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US students 3D printed prosthetic hand for a Scottish teenager

3D prosthetic hand

When a viable prosthetic hand cost approximately £30,000, a fully-functional 3D printed prosthetic hand for only £40 is simply unimaginable. A team of science students from West Brook High School in Beaumont, Texas, USA have really made the impossible possible. The team has 3D printed a prosthetic hand that costs less than £40 for Caleb Morrison, a 16-year-old from East Kilbride in Scotland. Caleb was born without right wrist and hand. Earlier, Caleb was using a basic prosthetic arm but he is really excited to use the new 3D printed hand that reached him a week before Christmas. Read More…

$50 Elsewhere glass turns 2D video on iPhone into immersive 3D


Virtual reality has the potential to change gaming and entertainment forever; the only problem, VR is still pretty expensive. A new eyewear called Elsewhere wants to change that at a very nominal cost. Developed by husband and wife duo of Wendellen and Aza Raskin, Elsewhere glasses comes with a iOS app and turns any 2D video in your camera roll into an immersive 3D virtual reality footage. Read More…

First 3D digital human anatomy Atlas will change medical learning for good

holographic 3D digital human anatomy atlas

Holograms are the future, alright! When they can be used to make deceased alive, a company called Holoxica that specializes in 3D holographic visualizations has teamed up with University of Edinburgh researchers to create what is the world’s first holographic 3D digital human anatomy Atlas, which brings anatomical structures to life. Helpful for teaching and learning the intricate anatomical structure, the anatomy Atlas is just like an ordinary Atlas book with physical pages and light to form 3D images. Read More…

Get your 3D printed nude mini-figurine to break the taboo

Firebox Nudee 3D printed nude selfie

3D printing is giving us options that we never had before. One of them is getting our faces 3D printed as a Star Wars Stormtrooper or superhero in a scaled down version one can keep on their desk. The idea is quite nifty and creates a memory that we’ll never forget. Now taking it a step further, British retailer is creating almost nude 3D printed mini-figurines, and they call it Nudee. The idea is to get your face 3D printed on one of the six body types; three for men and three for women. Practically speaking you have three body types to choose from and get your 7.8-inch 3D Printed figurine selfie, well an almost nude replica of yours.
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A year-old disabled duck to get 3D printed leg in India

3D printed duck leg

After Dudley the duckling and Buttercup the duck, a one-year-old duck at the Ramakrishna Mission in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India, is receiving a 3D printed leg, which will allow the little winged beauty to walk again. The duck had become physically disabled by an accident, but now thanks to the effort by M. Veeresh and Y. Sandeep Reddy of 3Ding, the little duck is going to receive 3D printed leg, which will allow her to walk again. Read More…

BitDrones – mini drones that function as flying 3D interactive displays

BitDrones flying 3D interactive display

Recently unveiled at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology in Charlotte, North Carolina, the BitDrones is system of flying objects with tiny drone, which allow people to interact with virtual 3D objects as in real world scenario.  Developed by Queens University’s Human Media Lab, headed by Roel Vertegaal, BitDrones are interactive quadcopters that act as 3D pixels (voxels) to create flying interactive displays. Vertegaal informs; programmable matter is based on self levitating displays, which allow physical interaction with the virtual objects in mid air. Read More…

Independent robots will build 3D printed steel bridge in Amsterdam

3D printed steel bridge

MX3D in collaboration with Autodesk and Heijmans is scheduled to build a 3D printed steel bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands using autonomous robots created especially for the task. The robots developed through cost-effective robotic technology can draw beautiful and functional objects in almost any form including, steel structures in 3D. The robots have been tested to create a small foot bridge (that managed weight of a human being), but their ultimate test will be the proposed eye-catching 3D printed steel bridge at a special location in Amsterdam. Read More…

Google teams-up with GoPro to make the next big “Jump” in virtual reality

Go Pro Jump with Google aand Youtube

GoPro cameras assembled in a rig to capture stereoscopic imagery

Google is taking virtual reality very seriously, and just a few months after the Google Cardboard project was initiated, now we have “Jump”. It has partnered with GoPro to bring VR ecosystem to your hands with a 360 degree camera rig consisting of 16 Hero 4 cameras set at precise angle to capture the scene in stereoscopic imagery. Google has kept portability in mind, therefore the rig is quite compact to carry around.
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World’s first 3D printed vertebra implanted in 12-year-old boy with bone cancer


Sensing limitations of traditionally used orthopedic implants that need to be typically attached to the bone with cement and screws; surgeons at the Perking University in Beijing, China, have successfully implanted first 3D printed vertebra in a 12-year-old boy’s neck. The patient named Minghao, had developed cancer in the vertebra. In the five-hour long specialized spinal cord operation, surgeons removed the tumor located in the second vertebra in the neck and replaced the same with a 3D printed implant. Read More…

Turn Android smartphone into a dirt cheap virtual reality headset made from cardboard

Google cardboard virtual reality headset for Android smartphones

Are virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift or Sony’s virtual reality headset too expensive for you? Then probably you are looking out for some cheap way to enjoy 3D virtual reality content. Google probably knows what’s going in your mind, that is why they showed their take on cheap virtual reality headset at their I/O developer’s conference. Well, it is not exactly a headset but a tad better in my view. Google Cardboard project is a fun and expensive way to experience augmented reality as it turns your Android smartphone into a virtual reality headset enclosed inside a DIY cardboard.
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