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UrbanClap versus Zimmber: Which one to choose for home services?

UrbanClap versus Zimmber

Names like UrbanClap and Zimmber have become quite common these days with every other acquaintance booking different services through these mobile marketplace like apps. From dry cleaners, plumbers, carpenters, wedding photographers to salon at home, every service is available at a touch. But how exactly do these mobile marketplaces work? Well, the process of hiring service providers through a digital platform is quite easy and can be managed with just a few clicks.

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3 ways smartphones are helping us with more than ever before

best fitness apps

It’s only a decade since the iPhone came into our lives and, at the time, most of us couldn’t have imagined that in just a few years we’d be organizing our lives through these pocket-sized devices or their Android counterparts. Today, though, even the most non-tech-savvy amongst us can now do pretty much everything they need with their phone. Let’s take a look at just a few of the apps that have drastically changed the way we do things.

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Nintendo’s Super Mario Run: Must-have arcade game for your iPhone 7

Nintendo Super Mario Run

Alright, so it’s almost less than a week before your have the official Nintendo Super Mario Run game on your iPhone. The iOS app will launch on 15 December 2016, and already there is hype over this arcade running adventure game. Since, Mario has been the popular game of the 90s, the nostalgic feeling of playing it on your mobile device is making everyone go wild.
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Google PhotoScan app digitalizes your old photos in the easiest way possible

Google PhotoScan App

All of us have old photos lying in the attic, drawers, bed boxes and places where we imagine they are safe from any physical damage. Perhaps we all think that they won’t be damaged by fungus, fire or water spillage over decades. Most of don’t and go through the tedious process of scanning or re-photographing the old snaps. And who can ignore the flares, glare, unaligned framing and the crooked edges which are so hard to omit from the photo of a photo. Well, Google just made your task a whole lot easier with its new app called PhotoScan.
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How smartphones are making us wise with money saving

Save money with smartphone

Everything you touch these days has a smart element to it. From your mobile phone and tablet to the lights in your home or the keys in your pocket, the world around us is now more intelligent than ever. In a nutshell, your smartphone gives you access to a myriad of services and one of those is saving money. By tapping into online services, collating data and sharing information, smartphones make it easier for us to get more value out of everyday tasks and the end result is more money in your pocket. With this in mind, we’ve picked out three tech innovations that are helping homeowners, consumers and travelers make smarter decisions and, therefore, save some cash.
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Is Google Allo really better than WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger?

Google Allo

In the crowded world of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Snapchat, etc., Google has also entered the list with its new messaging chat app, Allo for Android and iOS platforms. Google Allo is simple to use with a mobile number based login, rather than one linked to an email. The app can understand phrases in English and Hinglish (a combination of the Hindi and English language used in India). It is targeted towards a market like India where instant messaging apps are booming and will eventually grow bigger. Read More…

Apple iOS 10 revealed, exciting reasons you’ll want to update

iOS 10

All set for a new iPhone experience without updating to iPhone 7? It may be time to update to iOS 10 recently announced by Apple. As all updates do, iOS 10 comes with a host of new features that pledge to make the iPhone and the iPod more useful and entertaining devices. If you are not certain, and you are still contemplating if you should upgrade, you can check out the exciting new features that should instigate you to make the move. Read More…

Apple WatchOS 3 update, here’s what you should know


WatchOS 3 update

Alongside the iOS 10, Apple released the much awaited WatchOS 3, latest version of the operating system developed especially for the Apple Watch. Besides other exciting features, the WatchOS 3 makes the Apple wearable faster than ever before. The new update lets you launch apps in one third the time possible in the previous version, this is because recent apps and favorites now stay in the native memory instead of being stored on the connected iPhone.   Read More…

6 life hacks that can make your life easier

6 life hacks that can make your life easier

Amid the hassles of life, thank God, we have different life hacks! Life hacks are those game-changing tips that have the potential to make your life organized in straightforward and easy-to-follow ways. There is an extensive list of such hacks that have the potential to save your time and energy.

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How has Pokemon Go changed gaming apps forever?

Pokemon go banned in Iran

By now, you must have definitely heard about the frenzied Pokemon Go players. Even if you aren’t a Pokemon Go addict yourself, you might have definitely come across clumps of people glued to their mobile phones running around the city. Well, thanks to Pokemon Go – the augmented reality game application developed by Niantic, the company which published the app is now twelve billion US dollars richer( at least in terms of valuation) than what it was before Pokemon Go happened.
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