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This levitating Millennium Falcon is the best thing today [Video]


We’ve seen a great deal of Star Wars Millennium Falcon models that have gripped us with their genius, but if you’d agree, there hasn’t been any as exciting as this levitating Millennium Falcon. Created by huge Star Wars fan, Twitter handle @HanakiMasatoshi, this Millennium Falcon model can levitate 2.8 inches above its base and is made well in time to celebrate release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Read More…

Zealous artist gives $100 Millennium Falcon toy a striking repaint

Tristan Elliott repainted Millennium Falcon

When for all of us a $100 Hasbro Battle Action Millennium Falcon would be a great wall hanging, the 18-inch long ship is a base for some awesome weathering for artist, designer Tristan Elliott. A graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 23-year-old Elliott took detailing of the already perfect Millennium Falcon to a new level with an amazing paint job. Read More…

Intricately detailed 3D printed Millennium Falcon you can also make

3D printed Millennium Falcon  replica

Star Wars Millennium Falcon spacecraft is so popular it has been replicated so many times I don’t even remember. There have been a handful we have done here, and there is one more to add to the list. This is a 3D printed Millennium Falcon by Gameboy who want you to also 3D print all the external and internal parts of this extremely detailed 1:34 scale model replica. To give you an idea of its detailing, the set is made from 236 different 3D printable parts and took almost 800 man hours to put together!
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Australian artist hand-builds iconic Millennium Falcon from wood


For all Star Wars fans, an Australian woodwork artist Martin Creaney has built a highly detailed wood version of the iconic sci-fi ship. Martin, who has previously build various Star Wars memorabilia’s including a X-Wing Fighter, R2D2, and an AT-ST Walker, this time around, inspired by a toy model of the ship bought 10 odd years back, has hand-built the iconic Millennium Falcon from more than 3,000 individually carved wood pieces. Read More…

7500 Legos complete this awesomelicious Millennium Falcon replica

Millennium Falcon replica made from 7500 Legos

Millennium Falcon replica made from 7500 Legos

This here is the most awe-inspiring Star Wars-themed creation you’ll ever see. A Millennium Falcon replica made from almost 7500 Legos just in time for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens fever. And it took Flickr user [Marshal Banana] who is a graphics designer one year to put together this masterpiece. Now that is some commitment!
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Wooden Millennium Falcon carved with intricate detailing by woodworking pro

Wooden Millennium Falcon by Carl Jacobson

Wooden Millennium Falcon by Carl Jacobson

Every now and then we come across DIY projects which deserve all the appreciation. This one is another DIY project that the world needs to see. A Star Wars Millennium Falcon replica carved from raw wood. Carl Jacobson, a woodworking pro who learned the art from his grandfather decided to go with what’s trending on the internet and made an extremely detailed scaled model of the iconic spaceship of the series. This is one of the best handmade Millennium Falcon you’ll see for its sheer detailing.
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Ultimate Star Wars Medley played on Millennium Falcon-themed piano

Player Piano Ultimate Star Wars Medley

Hugely anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie is coming to theaters this week, and it’s going to blow the charts I have a strong gut feel. Everything related to the Star Wars movie is selling like hot cakes in stores as well as on the internet. No wonder there are many creative DIY’s too that are themed around Star Wars franchise. Film composer and concert pianist Sonya Belousova and Flimmaker Tony Grey have composed the Ultimate Star Wars Melody they call “Player Piano” adding their own take on this celebration. And yes, don’t forget to notice the custom piano themed on the Millennium Falcon design.
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Parents build Millennium Falcon costume for 5-year-old son with cerebral palsy

Millennium Falcon costume Sebastian Bailey

Alright, you’ve seen the coveted Millennium Falcon in many avatars – here’s a Force struck husband and wife who’ve built their 5-year-old son with cerebral palsy a spaceship as Halloween costume. The awe-inspiring spaceship is built by Chantelle and Patrick Bailey for their son Sebastian. The Millennium Falcon with wooden foundation is made from corrugated plastic and it fits snugly around Sebastian’s walker. Read More…

Disney introduces irresistible Star Wars Millennium Falcon quadcopter and X-Wing drone

Disney introduces irresistible Millennium Falcon quadcopter and X-Wing drone by Air Hogs

As a part of the promotion for the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens movie, Disney reveled a set of remote controlled flying toys during live streaming event (Forced Friday) at the ongoing Fans Expo in Dallas. These flying warships created by Air Hogs caught everyone by surprise and it would be safe to say that they are going to be on your wish list soon.
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Surreal Millennium Falcon Lego replica crafted from 6000 bricks

Millennium Falcon Lego replica by Titans Creations

Millennium Falcon Lego replica for LEGOland Malaysia’s “Star Wars” event

Lego creations always look cool when viewed from a distance, but as you come closer the tiny little detail flaws begin to show. The amount of time and effort required in fine-tuning the details of Lego creation is not a piece of cake, and when we are talking about crafting a Millennium Falcon Lego replica, then it’s even more difficult. That is why this Millennium Falcon made from more than 6,000 Lego bricks is worth appreciating. With attention to detail to every single element in the Han Solo’s Star Wars ship, it is a treat for the eye, and inspiration for other Lego builders to follow.
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