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Bird’s eye view of world’s largest radio telescope coming up in china [Video]

Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope FAST

China official started construction of world’s largest radio telescope back in 2009. Dubbed the FAST, the single-aperture radio telescope is scheduled to complete by 2016. Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) is being built in a bowl-shaped valley in China’s Guizhou province. When complete, FAST measuring size of 30 football fields will be good to gather radio signals from tens of billions of light years away. The massively impressive telescope is made of 4,450 triangular reflectors, spanning about 36 feet on all sides.   Read More…

Whiz-kid sisters launch homemade craft to get a glimpse of space

Loki Lego Launcher

They haven’t even touched their teen years and these two sisters already know more about space and astronomy than you would know. Meet Kimberly and Rebecca Yeung aged 8 and 10 who have a passion for space science, and they proved it alright by launching their homemade craft to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, almost reaching 78,000 feet with a top speed of 110 km/h. That height apparently is achieved by a commercial aircraft carrier and it in itself is a great achievement when you consider their age!
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SpaceX Crew Dragon takes maiden test flight, looks on-course for 2017 ISS mission

SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft

Elon Musk’s SpaceX gave a glimpse of their manned spacecraft that is destined to take astronauts to the ISS (International Space Station) in 2017. Yes, the Crew Dragon capsule that hopefully NASA will use to ferry 7 astronauts safely to the ISS. The capsule is made from highest-grade carbon fiber material and alcantara cloth which gives it structural strength as well as resistance while exiting/entering Earth’s atmosphere. In its maiden test flight, the spacecraft did exactly what the SpaceX team intended and therefore helps it inch close to the goal of first-ever commercial spacecraft flight with astronauts on-board.
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India’s Mars Orbiter ‘Mangalyaan’ captures largest Canyon in the Solar System

India’s Mars Orbiter ‘Mangalyaan’ captures largest Canyon in the Solar System

The basic idea of Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) ultra-cost effective Mars Orbiter Mission, which costed INR 450 Crore (US$73 million) was to test navigation, orbit maneuverability, and other significant parameters for future space missions. But the exciting Mars Orbiter dubbed Mangalyaan (Mars-craft in Sanskrit), launched in November 2013, has been sending back home numerous thermal images of Mars – including the most recent 3D images of the Ophir Chasma, one of the most prominent canyons on the Red Planet. Read More…

China starts assembling world’s biggest radio telescope “FAST”

FAST Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope

In the quest for hunting intelligent life in our universe China has taken next step to inch closer to the biggest discovery in the history of mankind. The world’s biggest telescope, Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) that has been in the making since 2011, has finally been completed and is now being assembled in the southwestern province of Guizhou. The telescope has a humungous 500 meter dish which is almost the size of 30 football fields.
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“Eyes on Pluto” gives you heads-up of historic event in the making

Eyes on Pluto app NASA

NASA has confirmed that its New Horizons spacecraft is going to be the closest to Pluto in its 9 years of epic journey which traversed 3 billion miles. The spacecraft is going to go past the dwarf planet with just 12,500 km away from the surface in a historic event. To be precise, it will cruise past the planet with speed of over 30,000 miles per hour at 11:49 AM on July 14, 2015.
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This is what you’d see, if you were flying through our galaxy (video)

None of us, we’re sure have seen the Milky Way in the way NASA telescopes have seen it. YouTube uses daveachuk realized this, and he has compiled 400,000 photos of our galaxy taken by NASA Spitzer Space Telescope to create a breathtaking video that shows the galaxy in a way we haven’t seen before. Naked eye cannot see the galaxy through cloud of gases and dust, but the Spitzer operates in infrared light spectrum which can clearly see through that dust. Read More…

Recurrent SpaceX mission failures, should NASA take notice?

SpaceX space mission failures

SpaceX, founded by former PayPal and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk in 2002, has become one of the most acclaimed private space companies owing its vision to develop reusable rockets that’ll revolutionize space exploration. SpaceX is by far the only non-government company that has managed to return a spacecraft from low-Earth orbit, and successful attached a spacecraft (Dragon) to the International Space Station. Despite its numerous accomplishments, which include, contracts with NASA to get critical food and supplies to ISS and to develop crew-carrying space capsules; SpaceX has been under the scanner for a series of space program failures in the recent times. Read More…

OneWeb to launch 700 Airbus-developed satellites to beam internet from space

Airbus OneWeb Internet beaming satellites

OneWeb Ltd, a startup founded in collaboration by Qualcomm and Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has funded Airbus billions of dollars to develop 900 internet-beaming satellites. Through this world’s largest constellation of satellites, OneWeb visions to deliver underserved parts of the world with high speed, space-based internet in the coming years. Read More…

Arachnobeea – Zero G drone that’ll walk aboard International Space Station

Arachnobeea drone

Drones could soon be helping astronauts aboard the space station(s) as NASA’s International SpaceApps Challenge dared hackers and engineers to make a drone that will be able to function in zero gravity. Arachnobeea team took the challenge well and designed a waking drone that can work autonomously in zero gravity. The quad rotor UAV is quite dexterous and can set out on flights inside the International Space Station (ISS) in a controlled manner.
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