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Indian engineers build low cost 3D-Printed robotic hand that is lighter, more efficient

indian-engineers buids 3D-printed hand

As 3D-printing technology is achieving more perfection, the day isn’t far when amputees would be able to regain their mobility as well as functionality through brain-controlled complex prosthetic exactly like real limbs. A team of Indian engineers claims to have invented a 3D-Printed prosthetic hand that is way far efficient and affordable than currently available prosthetic in the market. The team from the Amrita University in India showcased its innovation at the tree-day International Robotics and Automation for Humanitarian Application (RAHA 2016) at Amrita University in Kollam, Kerala in India.

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Japanese kid gets a 3D printed hand thanks to mom’s herculean effort

Seigo 3D printed hand

3D printed prosthetics have gifted many kids around the globe a new lease of life which is great for humanity. The kind of costs involved in making 3D printed prosthetics is far economical to the more hardcore prosthetics which are almost out of the reach of many people. One such company that has been helping kids with new economical prosthetics is e-NABLE and their first such initiative was helping Liam, a South African boy with missing fingers back in 2013. Incidentally, Yukako from Japan came across the story and found out that her son Seigo had a similar hand to the boy. Thankfully she decided to go for the 3D printed prosthetic hand and since then Seigo has been having a good time with the new artificial hand.
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Derby gets improved 3D printed prosthetic legs

Derby dog with improved 3d printed prosthetic legs

This is Derby, a dog born with underdeveloped legs and thanks to 3D printing he is able to walk freely since last year when he first got them on. But there were certain design flaws that made his movement restricted and also forced him to lean downwards, lower than what a husky is used to. So, 3D Systems got to work and designed a pair of improved prosthetic legs which improved on these limitations. Now, Derby is able to walk upright with 3D printed prosthetic design which keeps the pouch more comfortable.
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World’s first 3D printed tablet approved by US Food and Drug Administration

Aprecia Spritam 3D printed tablet

3D is the next major technological revolution that will affect not only manufacturing but other unrelated fields like medical science too. Already there are examples of 3D printing being successfully used for prosthetics to give new lease of life to the unfortunate disabled and people who have met some accident. Now a major breakthrough has been made in the field of pharmaceutical industry as the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the world’s first drug created through 3D printing.
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3D printed exoskeleton lets stroke patients regain hand movement


Finger movement is the last thing that stroke patient manages to regain in their recover. There are endless cases where patients don’t even mange to regain movement in the fingers. 3D printing is the new buzz word in the manufacturing industry, and everyone from students to professionals have been 3D printing prosthetics (amid other things) to help stroke patients who have limited mobility in the hands. Latest to join the fray is Daniel Levy and his team from Lehigh University, who has developed 3D printed open-source exoskeleton called Spiderhand, which helps stroke patients with limited finger movement to regain mobility in the hands. Levy has uploaded necessary STL files on Thingiverse, in case you want to build one of these exoskeleton’s yourself. Read More…

Dirt cheap smartphone-controlled prosthetic hand that is 3D printed

Exii Handiii 3D printed prosthetic limb

Smartphone controlled 3D printed prosthetic limb

3D printing has undoubtedly taken the world by the storm, and there is no stopping it as far as the possibilities of this technological evolution goes. One segment that 3D printing has affected profoundly is the development of prosthetic limbs for the unfortunate disabled people. Going a step ahead with the advancements is a Japanese company Exii which has created a bionic arm dubbed Handiii that pairs with your smartphone to facilitate nifty movement of limbs. And all this at a very economical cost with the option to 3D print in your favorite color.
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3D printed Elle prosthetic leg for swimmers comes as a boon

Elle prosthetic leg for swimmers

Elle prosthetic leg for swimmers

When we talk of 3D printing and prosthetics, it has been prosthetic limbs like arms and legs that have dominated the scene. Now there is a prosthetic swimming leg for amputees that allows them to swim again. Developed by Della Tosin, LA-based product designer with degree from the Art Center College, the prosthetic swimming leg dubbed as Elle provides balance, strength and practicality. Along with the prosthetic, it comes with a wearable suit that assists single-leg amputees in competing with regular swimmers. Apparently Elle is also competing in the James Dyson Foundation 2014 innovation competition.
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Students create 3D printed hand for a 9-year old girl

9 year old 3D printed hand

3D printing is one technology that has given many disabled people a new lease of life with its huge potential to manufacture any kind of tender body parts. 3D printed limbs or arms give the wearer increased confidence and ability to do more than they can actually do. Students at Illinois high school have made a 3D printed hand for a 9-year old girl, Kylie Wicker from Rockland, Illinois, who was born without fingers on her left hand.
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3D printed robotic hand aims to be the cheapest prosthetic hand option


Existing prosthetics are great utility devices, sadly though they are far from the reach of average amputees because of their hefty price tags. A cost effective alternative for the costly prosthetic hands is Joel Gibbard’s Open Hand Project. Dubbed the Dextrus Hand, the robotic hand aims to lower the costs of prosthetics significantly. The fully functional robotic hand, which can be put together for well under $1000 features capabilities similar to the most advanced prosthetic hands other there – it can function exactly like a human hand. Read More…