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Temporary Biometric Tattoo tracks your health stats in real-time

Chaotic moon Biometric Tattoo

Wearable technology is hitting us all in a big way and it won’t be surprising if it is the next big revolution. Some might even say that it is already a revolution with wearables changing the complexion of electronic gadgets. Sensor-enabled tattoos and electronic ink have already given us a reason to believe that wearable tech is going to be our second skin in the near future. For example the skin thermometer tattoo or sweat monitoring tattoo. Austin-based company Chaotic Moon is developing a prototype that will be loaded with sensors for collecting all the vital data from your body for prime health and fitness.
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Will Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 be the e-book reader and iPad killer?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet

Gone are the days when an electronics manufacturer comes-up with a tablet and it instantly becomes a hit, just because it has a big vivid screen. These days it’s hard to pitch a tablet unless it’s an iPad. Samsung is no mug when it comes to tablets and its next iteration of a modern tablet has just arrived. This is Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, a tablet that is ultra-thin and lightweight at just 5.6mm thin and 265 grams respectively.
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Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300 is another palm-sized PC for frequent movers

Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300 pocket PC

Portability is the name of the game these days when it comes to gadgets and electronics. The good old PCs are getting smaller by the day thanks to microchip evolution and hardware components getting a size reduction. Seeing this growing trend of pocket-PC’s Lenovo has released its own version of a stick-sized gadget that is capable of delivering what a regular computer is capable of. Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300 is a palm-sized PC that comes for just $129.
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Strange World: Man implants microchip in his hand to commute in the local subway

Vlad Zaitsev implants chip under his skin

Vlad Zaitsev implants microchip under his skin

How the hell do you remember to put your public transport card inside the wallet amidst the tight daily schedule? Either you set a reminder for it or bank on your memory to buzz the reminder every single morning. Another way would be to implant the chip in your palm and never ever bother about remembering it. Yes, that is exactly what Vlad Zaitsev, a Russian engineer did! Read More…

Smart Bandage capable of detecting bedsores at a very early stage

Smart Bandage that detects bedsores and ulcers UC Berkeley

Bedsores and ulcers can be a real irritation for bed-ridden people, and they are very painful indeed. To counter this problem Engineers at UC Berkeley and researchers at UCSF are in the phase of developing a Smart Bandage that detects underlying development of bedsores at a very early stage. The development of this Smart Bandage is undertaken by UC Berkeley researchers who devised the software and hardware of the bandage, while UCSF carried out all the initial animal trials. Smart Bandage uses electrical signals (impedance spectroscopy) to detect tissue development under the skin for curing bedsores or ulcers at their root level.
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Swiveling Casio Exilim EX-TR50 camera captures stunning selfies


Clicking selfies is a bigger craze than capturing landscapes off late. People want cameras with better sensors to capture themselves – and there are selfie clicking cameras available in numbers out there. Following the success of its Exilim EX-FR10 wearable action camera that also lets you click wonderful selfies, Casio has released the Exilim EX-TR50 – a next-gen camera that lets users rotate lens, frame and LCD to capture amazing selfies easily. The 11.1 megapixels camera has high brightness LED light to capture perfect selfies in low light. Able to record videos in full HD (1920×1080) the EX-FR10 features Wi-Fi, Micro USB, Micro HDMI for connectivity. Read More…

Digital Tattoo unlocks your smartphone with just a swipe

Digital Tattoo for Moto X

What if you can unlock your smartphone just by tapping on your wrist’s tattoo? You would certainly consider it as a joke but if you own a Motorola X, you can surely do that. VivaLnk, Inc., a Silicon Valley technology company has teamed up with Motorola to develop a temporary tattoo that can unlock your smartphone without the requirement of any pins and passwords. Named Digital Tattoo, the nickel sized, paper thin adhesive is the world’s first commercial eSkin electronics product.
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Tizen OS powered Samsung Z smartphone revealed

Samsung Z Tizen powered smartphone

Samsung Electronics has revealed the first commercially available smartphone powered by the all new Tizen platform. Samsung Z promises optimized performance courtesy this powerful Linux-based software platform that was also seen on the Samsung Gear smartwatches. The smartphone powered by a 2.3 GHz Quad-core processor has a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and supports excellent 2D and 3D graphic qualities. Since this smartphone is loaded with Samsung’s next gen OS for mobile devices you can be rest assured of its high grade multitasking capabilities.
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Microsoft Wearable Personal Information System is a smartwatch for sure

Microsoft Wearable Personal Information System smartwatch

Microsoft is working on a very new kind of smartwatch for sporting fanatics that will have everything from a heart rate monitor to a compatible docking station that functions as an alarm clock. One important aspect of this Microsoft patent published by US Patent & Trademark Office is Microsoft’s desire to make a smartwatch that is ultra-compact and waterproof to keep the effect of external elements like sweat and water at bay. The Wearable Personal Information System by Microsoft includes a portable information device that has all the electronic components like processor, compass, GPS unit or electrical connectors.
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Jawbone’s ERA earpiece allows wireless communication via your smartphone

Jawbone's ERA earpiece

While contemporary smartphones are getting more advanced in terms of infused technology, their form factors are also getting a bit ‘out of hand’ in a quite literal way. This has to do with bigger screen sizes, which makes the primary function of talking on your phone an unwieldy task. Well, electronic ear piece maker Jawbone has contrived a wireless solution that traverses this cumbersome predicament. The company’s ERA Bluetooth earpiece gives you the opportunity to talk directly on your phone or use voice command features like Siri and Google Now without requiring that big, fat screen near your ear. This unobtrusive degree of interaction has further advantages that relate to multi-tasking on your end, like – when walking your dog outside or trying to talk in a crowded subway train.

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