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3D printed Pokedex phone case for the Pokemon Go addicts

Pokedex phone case

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, and you have already become a Pokemon Go addict, you surely know the power of this augmented reality game to drain your phone’s battery. The game requires you to have the phone data, its screen and GPS running at full force with processor constantly trying to keep live maps running, and camera doing all the image processing in the background. The power draining game has got people to carry their power banks along while playing, which is not at all cool with the cable dangling – as an alternative, a DIY-er has created a custom 3D printed Pokedex-shaped phone case for his a Samsung Galaxy S4. Read More…

Augmented reality mobile game Pokémon GO is biggest ever in U.S. history

pokemon Go biggest game ever

Quite a few applications have taken Play Store and Apple Store by storm in the past – latest being the Pokémon GO – a Nintendo franchise game. The first real augmented reality game, this is a free download for iOS and Android devices, and it mixes real world elements with the virtual game, which is making people go bonkers for the app. People are fanatically downloading Pokémon GO, and according to a SurveyMonkey report, it is already the biggest mobile game in the history of United States. Read More…

Online gaming: What does the future hold?

Online gaming

Online gaming is a commonplace concept within the industry now as developers have continued to adapt to the need for multiplayer platforms, DLCs and creating a more social experience in the games they create.

You can trace online gaming back to SEGA and their Dreamcast console, which allowed players to download extra content via an internet connection – which we imagine was painfully slow. Microsoft and Sony quickly caught onto the idea when SEGA didn’t manage to get it off the ground and have gone on to develop the concept of online gaming further over time.

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Will VR take over mobile gaming?

Virtual Reality Gaming

Smartphones and tablets have been excelling in the gaming market for the last few years, and have taken over from desktops and laptops as a platform for playing games. Developers have, therefore, turned their focus to producing more games for this format. However, with virtual reality just around the corner, will mobile be pushed to the background with a shift in focus towards this new media?

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Football slot machines to play during Euro 2016

Euro 2016

2016 is one of those summers that football fans love. Not only are they avoiding the usual three month drought when the sporting highlights seem to just be tennis, golf and cricket, they have two international tournaments to enjoy – both Euro 2016 and the Rio Olympics. The former’s already kicked off and it’s fair to say that whatever your political standpoint it’s already providing some very good reasons to want to be part of Europe. For example there’s the Welsh team defying all expectations as well as Iceland refusing to give in to the might of Portugal. Even England have made it through to the knockout stages.

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How technology has changed the gaming industry

mobile gaming

Back in January 2015, Fortune magazine reported that mobile gaming is tipping the balance of power in the technology industry. Sure enough, by the end of 2015, mobile gaming was worth US$100 billion. And it continues to grow with gambling said to be at the forefront of this growth. Read More…

Key developments in gaming industry in the last three decades

Key developments in gaming industry in the last three decades

Gaming is something that is extremely popular across the age and gender spectrum these days, and the games industry has undergone rapid development during the last three decades to get us to that point. This article will summarize a few of the key stages it has gone through during that period.

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Limited release of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition announced


Samsung today released its Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition to commemorate the third anniversary of the popular mobile game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Samsung has collaborated with Warner Bros., Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment to deliver the device. This limited edition, sleek, high-performance smartphone features one of the game’s central characters – Batman. The phone features enhanced hardware and software and comes with bigger battery capacity to deliver longer play time. Read More…

5 memorable gaming moments caught on livestream

online gaming livestreaming

In 1984, George Orwell told us of how Big Brother was watching. It’s a theme which has spawned reality TV shows and essentially has come true with CCTV on every street corner. But now we’re even letting it into our private lives when we’re behind closed doors, chilling out at home playing on our PlayStation, or bluffing our way through a hand of poker. Read More…

Stormfall: Liberate your people from evil lords

Stormfall - Age of War

Do you like MMORTS? If so, then Stormfall can be your choice. This game is a time-based MMORTS game, which means it takes place in a specific time sequence. This game is similar to Travian, as supplemented by the army, war equipment, resources, quests, and various elements of RPG. Stormfall talks about a region, called Darkshine, who experienced the chaos of the battle between the Lords to fight the remnants of the Empire. On the other hand, the common people were frustrated and kept waiting for a hero who will stabilize the empire and protect them from suppression of the nobility. It is a theme that is quite interesting because we take on the role as a liberator for commoners.

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