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Motorola’s patent – A neck tattoo acting as a mobile microphone?

Motorola microphone neck tattoo patent

A tattoo on your throat? Sounds painful! Well, actually it is pretty nifty the way Motorola has visualized it. The company (acquired by Google) has applied for a patent that basically comprises of an electronic skin tattoo that will also act as a communication device. Based upon a flexible substrate rather than your usual parlor ink and needle, the mobile communication device will comprise of goodies like an embedded microphone and a near field communication (NFC) transceiver. More importantly, the electronic tattoo won’t work as a dedicated communication device in itself; rather it will accompany and ‘help’ the conventional smartphones, tablets and hand held consoles.

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Researchers develop robotic hand having the feeling of pain

Robotic hand with feeling of pain

We have come to a point where robots look so convincing you’ll look twice to confirm. But what about their ability to feel things like us? That is a complicated ability which requires a lot of research. Giving us all a new way to look at future robots who’ll look, behave and feel just like humans, Cornell have developed an advanced robotic hand. Headed by Robert Shepherd, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and principal investigator of Organic Robotics Lab, the robotic hand has feelings in its limbs.
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A 72-year-old Japanese man builds special wheelchair to take his wife on walks

Japanese man builds special Wheelchair
“Elders are archaic” is a general notion, but it’s not entirely applicable to those who are motivated by love. We had seen a Indian youth building a voice-controlled wheelchair for his grandfather. Now, we have Mr Tan Ban Ho, a 72-years-old retiree who has designed and assembled a set-up involving a wheelchair and a $600 unicycle. Now, he can take his wife on walks everyday without worrying about his own exertion as he is old too. He is a retired ITE lecture (electronics) and he used his experience to find this solution. The setup is working perfectly for the couple. Read More…

Kodak’s photography-special Ektra smartphone with 21 MP rear camera


Kodak Smartphone

Photo: Kodak

Kodak has decided to experiment with mobile phone production as point-and-shoot cameras are facing overwhelming competition from multi-tasking smarthpones or portable devices. The company announced the Kodak Ektra based on one of its old models it had launched in 1941. The phone will be manufactured by electronic manufacture Bullitt, and is priced at £450. Read More…

Following repeated fire issues, Samsung calls off Galaxy Note7

Samsung Galaxy Note called off

Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most anticipated phablets of the year, and Samsung Galaxy Note7 (Seventh Galaxy Note) was no different. Galaxy Note7 was likely to compete for one of the best smartphones of the year, but under two months of launch, the fateful Samsung Galaxy Note7 has been discontinued by the company over fire concerns. Samsung has killed the flagship phone; it’s considered a step that will come as a huge blow for the South Korean electronics giant’s image, since it failed to resolve safety concerns regarding the handset. Read More…

Wearable alcohol sensor monitors blood alcohol level in real-time

flexible wearable alcohol sensor

Finally, a device that you can wear to know your blood alcohol content is here. Simply stick it onto your skin and know if you’re still good to drive after a crazy party. Developed by the University of California San Diego researchers, this is a flexible wearable sensor that can accurately and continuously measure blood alcohol levels from sweat and communicate data wirelessly to a mobile device connected over Bluetooth. Read More…

Apple San Francisco store to go 100% solar with photovoltaic glass floor

apple solar floor

You already know about Apple’s claimed concern for reducing carbon footprint in production of its electronic products. New Apple Campus/Spaceship Office are already on solar power supplied from a solar system capable of generating whopping 5 MW of power. So, Solar Energy would be the primary source to supply energy needed for operation of the entire campus. Now, Apple has announced installment of a floor at the Apple San Francisco Store to trap more of sun’s power. The giant claims the installment would offset as much as 61 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Read More…

Another wearable tattoo that shows your vital body functions

e-skin wearable tattoo

Wearable technology is going to influence our daily chores in a big way, if already it hasn’t started doing so. One application of this is the use of electronic tattoos that is still in the infancy stage, but none the less impactful. Going by this notion, a team headed by Takao Someya at the University of Tokyo have developed a prototype e-skin which is the thinnest so far at just 3 micrometers. The artificial skin embraces any part of your body and lies on your skin like a food wrap. It has a LED display which displays user’s vital stats like heart rate and blood oxygen levels.
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Nadi Smart Fitness Pants act as your personal yoga instructor

Nadi Smart Fitness Pants_2

Yoga is a great way to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul when done with proper technique. Doing it under the close eye of a yoga instructor is all good, but when you want to practice yoga postures at home there is no one to correct your posture in case it is wrong. Wearable Experiments is here to help you in correcting yoga postures and reap maximum benefit from your fitness routine. They have released Nadi Smart Fitness Pants which are loaded with electronic sensors to give you haptic feedback via vibrations to achieve the correct posture. In effect, these skin embracing pants are your virtual yoga guru guiding you towards the right way to achieve yogic bliss.
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7 coolest tech innovations from CES 2016


CES 2016 was a grand welcome to the New Year. The world stood still in amazement as the future of technology was unveiled by over 3,600 companies (big and small) at the 2.4 million net square feet of exhibition area in Las Vegas. It was the largest exhibition floor in Consumer Electronics Show history and so was the exhibition – an exhibition that had on display the top in the tech lined up for the year. Here are the best tech innovations from CES 2016 that showcased all kinds of innovations from wearable tech to virtual reality and from drones and home automation to game changing 3D printing. Read More…