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eBay’s emotionally-powered shop uses bio-analytic technology to decode consumer’s facial expression

ebay emotionally powered shop

‘The Ultimate do good, feel good Shop” – a pop-up shop in London is featuring eBay’s latest emotionally- powered technology that uses advanced bio-analytics to decode facial expression along with measuring other biometrics. The consumer enters a booth that is designed to offer relief from shopping stress during Christmas season. Consumer is shown images of 12 different products on a screen, one by one. A headphone plays instruction is a very calm voice. The customer is required to provide name, email, address, age and gender before proceeding further. Each image is shown for 10 seconds only. A hidden camera located right below the screen recognizes even slight changes in micro-expressions. Read More…

EsaVox by iXoost – Audio bliss delivered from Lamborghini Aventador engine exhaust

EsaVox by iXoost docking audio system

EsaVox by iXoost docking audio system

Matteo Panini’s collection of race car engine inspired docking stations for iPhone’s are the pinnacle of Apple accessories one can think of buying. Made from real car engines, Matteo likes to call them iXoost, and so far we have seen some eye-popping creations by him. iXoost Radical6 and the maiden iXoost docking station are one of his unique creations. Now, the Italian designer has come up with another iXoost docking station in collaboration with Lamborghini that will blow you away.
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How action FPS games are inspiring online casino gaming

Online Casino Gaming

The general perception of casinos has changed ever since online casinos came into the picture. Back in the old days, a casino was only associated with shady characters like gangs, marijuana smokers, mobs etc. Today, the image has completely changed as more people get used to the idea of gambling. In fact, now it is a place where people can mingle and play their favorite games to have some fun.
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Google Glass is an effective tool to determine brain disease, but how?

Image - The Verge

Image – The Verge

Google Glass was developed keeping in mind augmented reality applications and providing the wearer with a better information about the real world in front of the eyes. However, researchers at the Tomsk Polytechnic University and the Siberian State Medical University have found another good use for Google’s wearable. They are developing a software which helps determine brain health using the glasses.
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DroneGun – A scary anti-drone gun to deal with drone-nuisance

Drone GunDroneShield is already known for its line of countermeasures against unwanted drone flights over restricted or private places. After acoustic-based technology that can detect any drone entering anywhere near its 2kms radius, the company has now introduced the DroneGun. It appears to be expensive as well as bulky gun-like equipment and can bring down variety of drones using various jamming technologies including 2.4 gigahertz and 5.8 gigahertz frequency bands. It can also jam GPS and GLONASS. The DroneGun doesn’t causes damage to drones. Rather, it brings down the drone on ground or at its starting point safely. Read More…

Facebook launches “Express Wifi” service as pilot project in India’s rural regions  

Facebook Express wifi

Social Networking giant Facebook has confirmed that the firm is now testing its “Express Wifi” service in various rural locations in India as pilot projects. The new model for public WiFi, as per Facebook, would enable local carriers, services providers, and entrepreneurs to offer connectivity to their neighbors. It’ll earn the providers a steady income along with uplifting Internet connectivity in their locality. Read More…

Autonomous mobility scooter for smartphone-obsessed walkers

Autonomous Mobility Scooter

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has come up with another terrifying as well as futuristic mobility concept for people who remain engrossed in their smart-devices all the time. Researchers claim that it will help curbing accidents on footpath caused by phone-obsessed walkers. Seriously, it looks like first prototype of futuristic “digital lounge” featured in one of the best animated films “Wall E”. If you have watched the movie, you must be aware what long term dependence on these “digital lounges” did to the people at the end. That was simply dread. Read More…

Color changing “graphene bubble technology” can facilitate flexible, energy efficient displays  

graphene bubbles technology

Researchers have achieved another breakthrough in the field of display manufacturing. Researchers at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherland have discovered “bubbles of graphene” that can inflate and deflate forming convex or concave shapes in accordance with the width of the cavity. Interestingly, during this process, the bubbles of grapheme changed colors as they expanded or contracted. Though, in infancy yet and limited to microscopic level, the discovery could help in development of displays that are more efficient than current LEDs or OLEDs as the display won’t require additional energy to maintain the content of the display. For instance, the E Ink screens can’t be viewed  in dark. That means, the displays would look best in bright sunlight. Read More…

Kwiggle folding bike is that last mile commuter you were waiting for


If you’re looking for a serious last mile commuting option, the Kwiggle is a good option. Yes there are many similar folding bikes out there, but this one makes the cut for being there amid the best because after about three years into make and brake, the wonderful foldable bike is finally headed for Kickstarter to realize its dream. That’s a lot of patience considering that there are new similar bikes rolling into the market every now and then. Read More…

Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S is fully functional

Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S-6

Designed to sit along the Xbox One, the all new Xbox One S is just more than a mere slimmer version of the console. The new game console is 40 percent smaller and packs an internal power supply with up to 2 terabyte of internal storage, which makes it the most advanced Xbox ever.  This prowess isn’t enough to save the Xbox from modder fantasy – amid other modifications at the latest exhibition at the Châtelet in France, the Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S is what’s really keeping the onlookers riveted. Read More…