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StitchCAM drone will let farmers increase profits and maximize resources

SNAP Vision Technologies StitchCAM drone

The evolution in aviation industry has not been too kind to farmers. But, if SNAP Vision Technologies’ new Kictstarter campaign meets funding, farmers could soon have an affordable drone to assess their crop health, administer better irrigation and increase their crop yield. In the present scenario, farmers’ collet information about their corps’ well-being by walking in the field, or flying manned flights over their fields (which is a very costly affair). SNAP Vision Technologies personal aerial survey drone dubbed StitchCAM can be a cost effective way to help landowners and farmers increase profits and maximize resources. Read More…

Hyundai 2015 Genesis: “Yes you can have blind faith on self-driving cars”

Hyundai Motors "The Empty car Convoy"

Hyundai Motors “The Empty car Convoy”

Self-driving cars have always captured our imagination and automotive manufacturers around the globe are in a close battle to make one of the most reliable self-driving car. Hyundai seem to be inching closer to that goal and with their 2015 Genesis sedan showcased at the CES 2014 show for some cool technological advancements, the picture looks promising. But, even if an automotive manufacturer manages to make the most reliable self-driving car on this planet, how will the end-user be sure of that fact?
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Sensor-enabled seatbelts, seat covers jolt up drivers when they’re sleepy

Harken drowsy driving prevention device

It is still time before self-driving robotic cars hit the roads, until then it’s up to human drivers to steer the wheel. And when humans are behind the wheel, chances of accidents increase due to fatigue. To counter this with technology, Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) aka Biomechanics Institute (IBV) in Valencia, Spain has developed a noninvasive system dubbed Harken to prevent driver fatigue and sleepiness. Read More…

BAE unveils Striker II smart helmet with built-in night vision camera, HD display

Striker II night vision camera helmet-1

Fighter pilots over the years have seen a host of changes in their helmets. But one thing that has been a problem of this technological shift is that the night vision goggles fitted to the helmets only add to the weight on a pilot’s head. To address the issue, BAE Systems has built the Striker II – a new smart helmet integrated with night vision camera, which allows fighter pilots to see in the dark, sans extra burden on the head. Unveiled at the Farnborough Airshow, the Striker II helmet comes with a visor, which doubles as a high-definition display, permitting pilots to see all useful data (about co-ordinates and targets on the ground) in their field of vision. Read More…

NanoFlowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine sportscar that runs on salt water finally gets road legal

NanoFlowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine

NanoFlowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine made its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and the technology that it boasted-off made everyone think that it was good on paper but not good enough to make it to the productions. As opposed to that belief, the car that runs on salt water powered electrolyte flow cell power system has received approval from TUV Sud in Munich for use on public roads. This streamlined and sexy looking four seater sportscar that is based on the principle of redox flowcell developed in 1976 by NASA and American Space Program. Read More…

LG shows 18 inch flexible transparent display that can be rolled like a newspaper

LG flexible and transparent rollable display

LG has been working on flexible display technology for quite some time, in fact couple of years now. LG, as it promised has developed an 18 inch rollable OLED display along with 18 inch transparent display, paving way for future of display technologies used in HD displays. Apparently these are the world’s first flexible OLED displays of this size, and LG promises that it will have a humongous 60 inch flexible display coming in 2017. The display has a resolution of 1200 x 810 and a curvature radius of 30R which can be rolled up to a radius of 3 cm without incurring any damage to the display itself. The flexibility of this display comes courtesy a back pane made from highly molecular substance based on polyimide film, rather than the traditional plastic material for such flexible displays.
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15 year old child prodigy files patent for world’s fastest 3D printer

Worlds fastest 3D printer byThomas Suarez

The future of 3D printing industry could lie on the shoulders of a child prodigy? Yes, it is true, as 15 year old Thomas Suarez has a mindset to revolutionize 3D printing industry with his 3D printer claimed to be ten times more reliable that the current breed of 3D printing equipment. This Steve Jobs inspired genius kid has developed a handful of apps like Bustin Jieber and Earth Fortune in the past, and now looks to take 3D printing industry by the scruff of the neck.
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Motus Motion Sleeve prevents ball pitcher injuries in baseball

Motus Pitcher sleeve for baseball pitchers

Motus Pitcher sleeve with embedded pint-sized sensors

Baseball is surely a fun game for fans and strikers, but is it that much fun for pitchers who have to pitch the ball? As a baseball fan you might love the fiery delivery from the pitcher, but every time they throw the ball, they are increasing the changes of inducing pitch-related injuries that require Tommy John surgery. To get over this a Florida-based company has come to the forte with an ingenious solution called Motus Pitcher Sleeve which is in its prototype stage. This wearable gadget has accelerometer and gyroscope sensors that track the elbow and arm movement while pitching, and most importantly keeps a track of the forces acting on ulnar collateral ligament.
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Happiness Blanket monitors in-flight experience of passengers

Happiness Blanket by British Airways

British Airways has been testing the latest Happiness Blanket on passengers to figure out their in-flight comfort level. This particular piece of material is installed with woven fiber optics and neurosensors to measure the user’s brainwaves. It comes with a headband made by MyndPlay that sends brain signals to the blanket over Bluetooth and instructs it to change color accordingly.
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Ladybird is an autonomous solar-powered harvesting robot for big farms

Ladybird solar powered harvesting robot

Professor Salah Sukkarieh from the University of Sydney robotics has invented a farm robot dubbed “Ladybird” that can venture out on autonomous farming tasks. The solar-powered robot has been specially tailored for the vegetable industry to carry out surveillance, classification and detection of a wide variety of vegetables in the farm. The ultimate aim of this robot is to increase productivity while reducing the input required to run vegetable farms.
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