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MasterCard’s interactive payment card set to revolutionize the market

brand new interior of cloth store

Mastercard has joined hand with Dynamics to come up with an interactive payment card that provides the customer with added security, flexibility and control. The digital card has buttons, display and LEDs to make it an interactive payment card which allows the user to select applications stored directly on the card with assurance of complete compatibility with existing POS terminals. The card will be paired with technology to make it compatible with mobile applications for the convenience of the user.
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World’s first parallel hybrid engine plane takes flight

Hybrid engine plane Cambridge university

Moving on from hybrid cars and on to the next level is this hybrid plane developed by Boeing in association with Cambridge University. On its first maiden flight at Sywell Aerodrome in Northampton, the success of the plane that is capable of being recharged in mid-flight elated everyone present.
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Sticky sensors that attach to body tissue for biometric readings to the core

Sticky sensors for biometric readings

Researchers in Japan at the University of Tokyo have invented a sticky sheet of small little sensors that can be attached directly to moving joints, beating hearts or living tissue. This new innovation will open-up new avenues in medical science with the ability to implant these sensors inside the body to keep a tab on the physical changes that occur. For example when these sensors are attached to the heart, they can detect a blockage or anomaly in the blood flow from the arteries.
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Hankook unveils transforming tires that adapt to any terrain

Transforming tires for all terrain

It has become increasingly fun to witness motor shows around the world. Most innovations set to change the face of driving are shown/displayed at various automobile exhibitions. Case in point, transforming tires by Hankook, which change with the terrain you’re driving in. Designed with the motive to present an innovative idea for future of driving, Hankook in collaboration with the Pforzheim University has developed futuristic concept tires – Boostrac, Alpike and Hyblade that were unveiled at the Essen Motor Show 2014 earlier this month. Read More…

Bionic Bra automatically adjusts the support level according to breast movement

Bionic bra

Professor Julie Steele from the Biomechanics Research Laboratory, Professor Gordon Wallace and Dr Sheridan Gho at the Innovation Campus at the University of Wollongong have invented a Bionic Bra that will revolutionize this age old accessory for women. The bra is loaded with sensors and actuators that detect the movement of breasts and determines the amount of support and tightening to be provided for comfort at all times. It is made from a smart yarn that does all the sensing and sets the bra into action.
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Designer invents speaker system that emits color, light and scent according to the music

Mood of Music speaker system by Joris Petterson

Mood of Music speaker system by Joris Petterson

Over time, our music listening habits have gone through a radical change. Now a days, music is not listened as a primary activity but more often as a background thing while performing other actions. That’s why Joris Petterson, a young designer specializing in design research and product design has developed an advanced speaker system. A 2014 graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, Joris points out that music is more than just sound, it is an experience and it’s like an atmosphere. Shaped like an old-fashioned gramophone, the Mood of Music transparent speaker system not only produces sound, but also emits color, light and scent in accordance with the selected tunes and theme. The device enhances the music experience by stimulating various senses of the listener.
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Grillo Active – Earthquake early warning device for just $59

Grillo Active earthquake detection device

Natural disasters like earthquakes come without warning and leave behind irreparable damage. Early warning systems like SASMEX receivers cost over $300 which can be a costly affair for most of us. That is why an early warning system that costs just $59 is the thing most of us would want. Grillo Active is an early earthquake detection device designed by Andres Meira from Mexico which taps into the SASMEX frequencies and relays any alarm about earthquake that might be just about to strike.
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Bio-Bus: UK gets its first food and poo-powered bus

Bio-Bus UK’s first food and poo-powered bus

With environmental concerns and pollution increasing day by day, eco-friendly innovations in the transportation industry such as electric and gas powered vehicles are making their way into our daily life. The most recent progress in this context is the ‘Poo Bus’, a human and food waste powered bus that has gone into service between Bristol and Bath in the United Kingdom. Dubbed Bio-Bus, the 40-seater vehicle runs on bio-methane gas which is generated through the treatment of sewage and food waste. With a full tank of gas, the eco-friendly bus can travel up to 300km (186 miles) which takes the annual waste of about five people to produce.
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Solar-powered sugarcane juicer churns out fresh hygienic nectar

solar powered sugarcane juicer

Sure you enjoy the sweet sugarcane juice that is served out rightly in the Asian countries like India. But is it healthy since the sugarcane is crushed in machines that are out in the open? I’m a bit skeptical about that. However, that might soon change as Pradeep Borge, a 28 year old Pune-based inventor has come up with a solar-powered sugarcane juicer. This solar-powered sugarcane juicer is an enclosed juicer that is far more hygienic than the usual sugarcane juicers. Borge revealed his solar-powered juicer at the National Social Innovation Seminar in Pune and is all ready to sell his creation to local vendors.
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Using body movement and smartphone to create special musical playlists

Concert crowd

How about making your own music to suit your mood? Computer scientist Kristaian Nymoen and musicologist Jim Torresen at the University of Oslo have developed an all new software, which will allow your body movement and smartphone to create a special playlist based on your mood. With the new software, user can use the smartphone and his own body movement to create a composition of his own. Read More…

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