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MIT researchers develop optically transparent 3D printed glass

MIT 3D printed glass

It’s only matter of time when everything we use will be 3D printed. In preparation for such a future, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have unveiled a method of 3D printing glass. MIT’s Mediated Matter Group, MIT Glass Lab, and MIT’s Mechanical Engineering Department have in collaboration developed world’s first fully functional method for optically transparent 3D printed glass. Read More…

World’s smallest smartphone charger is tailor-made for emergency situations

Nipper worlds smallest phone charger

Nipper is the world’s smallest phone charger

Having gadgets is one things but keeping them juiced is yet another. Many third-party accessories manufacturer have been toiling hard to come-up with portable battery backup solutions for times of desperate need. But all of them are either too bulky or don’t live-up to their claims. So, for situations where you need to charge your phone desperately a new invention has brought some light. A duo of design engineering students, Doug Stokes and Chris Tait from Brunel University London have invented the world’s smallest charger as a part of Makerversity’s Makeathon challenge.
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World’s first 4K display for mobile smartphones is here


4K displays have become the standard these days and with so many electronics manufacturers going for this new tech display revolution such displays are estimated to reach even more consumers. But it is one thing bringing the 4K technology to a TV display and yet another when we talk about the displays for mobile devices. EverDisplay Optronics (EDO), a Chinese display manufacturer is all willing to break that jinx with the world’s first 6-inch 4K AMOLED display.
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17-year-old inventor creates affordable voice-controlled prosthetic arm

Nilay Mehta 3D printed prosthetic arm

3D printed voice-controlled robotic arm for amputees

Prosthetics have changes lives of many amputees who can now live with far more freedom. But this advanced robotics technology doesn’t come cheap, as the final cost can seep into thousands of dollars. Obviously, everyone cannot afford to buy such prosthetics and therefore 3D printing is the logical answer to building low cost artificial limbs. Meet Nilay Mehta from Irvine High School who has made a cheap 3D printed prosthetic arm that can be voice-controlled.
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World’s first 3D printed tablet approved by US Food and Drug Administration

Aprecia Spritam 3D printed tablet

3D is the next major technological revolution that will affect not only manufacturing but other unrelated fields like medical science too. Already there are examples of 3D printing being successfully used for prosthetics to give new lease of life to the unfortunate disabled and people who have met some accident. Now a major breakthrough has been made in the field of pharmaceutical industry as the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the world’s first drug created through 3D printing.
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Lexus Hoverboard is no more a concept, it is real and rideable (w/Video)

Lexus Hoverboard

The ultra-imaginative Lexus Hoverboard teaser which was too tech savvy to be real has finally been released and it still forces me to pinch myself hard. Such is the magic of superconductors and magnets cooled down by liquid nitrogen that it still seems like dream far-off to me. But Lexus Hoverboard is real and professional skateboarder Ross McGouran should feel like a god for riding it first-up. Equally lucky is Robb Holland, an American race drive and Jailopnik contributor who got the invite to ride this one of a kind Hoverboard.

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Solar-powered aqueous flow battery is 20 percent more efficient than present batteries

aqueous solar flow battery

Solar-powered batteries could make juicing up our power hungry devices of the future more convenient and speedier. While there are many engineers working on efficient batteries, two researchers at the Ohio State University have prepped up a solar battery with new capabilities. PhD students Billy McCulloch and Mingzhe Yu, have been working consistently at improving a solar air battery they unveiled last year. In their new study, the duo believes they have reached a new milestone with their battery called the ‘aqueous solar flow battery.’ Using solar power on their aqueous flow battery (which has water circulating inside it) the researchers have made the battery 20 percent more efficient in comparison to the currently available lithium-iodine batteries. Read More…

Brain-training iPad game is helping schizophrenia patients improve memory

cambridge university brain-training iPad game

Help maybe on cards for schizophrenia patients. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a brain-training app for iPad, which they believe has an effect where medicines have failed to make a difference. The game, dubbed Wizard, is found to be improving patient’s memory. The game is allowing schizophrenic patients live their lives better and with more independence. Read More…

Samsung patents movable display UI for future smartwatches

Samsung movable display

Samsung has always been known to come-up with bold innovations and there is no reason why they should stop. In a latest patent filed by the electronics giant, they have come-up with the idea of a very interesting smartwatch user interface that changes position according to the position of wearer’s face. To do this the smartwatch uses camera, motion sensor and input via the microphone to locate the position and then determine where to position the screen elements.
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Spanish researchers developing bionic exoskeleton that adapts to growing kid

Bionic exoskeleton by Marsi Bionics

Exoskeletons are a great invention that combine robotics and medical science to help the disabled to walk. In this continuing effort by noble intellects around the globe, another chapter has just entered the book. Spanish scientists are looking to take their bionic exoskeleton to the next feasible level that will aid wheelchair dependent children to walk with freedom and help improve their lives. This consortium of researchers under Marsi-bionics is banking on crowdfunding phenomenon to help them achieve this dream as soon as possible.
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