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3D printed Elle prosthetic leg for swimmers comes as a boon

Elle prosthetic leg for swimmers

Elle prosthetic leg for swimmers

When we talk of 3D printing and prosthetics, it has been prosthetic limbs like arms and legs that have dominated the scene. Now there is a prosthetic swimming leg for amputees that allows them to swim again. Developed by Della Tosin, LA-based product designer with degree from the Art Center College, the prosthetic swimming leg dubbed as Elle provides balance, strength and practicality. Along with the prosthetic, it comes with a wearable suit that assists single-leg amputees in competing with regular swimmers. Apparently Elle is also competing in the James Dyson Foundation 2014 innovation competition.
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Cybathlon 2016 for parathletes will put on show exoskeletons, prosthetics and brain-control interfaces

Cybathlon 2016 Powered Leg Prosthetics Race

To give disabled athletes a chance to show-off their athletic skills, Switzerland will hold the world’s first Cybathlon, the championship for robot-assisted paratheletes in October 2016 that is going to be hosted by a coalition of Swiss robotics labs. This high-tech mecca of Olympics like games will have brain-controlled events where the athletes will have to beat each other in racing game controlled by brain alone using BCI (brain-computer interface). Another event would include electrical stimulation bike race where players with spinal cord injury will be pre-fitted with functional electrical stimulation devices so that they can pedal a cycling device around a circular course. Other events will have leg prosthetic race, exoskeleton powered race, powered wheelchair race and arm prosthetic race. In total the Cybathlon will have six events which are going to be attended by people from all over the globe.

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Lifehand 2 bionic arm successfully conveys the ambit of ‘feeling’

Lifehand 2 bionic arm

The realm of bionics had advanced through the recent years with an exhilarating pace which is arguably unmatched by other electronic fields. And, the latest example of this technological progression takes an inspiringly conscientious route by going beyond the ambit of just physical support. A research team from Switzerland’s EPFL and Italy’s SSSA has devised the Lifehand 2, as a part of their ongoing bionic limb project. The specialty of the prosthetic is that it actually allows the users to feel rather than just supporting them on an artificial level. In other words, it exhibits an advanced degree of sensory feedback that is perceptible by the human senses, as opposed to a mechanical device serving as an inanimate extension of the person.

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3D printed robotic hand aims to be the cheapest prosthetic hand option


Existing prosthetics are great utility devices, sadly though they are far from the reach of average amputees because of their hefty price tags. A cost effective alternative for the costly prosthetic hands is Joel Gibbard’s Open Hand Project. Dubbed the Dextrus Hand, the robotic hand aims to lower the costs of prosthetics significantly. The fully functional robotic hand, which can be put together for well under $1000 features capabilities similar to the most advanced prosthetic hands other there – it can function exactly like a human hand. Read More…

Delft Cylinder Hand – World’s lightest prosthetic hand will make life easier for amputees

Delft Cylinder Hand Light-weight prosthetic hand

Seeing the discomfort and the complexity in operating a prosthetic hand, researcher Gerwin Smit, PhD, has developed the world’s lightest prosthetic hand as a part of his dissertation, Natural Grasping. According to him while developing Delft Cylinder Hand, the body powered prosthetic hand that he has created; he concentrated the three C’s: cosmetics, comfort and control. Delft Cylinder Hand weights only 217 grams, which is almost 50% lighter than traditional prosthetic hands. For smooth movement, the hand with hinged fingers is hydraulically operated via the miniature cylinders fitted inside the fingers. The grip strength of this prosthetic hand is greater than 30 Newton and the user needs less energy to operate it with slight shoulder movements and upper arm.

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Amputee creates artwork from old prosthetic limbs

Prosthetics can be a real bane for people who sadly have lost one of their arms or limbs due to any reason. But as the person’s body grows the prosthetic limb is no longer able to fit or it can wear out due to constant usage thereby rendered useless. Priscilla Sutton who is a below-the-knee amputee herself found a very creative solution to use these very unusable limbs as work of art while she was cleaning her home and found two old prosthetic legs in the cupboard. She decided to drape the old unused prosthetics legs collected from donation by various amputees around the world into artwork that portrays some message, cool factor or random color creations.
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Teenage inventions that are changing the world we live in


While most of the teenagers out there are busy enjoying their life to the fullest, a small bunch of them are always putting their mind into overdrive for innovative solutions to problems the world is plagued with. They don’t tinker around with fancy gadgets or upbeat toys, rather they make gizmos that even a veteran would be proud of. These kids might look innocent but what’s churning up in their mind is for all to see. And what’s important is that they rejoice every moment invested in creating these game-changing innovations. So, Let’s see what these teenage prodigies are doing to change the world we live in, and will one day become the pioneering entrepreneurs that world will remember for a long time.
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Brain-controlled robotic hand allows quadriplegia patients to perform everyday tasks

Mind Controlled Robotic
Researchers have achieved breakthrough in development of a non-invasive, brain-controlled robotic hand that can regain ability to perform daily tasks for quadriplegia patients. The entire set-up is like an exoskeleton consisting of a robotic hand and a cap-like headgear that read brain signals and eye movement of the wearer. The best part is that it doesn’t require surgical implantation or any sort of wet gel to work. The exoskeleton was successfully tested in Spain on various subjects. Read More…

Philip the duck gets 3D printed flippers to walk again comfortably

Philip Duck 3D printed flippers

Any act of kindness towards animals shows that humanity is still alive and kicking. Although such people are not banking on any karma points, it surely doesn’t go unnoticed I’m sure. This time around it is a poor little duck that gets a pair of 3D printed flippers from god sent angels to get a new lease of life. After getting the flippers damaged due to frostbite during the harsh Wisconsin winter, Phillip the duck got a pair of new ones thanks to 3D printing technology.
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