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LG’s innovative smartphone fingerprint sensor is almost invisible

LG Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensors for mobile devices have become the standard these days, giving the user easy access to their device. Some manufacturers add it to the front section, while others prefer putting it on the back panel. Now, LG wants to change that norm and come-up with a fingerprint sensor that takes less space and eliminates the need for a separate button to do so. The South Korean giant has developed a fingerprint sensor that sits right beneath the glass panel of the phone screen, which saves space and looks elegant as far as the design aesthetics go.
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Westport man’s homemade electric motorcycle fetches him CIE internship

UMass Dartmouth student builds e-bike

A mechanical engineering major, Dustin Roderigues of UMass Dartmouth, Westsport, had designed and built an electric bike in his garage last year. His innovation has fetched him an Internship at the University’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) in Fall River. He came across the CIE while attending a Startup Weekend held last winter sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs. The event invites entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs for hands-on experience of their innovations. The event is a great opportunity for start-ups and individuals to figure out if their ideas are viable or not. Read More…

Google patents ‘injectable electronic contact lens’ to cure shortsightedness

Google electronic lens corrects vision

Tech giant Google had filed patent for a smart contact lens that runs on solar energy and enables user to perform functions like measuring glucose levels, and now, it claims another patent for sort of a bionic eye – an electronic contact lens that corrects vision without glasses or traditional contact lenses. Google’s lens can cure shortsightedness with a procedure that sounds quite intrusive and is definitely not meant to be read by squeamish people. Read More…

Nivea Men NOSE detects your body odor, saves you from embarrassment

Nivea Men Nose

Many men out there are not blessed with a musky odor, rather one that resembles rotten fish. Alright that was a bit too harsh, but go to your gym in the hot summer, and you’ll want hit the nearest window as soon as someone with a bad odor starts sweating. Nivea wants people with bad odor to realize that they are no charmers and that is why they have come up with a tech forward way to do it. Nivea Men NOSE smartphone case along with the Nivea NOSE app is going to sense your sweat, just like women who have more stench-smelling brain neurons.
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Mobility Designed re-imagines mobility with its new M+D Crutches

Mobility Designed m+d crutches 5

Mobility Designed has redesigned crutches to make them more comfortable than ever before. Its new M+D Crutches say bye bye to traditional armpit supported crutches, which are very restrictive when it comes to movement for disabled or injured person barely able to stand with crutches stuck under armpit.
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Crazy Inventions: Colin Furze shows-off his Hoverbike in style

Hoverbike by Colin Furze

As our dream to fly solo lives on for so many decades, we are bound to witness attempts to do. And why wouldn’t we in such a technology dominated era. Colin Furze might have been one such person with dreams to fly off the ground. It is one thing craving for a dream, and completely other making it come true. The crazy brit has surprised me with his latest invention which has earned my respect. A Hoverbike that’s completed in a few weeks’ time and with no prior knowledge of engineering or aerospace, he has baffled the world again.
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World’s only forensic jeweler identifies victims using a completely new technique

Forensic Jewellery Expert_3

Whenever a natural disaster or crime scene needs to be investigated, a forensic experts is called in to do the job. To identify the unrecognizable body of a person who has unfortunately succumb to the event, a forensic expert can literally dig the ashes and recreate what happened at the crime scene and help authorities get hold of the criminal. Now, a now kind of forensic method has come to the fore. 27-year old Maria Maclennan, a Scottish student has become the world’s first forensic jeweler who identifies victims from the jewelry they wear. This started as a part of her project at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design which involved identifying victims through their jewelry and helping police.
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Hover Camera – Foldable autonomous drone tracks and follow you to record visuals

Hover Camera

We have already shared with you autonomous drone bar and drone delivery service. But now a Beijing startup Zero Zero Robotics has released demo version of a hover camera that can follow a person autonomously and record high-resolution images and videos. Innovators prefer to call it a flying camera than calling it a drone because it’s only purpose is to track the person and click aerial photographs and record aerial videos. Four propellers are completely enclosed in durable, but lightweight carbon frame which makes it safer to fly. You see, drones with exposed propellers are considered risky to fly over habitation or places with high pedestrian movement. Read More…

World’s largest 3D printed jet engine revealed – GE Aviation’s GE9X is a monster

GE Aviation 3D printed GE9X jet engine_2

“Shaquille O’Neil would fit inside it with Kobe Bryant sitting on his shoulders.” That’s how GE Aviation describes the jet engine they just created. What’s interesting about this monster called GE9X? Well, it is 3D printed and measures 11 feet (3.35 meters) in diameter, which makes it the world’s largest jet engine. Since we are talking about a jet engine that produces unbelievable temperatures, therefore the 3D printed fuel nozzles are well complimented by the combustor and turbine made from lightweight and heat-resistant material ceramic matrix composites (CMCs).
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