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Adidas creates 3D printed running shoe finished in recycled ocean waste


Sportswear giant Adidas, with the ambition to change the way footwear industries has thrived over the years, is steadily venturing into the field of eco-friendly shoes. In collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, Adidas revealed a pair of shoes made from recycled ocean waste back in June. Now, taking that notch further, Adidas is combining 3D printing technology with ocean waste recycling to create their new concept shoe probably called “Ocean Plastic.” Read More…

3D printed iPhone shoe by Alan Nguyen will blow you away

3D printed iPhone shoe by Alan Nguyen

Have a look at this 3D printed iPhone shoe by designer Alan Nguyen of Freedom of Creation in Amsterdam commissioned for FreshFiber that is something that you surely would not have seen thus far. This 3D printed mash up shoe holds your iPhone on the side and looks more like pump shoes for hip girls and I doubt whether dudes would be comfortable in it. According to Nyuyen he has taking the design cues for this amazing shoe from other designs just like a DJ mixes tracks from other musicians and creates something new. And this shoe very well compliments the fusion of art, fashion and product design using 3D printed technology. So, enjoy this amazing 3D printed iPhone Shoe in pictures.

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