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Jetpack Aviation JB10’s maiden flight is a success – Dream of commercially available personal flight is not far!

Jetpack Aviation JB10 jetpack

Jetpack Aviation is making some serious headway in the future of solo flying jetpacks with its intense development. Couple of days ago they gave a demonstration of their newly developed jetpack, the ‘JB 10’ in Principality of Monaco, assuring us all of personal flight in the not so distant future. This has to be one of the most reliable and practical jetpack in the world as JetPack Aviation CEO and Chief Test Pilot David Mayman again showed-off his prized jetpack.
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Disney Researchers develop one-legged hoping robot with built-in batteries

Untethered-One-Legged-Hopping-robot-disney research

We have confronted robots of varying sizes and shapes, and single-legged hopping robots are just one of them. Currently, the one-legged hoping robots are limited in their ability since they remain tethered to a power outlet. For the first time, Disney Researchers have broken the barrier and developed a battery-powered, untethered single-legged hoping robot. According to researchers, single legged robots can only move by hopping; therefore, this first-of-its-kind robot that does not require an external power source makes for a wonderful invention. Read More…

Nissan ProPILOT Chair(s) makes queueing a comforting experience

Nissan ProPilot Chair

Nissan has already shown what its iteration of semi-autonomous cars is going to be like, along with other players who have shown-off their self-driving cars. Now the Japanese manufacturer wants you to experience automated propulsion in autonomous chairs. Yes, you heard it right, the automotive giant wants your wait in the queues of hospital to be a more comfortable experience. Nissan ProPILOT Chair lends its technology from the company’s self-driving car tech for single lane driving.
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BBC working on a holographic TV for the future

BBC holographic TV

Mixed reality is fast becoming the future of many applications owing to its ability to traverse you into a completely different world. Holographic technology is also an application of mixed reality where the user sees the mixed reality elements come to life in a 3D interface. BBC wants you TV to be the next holographic display in your living room, and that is what they are working on. Cyrus Saihan, head of digital partnerships at the BBC is working on this future-forward project.
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Ford demos in-car water dispenser that produces drinkable water from car’s air conditioning  


Further With Ford trend conference always has something interesting to throw at customers. This week, at the conference in Detroit, Michigan, Ford engineers showed an innovative in-car water dispenser they have been working on. Dubbed “On-the-go-H2O” the system is designed to recycle condensation produced by your car’s air conditioning into clean, drinkable water. The idea is conceived to work out a way in which all that water going waste due to condensation can be reused with a purpose, so that people driving in areas with scarcity of water can have their car’s own built-in system provide them the water they need. Read More…

Innovative glass windows are more efficient and enhance mobile signals

Insulating glass windows enhance mobile reception

While most manufacturers are head first into building innovative train cars, a research team at the EPFL University in Switzerland is developing new type of glass windows for trains that promise to be more energy efficient without compromising on mobile reception for passengers on-board. Generally in even the most high-end trains, connectivity is an issue. This is because the compartments are metal boxes and their windows have metal coating to improve insulation, this works as Faraday cage, blocking out microwaves. Read More…

Smartphone app lets you detect a heart attack

smartphone app helps detect stroke

Researchers suggest, atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm is one of the major reasons for strokes. Almost 70 percent of strokes caused by atrial fibrillation are avoidable with preventive medication, but the issue is, early detection of this common type of abnormality in heartbeat is difficult to monitor. There are ECG devices for around the clock monitoring, but they are expensive and cumbersome to use. A new study by team of researchers from University of Turku, Finland is set to change the way atrial fibrillation is monitored with a low cost application that will allow smartphone to detect changes in the heart rhythm. Read More…

Stamp-sized, sun-powered device purifies water in minutes

Stamp-sized water disinfecting device

People in many parts of the world cleanse water by leaving it in plastic bottle for long hours under the sun to let UV rays kill microbes. Since, this is a very time consuming process (UV rays, that form only 4 percent of the sun’s total energy, can take up to a couple of days to purify water), engineers at the Stanford University and SLAC National Laboratory have noticed the problem and have developed a small device that works on the energy of the sun to kill 99.99 percent germs in water in only 20 minutes. Read More…

Wearable alcohol sensor monitors blood alcohol level in real-time

flexible wearable alcohol sensor

Finally, a device that you can wear to know your blood alcohol content is here. Simply stick it onto your skin and know if you’re still good to drive after a crazy party. Developed by the University of California San Diego researchers, this is a flexible wearable sensor that can accurately and continuously measure blood alcohol levels from sweat and communicate data wirelessly to a mobile device connected over Bluetooth. Read More…

Smart Tactile Paving – Traffic lights for smartphone addicts

Smart Tactile Paving

Using smartphones while walking on crowded city streets is not a good idea. All of us know it, but still risk using our phones while crossing streets. Games like Pokemon Go have increased the risk quotient even more in the recent months. To counter this risk-taking instinct of smartphone addicted people, an Australian firm has come-up with the idea of Smart Tactile Paving concept. The idea is to provide red lights in peripheral vision of people using smartphone for texting, gaming, social-networking or any other activity.
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