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It’s not a table fan, it’s a paper speaker!

Phonon Camome paper speaker

This looks like some decoration for your home or a slim fan, but it actually is a speaker. As amazed as you would be by its look, be prepared to be taken aback by this speaker’s sound quality. Phonon Kamome is a feather-shaped speaker made from paper and weighs just 129 grams in total. It uses micro vibration technology between light papers to produce sound The uniquely shaped speaker unit is attached to an amplifier which has an output for connection with mobile devices or other devices.
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This trike by Nick Nowak is actually a sound sculpture!

Sennheiser MOMENTUM The Shape of Sound audio system

Nik Nowak, a berlin-based artist who is renowned for making never before seen futuristic sound systems from completely unrelated material has come up with yet another thumping creation. As a part of Spotify and Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM campaign, Nik has created Echo, an all-black machine which is a part of his own work that he calls The Shape of Sound. Resembling a futuristic vehicle or more so a BatPod, this sound system is completely movable from one location of the home to another, and that too on wheels!
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Vibrating pill aimed at curing chronic constipation

Vibrant capsule for chronic constipation

Suffering from constipation? Having those irritating pain-inducing movements in the stomach? Then you are surely suffering from chronic constipation. No matter how much medication you take, this digestive disease returns back because your bowel is not able to push the waste material forward. Now a team of researchers headed by Yishai Ron, research leader and gastroenterologist at the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center are testing a multi-vitamin sized pill that induces movement inside the lower intestine that pushes the waste down and prevents any constipation.
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Vow Smart Headphones for chatting with friends and listening to online music

Vow Smart headphones

Finally a pair of headphones that let you connect to online services like Pandora or Douban Radio, and even better, you can chat with your friends using these headphones. Vow Smart Headphones are the world’s first smart headphones that let you connect to Android compatible chatting applications like We Chat and enjoy music as the same time. So the question would be, how does one chat on these headphones?

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RumbleRail floppy disk jukebox flaunts its display screen and LEDs

RumbleRail floppy disk jukebox

If we snoop around the vast realm of the internet, we are sure to find a few floppy drive based music projects. But there is something inherently different with the above pictured RumbleRail, a floppy disk jukebox. The very first thing that strikes us is the contraption’s expansive form factor comprising of a machined black aluminum rail. This nifty looking rail houses a total of eight floppy drives, complemented by eight floppy controllers, a small display, an SD card holder and a supporting stand. So many varied components come together in a seamless manner to embody a collective music playing device, with the standalone ability to load up MIDI files.

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OnBeat solar powered headphones also charge your smartphones

OnBeat solar powered headphones 3

Previously we have harped about solar powered cellphone chargers and even solar powered Bluetooth speakers. And, this time around, we have come across an equally ‘green’ conception that sort of combines the applications of both a charger and a speaker. We are of course talking about the newly released OnBeat solar powered headphone set. Tapping into the nigh perpetual realm of solar energy, these handy headphones can charge your smartphone, while you are busy listening to your favorite music, watching your choicest videos or even playing your precious games.

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65 ° web radio by Christopher Kuhner has uber’ futuristic design

Those cool old radios will never lose their charm even though we are used to listening to a thousand radio stations more than what we used to listen in those golden days. But these days we rarely listen to the good old radio as internet radio has replaced it for good as users listen to their favorite music genres on limitless stations. Bringing the old retro feel to the new generation internet radio, designer Christopher Kuhner has come up with 65 ° web radio which combines all the vintage aspects of the old radio into a high tech internet radio playing jukebox. The controls are both tactile and controlled by knobs while you can change other options like HQ (high quality) filter, streaming etc. on the touchscreen interface at the top itself.

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CES 2013: iPhone 5 and iPad compatible Artiphon Instrument 1 is a real treat for music fanatics

The present world could be defined as a tech savvy entity in totality that breathes technology and exhales radical technological updates every day. You visualize an improvement to the existing version of a product today and there comes the advancement the following day. However, most of the innovations or improved versions, do not find much of the ground later on. Similarly, there are many applications available for iOS devices in the market, aimed at guitarists and often at a price suitable to your pocket. Then what could be the reason for their debacle? The understandable rationale is the “under-delivery” on the quality front. However, the latest development in the iOS accessories backed musical instrument line; Artiphon Instrument 1 is a treat in itself for the guitarists. Artiphon has introduced this stunning masterpiece (Instrument 1), carved out of hardwood and bamboo especially designed for the iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch. Guess what? It is priced at US$ 800 though the order for booking would start in the spring of 2013.

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SleepPhones – Sleep assisting Music Headband for cozy sleep all night long

Who doesn’t love to listen to ambient music in the night and fall asleep? But more often than not your headphones or earphones become too uncomfortable to wear while sleeping especially if you have lie on your side. Gosh it can me irritating at most times and spoils the whole fun with the only alternative left is to listen to music via the external speakers or the build-in speakers of your smartphone or MP3 player. Hang on a second; you can also use a Sleep assisting Music Headband which will put you to a cozy sleep without any hassles. Yes, you heard it right; this soft cloth headband called as SleepPhones-Pajamas for your ears, has built-in headphones so that you can listen to music while being comfortable on your pillow.
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Sormina musical instrument with wireless support to produce music in MIDI format

It’s high time you do away with your lame old musical instruments as the new age is going to be dominated by ones that have wireless connectivity. We present to you the Sormina, which is an electronic instrument designed by Juhani Raisanen for the sole purpose of combining traditional musical instrument material with the goodness of technology like wireless support. Sormina is easy to hold in your hand just like a violin but has the goodness of any modern day electronic instrument that can produce electronic sounds and visual output too with the help of wireless connectivity.
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