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Geneva Motor Show 2015: EDAG showcases nature inspired Light Cocoon concept car

Light Cocoon concept car at Geneva Motor Show 2015

Light Cocoon concept car at Geneva Motor Show 2015

EDAG Engineering + Design AG, Fulda, Germany-based firm have debuted a futuristic concept car at the ongoing 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Called Light Cocoon concept, the 3D printed car is designed by taking inspiration from nature itself, precisely to be from a leaf of a plant. Also for the light weight construction engineers took cues from the design of bat wings. Thus, in spite of printing body panels of the car from a rigid composite material, the engineers at the firm created a lightweight car body structure with very few closed surfaces. In simple terms this means that the concept car only uses material in areas where it is absolutely necessary for functioning, safety and stiffness.

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MWC 2015: Fujitsu shows-off iris recognition technology for smartphones

Fujitsu iris recognition infrared scanner for mobile devices

At Mobile World Congress 2015 Fujitsu has released an Iris Authentication System build into its prototype smartphone that recognizes the authorized user to unlock the phone. This new technology has been developed to end the reign of fingerprint scanning and authentication input in mobile devices. This method is full-proof and very hard to forge which gives user more control over the gadget. Not only unlocking of phone, but it can also be used to authenticate the user while using web forms or getting safe access into very secretive files.
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Diageo to showcase Johnnie Walker smart bottle at Mobile World Congress 2015

Johnnie Walker Blue Label smart bottle

Diageo, London-based multinational alcoholic beverages company have created a smart Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle. Indeed an intelligent bottle, which with the help of a smartphone can detect if its seal has been broken. The smart bottle will allow distributors to track their stock better and can send personalized messages to users who will be able to read the bottle’s sensor tags with their smartphones. Developed in collaboration with Thinfilm Electronics, a Norwegian printed electronics company, the printed sensor tags uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which will allow smart bottles to carry digital information that can be accessed via NFC-enabled smartphones.
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Cloud Cast: Your personal cloud of mist to keep you cool

Cloud Cast by Carlo Ratti

As summers are approaching, it’s about time to start preparing for the hot season. Well, forget about cooling fans and air conditioners as Carlo Ratti have developed a new technology to keep you cool this summer. The Italian architect have invented “Cloud Cast”, a ground-breaking technology that uses motion tracking to cool you down with your personalized cloud of water vapors. As the ceiling–mounted installation senses that someone is walking beneath through its motion sensors, cloud of mist is generated that cools the air around it.
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Teenager invents talking cigarette pack that warns about dangers of smoking

Talking cigarette by teenager

Everyone who smokes knows it inherent dangers and still the impulse to smoke it way too much for some to resist. Cigarette manufacturers have to put up the message that warns smokers of its dangers in very big, bold font. But still, smokers don’t get deterred by it and continue to infuse their lungs with the nectar of mortality. Seeing this predicament, Achilles Ash, a 14-year old Indian living in Dubai has come up with a talking cigarette pack that has in-built microchip that plays a message warning the smoker of the risks of smoking.
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FlexPV wheel offers electric power to your bicycle or skateboard

FlexPV electric wheel by Flexbot

Flexbot, the China-based team which in 2013 developed the world’s first smartphone controlled drone called Flexbot is back again with their newest gadget. Called FlexPV, the innovative product is a small electric wheel that can offer some additional power to your bike or skateboard. Propelled by a durable hub motor, it simply works as an add-on contraption and transforms your bicycle, skateboard or even your sofa into an electric one within a matter of minutes. The battery powered wheel can be controlled by a remote or through a smartphone app.
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How about magnetic sensors embedded in your skin?

imperceptible magnetic sensor

Magnetic sensor that gives you added perception of directional sense

We humans have become so advanced in technology that it is only time before we can mimic all living things in robotics form. But what we lack is certain things that only some animal species have. For example, the ability to sense magnetic fields which helps them in getting a sense of direction during long migrating stints. Sharks, birds and insects can orient themselves in the right direction by sensing the magnetic fields of earth which gives them accurate perception of altitude and direction. Experts call it magnetoception as it gives a unique sense of perception governed by magnetic field.
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Apple Lightmac concept is a desktop computer of the future

Apple Lightmac concept by Tomas Moyano

The involvement of advanced technology in our daily lives is increasing day by day. With latest technology serving as a significant platform, major companies and designers are using their creativity and futuristic imagination to bring hi-tech and user-friendly products to a common man. Industrial designer Tomas Moyano is one such person who has created an innovative concept that combines the power of a desktop computer with projected touch screen. Called Apple Lightmac, the concept aims be to Apple’s next step in computer evolution. The unique design incorporates desktop power with the user experience and portability of tablets along with the progressing technology of projected touch screens.
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Microsoft Research develop prototype that charges phone with light beam

AutoCharge by Microsoft Research

Mobile devices like smartphones are great to have, but they come with the disadvantage of sucking up battery power, needing for you to recharge frequently. There are many innovations undergoing currently to solve this predicament and bless mobile devices with longer battery life. Another means is to look for alternate charging methods that don’t require any wired or wireless charging requirements. Microsoft Research is working on the same lines, and have developed a prototype they call AutoCharge, which is a technology to charge your smartphone using a beam of light.
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Researchers develop smart fabric for wearables that senses body movement

Smart fabric developed by Kansai University and Teijin Limited

Researchers at Kansai University and Teijin Limited have developed world’s first polyactic acid (PLA) fiber and carbon-fiber-based piezoelectric fabrics for wearable applications. The fabric was on display at the world’s first Wearable Expo organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. And was held in Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. To be precise, the fabric will monitor the wearer’s movement in 3D and also generate piezoelectric current for similar applications.
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