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Swiss watchmaker creates outrageously priced Apple Watch doppelganger

H.Moser & Cie Swiss Alp Watch

While all the action is at CES 2016, a Swiss watchmaker has time to mock Apple Watch with a real mechanical watch that looks exactly like it. Yes, this is not a smartwatch, but an analog timepiece which is heavily priced at $24,000. To rub salt into the wounds, H.Moser & Cie the maker has got an Apple-styled promotional video too that has its share of pun. They call it Swiss Alp Watch and it is going to be limited to only 50 units and it makes sense too considering the mind-numbing price tag.
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Prime Strap with swappable batteries boosts Apple Watch battery life

Apple Watch Prime Strap with battery-3

Apple Watch doesn’t have much to show in the battery department. The smartwatch very barely lasts a day and it requires MagSafe dock to recharge, something that isn’t readily available every time you are travelling. To provide a solution to Apple Watch’s poor battery life and its charging woes, a company called Brilletark has launched Kickstarter campaign for the Prime Strap – a metal Apple Watch strap that comes with a pair of changeable batteries to boost the watch’s battery life. The Prime Strap has two 150 mAh batteries, which can be swapped as and when necessary and are good to power Apple Watch up to 1.3 times. Read More…

Apple Watch 2 promises improved hardware and OS, coming June 2016

Apple WAtch 2

Apple has been trying hard to lure a huge chunk of buyers with its smartwatch, but sadly only Apple fan boys and eager smartwatch buyers have set foot on the trap. Frankly, the Apple Watch hasn’t impressed technology reviewers and smart buyers who have preferred to go for much better options like Moto 360 or LG Watch Urbane.
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Pretty looking TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch is Apple Watch’s nemesis

TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch_3

Finally the long anticipated TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch modeled on the company’s own Carrera watch has been revealed at a press conference by the Swiss watchmaker. Carrying a hefty price tag of $1,500 this smartwatch actually looks like any other high-end timepiece from the premium watchmaker, but has much more under the hood than someone would expect.
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Belkin Charger Dock charges Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously

Belkin Charger Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone

I know you would be very proud of owning both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. But how do you charge the two – ah, different cables, different points. To give you single point option, Belkin has launched a Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone – first-of-its-kind dock that lets you charge both your prized Apple gadgets from the same dock. Read More…

Apple Watch OS 2 finally launched, six must know advantages

Apple Watch OS 2 advantages

Apple had initially planned to launch its new Watch operating system on September 16. Due to an unexpected bug in the software, which Apple claimed ‘took longer to fix than expected,’ the tech giant had to defer the announcement to a later, undisclosed date. On September 21, Apple released the final, bug free, version of the Watch OS 2, making the upgraded version of the operating system available over-the-air for download to all users. Read More…

Apple Watch Hermès brings new fashion statement to the forte

Hermès Apple Watch

Apple is definitely trying hard to lure in the fashion conscious section of the society to buy its smartwatch, but that effort till now has not yielded the result they were expecting. In another bold move Apple have collaborated with French luxury brand Hermès to come-up with an Apple Watch that has luxury and exclusivity stamped all over it. This new collection will come in stainless steel Apple Watch embraced by finely crafted leather band in three different styles. The watch is going to have a unique Double Tour wrap that goes around your wrist twice, Cuff leather band and the conventional single tour band.
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iOS 4.2.1 running on Apple Watch via a hack by teenager

Apple Watch running iOS 4.2.1

Couple of days back we saw iOS developer Hamza Sood come-up with a hack that allows the user to run custom watch faces on Apple Watch which was cool. Now a 14-year-old is stealing the limelight with an interesting hack. Billy Alice has managed to run iOS 4.2.1 on Apple Watch by installing a custom emulator. The nostalgic old-school iPhone homescreen unlocks to show the operating system running magically on the smartwatch instead of the customary watchOS 1.0.1.
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Gold-plated Apple Watch featuring President Putin’s signature, anyone?

Apple watch with Vladimir Putin

If Russian President Vladimir Putin is in the list of your favorite politicians, here is your chance to own an Apple Watch with Mr. President’s signature on it. Russian-Italian jewelry design brand Caviar Perna Penna has created this gold-plated Apple Watch featuring Putin’s signature. Slated to set you back Roubles 197,000 (approx. $3,000), the Putin Apple Watch along with the signature of three-term President, features Russian Skyline and the double headed eagle of Russia’s coat of arms. Putin Apple Watch is limited to 999 units. Read More…

Finally, Apple Watch is hacked to display custom watch faces

Apple Watch hack display custom watch faces

Many of us believe Apple should have allowed customizable Apple Watch faces. That hasn’t happened, and third party developers have no option to create watch faces for the Apple Watch. Since, there is still time for an official update from the Cupertino giant – iOS developer Hamza Sood has taken the liberty to tinker with the Apple Watch and custom design watch faces, which are uploaded to the Apple Watch after some ‘haxx’. Sood tweeted video of his custom animation which provides new faces to the Apple Watch in multiple color options. Read More…