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Superflex robotic suit learns wearer’s movement to kick in power when needed

superflex exoskeleton

Scientists around the world have been working on powered clothing that’ll make people’s lives easier. Exosuits or exoskeletons, if you may, are on the forefront of this future. Not really sure if hard metal suits can be categorized as clothing, but the way these exosuits are becoming lightweight and soft, they are steadily entering the spree to help those with limited mobility get back to normalcy. Following the heels of Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, a team of researchers at SRI International are working on Superflex – a soft exoskeleton that can learn how the wearer moves wearing it.

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Scientists create bionic leaf that converts solar energy into liquid fuel

Bionic Leaf by Harvard University Scientists

The quest for creating biofuel using renewable sources of energy or in-fact using renewable sources of energy for sustainable living has always been on humankind’s priority list. Sun being one abundant source of energy that will last for another millions of years safeguards our future once non-renewable sources have depleted to alarming levels. Scientists at the Harvard University have made a breakthrough in creating biofuel which will change the complexion of the near future. Called as Bionic Leaf 2.0, this one is better than the previous one created by them.
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Vasu – Innovative 3D printed smartphone case can diagnose malaria

Innovative Application Student Award, organized by Dutch optics 3D printing specialist Luxexcel, featured Vasu, a 3D printed smartphone case that can diagnose malaria using microfludic principles and an accompanying mobile app. Vasu, which means ‘bright’ in Hindi is designed by industrial design student Leroy Huikeshoven specifically for Indian population. Currently, this innovative smartphone cover is fitted on a Huawei Ascend P6 smartphone . According to Huikeshoven, this cover features a clever system that can quickly quantify the amount of malaria parasites in a patient and immediately facilitate accurate treatment. Read More…

Smart tampon tracks women’s reproductive health using menstrual blood

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Ridhi Tariyal and Stephen Gire, brains behind the Smart tampon

Women often want to keep tabs on what’s happening inside of them. It is seen that women rarely have ways to keep track of their fertility and sometimes don’t even have a way of knowing what’s happening on the inside. Doctors have ways to track various aspects of a woman’s reproductive health, but this information is only available when something goes wrong – there is trouble conceiving or maybe pain begins to develop. To help women keep track of their reproductive health more proactively – Indian-American Ridhi Tariyal and colleague Stephen Gire are developing a smart tampon that could be one of the most intimate wearables yet. Read More…

A 360 degree live VR streaming camera that clips onto any smartphone  

360 degree live VR streaming camera

Do you feel dejected because your smartphone is in capable of shooting in 360-degree virtual reality?  Worry no more, at the Computex trade show in Taipei, ImmerVision and joined hands with Quanta Computers to collaboratively unveil the world’s first 360 degree live VR streaming camera for all smartphones. Still to be named, this device is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand and can attach magnetically to any smartphone under the sun. Read More…

Airbus develops a functional 3D printed UAV and its called Thor

airbus-unveils-3d-printed UAV Thor

The aerospace manufacturing giant Airbus has been involved with 3D printing and manufacturing since 2014. Over the period, Airbus aircrafts have been fitted with various 3D printed parts, but now the company is visualizing a future where 3D printed aircrafts will lift off straight from the runway. Airbus has recently filed a patent application from a 3D printing process to print a fully-functional airplane. While the patent takes time to materialize, Airbus has gone ahead and 3D printed a unmanned aerial vehicle named Thor at their manufacturing plant in Hamburg, Germany. Read More…

Apple reportedly working on Siri Speaker, to release SDK for developers in June

apple siri speaker

According to reports, Apple is now considering to develop a Siri Speaker and make available a software development kit for third party application developers to gain more support. According to MacRumors, Apple could announce Siri SDK at WWDC in June, which indicates that iOS 10 as well as OS X 10.12 may feature improved Siri services. Two obvious rivals for Apple’s new product are Amazon Echo and recently released Google Home. Read More…

Russia unveils high-tech humanoid military robot ‘Ivan the Terminator’

Russian Military robot

Although, AI experts suggest Russia is already well equipped with significant power to launch attack on other countries, a new high-tech entrant has fueled this assumption. Russia seems to have scared western nations as it has gone one step ahead in creating a humanoid robotic soldier, Ivan the Terminator, as replacement to humans in battlefield or in any situation that pose risk to humans. Russia is extensively working on artificial intelligence and considering its advancement in robotics, it is competing with US and China. People think such developments in military weaponry could lead to increase in threat of war. Read More…

Levis commuter jacket with Google’s Jacquard tech lets you control smart-devices with hand gestures

Levis commuter jacket with Google’s Jacquard

In spring 2017, Levis would be releasing its commuter jacket that integrates Google’s Jacquard technology. The sleeves of this jacket turns into touch-sensitive panel and lets commuters control their electronic devices, access navigation prompts, information about nearby places, answer calls, change music etc. by gesturally touching jacket’s sleeve. Jacquard, developed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Progress (ATAP) wing, was first revealed at Google’s I/O development conference in May last year, and now it has found its way into textile industry. ATAP wing is the one working on radar-assisted sensors to translate hand movements to set of commands for electronic devices. Read More…