestures


Are you looking for an alternative way to use your phone because you’re sick of the buttons and touchscreens? For your love, researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle have developed a way to control your smartphone with in-air gestures above and around the device. The novel system called SideSwipe will be that unique and interesting way, you always wanted, to let you interact with the phone without using touchscreens or physical buttons. Read More…

Pele inaugurates first player-powered soccer field in Brazil

Pele inaugurates player-powered soccer field

Brazilian football legend Pele have inaugurated the first ever player-powered soccer field in Rio de Janeiro slum of Morro da Mineira. Using a new technology developed by British start-up Pavegen, the football pitch uses the energy generated by the player’s movement on the field to partly power up the floods lights. A total of 200 underground tiles were installed across the width and breadth of the field. The tiles will gather kinetic energy through the motion of the players and will feed that power to six 280-watt LED floodlights overhead. However, the tiles provide only 20 percent of electricity for the lights and the remaining comes from the solar panels set up at the facility.
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Engineer builds tweeting toilet from household items

tweeting toilet by Thomas Ruecker

After being laid off from his old job as an open-source evangelist at a technology company, Thomas Ruecker took a different approach for seeking a new job. To draw some attention to his experience, skills and creativity from the potential employers, the guy has built a tweeting toilet. With particular expertise in open source and background in electrical engineering, Ruecker used household items, electric motor parts, Linux running open-source hardware board and some coding to build a connected toilet that Tweets with each flush.
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