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CES 2014: Omni gaming harness uses capacitive sensors for mapping your motion

Omni from Virtuix

We have had the fortune of coming across quite a few gaming oriented contrivances in CES 2014, be it Alienware’s Steam Machine or Razer’s modular gaming PC. However this time around, the so-called Omni from Virtuix takes things to a whole new level with its exclusive status as a virtual reality interface. In the other words, the innovative conception comprises of an entire system that allows your real-time leg movements to be synced up with virtual (in-game) environments. The entire contraption is camera-free, while it also exhibits unique capacitive panels that are used for tracking our motions and their directions.

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CES 2014: Sinister gamepad will electrify gamers with haptic technology

Sinister PC Gaming Device by Tivitas Interactive at CES 2014

Last month, we talked about the GVX console for extreme reality gaming. And, now the realm of CES 2014 has brought forth another gaming device for the ultimate ‘realistic’ experience. Tivitas Interactive has introduced their Sinister gaming device prototype that boasts of haptic features with its integrated ViviTouch technology. Originally conceived for audio immersion, the ViviTouch alludes to the ‘feel’ of the multimedia experience, created by the engrossing and interactive HD sound effects. This impeccable scope of sound perception covers a simultaneous (and precise) ambit of audio, ranging from conspicuous effects like rumbles of gunfire to smaller details like splashing of water. The Sinister gaming device with its ‘artificial muscles’ takes advantage of this immaculate sound system to give us the optimized dose of realistic environment when gaming.

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CES 2014: Valve teams up with Alienware to create the ultimate PC ‘gaming console’

Alienware Steam Machine

Well, now it is time for PC gamers to rejoice with Valve’s upcoming series of small form-factor gaming computers. The famed Half-Life and Steam platform creator has collaborated with 13 PC hardware companies to create 13 different versions of the so-named Steam Machine. The mighty Alienware (Dell’s flagship subsidiary) surely stands tall among these hardware giants, as is evident from its CES 2014 showcasing of an elegantly svelte version of the PC ‘gaming console’. The evolved build quality of the Alienware Steam Machine can be comprehended from the proportional size and the complementary style. This balanced embodiment is touted to have specs that are much more powerful (as expected) than the current-gen consoles of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Sulon’s GVX console to project ‘Xtreme Reality’ game environments

Sulon's GVX console

Imagine yourself putting on a special HUD wearable and then wildly swinging your battle-ax in the icy realm of Skyrim, or deftly hunting aliens with the Crysis predator bow in the ‘jungles’ of New York. Well, all of these scenarios can be made virtually possible with the Ghost Vision Xtreme (GVX), an advanced head mounted console from Sulon Technologies. Contrived with the vision of Xtreme Reality, which is touted as the wondrous bridge between the real and virtual world, the GVX will be capable of generating of detailed game environments with dynamic attributes. This will entail the active participation of the gamer in the realistic world, thus paving the way for unparalleled interaction opportunities with virtual characters and landscapes.

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Raspberry Pi-powered Sid can be controlled via an online game

Raspberry Pi-powered Sid

How to kill off your office time during those intervals between client given work? Well, British creative agency Si Digital believes in designing robots that allows you to play computer games. In this regard, the software service providing company has designed Sid, a Raspberry Pi-powered robotic arm that can be controlled in context of a game. This gaming ambit can be accessed through a live video feed in Si’s very own website, while the game entails maneuvering the robot on a circular pitch with your keyboard. The ultimate aim is to pick up and drop off metallic balls into varied sizes of holes within a 45 second time limit. And, as is the criterion for competitive games; difficulty levels increase score levels, with smaller holes endowing higher points.

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rSeat RS1 gaming simulator for Gran Turismo racing mania

rSeat RS 1 Gran Turismo racing seat

When we talk about racing simulators, rSeat is right up there with the best. It is almost a year since rSeat have come up with a surprise offering of their racing simulators but that is all set to change as a teaser video of the rSeat RS1 GT racing simulator and product description that is more than impressive. For more stable performance while intense racing, the whole rig has been increased in weight by 10 kilograms and added accessories to make racing fanatics experience unforgettable makes this racing simulator a must have for every dreamer racer. With support for almost all peripherals like wheels, pedals, shifters, touchpad, tablet, mouse and keyboard the rSeat RS1 racing simulator expands the horizons of virtual 5D gaming to new levels.

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Sony’s PlayStation Vita TV caters to gaming and media streaming

Sony's PlayStation Vita TV

Things are certainly rolling for Sony’s handheld PS Vita. A few days ago on 5th September, it had its first ‘proper’ shooter in the form of the loot rich Killzone: Mercenaries. And, then Sony has announced a brand new PS Vita model four days later. However, some of us might have missed another Vita device that Sony had quite oddly unveiled, and that is the PlayStation Vita TV. As many of you can deduce from its name, the Vita TV has no screen of its own; it needs to be connected to a television or HD monitor for your gaming experience.

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Cyberith Virtualizer lets you control gaming characters with body movement

Cyberith Virtualizer locomotion device

With addition of virtual reality gaming has become ever more realistic off late. After the success of WizDish, make way for the Virtualizer, a virtual reality gaming locomotion device with built-in sensors which makes motion detection possible. A video demonstrating the new device dubbed Cyberith Virtualizer offers a unique dimension to gaming routines, it shows how the device can be used to control the movement in your favorite game by moving, running, crouching, jumping etc. in the real world environment. Read More…

Virtual Cycling is fitness bike which can run all over the world

Virtual Cycling fitness bike

What! You have a dream of riding a bike around the world? Well, thanks to Japanese manufacturer Key Value, you can do that sitting on a fitness bike inside the house. Virtual Cycling is a pretty normal fitness bike to look at, but a little too much in utility. The bike has a dedicated hardware that connects your iPhone or iPad to the fitness bicycle, and using Google Street View makes it possible for you to burn your calories cycling virtually anywhere in the world.

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for(){}; – Endless Video game that you can play on programmed paintings

For(){}; computer game on painting canvas

Brent Watanabe has created a custom computer application that projects a mapped video game onto the acrylic wall paintings (most famous of triptychs, Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights) created by Cable Griffith for the same. The unique combination of artwork with gaming is a very new concept and the creation is called “for(){};” which in coding language signifies no ending or start, so that the player can go on playing the game for as long as he/she wants by collection of points. The game itself is very addictive simply because of its aimless nature.
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