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Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Google Cardboard? Which VR headset should you opt for

HTC Vive Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard

Looks like this is the week of VR headsets. You can preorder HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard with all of them looking to expand their market share in the not so explored VR market which is still a goldmine. While Oculus Rift has got the luxury of being a dominant VR headset from the very beginning, HTC Vive brings with it the experience of Valve, developer of industry’s most loved games. Add Google to the tally who has been trying to bring affordable VR experience to the users in the easiest way possible.
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McDonald’s Happy Meal box turns into a VR headset, yes it does

McDonalds Happy Goggles VR headset_3

After gulping down your Happy Meal at McDonald’s’ you would not even bother about the box in which it came. That is about to change for people in Sweden coming Saturday and the consecutive one (March 5 and March 12) between 11AM and 3PM. As a part of promotion, the campaign is all about giving away 3,500 Happy Goggles at 14 restaurants to kids. The virtual reality viewer goggles will be more like the Google Cardboard VR headset, simple and easy to use. You just have to remove the lens pack, tear the box around perforated edges, put it together and slide you phone inside it to enjoy VR content.
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MWC 2016: HTC Vive VR headset announced with price tag of $799

HTC Vive VR headset_1

HTC wants to make their VR headset flawless and that’s why they kept a hold on the final commercially available version. They promised the final version of Oculus Rift competitor by April, but it looks like Christmas has come early. HTC has announced that the commercial version of Vive powered by Steam VR and developed in partnership with Valve is going to be up for pre-order on 29 February that is 4 days from now.
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MWC 2016: Alcatel 4 and 4S’s packing is actually a VR headset

Alcatel Idol 4 and 4S phone_2

Mobile World Congress is the perfect platform to reveal new technology in mobile devices and Alcatel has used this platform to announce its two new smartphones with a vision to become the fifth largest handset manufacturer in the world. Alcatel Idol 4 and 4S have a metal frame on the front and back. The devices have dual speakers and microphones on each side for multimedia fanatics. Let’s have a look at these devices in detail. To make their product distinguish from others, the phones come in a box that doubles as a VR headset to view augmented reality content. That said, it looks very similar to Oculus-based Gear VR which houses the Galaxy Note 5/6 series phone.
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New $99 Samsung Gear VR headset to make virtual reality affordable

Samsung Gear VR headset for $99

If you own one of the 2015 flagship phones from Samsung – the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Edge + or the Note 5, you could soon get Gear VR headset for your device. Yes, a new Oculus-made Samsung Gear VR – virtual reality headset, has been announced at the Oculus Connect 2 developer conference in Los Angeles, which will carry a very affordable $99 price tag and will be available beginning November. The new Gear VR was revealed by Peter Koo, VP Mobile at Samsung.  Read More…

Canon shows its VR headset prototype having 120 degree FOV

Canon VR headset

The fight for VR headset supremacy is still in its infancy stage and developers of virtual reality hardware are exploring new ways to provide the user with exactly what is needed. Canon joined that fight with their secretive VR headset prototype that was shown-off at 2015 Expo in New York last week. Unlike other virtual reality headsets, Canon has opted for a handheld design which feels more like a periscope. Canon hasn’t named or revealed much of the VR headset and is under development for further improvements and addition of more features.
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FOVE eye tracking VR headset becomes lighter and more comfortable


Remember the fantastic eye tracking virtual reality headset, the FOVE, which managed an immaculate backing on Kickstarter? The world’s first eye tracking VR headset is going through an evolution phase and recently it has come up with exciting new updates. FOVE has a new and improved industrial design. The new form factor ensures the device is much lighter, smaller and more ergonomic. The new design also guarantees more stability, performance and sustainability, all in all a far more comfortable user experience. Read More…

Starbreeze Project StarVR is world’s first VR headset with 210-degree FOV

Starbreeze Project StarVR

Field of virtual reality is still pretty much open, though Oculus Rift has made a mark for itself on the pinnacle early on. To enhance gaming experience on the Rift we will see Oculus Touch controller making a debut at the E3. Another exciting VR device on display at E3 will be the Project StarVR – Starbreeze and InfinitEye’s 210-degree field of view heads-up display. Designed to improve field of view in virtual reality, the StarVR features 210-degree horizontal field of view, 130-degree vertical field of view and an impressive dual screen 5K display. Read More…

MWC 2015: HTC RE Vive VR headset promises smooth augmented reality imagery

HTC Vive VR headset

It’s been an eventful day at the Mobile World Congress and the surprise of this year’s event came from HTC. They revealed to the world a virtual reality headset that is powered by Valve’s Steam VR platform. HTC RE Vive VR headset vouches to be a wearable headset that traverses you into an immersive 3D environment and interact with objects like never before. Read More…

Samsung Gear VR headset will traverse Qantas Airline passengers into virtual reality

Samsung Gear VR headset in Qatas airline

Qantas Airlines to have Samsung Gear VR headset for its first class passengers

Samsung released the Gear VR headset a few months ago and although it created the buzz for all the good reasons, it couldn’t escape from its fair share of criticism too with health related issues propping-up with the use of this headset. That said, Samsung Gear VR has become the first choice for Qantas Australian Airline which has announced a collaboration with Samsung to provide the headset for its first-class and international first lounge passengers. The headset will be featured in First Class Lounge of Sydney and Melbourne flight from mid-February, as well as select flights between Australia and Los Angles inside the First Class cabin from mid-March 2015.
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