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Apple Watch band additions – standalone Modern Buckle and bands for fat wrists

Apple Watch bands

Apple recently added three new accessories for the Apple Watch. The Cupertino giant began selling standalone version of the 38mm Modern Buckle band – this is for the first time Apple will sell the Modern Buckle without the Apple Watch since the Watch was launched in April this year. The Modern Buckle band appears to be one solid buckle but actually it has a two piece magnetic closure, which secures the band to the wrist. Read More…

Hey ladies, add style to your Apple Watch with these feminine bands

Apple Watch band

When initially Apple Watch was available for purchase it created quite a hype. But since that day the excitement has mellowed down as it failed to impress buyers with sales dropping exponentially in the past month or so. Still Apple products sell on sheer brand value and Apple Watch is no different. For girls who have an Apple Watch and want to add some flatulence to their fancy wearable, AppleCharmers is here.
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Apple to launch new iMac, iPad Mini and fresh colored Apple Watch this fall


Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities is known to be one of the most reliable analysts when it comes to predicting Apple’s future products and plans. Continuing his prophesy, Kuo alleged Apple will launch new iMacs and iPad later this year. We could also see additional colors of Apple Watch Sport, he confirms. Apple, he claims will launch new iMacs in fall this year to sustain demand for its premier computer. Kuo predicts Apple to sell over 5.8 million iMacs this quarter, while sales may be around 5.3 million with introduction of the model. Read More…

Apple Watch patent promises exchange of information and data with a handshake

Apple Watch gesture based information exchange

There is no reason why Apple shouldn’t brag about its AirDrop feature that makes NFC look ordinary. But unfortunately the service isn’t viable enough to function on the Apple Watch smartwatch due to small screen size and hardware constraints. However Apple is now looking to patch that loophole and it is apparent from a patent filed for exchange of information between two Apple Watches without much fuzz. This patent is all about exchange of personal information or files by simple gestures like a handshake or high five.
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Apple Watch hacked to run Mac operating system, but why?

Apple Watch running Mac OS

You won’t believe me if I said that an Apple Watch can run Macintosh OS 7.5.5. To prove this statement true, Nick Lee shared a video of the Apple smartwatch running two decade old Mac OS released on September 27, 1996. The software was made for the Power Macintosh 5500 and Steve Jobs would never have thought that a watch-sized gadget would run this OS. And if you can’t believe your eyes, yes it is Mac operating system starting flawlessly on the Apple Watch and running like a charm with the classic Mac OS logo clearly showing.
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This is what you should know about the rumored Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2

It’s been under two months you’ve worn the prized Apple Watch on your wrist and already the rumors suggest Apple is working on second generation wearable – they love to call the Apple Watch 2. Apple Watch is just been made available for sale on Apple Store, and the reported update has it that Apple Watch 2 is scheduled for 2016 debut with a host of new features, but a similar one day charge battery. Listed below are all these new suggested features that you should be familiar with. Read More…

KS Arm: Innovative Apple Watch charging solution by Kube Systems

KS Arm - Apple Watch charging system
Hey Apple Watch owners, next time you want to check into a Marriott Hotel you can leave your smartwatch charger at home. Extending its unique effort to develop wireless charging solution for Marriott Hotels (the hospitality industry at large), Kube Systems has launched the KS Arm, charging solution with built-in Magsafe charger for the Apple Watch. To be installed in Marriott hotels across the world, the KS Arm is an extension of the Kube Systems Portable charger and the Kube Systems Clock, which are already gracing lobbies of 29 Marriott hotels, and allowing guests to charge their compatible smartphones. Read More…

Apple WWDC: watchOS 2 shows the power of Apple Watch with all new interface

Apple Watch watchOS 2 WWDC 2015

To compliment a decent hardware, good software always plays a pivotal role. Apple Watch just got itself a new software at the WWDC 2015 and it gives the smartwatch a major facelift. Apple watchOS 2 preview at the keynote showed how beautiful the smartwatch looks with the new operating system, not to mention the powerful lot of apps that extend its functionality three folds. The most important element of a smartwatch is its face, and Apple has made a point with the new OS’s interface that looks better any day compared to the maiden Apple Watch face.
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Chinese Richie Rich gifts his husky dog 2 Gold Apple Watches!

Wang keke Gold Apple Watches

Wang keke wearing the 2 Gold Apple Watches

It’s a crazy world out there, and money rules the roost no doubt. I say this because people blessed with a fortune can do anything they wish to do. In a country where dogs aren’t used to much kindness, Wang Sicong, the son of one of China’s richest man has done what will truly surprise. He bought his husky dog (a bitch) two gold Apple Watches (known as Apple Watch Edition) that the canine absolutely loves to flaunt.
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Strange Facts – $349 Apple Watch costs just $83.70 to manufacture!

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition

The starting version of Apple’s smartwatch, the Apple Watch Sport 38mm (A1553) that you bought for $349, just costs $83.70 for Apple to manufacture! Before you say the “F” word, consider that Apple Watch has some issues too. This fact is unearthed by IHS Technology who added that Apple Watch has the lowest hardware cost to retail price ratio which is a bit harsh on the end-costumers. The estimated hardware to MSRP ratio for Apple products is in the range of 29 to 38 percent, that is quite surprising and also an eye opener about the final quality of product that you pay for.
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