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Smart Hoodie sends secret text message using unique gestures

Smart Hoodie sends text messages using gestures

Tired of typing messages on your mobile devices and looking for a simpler, more practical way of sending message to friends and family? Or you are looking for an instant messaging method when in trouble while taking a walk through a lonely street infected by anti-social blokes? Then this Smart Hoodie designed by Alina Balean and Rucha Patwardhan, both New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) graduate students could be the answer to this predicament.
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GetVu Augmented Reality Headset lets you interact with hand gestures in 3D

GetVu Augmented Reality Headset

If for some reason you underplayed the possibilities of Leap Motion Controller and its use in real world scenario, GetVu – world’s first true Augmented Reality Headset is here to make you believe otherwise. Leap Motion enables users to control and interact with object on screen via hand gestures. Combining Leap Motion’s advanced skeletal tracking with head mounted display (HMD), three technological wizards in India have developed the GetVu. Brainchild of Santhosh Chandrasaker, Rakesh Ramaswamy and Meenakshi Sundaram Viswanathan, GetVu is a next generation augmented reality headset that aims to let users interact with virtual objects inside their smartphones and tablets using their hand gestures in real time. Read More…

Type-Hover-Swipe keyboard with gesture recognition technology

Type-Hover-Swipe keyboard with gesture recognition technology by Microsoft Research

Even with so much technology advent for gesture control applications people still prefer to use the good old keyboard and mouse for doing usual tasks when working on their computer. So the best way is to make a keyboard that has embedded gesture control technology, making it suitable for gesture controlled applications. A team over at Microsoft Research comprising Stuart Taylor, Cem Keskin, Otmar Hilliges, Shahram Izadi, and John Helmes have created an augmented mechanical keyboard that senses motion gestures performed directly over the device. Type-Hover-Swipe keyboard, as they call it, has 16×4 array of infrared proximity sensors (operating at over 300 hertz) embedded on the circuit board close to the keys. These sensors track hand movement and provide a very smooth gesture control interface for running applications.

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AllSee, battery-less gesture recognition technology for electronic devices

AllSee battery less gesture recognition technology

Gesture controlled electronics could soon get a next level upgrade as a battery less gesture recognition system makes its appearance into the technology space. Research headed by Shyam Gollakota and his students at University of Washington have developed a low-power gesture recognition system called AllSee that brings gesture recognition to all devices like smartphones, home electronics, robots and other gadgets. All that is needed is a compatible app and AllSee will enable gesture recognition for that device irrespective of the device’s hardware. This amazing new technology uses TV signals to power the chip that uses just 10 microwatts of power, meaning that it can be turned on at all times and won’t require any external battery source. This ground-breaking gesture recognition technology will be on show at Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation conference in Seattle between April 2-4, 2014.
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Sixense MakeVR for easy creation of 3D models by using just hand gestures


The scope of 3D printing has expanded and progressed to encompass more complex items, be it a fully working gun or an Aston Martin DB4 replica. However, as applauding audiences, we tend to overlook one crucial element behind a 3D printed project – the complex CAD that makes it possible to achieve these high levels of detailing. Ironically, it is the complexity of 3D modeling via software and their interface menus that keeps 3D printing out of reach for many interested DIYers. Fortunately, California-based Sixense team has found a solution to this predicament by creating the MakeVR. Billed as the world’s most accessible 3D modeling system, the ambit is all about an intuitive interface that makes it easier for amateurs to delve into the art of crafting three-dimensional objects.

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Gestural control technology for mobile devices will overtake touchscreen input methods

3dim Tech gestural control technology

Just when you geeks out there were thinking that touchscreens are the norm when it comes to modern day gadgets, a new technology is paving way to eliminate the dominance of touchscreens all together with its intuitive applications. 3dim Tech, the winner of prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s 2013 MIT $100k business plan competition has created new software that will make gestural control interaction on smart mobile devices and other gadgets a cake walk. With no need to touch your gadget’s screen, the data input can be provided directly through projections for example virtual keyboards that can be projected away from the gadget, thereby making it easy for the user to provide the input and keeping the display clean of any smudges or stains. This could in a way spell doomsday for gadget accessories like Bluetooth keyboards, come year 2014.
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CES 2013: Scoop Pointer remote for in-air pointing control with latest Smart TVs and PC devices

These days we are accustomed to high end service gadgets like Smart TVs, set-top boxes, multimedia streaming players etc., so it brings smile to our face when a compact little turn-key remote control with accurate cursor control can be used to provide input for all the above mentioned. Having 6-axis MEMS sensors and motionEngine Smart TV software the remote is perfect for adding cursor, gesture and motion control to a number of USB-compatible products. SMK Electronics and Hillcrest Labs have created this Scoop Pointer remote control having Bluetooth low energy wireless connectivity technology from Texas Instruments Inc. and is being shown-off at CES 2013.

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Air Mouse Glove for operating your computer with hand gestures

Got bored with your wireless mouse and craving for something that can replace it without any compromise in functionality? Then this Glove Mouse Gesture (also called Air Mouse Glove) is just the apt product for you from Sanko. Just released a day ago this new way of controlling your laptop/desktop screen from quite a considerable distance seems just the right product for approaching winters when getting the hand out of that cozy blanket is an on-going struggle. Attached to your hand from the back side, this glove also has a button on the index finger portion and to move the mouse cursor all you have to do is press the button with your finger. To perform the right click or left click the button has to be pushed. Now to stop the cursor movement in case you have to use your hand for other tasks, there is a pause button also.
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DJ Sound Control is portable and power-packed with features galore

All you DJs, musicians and music artists pave way for this DJ Sound Control (DSC) in association with Lenovo which exemplifies peak performance music combined with functionality to die for. Created by Chris Blarsky this DJ system equipment is compact and designed with eye candy looks having a ting of laptop like portability goodness. Designed from tough Lexan custom CNC machined panels and high strength aluminum frame, the box like portability makes it suitable for carrying around anywhere with ease.
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BMW to debut HoloActive Touch, holographic-style interiors at CES 2017

BMW is the top line automaker that is focusing intensely on in-car technologies and user interface we are most likely to see in future automobiles. After having bewildered the world with the AirTouch technology at the CES 2016, BMW is slated to introduce a new HoloActive Touch system at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, which promises to be a nifty sci-fiish integration to its vehicles. Read More…