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Zortrax creates lightweight and powerful 3D printed motorcycle

Zortrax  3D printed motorcycle_9

Europe-based 3D printing solutions company Zortrax has come up with their first attempt to create a 3D printed motorcycle which is currently in prototype stage and very close to hitting the roads. Their inspiration for making a bike came from their staff members, most of whom are motorcycle enthusiasts. The team choose 600cc as their ideal power unit as most of the lightweight and powerful bikes fall in this middleweight category.
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Airbus APWorks creates 3D printed electric motorcycle for $56,000

APWorks_Light_Rider_3D printed electric motorcycle-1

Airbus is definitely not a name that you’d associate with motorcycles. The aviation giant has no automotive bias anyway. Through its subsidiary APWorks, Airbus has developed a peculiar kind of bike – a 3D printed motorcycle called the Light Rider. The motorcycle unveiled in Germany last week weighs only 77 pounds and draws power from a six kilowatt electric engine which keeps it going for almost 37 miles on a single charge. Read More…

MX6 mountain bike exhibits advanced 3D printing with unitary frames

MX6 mountain bike

Previously, we have come across classy looking bikes with 3D printed frames. But the collaborative effort of Renishaw and Empire Cycles ingeniously changes this conventional 3D printing game. Instead for crafting frame components from the usual materials of metal and plastic, the designers have opted for 3D printed parts made entirely of special titanium alloy. The glorious outcome is the MX6, an advanced mountain bike design that eschews regular frames in favor of  sleeved and bonded sections. According to the creators, the new process has several structural benefits that equate to better design, performance and durability of the bike. But  more importantly, it allows the designers to customize and quickly replicate their manufacturing steps, thus ultimately resulting in better products with improved commercial potential.

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Bespoke carbon fiber travel case by Fairwheel Bikes costs $50,000

Carbon fiber travel case by Fairwheel Bikes

When you seek to make a statement to the world you tend to cross a few limits. This is what Arizona retailer Fairewheel Bikes did when they custom designed a carbon fiber travel case and a bike for Swiss cycling enthusiast named Olivier. Along with providing Olivier a case to show to the world, Fairwheel in assistance from Jason Economou at Carbotron Composites and a few other manufacturers has also custom built a bike (even 3D printed some parts) that would fit inside the amazing travel case and be good enough to carry the 6ft 2in and 210lb cyclist. Read More…

VRZ 2 bike by Ralf Holleis has 3D printed frame

3D printed VRZ 2 bicycle by Ralf Holle

3D printing as a manufacturing technique has gained striking popularity and it is not surprising that a bicycle has been created using this revolutionary new technique. VRZ 2 Is a track bike by Ralf Holleis is that features a bike frame made from 3D printed stainless steel lugs stuck together using carbon fiber tubes. Using this technique, it is much easier to make custom bicycle frames within very less duration of time which in a way is a manufacturing advantage. The bicycle frame lugs can be made according to your demands as the blue print is generated by software having the capability to produce 3D files with laser cutting process. Once these parts are finished and bonded to the tubes. The VRZ 2 Belt version weighs just 4.9 kg and is good news for people looking for a light weight bicycle.

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