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3D printed communication device invented by teenager works by analyzing breaths

Talk ACC device by Arsh Shah Dilbagi

The absence of communication has a major effect on the lives of people suffering from developmental disabilities like Parkinson, Down syndrome, Locked-in syndrome, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), speech impairments like Dysarthria etc. This was the inspiration behind the ACC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) gadget invented by Arsh Shah Dilbagi aka Robo, a 16-year-old student from DAV Public School, Panipat, India. Dubbed as Talk, this innovative gadget is developed using 3D printing technology and also got him a place in the top 15 Google Science Fair 2014 global finalists. The winner will get a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands, a visit to Virgin Galactic Spaceport and $50,000 in scholarship funding.
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4MM Jetpack enhances running capabilities for a super-humanly sprint

Running Jetpack by Jason Kerestes and DARPA

If you thought that jetpacks can just propel you into the sky for a seamless flight, then you got to have a look at this. A wearable jetpack called 4MM that is developed by Jason Kerestes in close association with Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) for enhanced running capabilities. This jetpack is called 4MM because it denotes 4 Minute Mile goal which signifies achieving a distance of four miles running in just 4 minutes. The prototype of this jetpack is being tested and refined by Jason to enhance the capabilities of a soldier in the battlefield or perhaps to make a commercially available jetpack that turns you into a superhuman.
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SideSwipe will let you control your phone with in-air hand gestures


Are you looking for an alternative way to use your phone because you’re sick of the buttons and touchscreens? For your love, researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle have developed a way to control your smartphone with in-air gestures above and around the device. The novel system called SideSwipe will be that unique and interesting way, you always wanted, to let you interact with the phone without using touchscreens or physical buttons. Read More…

Pele inaugurates first player-powered soccer field in Brazil

Pele inaugurates player-powered soccer field

Brazilian football legend Pele have inaugurated the first ever player-powered soccer field in Rio de Janeiro slum of Morro da Mineira. Using a new technology developed by British start-up Pavegen, the football pitch uses the energy generated by the player’s movement on the field to partly power up the floods lights. A total of 200 underground tiles were installed across the width and breadth of the field. The tiles will gather kinetic energy through the motion of the players and will feed that power to six 280-watt LED floodlights overhead. However, the tiles provide only 20 percent of electricity for the lights and the remaining comes from the solar panels set up at the facility.
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Researchers claim breakthrough in brain-to-brain communication

telepathy is real

A team of Spanish researchers , led by Guilio Ruffini at Starlab in Barcelona, has claimed to have conducted first ever demonstration of direct brain-to-brain communication between two human minds sitting apart at a distance of 5, 000 miles from each other. The brain-computer interface (BCI) and computer- brain interface (CBI) research developments lay at the base of brain-to-brain communication. The combination of these technologies enabled the researchers to create this hyperinteraction (brain-to-brain communication). Read More…

Researchers develop app that detects jaundice in newborns with a click

BiliCam app detects jaundice in newborns

Newborn babies are prone to jaundice. In order to let medics and parents detect jaundice in infants real early, researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle have developed a mobile app, which helps diagnose jaundice in babies by clicking a picture. Called the BiliCam, the app uses smartphone camera, flash and a business card-sized color calibration card to provide information about the infant’s bilirubin levels. Read More…

The Calming Stone provides relief from panic attacks and anxiety

The Calming Stone by Ramon Telfer

Are you looking for a solution besides meditation to control your negative emotions and calm you nerves? Well, here is something interesting for you. Wellington-based designer Ramon Telfer have created an innovative hand-held device for those who experience panic attacks and anxiety. Named The Calming Stone, the smooth pebble-shaped device offers multiple techniques to provide relief during anxiety episodes or panic attacks to the user anywhere, anytime. Working with anxiety psychologists, Telfer developed the Calming Stone based on the techniques that he had learnt to manage his own panic attacks.
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Students invent nail polish that changes color on detecting date rape drugs

Students invent Nail polish to detect date rape drug

Date rape drugs are used to make sexual assaults easy. And there is very little women can do to safe guard themselves against it. To help empower women to protect themselves from the heinous crime, a team of college students have invented a nail polish which changes color to detect any commonly used date rape drug in their drink. It is certainly not a solution to the problem, but it surely is a precautionary way to help women safeguard themselves against this silently persuasive crime. Read More…

SonicEye: World’s first FDA-approved wearable ultrasound probe

SonicEye finger worn ultrasound probe

It is really difficult to find low or faint vein of a patient. Doctors and surgeons have to rely on portable ultrasound machines to examine fluid flow, vascular access, nerve block or small organ problems, but a new FDA-approved wearable ultrasound probe promises to allow clinicians to see, feel and conduct a host of medical applications simultaneous. Developed by Beaverton, Oregon-based startup Sonivate Medical, the SonicEye is a finger worn ultrasound probe which promotes physical exploration or examination of body. Read More…

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