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HP now selling Jet Fusion 3D printer – World’s first production ready 3D printing system

hp 3d printer

HP Inc. unveiled the world’s first production-ready commercial 3D printing system ‘Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution at RAPID, the largest 3D additive manufacturing conference. With this announcement, disruptive manufacturing solutions have entered the market. HP claims the printer will not only revolutionizes design, prototyping and manufacturing, but deliver high-quality physical parts quicker than ever, up to 10 times faster. So far, 3D printing systems were expensive deal, but HP is offering 3D print at half the cost of existing systems. Read More…

OLO transforms smartphone into fully-functional 3D printer for $99


Seeing all the developments in 3D printing space, most of us have dreamt of owning a 3D printer some day. If your dream is held back just because 3D printers cost too much, OLO is here for you. Seen first at the Maker Faire in New York last year, OLO is a magical device that uses your smartphone for processing and transforms it into a fully-functional 3D printer. This first smartphone-powered 3D printer by OLO 3D Inc. has taken Kickstarter by storm and has gone well past its $80,000 goal in just a few hours from launch. Read More…

$99 OLO transforms any smartphone into a 3D printer

olo smartphone 3D printer

According to statistics, about 80 percent of adults use smartphones yet, the remarkable gadget is devoid of an awesome technology. Not anymore! Unveiled at Maker Faire in New York, OLO by Solido3D is first device that transforms any smartphone under the sky into a functional 3D printer. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones, OLO visions to make 3D printing easy, quick and tremendously affordable. OLO is expected to be available for purchase at only $99 post Kickstarter campaign for the device is launched. Read More…

This 3D printed Batmobile makes RC cars look average

3D printed Batmobile replica

3D printed Batmobile replica

Accept it or not; Batman is our favorite superhero, simply because he is so cool and has an impressive ride of his own. Yes, the Batmobile which everyone wants to own, but only a few can make and flaunt. Hector N Gama (Youtube user) is no different and his love for 3D printing and Batmobile has resulted in this 30” replica of the iconic 1989 Batmobile. He had to take visual reference from images and the model kits purchased from local store, and in the end this car replica turned out to be quite impressive.
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Revolutionary Voxel8 3D printer tailor-made for manufacturing new age gizmos

Voxel8 3D printer with conductive ink 3D printing

Voxel8 3D printer with conductive ink 3D printing

3D printing in itself is a revolutionary manufacturing and material building technology that has changed the complexion of producing physical objects. Now is the time for another step with this game-changing manufacturing technique which is looking good with a new age 3D printer called Voxel8. This new age 3D printer is way ahead of the current breed of 3D printers which manufacture objects with simple plastic. It is capable of blending electronic components into the object and manufacture highly customizable devices with embed electronics courtesy the conductive ink.
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Pocket3DPrinter -A portable 3D printer for just $299

Pocket3DPrinter 3

The ability to create is a skillful urge and not all can do that. But that sounds to be an old concept as the age of 3D printing has arrived. You can create what you can imagine. If you can’t imagine then there are plenty of ready-made 3D print models to assist you. For last couple of years, 3D printed products are continuously making appearance on various global platforms. However, now, the 3D printing is heading towards more portable and affordable future for all. Read More…

15 year old child prodigy files patent for world’s fastest 3D printer

Worlds fastest 3D printer byThomas Suarez

The future of 3D printing industry could lie on the shoulders of a child prodigy? Yes, it is true, as 15 year old Thomas Suarez has a mindset to revolutionize 3D printing industry with his 3D printer claimed to be ten times more reliable that the current breed of 3D printing equipment. This Steve Jobs inspired genius kid has developed a handful of apps like Bustin Jieber and Earth Fortune in the past, and now looks to take 3D printing industry by the scruff of the neck.
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3D-printed strapless dress turns transparent when sharing personal data online

3D printed Strapless Dress x.pose

We often have more control over what we display on our bodies than what personal information to share online. We never think too much before sharing any information online, thus, making ourselves more transparent or ‘naked’ online. This real world nakedness is combined with online transparency in a very unique way by designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira in form of a 3D-printed strapless dress called x.pose. This 3D-printed dress is correctly named x.pose as it literally exposes your skin based on your location, and how much amount of data you share online. Read More…

Arduino powered Dalek controlled remotely with a Wiimote

Wiimote controlled Dalek made from old electric wheelchair

Making a Dalek might not solve your personal mobility issues in the long run but you can still make it for fun. James Bruton and his pals set out on making a cool looking Dalek that is crafted from wood and is accommodating enough for a full grown adult. Although the person riding it might not feel very comfortable inside it as he/she has to sit in a crouching position. This Dalek is powered by a salvaged electric wheelchair and controlled using a Wii remote control which makes it a cool weekend project for DIYers.
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