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Samsung Galaxy Round – Curved OLED screen smartphone promises excellent viewing experience

Samsung Galaxy Round

After seeing the curved OLED display panels that give a much better viewing experience, now Samsung has unveiled their much rumored Galaxy Round smartphone that has a 5.7 inch 1080p HD super AMOLED screen that is curved. First of all, the design is ergonomic as it feels good in hand, and secondly it gives a better view of high resolution content on the phone. The smartphone is powered by a 2.3 GHz quad core Krait processor, 3 GB RAM and features 32 GB built-in memory. Much like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it has a very classy leather back stitched very elegantly. The curved screen of this phone allows for a unique function called Roll Effect which shows date, time, battery level, missed calls, notification etc. when the screen is tilted slightly over towards one side when the home screen is off.

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3D printed robotic hand aims to be the cheapest prosthetic hand option


Existing prosthetics are great utility devices, sadly though they are far from the reach of average amputees because of their hefty price tags. A cost effective alternative for the costly prosthetic hands is Joel Gibbard’s Open Hand Project. Dubbed the Dextrus Hand, the robotic hand aims to lower the costs of prosthetics significantly. The fully functional robotic hand, which can be put together for well under $1000 features capabilities similar to the most advanced prosthetic hands other there – it can function exactly like a human hand. Read More…

TAG Heuer MERDIIST Sapphire Special Edition 1860 smartphone

TAG Heuer MERDIIST Sapphire Special Edition 1860 smartphone

Tag Heuer well known for its exquisite timepieces is now foraying into the smartphone market with their latest presentation. TAG Heuer MERDIIST Sapphire Special Edition 1860 smartphone has sapphire crystal as the base material for top screen, front screen and base if the keyboard for that incomparable sleek surface. The smartphone will be limited to only 1860 pieces in a choice of six models that the user can specify. Even though MERDIIST line of smartphones was launched in 2008, providing high class clients with exclusive mobile communication tools but TAG Heuer MERDIIST Special Edition 1860 smartphone is in an altogether different league with its attention to detail design.

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Firefighting robot lets firefighter breathe a sigh of relief

Firefighting robot

There is no denying the fact that fire-fighters have one of the hardest job on this planet risking their own lives to same someone else’s. And no matter how many advanced equipment one uses, fighting a fire accompanies with it a vast array of dangers. So why not have a robot or a bot do that job and rather than risking firefighter’s life let the mechanical dude do it? Taking into account all the risks and difficulties that human firefighter encounters, people over at UCSD’s Jacob School of Engineering have created a firefighting robot called as FFR that will do all the risky tasks when a fire breaks out. Loaded with an array of sensors, cameras and other electronics that help the robot make its way through intense heat and dark smoke, the FFR has a body frame spanning 8 inches wide and is just foot tall.
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OstrichCopter – OMG! A remote controlled flying ostrich

OstrichCopter RC flying dead ostrich

The first time we at DamnGeeky saw a dead cat turned into a flying drone, we were surprised to bits and had an intuition that we would see something similar in the future but in other format of course. Well the intuition has turned into reality as the same bloke who created the Orvillecopter has now come up with his version of flying Ostrich quadcopter. Bart Jansen calls it the OstrichCopter and being a visual artist he had to give it that visual appeal that would be undeniably irresistible. Now, normally you would not expect a living ostrich to fly high in the sky but this dead remote controlled OstrichCopter soars in the sky like some migrating bird on a mission!
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Students develop seizure detecting belt that sends data wirelessly

Millions of kids and adults alike suffer with epilepsy – a neurological disorder characterized by seizures, and there aren’t many ways to detect seizures. Electroencephalograph (EEG) is perhaps a standard care for seizure detection, but now members of the Team Seize and Assist, with sponsorship from Houston-based Cyberonics Inc. have developed a belt, which monitors signs of epileptic seizures and sends information of it via Bluetooth to the smartphone or computing device of the caregiver. Read More…

Wearable biosensor tattoos monitor sweat to track weight

biosensor tattoos

Taking continuous effort of seamlessly integrating biosensors with human body a leap further, Laboratory for Nanobioelectronics led by Professor Joe Wang, Department of NanoEngineering, has developed biosensor tattoos which monitor electrolytes and metabolite levels in sweat. To access the metabolic health of a wearer, these wearable biosensors have been integrated with multifaceted electrochemical sensors with simple, fairground tattoos that are perfect in monitoring the pH and lactate levels in the sweat. One of the student members of the team, Amay Bandodkar informs that the biosensor tattoos are made with carbon fiber backing which makes them sturdy and flexible to bend with the skin of the wearer in normal course.

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Samsung Galaxy Mega with 6.3 inch screen is the biggest smartphone so far

Samsung Galaxy Mega with 6.3 inch screen

Samsung is out with the biggest smartphone ever, the Galaxy Mega which boasts a 6.3 inch (16cm) screen. The Android 4.2 powered smartphone has a high-definition screen, dual core 1.7 GHz processor and an 8-megapixel camera. Deemed as the phablet (phone-tablet) with the largest screen so far, Samsung Galaxy Mega justifies its name aptly with dimensions 167.6 x 88 x 8mm and weighs only 199 grams. The smartphone will come in two variants; 6.3 inch screen version and 5.9 inch screen version with packed software packages like Air View, Multi Windows, Pop-up Play and many other apps that will make you utilize that big screen to the fullest. The 3,200mAh battery and internal storage of up to 8-16GB (64 GB expandability with microSD card) with LTE and GSPA radios for GPS and GLONASS make you crave for nothing more as this smartphone, makes the term “big daddy” look meager.

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DIY AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor that you can make for under $250

DIY AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor UAV

This is AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia by Bask Aerospace and comes as a result of excellent engineering inputs and development. Covered by a hard ABS Case for maximum strength to the core platform of MR4 Quadrotor, it also protects the inner electronics (like sensor bays, Optical Flow Sensor and Sonar) from damage while landing or taking off on rough terrain. MR4 can take a payload of 500 grams during autonomous flight and the APM Mission Planner enables unmanned flight to places where it is too dangerous to step-in. The frame of quadrotor is made from recyclable material, thereby making it an environmentally friendly design of the future. This UAV has undercarriage of 14.5cm for an optimized ground clearance to carry different payloads with ease, for example a camera unit.
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CES 2013: Velodyne Acoustics to showcase innovative new headphones and self-driving car

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show scheduled to take place from January 8-11 in Las Vegas begins tomorrow. Amid all the companies making it to the display booth in Vegas, will be the Velodyne Acoustics who along with their self-driving LiDAR car will unveil a few more consumer electronics including the company’s new vFree On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones and the famous vPulse In-Ear Headphones. Read More…