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Microsoft’s ATL believes gesture control is the future of VR

Gesture control future of Virtual Reality

You hold up your wallet and the door opens, the lights come on as you step into the room, your computer unlocks at your approach and locks when you nip to the loo where you flush, wash and dry without having to touch anything.  Gesture control is already with us, isn’t it?  Well not quite, because those actions I’ve just described are single sensor responses. When you have a machine that recognises and responds to a sequence of gestures, that can in effect read a gesture language and respond appropriately, then you are talking about a sensing and computing device that has an ‘intelligence.’

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Amputee gets a gesture controlled robotic prosthetic arm

Johns Hopkins University Myo controlled prosthetic arm

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University have used the awesome muscle sensing Myo armband to control a robotic prosthetic arm – turning the prosthetic arm into a gesture controlled arm that works without electronics. Using the prosthetic arm and the Myo armband, patients can control the arm as they think.  A pair of Myo armbands is used on the upper arm, which detects electric impulses in the arm muscles to wirelessly transmit them to a computer nearby. The computer understands these movements and commands the connected prosthetic arm to execute the task. Watch Myo controlled prosthetic arm in action below.  Read More…

Aria clip-on module ensures your smartwatch is gesture controlled

Aria gesture control for smartwatches

Back in 2010, Microsoft first introduced gesture controls in mainstream with the Kinect, followed by Leap Motion doing the same for personal computers a few years later. Now, a startup called Deus Ex Technology visions to bring gesture controls to the smartest new device – the smartwatches through a novel device called Aria. Aria is a module that can fit any smartwatch band and act as a gesture controller for the smart timepiece. Allowing you to control smartwatch with finger gestures means, you can control the watch even when your other hand is busy – you flick through applications on the watch with the same hand you have the watch on.   Read More…

Microsoft Handpose: Hand-gesture controlled system much advanced than its predecessors

Microsoft Handpose

Microsoft has developed a new kind of advanced hand gesture tracking technology that may call it a day to all the wireless keyboards, mouse and gaming controllers. Dubbed as Handpose, this new system is capable of gesture-controlling anything from your reading mails to actuating the in-game virtual reality environment. Microsoft is going to present Handpose system at this year’s CHI Conference on computer-interaction in Seoul.
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CES 2014: Hand gesture controlled iRing Music Maker for iOS devices

iRing Music Maker CES 2014

Going in with the current craze for wearable tech and gesture controlled gadgets IK Multimedia has revealed a new kind of gizmo that lets you create music on your iOS device just by hand gestures. iRing Music Maker touchless controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch gives you a whole new way of creating music in a fun way with certain specific gestures. Using the advanced image recognition technology, motion control and geometric positioning technology the device is paired with FX/Control app and then the front facing camera of your device determines the position of the iRing to track movement. The ring controls 6 parameters at a time giving you the freedom to create music just like a music expert. The wearable gadget is worn in between the fingers and the movement is converted into MIDI control messages that control music settings.
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Gesture controlled self-balancing MiP robot toy

MiP robot by WowWee

Robotics has taking huge leaps from what it was nearly 2 decades ago. Fresh example of intelligent robotic systems that will be a part of our life couple of decades from now is this MiP robot by toymaker WowWee in association with UCSD (University of California at San Diego). MiP which is a short form of Mobile Inverted Pendulum is a robotic machine that is controlled by hand gestures or through Bluetooth connectivity on any smartphone or tablet. MiP robot self-balances itself and has its own personality when it comes to interaction with random human beings.
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CakeRobot – Gesture controlled robot that you can also make

CakeRobot by Anoop Madhusudanan

This robot christened as CakeRobot is a gesture driven machine designed by Anoop Madhusudanan and the unique thing about it is the ability to maneuver it around using arm and hand movement. Using Kinect for the controller this Arduino powered robot is wirelessly connected to the system using Bluetooth connectivity and a compatible app. Anoop has listed all the hardware needed and the method to build this cool gesture controlled robot yourself which is generous offering by this Arduino and Raspberry Pi enthusiast. According to him even if you don’t have a Kinect then also you can go ahead with the project as you can use a Windows, Android or iOS smartphone instead.
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Touchless gesture controlled input is the next pinnacle of smartphones and tablets

Gesture controlled smartphone and tablet technology by elliptic labs

If you were thinking that owning a high-end touchscreen smartphone is cool then an intuitive new technology by Elliptic Labs could change your perception drastically. A touchless gesture SDK controlled (software development kit) by Elliptic Labs that uses ultrasound as the input was demonstrated at CEATEC 2013 Japan, Murata booth at Hall 2 Booth 2A72 in Tokyo from October 1-5. This new technology will make sure that less energy is required to initiate input for smartphones, tablets and other modern day gadgets with a screen and on top of that it is going to be cost-effective for manufacturing too. Everything from playing games to writing text is going to be touchless with this new innovation, in a way making your smartphone all the more smart.
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Hand gesture controlled Rumble speaker

Rumble Speaker

A very new kind of wireless speaker with no buttons or switches has been created by Fredrik Waernes from Switzerland which is an altogether different approach to developing high quality audio gadgets. The inspiration for making this speaker came from the way in which we interact with forms in our daily life, moreover Fredrik wanted to take a detour from the usual way of experiencing music. And hence came into existence the Rumble speaker which in itself is the switch and button to control the audio properties like play, pause, volume up and volume down. By transferring the motion and interaction into the speaker itself, a new kind of solution to controlling sound came into existence. With the use of Bluetooth and three axis accelerometer technology, he managed to create a speaker that in itself is the switch and button for actuating properties of audio played.
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Hand-Tech Glove for gesture controlled augmented reality

Hand-Tech glove language extension glove

Netherlands based designer Francesca Barchie has come up with a new kind of concept for combining the gesture control and interactive glove technology into one for a wide variety of applications. Called as Hand-Tech, the wearable device is a semi-transparent glove covering your hand from the wrist, right up to the two fingers and thumb. The fabric of Hand-Tech glove is woven with sensors and miniscule projectors that identify the hand’s movement and then translate the action into the requisite function, with or without the 3D projection. One can take pictures, zoom-in or zoom-out, record videos, prop up particular apps and more using the glove in real-time. Combining virtual and real world environment into one, the Hand-Tech glove is also capable of translating sign language of deaf people into sound pattern of spoken language.

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