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World’s first full motion racing simulator with triple curved OLED display


Vesaro I Evolve Special Edition Extreme racing simulator with three 55 inch LG curved OLED screens

Want to experience the ultimate in racing simulation? Then you got to have a look at the Vesaro I Evolve Special Edition Extreme racing simulator created in association with LG. Combining the expertise of Vesaro in making extreme racing simulators and LG’s three 55-inch Curved OLED displays; This is one enthralling experience every gamer dreams of. The displays curve around the seating position and give the racer visual experience like none other, and combined with Vesaro I Evolve racing seat the experience escalates quite a few notches.
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Physically disabled Alex plays Minecraft by twitching his eyebrows

With a vision to bring back fun and inclusion into lives of people with physical disabilities, Special Effect – a charity in the United Kingdom, has been helping disabled beat physical disabilities to enjoy video games. To allow a disabled gamer, Alex, play video games of his choice; Special Effect, has outfitted him with a technologically advanced game controller. A controller that lets Alex play Minecraft by twitching his eyebrows – sounds bewildering, but it’s true. Read More…

Emotion-sensing gaming controller senses player’s stress level to change in-game difficulty

Emotion sensing gaming controller

Stanford Emotion Sensing Bio Gamepad

Do you get bored while playing your favorite game just because it isn’t tough enough? For instance the number of automobiles coming from opposite direction are not enough to challenge your driving skills in a racing game? Then Stanford electrical engineer, Gregory Kovas and Texas Instruments are working on that element of gaming to make it tough as the player needs it without changing settings in the gameplay interface. They have modded an Xbox 360 controller with a 3D printed plastic module loaded with sensors, so that it can measure your biological data in real-time and change the gaming elements. Meaning that it doesn’t get too difficult or too easy for your while playing your favorite games.
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Super Nintendo modded into a cool arcade gaming machine

Nintendo SNES arcade machine DIY

Mod Super Nintendo Entertainment System into an arcade machine and you are all set for some really cool gaming on weekends. Invite your gaming buffs for a weekend party and all they would want do is get hold of your Super Nintendo Arcade Machine. But for that you’ll have to follow the intuitive DIY by [Nzen Mods] who modded a Super Nintendo SNES into a super cool gaming rig that has classic arcade controls. The SNES controller has been replaced by real arcade controls and second controller can be added for multiplayer fun while drooling over gaming titles like Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country or Super Metroid.
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Ben heck mods PS4 controller for single-handed use

Ben Heck single handed PS4 controller Ben Heck, the modding king is back in the limelight with his newest creation, a single handed PlayStation 4 controller for the disabled. The controller has been build due to numerous requests from his followers to make one just like the single handed wireless Xbox 360 controller. Ben calls it the Accessibility Controller for PS4 as all the left hand buttons have been moved to the right hand side to make everything in accessible quarters for one handed use. When compared to Xbox 360 controller, the PS4 controller has a little cramped space when it comes to placing the buttons and that is why Ben had to make use of 3D printing technology for making custom parts which hold the gaming console buttons in their new position. Read More…

Project Morpheus – Sony’s virtual reality headset for PS4 revealed at GDC

PlayStation Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PS4

Sony finally took the drapes off its long awaited virtual reality device for PlayStation 4, code named as Project Morpheus, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The reveal was done by SCE Worldwide Studio’s Shuhei Yoshida during the GDC session titles ‘Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment.’ 3 years in the making and still in the prototype stage, the virtual reality headset by Sony for PS4 gaming console promises unmatchable gaming experience with amazing special sound and visual that will immerse the gamer into another world.
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Ultra customizable rSeat RS1 racing simulator

rSeat RS1 racing simulator

rSeat is a well-known name when it comes to high end racing game simulators, virtually transferring a die-hard racing game fan into a real time race driver, experiencing all the elements of break neck speeds in perfect harmony. In the past too we have seen some really great racing simulators by rSeat and this time around is no different. rSeat in partnership with D-BOX have developed the dynamic RS1 M4A 3DOF for the RS1 simulator which has a modular design for maximum customization options. You can make your desired race gaming simulator and upgrade it any time you want as RS1 Basic comes with Shifter mount and Seat Sliders. So, you can be playing a rally racing game with the exact ergonomics as that on a rally car one day and a Gran Turismo race the very next day by customizing the racing simulator itself.

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Reserator 3 Max Dual cooler flaunts its nano fluid tech and blue LEDs

Reserator 3 Max Dual cooler

There are two crucial components to every overclocked gaming rig – the first is obviously the processing capability of your dedicated GPU. And, the second, less conspicuous hardware is the PC cooler that supplies the much needed low temperature for your cabinet systems to work efficiently, even in hotter conditions. Well, concerning the later function – that is where the water-cooled Reserator 3 Max Dual really shines with its slew of robust credentials. The very first thing that strikes us about the flagship product from Korean manufacturer Zalman is its dual fan design, which is similar to the hefty assembly of an upscale graphics card. Moreover, the contrivance is touted to be the world’s first PC cooler mechanism that applies nanofluids for better cooling performance.

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Immersion is a game rage controlling wearable gadget

Immersion game rage controlling gadget

Life is so much in the fast lane that when things seem bit out of order we panic and that leads to frustration. And if you happen to be an addicted gamer then things don’t get any better. For example while gaming when you happen to get stuck in a difficult level or tend to lose the game just when you think it’s time to celebrate. This leads to what we call as game rage and this can have an effect in your real life too. You tend to be more agitated, lose your cool and tend to look like a freak when things get too far. To combat this whole chain of events that lead to game rage that can last for hours even days depending on the person encountering it, Samuel Matson has envisioned a gadget called Immersion that eliminates any game rage for gaming addicts. The idea behind this gizmo is to read any signs of increase in heart rate/pulse and change the in-game difficulty according to it. For example if during a RPG you are encountering too many hooligans or zombies which are hard to kill, the device will read you frustration and thereby alter the in-game events.

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CES 2014: Huawei Tron Android-based gaming console

Huawei Tron Android gaming console

Late last week at CES 2014 Huawei revealed its own Android-based (4.2.3 OS) mini gaming console dubbed Tron which is expected to carry a low price tag of $120. The gaming console is going to have compatibility with PlayStation 3, PC and NDS games which is great news for gamers who always craved for an all-in-one gaming console for all their favorites games across various gaming platforms. Although Huawei Tron is going to face some stiff competition from the Ouya gaming console which also runs on Android OS, but still cross platform compatibility is going to lend Tron some advantage. It is going to be powered by an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, have 2GB system memory and internal storage of either 16GB or 32GB.
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